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Church Good News:

It was thrilling to read of God’s miracle work in Kenya. Men were able to bring Bibles into schools and children received Christ as their Savior. School children were animated to receive the Word of God—cheering, clapping and yelling with excitement. Kenya is in political unrest (see below info) as the article stated, yet God opened all the doors for Bible distribution. 226,575 Scriptures were placed in 526 schools and other locals.

There were some obstacles as one truck, loaded with Bibles, was hijacked. However, God moved in miracle force! The truck engine would not engage for the hijackers who were quite upset to learn it was filled with Bibles. They finally abandoned the truck, unable to budge it. However, when the truck was placed in the hands of the rightful owner, it did start and the Bibles were all distributed. God is omnipotent and His ordained will cannot be thwarted by men.

(Kenya is political turmoil and pain because of Raila Odinga, President Obama’s cousin who received Obama’s full personal and financial support during Kenya’s presidential campaign. When Odinga lost Kenya’s presidential election, his tribe assisted him by incinerating church attendees, burning down churches and committing other atrocities. Odinga is a Marxist Muslim murderer who now holds the position of Prime Minister of Kenya by appointment. After Odinga lost the election, Obama continued working with him, telephoning him constantly from New Hampshire. Prime Minister Odinga recently spoke at the University of Buffalo in New York.)

Odinga info:
New York Times article:

Church Distressing News:

People speak of the “Toronto Blessing” and Christians receiving it at the Toronto Vineyard church. This all reveals the wickedness of our day—demonic activities in the name of Charismatic experience, but nothing done by Scriptural example.

The article below refers to TB leaders doing nothing about sexual wickedness, including wife swapping, they even participating. With what pastors state and allow today, it would not surprise me if wife swapping is occurring in some fellowships. I knew a Mormon family that left their ward because they were asked to partake in the ward’s wife swapping. Their son became a believer in Christ.

Mormon wife swapping historical written records including the involvement of Brigham Young:

Wife swapping is even accepted on television as one show is called Wife Swap. And it appears every state has a wife-swapping club.

Because I have had to stand against pornography within Christendom, very little would surprise me. The other day, my husband and I ran into a Bible church attending-couple we knew a few years ago. The wife stated to me they were letting her daughter live with her boyfriend in their home and their daughter was pregnant. This is slapping our holy LORD in the face. Every time people engage in this sin, they slap Jesus Christ in the face. People who allow such activity are walking hand in hand with satan.

A very sad state exists in Christianity and in the charismatic movement in Canada. Unfortunately, many believe the demonic practices of the “Toronto Blessing” is of God.

Excerpts from Toronto Blessing Article:

… In one “Toronto Blessing” church there is an ongoing wife-swapping ring. From what I gather (from members of the same church), it is well established. Some claim to have refused the ‘offers’ of gratuitous sex, but nevertheless they will not discuss the matter with leaders within their own church. They also claim that many in their church have taken up the offer …

In another (“Toronto Blessing”) church, a leader’s sexual activities were brought to our attention. It was reported that he used large quantities of ‘pornographic’ articles, which he distributed in his church. Such accounts can be multiplied many times, my friends. These people belong to the ‘respectable’ churches. These are not men who fail, or who make mistakes. They are living sexually wanton lives – deliberately! There is no excuse. And it is these very men who accuse me of ‘bringing the cause of Jesus Christ into disrepute’ because I make their activities publicly known! What hypocrites! What liars! If you shout loudly about your ‘respectability’ you had better make sure it is true!

We can expect these things to occur, because charismaticism is heresy. The true nature of charismatic teaching is evil, and evil permeates its structures and life. Therefore, that evil must show itself sometime, somewhere! In past times Satanic activity was hidden. But today, with laxity amongst true Believers, Satan is free to be more bold in what he does. Hence the sex and violence, the intimidation and hatred. The open nature of what is happening leads us to think that the mass apostasy spoken of in scripture is now starting …

Another indication of what is truly behind the Toronto Blessing, is the emergence of sex aberrations during TB meetings. Perhaps the most obvious case was in recent meetings held by churches in Bournemouth. A main leader was a well-known local pastor. During one meeting, he moved behind a woman who was in a trance and he simulated sexual intercourse! I do not hesitate to say that this sounds to me like demonic activity – no man of his stature and status would dream of deliberately doing such things in public, if he was in his own mind. This, however, does not excuse him. There were five meetings in all, and at each of them there were open displays of sexuality – in particular, women were writhing on the floor in a very sensual manner, simulating masturbation, or moving in such a way as if they were performing intercourse with an unseen lover – all of them in public view! Charismatics have invented an excuse for the latter travesty – they say that such women are “rebirthing Christ” or “birthing Christ”!! They also say that these are signs given by God to show how much He loves us!

Christians attempted to complain about these incidents to the leaders, who did nothing about it. These sexual aberrations have appeared elsewhere also but, again, we ought not to be surprised, for when demons are allowed such easy access, they inevitably begin to show their presence in sexual and violent ways. This, my friends, is the true spirit of the Toronto Blessing. And if this is so for the Toronto Blessing, it is also true for charismaticism in general, from which it sprang. Leaders might deny this, but even in my hometown, I know of one major charismatic church, which has an ongoing wife-swapping ring. I doubt very much if the leader is aware of its existence but it does not matter, because the true spirit of charismaticism is demonic by nature and it must show itself somehow.

(Note: We have signed testimonies from people who attended the Bournemouth meetings. These have been compiled into a separate Article).

Another feature of the Bournemouth meetings was a despair and terror, as people were taken over by the ‘spirit’. In one particular case one of the platform leaders ran about shouting “You are Satan” whilst pointing at the platform speakers, and pleading with Satan not to “make me do it”. Two of the witnesses spoke of a feeling arising within their bodies and the feeling of being choked. People who have been saved out of spiritualism said that they had left demon spirits behind and did not want anything to do with what was happening. One of the witnesses said that some years ago those who were exhibiting certain manifestations were said to be taken over by an evil spirit – but the very same manifestations today are being called ‘of God’! …

Toronto Blessing Death Article:

A young man was found dead, laying naked, face down in Poole Harbour. This was just about 2-3 months after joining a Toronto Blessing church. Before joining the church (pastored by the very leader who simulated sex behind a woman), the man was normal. By the time he died, he was having visions of Satan and Jesus Christ, and was rambling about the end of the world. It is likely that he killed himself. He had never had any kind of religious background, so the only place he could have received false teaching was from the church he had joined. This was also the conclusion of the coroner. I personally knew of a spate of similar charismatic deaths in the 1970’s, when I was a psychiatric nurse, and have no doubt whatever that the young man in Poole was the victim of TB/charismatic error.

Important note: On the 29th June 1995, I received conclusive proof from an unexpected source that the TB caused the young man’s death. One of the young women who provided us with a signed testimony about the sexual scandals, happened to have been the girlfriend of the young man. She testifies that they both attended the meetings and that her boyfriend was ‘zapped’. His face contorted horribly. Immediately after that meeting, the boy experienced visions of Christ and Satan and had constant thoughts of killing himself. There is now no doubt that the TB led directly to the boy’s death. Derek Owers of Bournemouth has established what the boy was like before his death. Everyone has testified that he was normal and healthy, without a trace of any problems whatever.

God help those who administer this vile deception. We pray that the movement will meet a swift death of its own, before it ruins many more lives, not just spiritually, but also mentally and physically. Take note all TB adherents, for you are not immune! And God help leaders of the deception – how can they ever face the boy’s parents?

Note: At the time of writing we have also had unconfirmed reports of 20 similar deaths in Sweden.

Also see:

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Tongue Truth

Language speaking must be performed completely in line with the inerrant Bible or not at all. Tongues must be spoken in known languages that can be interpreted, which is also in accordance with Acts chapter 2.

The gift of interpretation is far more important than speaking in foreign languages as Scripture states. This gift is evidenced through the power of the Holy Spirit whereby one knows every language of the world. All interpreters must be tested to affirm they do know every dialect on the globe by bringing before them people who know foreign languages—Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian, German, etc.—they need to speak before the one claiming the gift of interpretation. I state this as believers have been in services and have witnessed people speaking in languages they know and have heard completely false interpretations or the blasphemy of God. I heard of an instance where a visitor came into a service where a tongue was being spoken. He knew the language, which was cursing Christ. No one knew but the visiting believer. If church services are not being performed completely Biblically, including women being silent in tongue speaking (1 Corinthians 14:34-35 and 2 Timothy 2:12), then they are being performed through satan’s design and desire.

God is not a God of confusion; 1 Corinthians 14:33. Everything must fall into sound and true holy wisdom, within all governed orderliness in Christ’s discerning realm. Nothing can appear amiss or crazy. Nothing is to be performed by the desire or design of men and women. God commands that language services be performed completely in wise order so Christians never appear foolish, undone or insane; verse 23.

Also if sign gifts were truly present today, people would be healing others with simply the touch of the hand. An ill person would be healed by touching a healer’s garment. The dying in hospitals would walk out completely cured by the touch of a true healer. We would be witnessing people being raised from the dead on a continual basis if these apostolic gifts were in existence today. It would be nothing short. None of the apostolic gifts would arrive short of Biblical examples.

I will also add that gifts are listed in various places in Scripture, but sign gifts are only listed in 1 Corinthians and Acts; they are not mentioned within the gifts of the Spirit in Ephesians chapter 4 or Romans 12:6f. If tongues are so important then why are they not listed as gifts of the Spirit in these passages?

Also Charismatic or Pentecostals will say you have to speak in tongues to receive the Holy Spirit. This is a lie from satan! The Bible declares not all speak in tongues and that it is the least of all the gifts as seen by the list in 1 Corinthians chapter 12. Think about this. Why do Charismatics not proclaim you have to know every language of the world so you can interpret tongues, otherwise you are not a Christian? Why do they not say you must reveal the gift of helps to verify you have the Holy Spirit? Why do they not demand that all men preach, teach and evangelize to prove they are Christians, thus revealing the power of the Holy Spirit within? Of course, I could go on and on with silly illustrations of the gifts to reveal the folly of their arguments.

We have the entire Scripture today, whereby nothing is to be added to or subtracted from. If people do not stand on the Word of God without question, we must avoid them.

Val Lee (It is my heart to follow the apostles’ example. For many walk according to what they think or have experienced or what others think or have experienced. This hurts my heart and such actions made Paul and the other apostles weep. We are to walk according to their example and teachings without questioning; 1 Corinthians 11:1, 2 Thessalonians 2:15, 2 Peter 3:2 and Jude 17. Those who do not are enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is their destruction, whose god is their appetite, and whose glory is their shame, who set their minds on earth things; Philippians 3:17-19)

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