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ABC Abortion Censorship

Dear Readers,

We all know censorship surrounds the media and truth is often stifled. I just experienced this at an ABC blog discussion regarding abortion. I added the below and it disappeared after a short period of time. I thought, “Well, maybe I did something wrong” so I reposted, even though I had signed in. Again, it was visible for a short period and then disappeared. The comments were posted according to time and I knew exactly where it should have been; however, I still scrolled through today’s blogs and it was not to be found.

God  hates murder and deception though He is quick to forgive the repentant one who accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior,

Val Lee   (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)  paradise


The Bible speaks of the wicked seeking to kill the innocent (Psalm 10:8-9), shedding innocent, human blood. Babies are the legal pawns of murder in our country and all facts must be fully exposed.

I must ask you, if all is right, then why must it be hidden? Abortion procedures are never telecasted to educate. If this medical procedure is perfectly wonderful and good, then why keep it behind closed doors? I challenge the media to broadcast actual abortions.

Babies are burned with saline solution, stabbed, body parts torn form torso, beheaded, suctioned and on and on, all in the name of rights. They are the victims of the survival of the fittest mentality. The fittest takes their lives, being babies are voiceless. They represent the “silent scream.” They are blameless, yet the casualties of selfishness.

If you look into abortion clinics, you will find some will murder children up to birth such as this one that advertises up to 36 months:

God forthrightly declares life miraculously begins at conception (Psalm 139)

Baby in womb surgery photo:

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