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City of Cities—Dubai


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 Dubai—The Grandest of Cities

Dubai in Saudi Arabia is the fastest growing city in the world, owning the tallest building; plus unbelievable and remarkable fashioned developments. This architectural wonder does love American tourism, but stands with Muslim dominance of the world. They do not permit Christian evangelism and Christians have been arrested. 


Jews are totally forbidden in this state-of-the-art city.


This land certainly causes us to consider Bible prophecy as it is completely impressive, representing the perfect image of a post world, metropolitan captivation. Christians know in the time of the apocalypse, a city unlike all others will arise. It is Biblically called Babylon. This is the titling God places upon this area that will boggle the mind. It will resemble former Babylon in beauty, commercial wealth and power; Revelation chapters 17 and 18. Its actual name is a mystery to all. It will consist of everything disclosed in Revelation in regard. This empire will be the capital of the world. It will be anti-Jew and anti-Christian. It will encompass the heights of wickedness as former Babylon, but to surpassing, infinite degrees.


It appears this mecca will be located close to ancient Babylon as the Euphrates River is referenced, which flows in the Middle East. God revealed Babylon will never be rebuilt so we know it will not stand on its burial grounds. Certainly, Dubai calls us to contemplate on what is to come.



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Bible: 1 John 5:10-13

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