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World AIDS Day

Dear readers,

Below is an excellent testimony regarding the fact that AIDS murders. It is the lifestyle of death! God stated in Romans chapter 1 in the Bible, that those who engage in this vile and wicked sin will bear in their own bodies the consequences of their actions.

Christians sadly have to deal with the corrupt unsaved who do not stand with the fact that only in marriage is sex permitted. People must be committed to marriage for life as the adulterer and fornicator God will judge. Marriage is for better or for worse and through marriage trials people learn the sufferings of Christ; 1 Peter chapters 2 and 3.

Today’s liberal stands incite death. These political stands = death. Liberals = death. They boldly mandate the right to own AIDS through sexual promiscuity. They pour out money for shedding the innocent blood of unborn children. They legislate for criminal rights; whereby, murderers are rarely executed. They often end up walking our streets again and recommitting crimes of murder.

Many liberal politicians stand for pedophilia rights. Every pedophile should be hung from the highest tree! Raping children murders their sweet innocence and scars them for life.

God declares that sexually immoral people are shut out of heaven.

May today’s liberals find holy chastity through salvation in Christ,

Val Lee (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)
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James Hartline
December 1, 2009

Today is World AIDS Day – I have been fighting a twelve year battle with the AIDS virus, a disease that I acquired in my former life of promiscuity, drug abuse and homosexuality. For ten years now, I have been making my stand for the Lord Jesus Christ to declare to America that there is a way out of the destruction of homosexuality and its many diabolical consequences. On this World AIDS Day, I announce once again, the power of God to heal, deliver and correct the soul bound up in sin and sickness. I am living proof that God’s word is true and His power to transform the most wicked prisoner of sin is still available to all who will humble themselves and receive Jesus Christ as Messiah, Savior, Deliverer and Healer.

As the world is reminded of the millions of men, women, children and babies who have died of AIDS, gay activists will be using the December 1, 2009 World AIDS Day to glorify homosexuality and the gay lifestyle which is still, by a wide margin, the leading cause of HIV transmissions in the United States. The Center for Disease Control recently released a report that shows men who have sex with other men is the only group in America that shows a rise in the rate of HIV transmissions. Promiscuity, fueled by self-destructive lusts, perpetuates the catastrophic spread of AIDS in homosexual communities throughout America, Canada and Europe. In America, 46% of all black male homosexuals living in urban areas are infected with the AIDS virus. Often, without telling their wives or girlfriends, black men living on the “down low” will be engaging in secret risky homosexual behavior and become infected with HIV. They then spread the disease to their unsuspecting female partners.

America’s taxpayers have given billions of dollars to homosexual activists under the naive and wasted ideas of HIV prevention, education and condom use. This disastrous appeal to appease the aggressive gay political agenda has been orchestrated without any consideration for the spiritual components of repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ. The results of this approach have been devastating. These same gay activists have pilfered the billions of tax dollars and used them to promote homosexuality, gay marriage and their radicalized vision of enshrining gay activism as a cultural stepping stone to an antichristian government. AIDS continues to spread like wildfire in gay communities, not because of a lack of scientific education, condoms and resources. The wildfire of AIDS continues to burn in gay communities because in the radicalized gay agenda sin is glorified and the wages of sin is death.

Did I make the right decision to renounce homosexuality after spending thirty years in that sin? I know I did. While the Center for Disease Control reports that men who engage in homosexuality will die 20 years earlier than their heterosexual counterparts, the average life expectancy of a homosexual male with AIDS is reduced to 39 years. After suffering with AIDS for 12 years, I am about to celebrate my 52nd birthday. If I had continued to engage in homosexuality I would surely be dead by now — and burning in hell. Following Jesus Christ is not just an eternal matter. It is also a matter of better health and longevity. I know. I am living proof.

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