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Penn State Choosing to Love the Children, Victimized by Unspeakable Abuse

It was a blessing to see football players kneeling in prayer over the Penn State situation.

Praise the LORD Jesus Christ for working in the hearts of men, moving Penn State to take a stand for the children. Our legal system should provide the death penalty for those who violate children. May people rise up in Christ’s name to protect the children in this world of self-gratification!

No one can erase the torment from these children except Jesus Christ. May they come to seek Him. No one’s love compares to the love of Jesus Christ. He heals all pain and removes all sin. God’s inerrant Word states, Jesus Christ is holy, undefiled, innocent, separated from sinners and exalted above the heavens; Hebrews 7:26.

Coach Ron Brown, a powerful outspoken Christian, uplifted Jesus Christ and expressed concern for the victims in his historical prayer.

Brown’s prayer video:

One’s Man’s Protest:

About Coach Ron Brown:

Coach Ron Brown of Nebraska is on fire for the LORD Jesus Christ:

“Ron Brown is widely known as a gospel fanatic. He talks about Jesus whenever he can … the ACLU was outspoken in their opposition to his tendency to proclaim Christ in his various platforms around Nebraska. It’s this history of Brown’s identity that provides the tension for Chatelin’s article.”

“I love this. Ron Brown opens up the Bible at work and talks to his ‘co-workers’ about how it relates to life. That’s encouraging.”



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