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Newsweek Article—It is Legitimate to Kill Granny

The Case for Killing Granny
I must tell you, I was quite disturbed to read the article, “The Case for Killing Granny,” in my father-in-law’s copy of Newsweek, dated September 21, 2009. This written defense was completely pro President Obama and his desire to NOT prolong the lives of the elderly and help save our government megabucks.  It spoke to our president and how he has informed us that the elderly take a large slice of our revenue. If we don’t spend our money on seniors, we can have more money, according to the article, which is obviously reinforcing our president’s stands.  It’s ok to divvy credit so people can own better cars and to assist Planned Parenthood, ACORN, etc…but don’t spend it on the aged.  Spend outrageous amounts of money keeping murderers alive, but kill innocent Granny.
This article also informs us that health care has to be rationed! So who do we ration? Those who can’t argue—those with little or no voice. This includes those classified in the area of special medical needs. Our present administration is very callous to those people they believe should have been aborted because they did not arrive perfect in form.  Those who own the best quality of life are those who deserve life, this appears to be today’s socialist/Marxist motto. 
The Bible speaks of the wicked seeking to kill the innocent (Psalm 10:8-9) and that is the platform of our government administration. They want to kill the defenseless—unborn babies and the elderly. Christians certainly need to be in prayer for people in leadership to accept Christ as their Savior, and for justice to reign in our land. 
Val Lee (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)

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