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Amish Family Filmed—A Secret Life

Dear readers,

I want to bless your hearts with a heart-touching documentary entitled, “Amish: a Secret Life.” This video follows the life of a born again Amish family!

It is reassuring to know, the true God of Scripture is penetrating lives in these secluded communities.

I would love to have this family living next door! God exposes the fact, only a few are wise; well, this family is one in a million when it comes to exercising the holy, unchangeable truths of Scripture without caring about the shame of being caught old-fashioned. They hold to the ancient paths of God, as did the writers of Scripture. They do not walk in worldly vanity and pride, but the lowly paths of the LORD Jesus Christ. They know what it is to remove the rebellious heart to live submissively.

I do apologize for a couple of the songs the BBC added to the documentary.

Please learn of God’s personal love for you: Paradise

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