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President Obama’s Lies about Netanyahu, Jewish Holocaust Day, etc.

Holocaust Victims (public domain photo)

Holocaust Victims
(public domain photo)

Dear Readers,

Our pastor relayed a story regarding one of his mission trips. A mother of four children received Christ. Her husband had left her and she was impoverished and obtaining food by following carts, which were headed to market. She would pick up the food that fell from the carts to feed her family.

One man, of the evangelism team—which led her to Christ, felt terrible about her impoverished plight and returned to her home to offer her money. She refused saying, you have given me Jesus, I do not want anything else. I now have everything I need.

Please learn of God’s personal love for you by clicking here:



International Holocaust Memorial Day was January 28th 

In grievous remembrance of this day, a lady spoke of the more than 10,000 Jews massacred in one day where she lived. The Nazis would rob the Jews of their clothes and murder them naked. Disturbing photo news stories of the cold-blooded murders can be viewed on YouTube by doing “Nazi” and “Hitler” searches. It is quite disturbing and heartbreaking … the murdering of the people who are the apple of God’s eye. Though, of course, the LORD loves all peoples and commands, “Thou shall not kill.”

In Nazi Germany, thousands of children born of mixed Jewish-German parentage, were classified as “Jews” under Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws. They were categorized as Mischlinge (half-breeds). These young individuals were persecuted and ostracized by their neighbors, and sometimes murdered by authorities. Hitler hated anyone who owned even a hint of Jewish blood.

Some of these Mischlinges appeared European, many blond hair, fair and blue-eyed. Sometimes they would take off their yellow stars and go and buy food, knowing no one could tell. However, eventually, a percentage were murdered.

The Nazis were the socialist party of Germany:

Nazis demanded governmental control of everything and everyone. Hitler had his Nazis place a photo of himself in the pulpit area of churches and those who did not comply were marked out. Hitler viewed himself as the world’s Messiah. Two million Christians were killed by Hitler’s murder machine. Some of them were involved in the hiding of Jews.

Hitler and his officials were Darwinians, believing the Germans were the elitist race and had to murder anyone who was not of the fittest, pure, Aryan race. Hitler was also a known satanist.

By God’s grace, a number of the Jewry did become born again Christians; desiring hope in a midst of Hitler’s atrocities.

Muslims still rejoice in what took place under Hitler. I viewed one Muslim lady, on video, who was on an American street corner yelling at Jews, “To the ovens with you,” meaning Hitler’s ovens. She was yelling while standing with a group of fellow Muslims. Satan desires all Jews murdered and this lady represents a religion that is about the extinguishing of Jews, hoping to see them perish in another holocaust.

Of course, God loves the Muslims and desires their salvation, as He does all men. I heard a story today of a woman who came to Christ who was Muslim. As a result of this lady’s witness, 45 family members have come to Christ.

Here is a link to the story of a Jewish twin used in one of Hitler’s vile experiments on twins. Of course, Hitler had many deadly experiments he relished using on Jews to further their suffering, including making items, including lampshades, furniture coverings and soap, from their skin; and from their hair, woven blankets for his army.

Hitler murdered over two and half million children.

Today, the Islamic State is murdering countless children and adults, even beheading them. The Islamic State has supporting reporters in the liberal media stating, these Muslims must be protected from harm, even though their murdering atrocities resemble Hitler’s.


White House refuses to call the Taliban a terrorist group—ABC News:

Taliban murdered all the children while in their school, with adults, who were present in the terrorist attack:

On January 25th the Taliban murdered 3 American contractors—aircraft mechanics.

Wikipedia on Taliban:

Taliban killing and skinning people:


Obama is attempting to remove CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) from a Muslim terrorist list:

Here is a video of CAIR in Cleveland, where adults and children are performing a song about the destruction of the Jews by Mohammad’s army:

The words can be open below the video, under “Show More:”


President Obama is working behind the scenes to remove Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, from power.

This explains our president’s anger regarding Netanyahu’s scheduled address to congress, and why he crafted his lying excuses.

He wants a puppet leader who is anti-Jew and pro-Palestinian in power. Jewish Press:

London news and other news sites identify Jeremy Bird, (Who managed the Obama campaign) and his election group 270 Strategies. Bird is currently employed by an Israel-based group trying to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.

Neil Munro in his DC article states: “There’s lots of evidence that Obama wants Netanyahu defeated, in part, because Obama thinks Netanyahu is making it difficult for him to strike a peace deal between Israel and the Jew-hating Islamist dictators and theocrats that surround Israel.”

Atop the anti-Netanyahu efforts of Bird, there is funding reportedly provided by Kerry’s State Department to elect a prime minister more to Obama’s liking.

The Washington Free Beacon reports — OneVoice International (a pro-Palestinian election machine), based in the U.S. — has recently received two grants from the State Department and lists State as a “partner” on its website. (This tells us Americans are paying to have Netanyahu removed from office.)

The primary mission of OneVoice, according to its website, is to promote a so-called “two-state solution” to resolve the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Israeli News blogger David Hersch of the University of Cape Town: “There is a reality in Israel that no matter how much the narcissistic Obama and his compliant … State Department may try, he and they cannot overcome. Israeli voters are far more knowledgeable, involved and aware than the vast majority of American voters that have proved how easily they are swayed by a compliant, agendised and biased media. This American group are wasting their time and money trying to achieve what they did in the US getting the hidden imam of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue re-elected twice.”

OneVoice video:


God forecasted in Hosea 3:4-5 the truths that we have witnessed and is affirmed through history and today’s news regarding Israel: The children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, without a prince (heir to the throne), and without sacrifice (temple sacrifices of clean animals), and without the ephod or without teraphim (an idol). Israel has not worshipped idols since her Babylonian captivity; one of the consequences of choosing idolatry and other sins. Of course, there is no temple, no sacrifices and no priestly service in Israel nor has there been since 70 AD.

Afterward, the children of Israel will return and seek the LORD their God, and David their king, and shall fear the LORD and His goodness in later days. (The days of the millennial reign of Christ over the world, in which David rules as a king under Christ in Jerusalem.)

Love in the Savior, who always fulfills His promises, Val Lee

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