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President Obama Supports Zelaya and Other Terrorists
Please watch above video. Our president is again supporting another wicked terrorist— President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras—a socialist, murderer, drug lord, law breaker, etc. Legally he is out of office after serving four years. In Honduras a president can only serve four years and therefore Zelaya can be ousted despite the fact he attempted to change the law at the last minute. Our president has deliberately lied and stated this  man of deception has the legal right to stay in office.
“Journalists who have criticized Zelaya’s rule have been murdered and harassed.”
“In 1975 when Manuel Zelaya was 18 years old his father Jose Manuel Zelaya Sr. Was convicted and later given amnesty for his involvement in the murders of a group of farmers and priests in the Los Horcones massacre. The bodies of the murdered social activists were found on the Zelaya family’s ranch Los Horcones, but the Zelayas have denied having been involved in the murders, claiming that it was a coincidence that the bodies were found on their property.”
“People have expressed their opposition to both his (Zelaya) foreign policy, particularly his alliance with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, friendship with Cuba‘s Raúl Castro and his adhering Honduras to the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, as well as for his periodic attacks on the United States, and periodic confrontations with the business sector.”
Venezuela is a frightening place to live because of Marxism.  When we were in Aruba, we heard of the terror people have to live under in this oppressive country. One Venezuela lady told us flat out how happy she was to be vacationing in Aruba and away from her scary country. We could see Venezuela from Aruba, but no one was allowed to sail near the Venezuela mainland.
Our President stands with this man and other Marxists. Please don’t forget Obama gave a million dollars to his Marxist cousin who lost the presidential election in Kenya which resulted in him murdering 1,000 church attendees and burning 300 churches. Obama secured his cousin’s governmental role by awarding him a new political position, Prime Minister, within Kenya.
“Obama credited Chavez, who has been slowly instituting constitutional changes that will allow him to become president for life in his country….”
Marxism Wins!
Yay, Marxism! Yay!
Caracas Chronicles reported that Chavez has won the election in Venezuela today to extend his rule.

Supporters of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez celebrate prior to the release of any official results on Sunday’s referendum in Caracas, Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009. Venezuelans went to the polls Sunday in a referendum on a constitutional amendment which could allow Chavez and all other elected officials to run for re-election indefinitely. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)
Chavez has made sure Venezuela is the “major hub for international crime syndicates. What attracts them is not the local market; what they really love are the excellent conditions Venezuela offers to anyone in charge of managing a global criminal network” from LA Times,0,1470504.story


Leaders from Obama to Chavez blast Honduras coup

AP – A demonstrator, with a Honduran flag on his shoulders, stands next to a bonfire near to the presidential …
By WILL WEISSERT and FREDDY CUEVAS, Associated Press Writers Will Weissert And Freddy Cuevas, Associated Press Writers Mon Jun 29, 7:10 PM ET

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Police and soldiers clashed with thousands of protesters outside Honduras’ national palace Monday, leaving at least 15 people injured, as world leaders from Barack Obama to Hugo Chavez demanded the return of a president ousted in a military coup.

Leftist leaders pulled their ambassadors from Honduras and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala would cut trade with neighboring Honduras for at least 48 hours. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called for Hondurans to rise up against those who toppled his ally, Manuel Zelaya.

“We’re ready to support the rebellion of the Honduran people,” Chavez said, though he did not say what kind of support he was offering…

“We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the democratically elected president there,” Obama said…


(1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)

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Arubian Prized Shell

Tonight, my husband Alan was eyeing the mantel when he turned to me and said, “You have got to write a story on how you obtained that shell.”  He was referring to the prized shell I have nicely displayed on our mantel.


September 8th marked our 25th wedding anniversary which we celebrated in Aruba. On the day of our anniversary, our tropical island beach paradise was slowly being washed away. The lustrous wide and white sandy beach grew smaller and smaller. It began that morning when I noticed our perfectly calm Caribbean held whitecaps.  This was unheard of as never a trifle of wave ever came upon the shore unless a boat cruised by.


As time went on, we learned Hurricane Ivan was headed our way and we listened to continuous warning messages left on our phone.  A meeting of information was held for the entire resort complex.  Sandbags were pressed against the reception area windows and store panes outside the busy first floor. Later, many windows were boarded for added protection as gales increased. Maids came into our villa to bring in our terrace furniture and they drew our drapes and told us to keep them drawn!


The day began to grow darker and billows strengthened. We simply stood dumbfounded by the dubious Caribbean surf as curious spectators.  I noted people walking by with huge shells.  Never did we ever spy one shell on this wave-less white beach.  I wanted some and I was determined to get some no matter the looming storm.  We saw the need to return to our bungalow as the rain began to pour down and the waves grew even madder.  I donned my rain-suit and hurried to the wild surf. Alan chose to stay in our dry room, as he was no shell hunter!


I hurried fast, as I wanted to reach the sea before it became too untamed.  I located an area holding a huge stash of large shells. Whenever the sea backed up, I tried to rush to the far bottom but the roaring sea always tried to grab me, forcing me to back away.  I kept at this for a while but became sullen as I didn’t think I could even get one. I coveted those lovely, exquisite huge shells made by our precious LORD God and I didn’t desire to have to pay a hefty price for them at some store. I was ready to give up when an Arubian man, who witnessed my distressed plight, ran down into the raging ocean when it rolled backward and rapidly retrieved one for me. It wasn’t as exquisite as some I saw beneath the waves, but it was still quite nice. I asked him if he wanted it for himself, but he kindly replied that he lived here.


That evening Ivan hit hard, flooding our island. We were washed out of our fifth floor ocean-facing villa in the middle of the night as water poured in from our ceiling and under our sliding glass doors.  We left our flooding villa to go down to the front desk to obtain another room. We had to take the elevator—we didn’t dare take the outside stairs and face the hurricane. Upon our descent, we heard water rushing down all around us in a maddening roar.  It made us feel we were in an enclosed descending room within a waterfall.  When we landed on the first floor, we found the entry area covered in water. We were so thankful when the front desk assigned us a dry room on the dry side of the resort. 


After things were somewhat back to normal, I asked the front desk about my shell and customs. I was firmly told, I would not be able to take it to the states.  I was terribly disappointed, but still phoned customs in hopes it might be allowed.  The gentleman kindly informed me it should be fine as long as it was cleaned and sanitized—I soaked the thing in vinegar and ran it through the dishwasher. I went through all that and you know what? I wasn’t even asked about it.


Oh, well, I have it on my mantel and I have my story.


In Jesus Christ’s creative creation,

Val Lee

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