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The Alfredo Cat Walk

Alfredo the Cat

Alfredo the Cat

(Alfredo Reclining)

The other night, my husband and I were on our back patio relishing the fantastic evening. Even though it was a perfect night, our cat Alfredo was not altogether content and kept crying at me. I would pick him up, hug and pat him. He would be happy for a period and then wanted to get down. It became apparent he wanted me to follow him and he guided me toward our plush-green backyard. I finally went in the house, donned my tennis shoes and began to follow my little lion cat, he being orange like a lion with a cute cub face. You must agree!

He walked me down our street, then turned us and we jaunted down the next, a little distance. At this point, he had us turn around, veering us back to our home. (I must add, he had no leash, but walked as if trained to heel. It was around 11:00 pm so it was completely quiet.)

I began to walk to our backyard and he made it clear, we had not completed our stroll. So I went with him once again. This time, he wanted to walk me to the farmer’s field nearby. (I tell you, sometimes I would like to peak inside his feline wits.)

I walked up the little hill and stopped right past the opening in the fence. He then wanted me to follow him down into the dry, large ditch and into the open field. I told him I could not follow him. He obviously wanted me to go mouse hunting with him.  🐭  No doubt, he was disappointed he lost a hunting companion when I turned around and headed home.

Cassidy, our former cat, who lived to be around 18 years of age, was determined to make Alfredo learn to mouse bringing a live rodent to him and setting it before him when he was young. He was pretty dumb about the whole thing, but eventually caught on. She thought he was utterly ignorant her entire life.

Cute and cuddly creatures … God Almighty creates them all.



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Cassidy the Cat—The Neighborhood Rule

Our neighbor, Dick, owns a beautiful male cat of lengthy white fur, tinted with just a hint of gray dispersed perfectly throughout. It performs a stately stride, topped with its arrogant, pug-nosed, never-deviating expression. You just can’t help but assume with certainty that it has secured many a blue ribbon though Dick has never trained nor entered him in any competition. When I first met Trouble, the cat of perfection, I was confident he was a coroneted, prize-champion.

This respectful, marked appearance of Trouble doesn’t keep him from shrinking in fear when our cat, Cassidy, conceitedly pounces outside our door, though holding no pedigree appearance or papers. If Trouble is anywhere near and spots Cassidy, he scampers for home at a grand rhythmic pace; yet, never departing from that stately stride.

Not long ago, my husband, Alan, and I were conversing with Dick …Trouble being attentive at Dick’s side. Cassidy took note and casually strode over to divert my attention to her, not desiring it be given to any other, including Blue-ribbon Boy. This immediately caused Trouble to back away from us, not knowing what Cassidy might devise against his innocent well-groomed self, even on his own property. Dick always laughs at this intimidation upon his feline, male specimen.

No neighborhood sashaying cat stays about for Cassidy’s punishment when she, the queen of beasts, walks through her door. She loves to rule in majesty and will not transfer her lion-like ancestry robe, crown and title, to another.

Now our cat Alfredo who is all love and gentleness, relishes the friendship of his neighborhood fellow felines, and would never even think of possessing a desire to control, manipulate and rule. When it comes to Alfredo, Cassidy is family-loyal to a degree, when in her outside realm. Though she hates Alfredo with a vengeance, she will defend him as a brother; but only if a threatening need arises, such as the time a black lab sought to overtake Alfredo. He knew not what to do but just stand there. Fortunately, lion-like Cassidy did. She bolted swiftly like a striking snake and pounced on the bewildered, huge thing which caused it to retrieve its forwarding jaws from poor, dumbfounded Alfredo. I don’t think Alfredo ever fully comprehended her prompt action, but I was thankful she was there to back the black thing away.

When it comes to the neighborhood dogs, they are viewed as no threat to Cassidy. Canines learn quickly that Cassidy rules over every created critter and they must be set in place under “her” rulership in “her” neighborhood. Never have I witnessed fear in Cassidy when a dog is near, never deflecting a porcupine-like towering of fur; just a determination that articulates, “I will not surrender my place.”

No, I have not set out a sign that warns “Beware of Cat!!” Animals can’t read, don’t you know and people rarely listen to my warnings. Oh well, such is life in this charming neighborhood which the LORD God has blessed with His delightful assorted creation.

Love in Jesus Christ, our Creator LORD (Colossians chapter 1),

Val Lee

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A Cassidy the Cat video with our son, Nate, and his dog, Charlie: 

(Cassidy only loved me. She hated every other person and thing. This story is recalled from several years ago.)

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Bloodthirsty Attacker

Who Was Judy’s Bloodthirsty Attacker?

What in the world caused sweet little miss Judy to let out helter-skelter screams of painful terror? What in the world caused the bloody gashings, which poured forth from her body? You might inquire—what in the world is going on at this point—and was she all alone with no one to come to her aid? No, her family did hear and responded in alarm as they heard the blood-curling screams. They ran to her assistance as quickly as possible, but upon reaching her, they sadly recognized they were too late to rescue. Her dear baby granddaughter shuddered and bathed herself in wet tears. Panicked faces shone with regret as Judy presented her bloody self to them. Her most dedicated and loving husband, wanted to wrap her up and rush her to emergency. Would she let him? NO! She wanted her attacker sheltered from all harm before any caring hands handled her. Had Judy lost her marbles as well as her blood? One might certainly wonder why she first desired to protect a bloodthirsty attacker. Did she believe she must reveal Christian love and forgiveness, throwing out any penalty clause? Did she perceive she must bestow grace upon this inhuman renegade and thereby produce a change of character?

Yes, Judy had forgiveness in her heart but for who or what? Can you, the reader, of this true tale even begin to solve this mystery? I will give a few clues to expose this most wicked avenger.

1. It had flesh-consuming fangs.

2. It held sharp nails.

3. It was wild and ferocious.

4. It hid itself.

5. It was three months old.

6. It could fit into the small basket I had just recently bestowed upon Judy for her birthday.

7. It is the most beautiful of its kind.

Are you a riddle wise-Samson who can unfold this ghastly mystery by these clues? Maybe I should assist a bit and kindly reveal that it is a ferocious cannibal-like diminutive creature. It is of the animal family that Judy and I love, which I write stories about. Who loves these cherished animals more Judy or me? Well, that is certainly a toss up! Judy’s precious pretty-petite Miss Maggie Lynn prances about like a princess on parade whereby she holds Judy’s dear heart as my Cassidy and Alfredo hold mine.

You must be burning up with these clues! Yes, her attacker was a three-month-aged beauty-laden kitten. After the criminal assault, Judy just couldn’t let it be left there at the house all by its lonesome, as she thought of only her traumatized self. No, she could not go to an emergency room. Of course not! She had to make sure the thing was safe and in the basket she retrieved from her trunk using the liner to cover and hold down the wretched thing. Yes … that is where she placed the birthday gift I recently gave her. Oh, well; Judy was very thankful it was there.

Here, you might ask, how could such a beautiful feline cause such monumental damage to sweet Judy’s body? Well, I must confess, the untamed thing was absolutely wild and out of control like a netted mountain lion. What instigated this horrendous attack was the fact, Judy grabbed its tail. Yes, I know it was silly to seize that sensitive end, but Judy was desperate for something to grasp. She wanted to keep it from perishing in the dark cubby hole of the new house she and her husband were building. She didn’t want it to die in there. You certainly understand. I would hope … especially if you love cats.

Well, when Judy grabbed it by its tail that feline bit right into Judy’s fingers with deep embedded fortitude; whereby, she couldn’t unlock its jaws. When she finally unclasped its piercing saw-tooth teeth with her disarming maneuvering, it ran all over her with unleashed biting skill. It continued, puncturing deep into the flesh of her wrist and used its claws to viciously slash her body. It just ransacked her whole being with its total little savage self, which left Judy a sorry gory mess, because she mercilessly refused to let go of its tail. Later, she was questioned as to why she wouldn’t let go. She explained she knew she was on a mission of rescue.

Don’t worry! Judy recuperated after being properly treated by emergency personnel at the hospital she was finally delivered to. Following recovery, she located the appropriate home for the sweet thing out in the wilderness where nobody will grab its tail again … we hope! It was placed on a person’s property and it can hunt food and has an available water resource.

As a side note, Judy‘s daughter didn’t want her to take the kitten far away, believing the beautiful, powerful thing was too good for the wild wilderness with its serpentining and calculating rattlesnakes. Judy’s attitude—safety first! Yah right!

Second side note: Eventually, the captured thing did reveal tameness as it was petted by family members including Judy, though she cautiously donned gloves. It even attempted to follow Judy when she left it behind in its new desert valley home. Maybe she did rehabilitate it a bit through her mercy-filled, love-pricking heart placed in her by Jesus Christ. (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)

Val Lee

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He Was Dismayed …




When my husband, Alan, came home from work and walked in the door, he was dismayed …



Blood ran on the floor and walls. Was this a bloody crime scene? This was worse than what he had ever experienced at work—the prison. Alan immediately called my name. I had arrived shortly before him and walked through, viewing the blood spread throughout much of our home.

Our loving cat, Alfredo, had a bump on his forehead, which we assumed would go away. We were totally mistaken. It was a hematoma and it gave way the evening no one was home. He no doubt ran through our home shaking a large amount of blood from his head.

Alan and I got on our knees and spent a great deal of time cleaning the carpet, furniture, walls, and vinyl flooring. Alfredo eventually recovered after we drove him to a nearby vet who performed a slight surgery.

Our next ordeal with Alfredo arrived about a week ago. He had been in some kind of encounter with another animal and he was having a hard time walking, but still could get around. We felt he had broken or split a bone, but it would mend. Cats usually do. (Alfredo had healed previously from a broken leg—another encounter. His leg had been cast, but he wiggled out of it. The vet assured us, he should heal just fine without it. It set perfectly.)

Saturday, I was in the den with Alan, and I looked down on Alfredo and noticed a small pool of blood. I picked him up and we took him to a new clinic that never closes. He had a very bad abscess (not an injured leg), the worst the vet had ever seen. Alfredo had to go through extensive surgery. The vet told us Alfredo amazed them. He experienced tremendous pain, endured surgery, bandaging and having a cone placed around his head, but he still purred.

We took him home that night around 7:00. He was so happy to be home! He joyously hummed continuously even though he had endured this extreme medical procedure and was hurting. Because he was still bleeding a bit, we placed him in the utility room with a blanket. In the middle of the night, he made lots of racket and yelled in pain. Yes, our poor Alfredo.

Alfredo hated his head cone and bandages. He wanted them off!! He was determined and he succeeded in removing the bandages. His bloody tail and hindquarters were completely exposed. We didn’t know what to do that Sunday—Easter. He is a very strong cat and we believed a re-bandage job would also be removed. We went to church and enjoyed a great service surrounding Christ’s resurrection and let it be for the day, as Alfredo appeared to be doing somewhat well.

When Monday arrived, Alan asked me to phone the vet. I did, right after Alfredo attempted to remove his exposed stitches. They setup a time in the afternoon, but stated I could come earlier, which I did. They could not believe he was able to remove his bandages while wearing the E–collar (cone). What was also remarkable was the fact he was loudly purring even though I returned him to this building and to the people who had caused him significant pain. The assistant was surprised he hummed loudly even as she examined him, putting him through more discomfort.

The vet eventually joined us and decided he would sedate Alfredo a bit and cauterised his wounds. He also bandaged him in such a way that Alfredo could not remove it. He also placed a larger cone around Alfredo’s sweet head.

Alfredo with E colar

Alfredo with E-collar

Though Alfredo suffered, he did not desire to harm those who inflicted him with pain. Sunday, many people celebrated Easter. This is when Christians contemplate upon the fact that their great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, was pierced through for everyone’s transgressions. He, like a lamb, was taken to the slaughter. The holy Savior was marred and crushed beyond any other man on humanity’s behalf. He never cried out in anger, but lovingly bore our every wrongdoing. He interceded for those who hated Him; forgiving those who placed him on that cruel, painful tree of crucifixion. He poured out Himself through death, being numbered with the transgressors and forsaken by all men.

Following His death, he was placed in a tomb. After three days, He powerfully arose from death, revealing victory over the grave (1 Corinthians 15:3-4, John chapters 19-21, Isaiah chapter 53, etc.—the Bible).

God suffered and died for us because the human race follows it own path … producing its own drumbeat.

Anyone who calls upon God in total sincerity and asks forgiveness of their wrongs, He forgives and renews. He places in those who believe, the Holy Spirit, who enables them to live godly. He provides eternal life in paradise when believers die.

Christians still sin, but God always is willing to forgive those who sincerely ask the Father to forgive them in the name of Jesus Christ (1 John 1:9). It is hard for a believer to go through a day without asking forgiveness for something.

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True Cat Story—Split Personalities



Cassidy left/Alfredo right

Bird center


Cassidy the Complainer

I have read many verses that remind me not to complain about anything but to give thanks in all things. I have contemplated on the fact my cat Cassidy certainly does not represent the proper illustration for teaching Christians not to complain. I do not believe Cassidy will ever grasp this concept. Though Cassidy is my cat, I have to confess she is also a beggar and a whiner—attributes not befitting a Christian; Philippians 2:14. She has to have her own way and no one can argue with her. She will plague you until she gets what she wants. Sometimes I will tell her just a minute and she will be still and quiet for that minute, but not much longer. If I am not attentive as promised, she will screech and place my nerves on edge. She knows all the off-key ear-hurting tunes and which ones work best.  

Christians are called not to fuss, complain and worry, as God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and has every hair numbered on our heads. Nothing escapes His notice including our needs. Everything that arrives in our life is for a reason, to cause us to change and grow. Every circumstance is to bring us to the place of spiritual maturity. We are to ensure that we never cease to walk in the fruits of the Spirit. We are to learn to flee fleshly desires and tendencies through our trials and temptations. One main fleshly desire is to complain. The Bible teaches that the unsaved are grumblers and those who follow sensual lusts (Jude 16) and we must witness the opposite. 

Even though our cat Alfredo is not a believer, and does not own an eternal soul, he is Mr. Easy Going. The Bible teaches that we can learn from critters and Alfredo is one who can teach his observers to simply rest and not fuss. Cassidy could never teach humans any good thing, I am afraid. Now, I must pause here and change what I have stated to a degree, knowing Cassidy is very loving towards me.  Unfortunately, her attributes cannot travel farther, being she is a snob and partial. She snubs very well. She loves only me and hates everyone else and every critter. She could never love our neighbors as herself, let alone Alan (my husband), our sons or Alfredo. 

Alfredo does not complain about anything and loves everybody and everything. He also is thankful in all things; 1 Thessalonians 5:18.  If he were human, he would verbally give thanks in all circumstances. If he could wear a smile, he would have one pasted on his cute countenance. He never has a bad day. 

Cassidy’s favorite and only desired pillow is her royal gold one, which she authoritatively lays upon on our waterbed. She sets up a countenance like that of an admired queen. Her posture only lacks a scepter. (Now, I might state here, that Cassidy isn’t as young and fit as in her former days. Please, don’t get me wrong, she can still hunt like a tiger, but she just isn’t as agile as in years past. Sometimes, she will try and jump on our elevated bed, where her gold pillow sometimes lies; but she simply can’t make it up that high at times. I will view her face for a swift moment popping up, but then down it goes.  She is determined and usually can land her entire self on her second attempt after composing herself.)

Cassidy could never grasp the concept of lowliness—she does believe she is queen.  Believers are to be lowly in mind and action, always exercising humility of mind. This all goes along with not complaining. If we recognize we are deserving of nothing, we accept the fact there is nothing that should distress us. We are called to be nobodies, never desiring to exalt ourselves; only Christ Jesus; 2 Corinthians chapter 12. We are always to consider each person as being more important than ourselves, as commanded in Philippians 2:3. We are exhorted to display the lowly and obedient heart of Christ who possessed a heart that was willing to suffer a painful death, placing Himself last and in our stead.  

Val Lee


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