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Heaven is a Wonderful Place


In God’s Holy Word, the Bible, God offers us eternal life through us placing our trust in His Son who died on the cross for your wrong conduct and mine; John 3:16.  Eternal life is living forever in paradise or heaven.   Simply by saying, Christ Jesus I ask you to forgive me of my sins and to take over my life, you can be assured of eternal life and a purpose on this earth.  You must pray this in all honesty and sincerity. Christ knows if you sincerely want to turn from your sin to serve Him. God forgives all your wrong actions not just some.  We cannot out sin God’s forgiveness.   He died for every sin ever committed. Praying is simply talking to God as you would a friend, but always in a respectful manner as He is God.


1 John 5:9-13 states we can know we have eternal life.  These verses testify to the fact that he who believes in God’s Son has eternal life. This is truth as God does not break his promises and he is unchangeable.


God does ask that you count the cost before you follow Him.  God does change your desires and behavior and you can lose friends as you strive to please a righteous and holy God.  You can be terribly mistreated and hated for loving Him.


You can learn about Christ by reading the Gospel of John in the Bible. You can read a chapter a day.  If you ask Christ to rule your life, you will obtain a desire to read more and more of the New Testament and you will want to attend a Bible teaching church. 


If you don’t believe God even exists, you can simply say, God could you reveal your love to me so I can believe.

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