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The Marked One


A friend of mine is considered a marked one by many who pass by her. When I say marked one, I mean one society has marked out as devalued. They do not see the sweet and sensitive heart that lies within her. They simply scrutinize through their twisted perception that here lies an unattractive and deformed face. They say “ugly” in their mind as they pass by and sometimes by a snide look. The truth is, the right side of her face is oddly paralyzed and she cannot close her right eye, which is sensitive to light. She must don sunglasses when outside.

I personally do not perceive her as ugly. I think her face reveals character, fortitude and beauty.

You may be asking at this point, how did this facial obscurity occur? Several years ago, she was in a horrendous car accident, being struck by a drunk driver, an illegal alien. It is totally by the grace of God that she is present on the earth this day. She suffered injury to the brain …deformation and amnesia resulted. She was only three feet tall when they retrieved her from the compressed wreckage. She was lifeless and they had to revive her. Upon observation, they thought she might be a child and could have placed her in a bucket. After three days, they started to pull her adult body back to size. The doctor informed her she would never walk again.

She recovered from the amnesia after a couple of months. Her husband wheel-chaired her around a lovely Park to brighten her misshapen days. You and I cannot even begin to imagine her pain, sadness and the face of present reality.

This marked only the beginning of her tragedies. While she was still recovering, her husband was killed in a car accident, though not by a drunk driver. She was devastated and it still pricks her heart to pain. They loved each other with all their hearts!

Her husband worked out of Chicago as a CEO for a large company, which maintained various branch offices. One of his stops was Boise, Idaho. He and his pretty wife partook in the upper echelon of Boise society when in the area. I might add, because of my friend’s husband’s rank and fortune, she was very pampered and lived a princess type lifestyle until her earth quaked.

The extreme, tragic happenings that tore my friend’s heart was not the end of her woes as both her parents also passed away soon after. Her affectionate memories of them had assisted in her recovery. They loved their precious and prestigious daughter. Personally, I cannot even begin to imagine her grief, however, she relates to it often.

My friend had to learn to venture out into general society, which was an arduous task—she had been secluded and protected in a type of wonder bubble. Her life had been so fairytale-like that reality was hard to swallow, especially in light of the fact her beauty had drifted away like a small pillow-like floating cloud.

She has received many blessings in all her trials including the fact she walks perfectly well by God’s grace of healing. She has become a gifted artist as you can see by one of her pieces above. She sketched this in New York City, just previous to 9/11. She also possesses other friends who see beyond her disconcerting facial mask.

I want to say in closing that tomorrow holds no guarantees for any of us; James 4:14 and Proverbs 27:1. Please remember, Jesus Christ died for your sins, and is ready for you to receive Him as your Savior that you might call Him LORD. (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)  paradise

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Bloodthirsty Attacker

Who Was Judy’s Bloodthirsty Attacker?

What in the world caused sweet little miss Judy to let out helter-skelter screams of painful terror? What in the world caused the bloody gashings, which poured forth from her body? You might inquire—what in the world is going on at this point—and was she all alone with no one to come to her aid? No, her family did hear and responded in alarm as they heard the blood-curling screams. They ran to her assistance as quickly as possible, but upon reaching her, they sadly recognized they were too late to rescue. Her dear baby granddaughter shuddered and bathed herself in wet tears. Panicked faces shone with regret as Judy presented her bloody self to them. Her most dedicated and loving husband, wanted to wrap her up and rush her to emergency. Would she let him? NO! She wanted her attacker sheltered from all harm before any caring hands handled her. Had Judy lost her marbles as well as her blood? One might certainly wonder why she first desired to protect a bloodthirsty attacker. Did she believe she must reveal Christian love and forgiveness, throwing out any penalty clause? Did she perceive she must bestow grace upon this inhuman renegade and thereby produce a change of character?

Yes, Judy had forgiveness in her heart but for who or what? Can you, the reader, of this true tale even begin to solve this mystery? I will give a few clues to expose this most wicked avenger.

1. It had flesh-consuming fangs.

2. It held sharp nails.

3. It was wild and ferocious.

4. It hid itself.

5. It was three months old.

6. It could fit into the small basket I had just recently bestowed upon Judy for her birthday.

7. It is the most beautiful of its kind.

Are you a riddle wise-Samson who can unfold this ghastly mystery by these clues? Maybe I should assist a bit and kindly reveal that it is a ferocious cannibal-like diminutive creature. It is of the animal family that Judy and I love, which I write stories about. Who loves these cherished animals more Judy or me? Well, that is certainly a toss up! Judy’s precious pretty-petite Miss Maggie Lynn prances about like a princess on parade whereby she holds Judy’s dear heart as my Cassidy and Alfredo hold mine.

You must be burning up with these clues! Yes, her attacker was a three-month-aged beauty-laden kitten. After the criminal assault, Judy just couldn’t let it be left there at the house all by its lonesome, as she thought of only her traumatized self. No, she could not go to an emergency room. Of course not! She had to make sure the thing was safe and in the basket she retrieved from her trunk using the liner to cover and hold down the wretched thing. Yes … that is where she placed the birthday gift I recently gave her. Oh, well; Judy was very thankful it was there.

Here, you might ask, how could such a beautiful feline cause such monumental damage to sweet Judy’s body? Well, I must confess, the untamed thing was absolutely wild and out of control like a netted mountain lion. What instigated this horrendous attack was the fact, Judy grabbed its tail. Yes, I know it was silly to seize that sensitive end, but Judy was desperate for something to grasp. She wanted to keep it from perishing in the dark cubby hole of the new house she and her husband were building. She didn’t want it to die in there. You certainly understand. I would hope … especially if you love cats.

Well, when Judy grabbed it by its tail that feline bit right into Judy’s fingers with deep embedded fortitude; whereby, she couldn’t unlock its jaws. When she finally unclasped its piercing saw-tooth teeth with her disarming maneuvering, it ran all over her with unleashed biting skill. It continued, puncturing deep into the flesh of her wrist and used its claws to viciously slash her body. It just ransacked her whole being with its total little savage self, which left Judy a sorry gory mess, because she mercilessly refused to let go of its tail. Later, she was questioned as to why she wouldn’t let go. She explained she knew she was on a mission of rescue.

Don’t worry! Judy recuperated after being properly treated by emergency personnel at the hospital she was finally delivered to. Following recovery, she located the appropriate home for the sweet thing out in the wilderness where nobody will grab its tail again … we hope! It was placed on a person’s property and it can hunt food and has an available water resource.

As a side note, Judy‘s daughter didn’t want her to take the kitten far away, believing the beautiful, powerful thing was too good for the wild wilderness with its serpentining and calculating rattlesnakes. Judy’s attitude—safety first! Yah right!

Second side note: Eventually, the captured thing did reveal tameness as it was petted by family members including Judy, though she cautiously donned gloves. It even attempted to follow Judy when she left it behind in its new desert valley home. Maybe she did rehabilitate it a bit through her mercy-filled, love-pricking heart placed in her by Jesus Christ. (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)

Val Lee

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One of the Best Days of My Life

I had my socks blessed off me when I experienced one of the best days of my life.  I went with three other ladies to pass out Bibles to medical facilities. The Lord worked beyond what we could ask or think!  He opened doors to place His Word in needy hands.  Yes, we had some refusals, but over all, most were very happy to have Bibles placed in their offices.  In the back of these New Testaments (which include Psalms & Proverbs) is the salvation message and helpful ministry tools are in the front.

One lovely lady, who I offered a New Testament to, reached out and received it as one receiving a precious and costly jewel. May her beaming face stay implanted in my mind. Another lady in a waiting room gratefully took a Testament from me and immediately started reading.  May these two ladies and all who received Bibles be saved!

One sweet physical therapist graciously thanked us for what we were doing. She powerfully gleamed with the love of the Holy Spirit.  Another man in an office accounted to us how he was most thankful for our ministry as he received a Testament when he was in the military. 

One of our ladies blessed me by her boldness at one office.  I had asked a receptionist if we could leave a Bible for their patrons and she strongly replied that the doctor wouldn’t allow it.  She was very firm, unfriendly and held a spiteful countenance.  I did not dare offer her a New Testament gift, but the lady who was with me was not intimidated and offered one to her.  The lady appeared offended at first—as if she was not going to refuse it, but then her countenance changed and she received it with a half-smile and a thank you. I was so grateful for my bold accomplice!

All our ladies were blessed beyond belief. One placed a Testament in the hands of a woman that was extremely thrilled to receive one. She joyfully revealed she had not received one since grade school.  The lady who placed it in her hand loves passing out Testaments as she received one as a child and it meant so much to her.  My husband, Alan, received one when men came into his grade school and presented Testaments to all the children.  A few decades ago, Bibles were freely dispersed in America’s schoolrooms. Looking at our country’s history it is interesting to note that the Bible was read in public school classrooms, holding an essential part in education.  Teachers would state they were now going to read God’s Word when opening to a text. 

We know a bold high school public school teacher who at one time relayed to Alan and others that he keeps Testaments in his lower desk drawer to have available for secular students. He gives out approximately 100 a year.  He also keeps a Bible on his desk. Last year a student stated to him that he could not have a Bible on his desk and he knew as his father was a member of the ACLU.  A large Russian exchange student approached the instructor’s desk and boldly stated, “Don’t ever say anything against the Bible as my father’s life was saved through a Bible.” One had been given to his father when he was drunk. His father was an alcoholic with failing health.  His father went home and read the Bible and was saved.  His wife and three children (this boy included) also received Christ.  

 I was also touched by a story in a newsletter, which told of Maria and Anna. They are cousins and were traveling to Uruguay. They overheard a meeting were testimonies were being shared in a restaurant. This night, by ordained appointment, they learned who had placed the precious Word in their hotel that had changed and saved their lives.

Seven years previous, these cousins were vacationing in Buenos Aires when they discovered a Gideon New Testament in their hotel room.  Both of them wanted to read it so they took turns.  Anna stated “It was like one of us would have the little book for breakfast, the other for lunch and the other for dinner.”  Maria shared further “It was the presence of God in my life coming as a little book … God put this treasure in my way, and He has changed my life in ways I could not begin to explain.”  The cousins received the Word together and salvation together.
As a side note, I would like to ask Christians to inquire at medical facilities if they have a Bible on hand to read. This will encourage them to have Bibles available in waiting areas. 

Val Lee  

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Poor Alfredo—True Cat Story


Poor Alfredo!!

Please no cards, he can’t read


Yes, this sad-looking cat with the Irish red fur and emerald-green cast was color-coordinated at the vet’s. Boy, was that a terrible night for my husband, Alan, and me. Alan is a lieutenant at the penitentiary and works swing and he didn’t arrive home till 11:00 p.m. Alan always looks for “his” cat when he comes home; and when he discovered Alfredo wasn’t in the house; he went outside to look about. He located Alfredo in our cat shelter in the backyard. (Alfredo had been outside the entire day and this is very unusual for our indoor cat that hates to be away from us and thrives on attention. I had been so busy during the day, I hadn’t given him much thought until Alan started inquiring.)


Alan called me outside where I discovered Alfredo weeping in the shelter … it was an intense, mournful sound that disturbed my heart. I was afraid to move him, noticing what appeared to be an injury to his leg. I knew I had to take him inside so I gingerly placed him in my arms. Sure enough, exposure to the light, affirmed his badly wounded limb. Alan was certain it was broken.

We had to contemplate what to do at that late hour. Alfredo was in such excruciating agony that I decided to look in the yellow pages; and wouldn’t you know, they have 24 hour emergency pet services.


We quickly departed for the animal hospital with Alfredo wailing, producing a wild siren effect. We felt deep empathy for this ultra-loving cat who was not one to complain like Cassidy, our female cat.  


We arrived at the odd-appearing clinic holding a Sci-Fi atmosphere, which left us un-assured that it was really the right place. It just transmitted a Twilight Zone sensation through our beings. The late night hour added to the peculiar environment. We approached the desk and introduced Alfredo with his dangling leg to a very bizarre man; who while diagnosing the situation, kept calling Alfredo, “handsome.”  Our cat was in pain and he just lingered and talked about this remarkable, beautiful cat in very strange tones. Alan was not happy and became very disheartened when he brought out 5 to 6 forms to fill out before anything could be done. Then this vet-assistant wanted to go on and on concerning the inadequacies of the forms. He then rambled on and on about how we should take Alfredo to his regular clinic where he worked during the day so he could administers shots, explaining their life and death imperatives. Alfredo just waited and moaned with our inner groanings.  


I was eventually ushered back with Alfredo to the waiting room, just like they do in a regular human clinic. Alan came in later, extremely upset and gave the sign that he wanted to strangle that man. Alan had never even made this sign toward the worst inmate. I had never seen him do this before! Had Alan became part of the Twilight Zone too?


As we sat, we heard another patron come in and the attendant gave him the same lines, “Hi handsome, oh, what pretty markings,” etc. 


It took forever for the vet to come in. Like the customary, people health care center, you sit in the first waiting room, then they sit you in the patient waiting room, then you wait forever to see the doctor. By this time there was no one else in the clinic. Why was this female vet taking so long with our cat wailing and in such pain?  Alan, more than impatient by now, stated the assistant probably had to wake her up. Well, … I replied, “She must have had to shower, get dressed, and do her make-up and hair too.” They probably had to run a late-night credit check, as well, before she would even speak to us.


When she finally arrived and examined the cat, she informed us it could possibly cost us up to a $1,000, as he probably needed an orthopedic surgeon. Then the dreadful attendant returned taking our sweet cat by the nape of the neck; and he carried him away like a criminal so the vet could splint his leg. Alan was greatly upset by then and disgustingly asked, “What is he doing to MY cat?!!” I couldn’t believe my ears; it wasn’t that many years ago when Alan didn’t even like cats and he felt dogs’ drool ruled. Who was this man I was sitting next to?!! 


Now if this had been Cassidy, we would certainly understand this type of handling. She would have attacked this man like a mad-dog—we should have brought her along! Once, I actually took Cassidy to a vet, when I came to retrieve her, the vet acted and appeared as if she had gone through some type of war.  Wow, was she disheveled and upset. She couldn’t believe it when I simply took Cassidy into my arms.  She kept saying she should be caged and went over all the problems she caused. She seemed to think Cassidy should never come in contact with human beings. Cassidy has been referred to as the “bad cat” many a time, but I was still surprised by this behavior. I think the vet thought I had gone on a wild jungle safari and captured her and brought her in to test her veterinarian capability levels. Our son, Nate, was with me and on the way home, we laughed and laughed and went over and over the vet’s lack of composure. I guess we should have prayed for her … I believe I did.


I’d better return us to poor, suffering Alfredo; I’ve swerved over the yellow line enough.  


Following the splinting, the vet sent us off in search of a surgeon after charging us $270. She seemed to think if we didn’t go with a surgeon, he should be put down. We were broken, we had no thousand dollars. We loved our cat and to think of doing this was heart-wrenching. We decided we could at least have a surgeon evaluate him. This was Saturday night and tomorrow was Sunday, and she firmly stated, “The sooner the better.” 


He was in such immense pain, we inquired what we could immediately do. She informed us the Humane Society had an orthopedic surgeon who was present on Sunday.


We arrived home at 3:00 in the morning, with our concerned sons, Nate and Josh, waiting for us as we drove in. All night Alfredo wept in pain. I wept too as things seemed so bleak and hopeless. Alan was very depressed as well. Fortunately, we were given a couple of medications and one assisted some with Alfredo’s pain. We prayed this night for a solution so Alfredo could go on living.


Alan and I went to the Humane Society, following church. Alfredo enjoys a children’s CD, which contains a couple of hymns; this kept him calm during the ride. At the Humane Society, the staff acted normal and treated us normal. Wow, it was wonderful! We felt we had finally left the Twilight Zone of wacky people. They had us talk to the vet who simply told us our options, and one was—he could be re-splinted as the current splint was too tight. Imagine that! He stated most cat breaks heal themselves. He explained surgery was the best option, but the leg would mend and the surgery was far less than quoted by the previous vet. He slightly elaborated by telling us how you could place a broken cat leg in a room, parts separated, and they would find each other and heal.  What a relief! No thousand dollars on top of what we had already spent. God made cat legs to mend easily and no wonder!


We didn’t understand why the first vet didn’t inform us of this fact, and why we had to go elsewhere. Why didn’t she take an X-ray and provide other options? She certainly seemed totally unknowledgeable after speaking with the Humane Society—you even need a second opinion with animals!


We have been praying and Alfredo is so much better. He is not wearing a splint, but seems to be healing fine. He is even back to chasing Cassidy.


Have a great day in Christ our Creator, Colossians chapter 1, who cares for even the tiny sparrows and family cats.   




Cassidy video with my sons:  She loves only me!

Cassidy dog terrorizer:


Val Lee   

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