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Boy Burned with Update News

Dear Readers,

Please note the crime graph facts at first link. Wow! What an increase since the commencement of the 20th century. These factual statistics have undoubtedly resulted from Americans no longer adhering to the Holy Scriptures. This has produced endless harm in our nation.

These links impel you to the gloomy reality of violence in our schools where spankings are no longer allowed. We all know when spanking was allowed and the Bible taught, violence such as school shootings and attempted murder were absent.

Women’s Lib rebellion incited women to no longer desire to be workers in the home, maintaining family stability, disciplining and teaching children Christian morals. The women who rock the cradle dictate the course of mankind.

The Christian church’s influence in society is rarely noticed. The salt of conviction is absent. Insurgence to apostolic commands and the warnings of the prophets has heaped divorce and sexual promiscuity in fellowships. Strong preaching and discipline are required, but attendee number achievement rules over common sense.

Everyone is to blame for our nation’s present setting. We all fall short and repentance is continually essential. Jesus Christ who is holy, pure, innocent, and undefiled must rule the land. Only His inerrant Word holds the answers. May God raise up uncompromising godly men who resemble Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos, Paul, etc; to preach the Word everywhere without fear of offense!

Boy Burning and Update:

October 15, 2009:

Today’s (April 20, 2010) news update:

Praise the LORD this boy is grateful for the concerned people who prayed for him and gives credit to God for his healing.


(1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)   paradise

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