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Poison Plot Interrupted

As tears streamed down the face of Murugan, he tightened his hand grip on a bottle of poison. He, maintaining a heart of despair, was determined to act out a sinful plot. He was readying to pour its contents on the family meal prepared by his wife.

He was willing to murder his family and himself because his business in India had failed. (Suicide in India is epidemic, especially among farmers who have been facing drought and unpaid loans. The loan-sharks are ruthless. Farmers are killing themselves by the thousands.)

Murugan was depressed with the thought of the actions of ruthless creditors. His mind told him this dastardly deed must be performed to protect the family from their savage hands.

His concentrated thoughts shifted to his happy little daughter who noisily bounded into the room to greet her father with love and hope. She showed him a little blue book that she held in her hands. She pleaded with her daddy, “Please read a story from it.” How could he resist her? This would be their last tender moment together.

Murugan drew his daughter up close and flipped through the pages of the New Testament that had been placed in her hands at school by a Christian worker.

Murugan’s eyes and hands searched for a place to read, while God intervened in his heart and directed him to John 14:1. Here he read the words of hope, “Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me (Jesus Christ).” He understood this uplifting verse was directed to him in a special way. Now he did not want to die knowing Jesus Christ could help him.

This deadly day was turned into his first day of eternal life! Murugan surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

The transformation process began immediately within his heart. And God allowed his business to prosper as it had in the past. Eventually he was able to pay all his creditors. He believed in God with all his heart and it was delivered from its troubled state. He received the spiritual blessings that come with being washed in the blood of the Savior.


Excellent video with pro-life message. Pictures speak a thousand words and the photos displayed by Created Equal in various states in America have transformed many hard hearts.


Good medicine in Oklahoma City:


The FBI refuses to close the Muslim terrorist training camps across America. The Muslims in these terrorist compounds have been involved in many murders, including New York’s 9/11.

Many people living around these thirty some terrorist camps live in fear; yet our government reveals little concern.

News quote:

A radical jihadist group responsible for nearly 50 attacks on American soil is operating 35 terrorist training camps across the nation, but the U.S. government refuses to include the organization on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorists.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra, known in the U.S. as “Muslims of America,” has purchased or leased hundreds of acres of property – from New York to California – in which the leader, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, boasts of conducting “the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare.”


Below is a link to a video that exposes murders and plots that have been linked to these compounds that the Muslims call communes.

“We give [our recruits] specialized training in guerrilla warfare. We are at present establishing training camps. You can easily reach us at Open Quranic offices in upstate New York or in Canada or in South Carolina or in Pakistan.” – Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani

News video:

You can see from the video that our government leaders want to protect these wicked people of hatred who have been involved in American terrorism. The FBI has enjoyed meals with these Muslims who want us dead; who believe all Jews should be exterminated, along with Christians, etc.


The deadly facts of Islam:


The homosexual marriage decision of June 2013 by the Supreme Court boldly undermines the choice of the voters of California who balloted to make natural marriage the law of the land. Of course, this affects every state in the union.

“In the majority’s judgment, any resistance to its holding is beyond the pale of reasoned disagreement. To question its high-handed invalidation of a presumptively valid statute is to act (the majority is sure) with the purpose to ‘disparage,’ ‘injure,’ ‘degrade,’ ‘demean,’ and ‘humiliate’ our fellow human beings, our fellow citizens, who are homosexual. All that, simply for supporting an Act that did no more than codify an aspect of marriage that had been unquestioned in our society for most of its existence — indeed, had been unquestioned in virtually all societies for virtually all of human history.”

Muslims and Mormons are rejoicing in this decision as well as homosexuals. Muslims and Mormons conceive this to be a legalization of polygamy. It is a key that has fully opened Pandora’s Box of sexual vileness or so it appears. America has been spinning downward for many decades and paying the cost of legal licentiousness.

Of course, many believe this decision will remove free speech rights when it comes to exposing the sins of sexual deviancy. Chaplains have already been asked to leave the military for refusing to perform homosexual marriages.


CBS reporter targeted by Obama administration:


IRS scandal—FBI knows nothing:!

IRS ceasing millions of medical records:


Benjamin Franklin “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”


Sad news update on valedictorian and LORD’s prayer:

Joshua High School officials didn’t just act like a school bully when they turned off a valedictorian’s speech after the speaker mentioned Jesus. They also violated Texas law and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported that when a Christian valedictorian at Joshua High School referenced his faith in his graduation speech, school officials literally turned the microphone off. The valedictorian has been accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy to become an officer, and Principal Mick Cochran threatened to write a letter to the Navy saying that this young man is of poor character, attempting to persuade the Navy to refuse allowing this talented student to attend.

Now new facts have come to light, highlighting just how egregiously illegal this school conduct is. And it is just the latest in a nationwide trend of hostility toward observant Christians and other people of faith in this country.

Of all the graduation controversies we’ve covered this year, Remington Reimer’s may be the most shocking. The Texas valedictorian, who is still celebrating his acceptance to the U.S. Naval Academy, was stunned to hear that his high school principal would try to sabotage those plans after Reimer strayed from his “approved” remarks during graduation. When the Joshua High School senior started talking about his faith, the school surprised everyone by cutting off his microphone. As outrageous as that was, principal Mark Cochran was just getting warmed up. The next day, he warned Remington’s parents that he was going to send a letter to the Naval Academy disparaging Reimer’s character.

At that point, the Reimers contacted the Liberty Institute, who have demanded the school’s apology. “The principal said he wanted to try to ruin him for what he did,” attorney Hiram Sasser said, “for talking about the Constitution and his faith.”


President Obama facts:


Muslim Brotherhood American power addressed in Congress:


Voter fraud and IRS:  

Illegal immigrant facts by US senator Rand Paul:

Letter to Lighthouse Trails Publishing. Praise God for this church’s obedience!!

Thank you so much for the information that you have been providing my husband and I for the past several years. It is thanks to Lighthouse Trails that we were able to warn members of our church leadership about contemplative spirituality which was making its way into our church.

Several months back, an associate pastor gave a message on “having closeness with God” which was fine, but then at the end of his message, he said something about “the silence,” requesting from the pulpit that the “lights be dimmed,” and then had the entire congregation practice a moment of slowed breathing, “focusing” and “contemplation” . . . Needless to say, in spite of wanting to bolt for the doors, my husband and I sat there praying aloud (!) for God’s protection over our congregation.

Immediately following his message and “prayer time,” we got with that same associate pastor and then privately shared with him a condensed version of what we’d learned about contemplative spirituality: its roots in the occult, in Buddhism and its ties to Catholic mystics (since he had mentioned a number of Catholic “scholars” in his message). After patiently listening to us, he told us we were wrong. He animatedly told us that there was SO much to be learned from the Catholic faith, that contemplative prayer was actually a good thing and that it wasn’t out of the occult at all!

We were deeply saddened to hear him say that and even discussed leaving the church. After praying about it however, we felt that God would have us stay there. So out of obedience, instead of leaving, we alerted our church elders and senior pastor about it and shared with them the MANY booklets that we have ordered from Lighthouse Trails regarding contemplative spirituality and the emerging church. (Keep in mind, this was a four-month process, so much prayer and dogged determination was required. The end result is that it paid off.)

The happy ending to this story is that this past Sunday, an Elder came up to my husband and I and point blank told us that regarding “all that New Age material (we’d) shared,” we were not to worry – that this “contemplative spirituality/false teaching” was in “NO WAY going to enter here.” He thanked us profusely for alerting church leadership and giving the Elders all that LTRP info …

In His Service with Our Eyes Wide Open,




Posting various videos does not mean I agree with everything the people stand for, who are presented, or organizations.

Our nation requires prayer and our leaders. God calls Christians to pray for governing sovereigns. Everyone lives in sinful darkness until they turn their lives to Jesus Christ.  Please click here: Paradise

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News: Government Debt and Smart Growth Information

April 9, 2011

Dear Readers,

It is most sad that unborn children were placed as pawns in the budget battle when it came to a federal government shutdown: Associated Press article:

This article explains defunding of Planned Parenthood is the main object of debate and a side money issue regarded President Obama regulating the Internet—second paragraph, last sentence. During the fiscal year 2008-2009, PP received $363.2 million from taxpayers and holocaustic-ally murdered 324,800 unborn children.

I have to say it breaks my heart that the republicans caved into President Obama and the democrats. They have no true conscience; no breaking heart for unborn children.  If they cared, they would have let the democrats suffer with their own folly of a government halt.

April 8, 2011 congress session regarding Internet regulations:

The Internet Plan:

It appears the agenda is to remove exposing information from all sectors:

President Obama and fellow democrats would have delayed pay to our military men in harm’s way if republicans did not compromise with baby murder! MSNBC revealed they could have lost their homes if President Obama had his way in this. Yet, the democrats would not have allowed a second of time to pass when it came to handing out millions of dollars for the murder of innocent Americans still in the womb, in the name of infanticide and genocide. These democrats are bloodthirsty and pornographic thirsty! As disclosed previously, Planned Parenthood wants children as young as five years old enjoying sex as you can see from their website. They believe babies should be taught sex as well:

This completely corrupt organization wants you paying for every dime of their godless and nasty agendas including child sex slave trafficking:

Our government will not pay for any life-saving surgery for any hardworking American, but it will place every cent it owns to pay for a mother to murder her innocent baby. It will pay for your neighbor to genocide her baby, but not your knee surgery.

PP is also swift to lie about mammograms to get its hands on your dollars:

It is interesting not a word was said regarding postponing pay to the democrats in congress or our president. They are not on the battlefield of death and they certainly could have sacrificed, this being their idea.


Agenda 21 or Smart Growth

Sustainable development Agenda 21 in some ways resembles the popular Smart Growth agendas. Please see this link posted by the United Nations. The United States is listed as being committed:

This UN video is full of demonic activity that represents what we see in the Old Testament through Jeremiah and many other prophets who condemned the Jews of Israel for being the postmodernists of their time in thought and action.

Today’s sad commentary regarding “green” people unfortunately can represent the apostate church of today. She engulfs every destructive opinion if it is vogue. If pastors and congregations truly hate every falsified way, they will not lie stifled; being fearful of stepping on the minds that run on green agendas and all postmodernism paths of this day. True pastors will throw the unrepentant demon worshippers dressed in religious façade out the door.

America is not what she formerly was because she is not foraging on her historical roots. The church too has sawed herself from the roots of historical correctness. Jeremiah was one who was nourished on the ancient truth roots and did not attach himself to new comfort shoots that ran here and there.

Though Agenda 21 and Smart Growth incentives are being pushed in the community and in some churches, it may not gain a great deal of headway in America no matter how much our president, and global green citizens push it. Agendas come and go with the whirling of the wind and with the shifting of money curves. However, glimpses of Smart Growth can be caught here and there; portions of it arise through various venues.

In the tribulation, many people will be placed in slavery. Leaders will stand with horrific plots for global control. Many will want to be the global president. People will maintain no value. They will be simply instruments that are programmed to worship and adore consuming leaders of terror. Earth’s inhabitants will be viewed as herded cattle indoctrinated with agendas for movement. On top of this, God will pour on His fiery wrath on the global people who hate Him. Most of earth’s inhabitants will hate God and will love and worship satan directly and through idols and the antichrists.

True Christians are assured that Jesus Christ has overcome this world of instability allowing us to “be of good cheer; John 16:33.” No matter the day’s happenings, we can rejoice.

If you would like to know about Jesus Christ who loves you, please click here: Paradise

United Nations Information

The entire Agenda 21 document posted at the United Nations website:

Table of Contents
Chapter Paragraphs
2. International cooperation to accelerate sustainable development in developing countries and related domestic policies
2.1 – 2.43
3. Combating poverty
3.1 – 3.12
4. Changing consumption patterns
4.1 – 4.27
5. Demographic dynamics and sustainability
5.1 – 5.66
6 Protecting and promoting human health conditions
6.1 – 6.46
7. Promoting sustainable human settlement development
7.1 – 7.80
8. Integrating environment and development in decision-making
8.1 – 8.54


“At the UN summit 179 nations officially signed Agenda 21 and many more have followed since. Nearly 12,000 local and federal authorities have legally committed themselves to the Agenda.”

Washington Post
Smart Growth (excerpt)
The good news about high gas prices
THE LAST item on the last page of Sen. Barack Obama’s “New Energy for America” plan — build more livable and sustainable communities — sounds like the standard feel-good political boilerplate that generally shows up in the back of policy papers. But it shouldn’t be dismissed. This proposal from the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president is part of a larger policy push to foster smart growth. The effort puts a premium on residential and commercial development that minimizes fuel use and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by maximizing density and transportation alternatives that get people out of their cars.

UN New World Religion:

The United Nations Plan For Human Settlements (Obama Plan)

Berit Kjos ^ | ,June 1996 | Berit Kjos

(Condensed) Posted on Saturday, May 15, 2010 8:56:54 PM by bronxville

Bicycles instead of cars? Dense apartment clusters instead of single homes? Community rituals instead of churches? “Human rights” instead of religious freedom?

The UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) which met June 3-14 [1996] in Istanbul, painted an alarming picture of the 21st century community. The American ways-free speech, individualism, travel, and Christianity-are out. A new set of economic, environmental, and social guidelines are in. Citizenship, democracy, and education have been redefined. Handpicked civil leaders will implement UN “laws”, bypassing state and national representatives to work directly with the UN. And politically correct “tolerance”-meaning “the rejection of dogmatism and absolutism” as well as “appreciation” for the world’s religions and lifestyles-is “not only a moral duty, it is also a political and legal requirement.”

Hard to believe? Not for veteran UN observers who faced boos and hisses for expressing concern in open UN assemblies. Nor for pro-family members of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) who faced exclusion from public dialogues for opposing feminist commander Bella Abzug and her radical agenda. And not for those who watched the ecstatic welcome given Fidel Castro

and his anti-American diatribe.

Yet, our president and our non-elected American delegates, headed by U.S. Secretary Henry Cisneros, endorse this revolutionary plan, and our U.S. Department of Education is already establishing the framework for its local implementation. Why? What is happening?
UN anti free speech and President Obama. No one can speak against Islam, CNN report:


Masdar is being built and it is the perfect representation of Agenda 21:

CNN report:

Also see:



Agenda 21 that resembles Smart Growth in many instances as explained in this video:


Why the government opposes small farms and personal gardens as quoted from Agenda 21:

32.3. A farmer-centred approach is the key to the attainment of sustainability in both developed and developing countries and many of the programme areas in Agenda 21 address this objective. A significant number of the rural population in developing countries depend primarily upon small-scale, subsistence-oriented agriculture based on family labour. However, they have limited access to resources, technology, alternative livelihood and means of production. As a result, they are engaged in the overexploitation of natural resources, including marginal lands.

President Obama attempted to take away more land from American citizens through his land grab bill. Fortunately, after this speech, it did not pass:

Micah 2:1-2, in the Bible, addresses those who are land greedy. It exposes their desires to remove fields and houses from landowners without concern. They are heartless and want to oppress.

Please watch:

This educates concerning land masses of Idaho and other states. All video links to “taking liberty” can be viewed here:

GAP (Government Accountability Project): “A movement of vital proportion, ignored by the major media, kept off-limits from the general public, has been on the United Nations (UN) drawing board for well over ten years. This movement would nullify our Constitutional structure with its freedoms and prerogatives enshrined in the Bill of Rights, including our unhampered right to religious freedom. It masquerades behind the facade of ’sustainable development.’”

How much energy does the US administration use in personal jets, limos, lighting, staging, etc?  President Obama, Biden and Hillary fly to many global locals to orchestrate the implanting of new death laws into nations to legalize the killing of unborn babies. Obama’s administration sought to legalize baby murder in Kenya and won. Kenya’s constitution was withdrawn and Muslim Sharia law implanted. Obama’s administration implemented his Christian killing cousin Odinga to promote this new infanticide system in Kenya.

One reason infanticide is pushed is to eliminate a portion of the human population. Removing human life so demons spirits have more roaming room is the name of the game for the Obama administration. Demons leave no so-called carbon footprints.

Smart Growth of Idaho has been maneuvering to bring Agenda 21 initiatives to fruition. Where there can be positive values, the enforcers basic desire is to place us in control of the earth so citizens do not harm it by living on too much of it. We cannot disturb the “green god” of the Message Bible. This god is the same god who is worshipped on much of the globe. This false god does not want man harming this sinful earth that is passing away and its lusts.

The smarters do not want people living outside of designated areas. This is to create human clustering. It is clear that the UN desires the people of Idaho and all states living like cattle so they can be herded about in small areas and pushed into small homes.[1].pdf

Page 19 of Idaho Smart Growth:

Conservation design – Layout of development patterns that encourage the preservation of open space and natural areas of by clustering development on a small portion of the site and creating permanent open space on the remaining land.

Page 18:

Adopt Compact Building Patterns and Efficient Infrastructure
Higher density and compact building patterns are more energy-efficient. By adopting these patterns, we reduce the amount of land we consume and leave more for future generations. We also minimize the amount of infrastructure we have to build and service to support our community. This translates to lower municipal costs, keeping our tax rates down.

Relevant Compact Design Policies and Regulations:

_ Cottage House Ordinance
_ Traditional Neighborhood Design zoning
_ Allow higher density through design and other mitigations
_ Reduce or remove minimum lot size standards where
_ Manage transitions between densities
_ Compact development endorsement program

Page 23:

We must shrink the nation’s carbon footprint

Urban development is both a key contributor to climate change and an essential factor in combating it.


Smart Growth One Definition:

“The step by step abolition of private property, primarily through the implementation of the Wildlands Project (think Wabash River Wetlands Project recently announced by Governor Daniels) and Smart Growth. Smart Growth pertains to limiting suburban development, making people live, work and play in one area. Then you don’t need cars to survive.”

Sustainable development:


In the eastern states, the federal government owns 4 percent of all land. In the western states, the federal government owns more than 50 percent and, in Idaho, more than 60 percent.

The Idaho Observer:

On March 3, Obama identified 14 pieces of land for another federal unilateral land grab – more than 10 million acres in the Western U.S. – to place under the “protection” of the Department of the Interior. The federal government already owns approximately 650 million acres nationwide, including about 80% of Nevada and 63% of Utah. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) pointed out the loss from this land grab of jobs in ranching, forestry, mining, and energy development and the related loss of tax revenue needed for schools, firehouses etc., and proposed a constitutional amendment to block it (defeated 58 to 38).

Sustainable Development is the plan to accomplish global control, using land and resource restrictions as well as “social transformation through education”. The transfer of land from citizen control to government control makes it easy for government and its partners – Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), certain foundations, and certain corporations – to control what we have, what we do, and where we go. The transformation of free societies into collectivized ones ensures the presence of a ruling elite, which, by definition, excludes all but a very select few.

The land use element calls for the implementation of two action plans designed to eliminate private property: the Wildlands Project and Smart Growth. Upon implementation of these plans, all human activity is subject to control.

The Wildlands Project (see Dec 2009 I.O.) seeks to collectivize all natural resources – like water – and centralize all use decisions under government direction. Tools include the Endangered Species Act, various “conservation easements,” growth management plans, and direct land acquisitions.

The Wildlands Project is inextricably tied to its urban counterpart, Smart Growth. As human beings become barred from rural land (and lose their property due to foreclosure), human activity will be concentrated in urban areas. Through taxpayer-subsidized Smart Growth complexes, the infrastructure is being created for a post-private property era. Sometimes called “comprehensive planning,” Smart Growth is the centralized control of every aspect of urban life: energy and water use, population control, public health and diet, resources and recycling, “social justice” and education, toxic technology and waste management, transportation, and economic activity.

A typical day in the Orwellian society created by Smart Growth would consist of an individual waking up in his government-provided housing unit, eating a ration of government-subsidized foods purchased at a government-sanctioned grocery store, walking his children to the government-run child care center, and boarding government-subsidized public transit to go to his government job.

Smart Growth policies:
• A transportation plan that reduces mobility and forces people to live near their work in heavily regulated feudalistic “transit villages.”
• Tax-subsidized, government-controlled, mixed-use developments called “human settlements,” like developments in Portland, Oregon where the lure of paying as little as $150 per year in taxes on properties valued at $1.5 million has led to high occupancy.
• Settlements distinguished from one another by how useful the citizens are for society. The Smart Growth plan for Richland County, SC, distinguishes between “employment-based villages,” and “non-employment-based villages,” with special gated communities for the wealthy individuals overseeing the plan, and “non-employment” villages located in former slums.

• Heavy restrictions on most development with the exception of that constructed and managed by government “partners” where extremely dense development is promoted.
• Rations on public services such as health care, drinking water, and energy resources. According to the Global Water Supply and Assessment Report (2000), reasonable access to water in urban areas is defined as “the availability of 20 litres per capita per day at a distance no longer than 1,000 metres.”

Visioning and Stakeholder Councils

In local communities, such as those in North Idaho, Sustainable Development is carried out using stakeholder councils: events organized to give community members a “stake” in the control over some local project. A typical meeting is run by a trained “facilitator,” whose job is, not to make sure all views are entered on the record, but rather, to guide the group to a predetermined consensus. The Agenda 21 advocates systematically promote their own ideas and marginalize any opposition, particularly that of individuals who advocate the freedom to use and enjoy private property. The facilitator will record “good” ideas and allow criticism for “bad” ones.

The result of the stakeholder council is called a “consensus” or “vision statement”, and is typically approved by local governments without question, requiring citizens to submit to the questionable conclusions of a non-elected authority that is not accountable to the voters and may not even be from the region.

“Visioning” events are generally initiated by local public officials, local or regional NGOs, or by the United Nations co-opted higher education system. It is important to remember that the same universities that are offering “sustainability” events have biotech labs that artificially manipulate seed for the financial benefit of large conscienceless corporations like Monsanto. Participating Departments of the Univ. of Idaho BCSI include the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, of which the Univ. of Idaho Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering is a part. Biological (i.e. genetic) engineering manipulates seeds to withstand large amounts of highly toxic herbicides; to kill insects and change the bacteria in our gut; and to be unable to self-replicate, thereby destroying the sustainability of small communities and farmers worldwide.

Land rights

The good news is that the “visioning process” doesn’t always work. One Sustainable Development stakeholder meeting in Greenville, SC was adjourned with the admission by the facilitator that they had not reached the consensus needed to support the predetermined plan. It goes to show that if attendees are aware of UN methods and are definite in protecting their rights, these plans will fail.

[See how to break “The Delphi Technique”, Jan. 2010 I.O.]

Pete Simmons, property rights lawyer from the State of Washington went up against his county’s application of Washington State’s Growth Management Act (GMA), which “requires all cities and counties in the state to designate and protect wetlands…and other critical areas…, plan for urban growth, [and] …adopt comprehensive plans.” He succeeded by studying the State Constitution, which reads, “All political power is inherent in the people…the purpose of government is to protect and maintain individual rights.”

Today the Stevens County Comprehensive Plan holds “private property rights free from intermeddling by outside government and interest groups.”


Sustainable Development advocates are often unaware that the natural consequence of their environmental, social equity, and “new economy” movement is tyranny. If we understand the threat and face the challenge squarely, the deceptive fraud of Sustainable Development will come to light.

We must requires a conscious decision to defend our neighbor’s right to life, liberty and the use and enjoyment of his property.

• Know the Declaration of Independence and our State Constitution – the principles of our Republic – and commit to securing the blessings of liberty for posterity.
• Work to eliminate harmful indoctrination in schools by taking charge of our children’s education.
• Reject government-funded conservation agreements: i.e. federal, NGO, or foundation grants, and ‘comprehensive’, ‘community’, Smart Growth, or Wildlands planning.
• Support the repeal of the Endangered Species Act, etc.


Someday we may have no choice but to comply with agendas that make us feel we are caged into a community with government dictates, that ensures we do not travel outside restricted boundaries. They will be the perfect human zoos.

Consider the increase of fuel cost and the fact we are not allowed to use the valuable resources of our land, including oil reserves. With so many government regulations for “green,” we dwell in insanity, totally ignoring the blessings of God in the land.


Condensed article From Examiner:

President Obama in a speech down in Brazil on March 19th told local businessmen in the nation state that the US is looking forward to being their best customer in buying oil from their offshore drilling. This policy to purchase more foreign oil comes after we invested over $2 Billion with Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, to finance exploration of the huge offshore discovery in Brazil’s Tupi oil field in the Santos Basin near Rio de Janeiro.

“We want to help you with the technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely. And when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers. At a time when we’ve been reminded how easily instability in other parts of the world can affect the price of oil, the United States could not be happier with the potential for a new, stable source of energy.” – White House Press Briefing, March 19th

In this new policy, President Obama is promoting an offshore drilling partnership with Brazil, while at the same time placing moratoriums against US companies drilling in our own waters. This means jobs will be created in Brazil, and many American workers in the oil industry will move into the ranks of the unemployed.

Secondly, the US in 2007 alone imported over 3.66 billion barrels of oil, which at today’s price of $103.74 per barrel, means a cost of nearly $380 Billion dollars exported out of the economy to foreign countries. With our trade deficit running over half a trillion dollars each year, this will only add to the cost of goods bought by US consumers in the future.

In 2009 when President Obama loaned $2 Billion dollars to the Brazilian nation oil company, there was a lot of outrage by the American people over our spending taxpayer funds to develop infrastructure and production in a foreign country, while at the same time not addressing our own energy needs. With Obama’s trip to Brazil, and the speech given over the weekend, we now know the full extent of why the money was lent to Brazil, and in essence, why we gave them cash so in the end we could buy their goods.


More President Obama and UN ties:

President Obama leads United Nations as UN Security Council President:

Our president went to the UN to gain permission to wage war with Arizona.

“11 nations and the Obama Administration are waging war against the people of the United States. The absurdity of it all is that the Constitution of the United States requires the federal government to keep its borders secure. Obama and Attorney General Holder have tacitly joined forces with 11 foreign powers to wage war against one of the 50 States. Holder’s action against Arizona cracked open the door through which millions of illegal aliens have entered this nation, for those 11 nations to challenge a sovereign State’s right to protect its citizens from their citizens who enter this nation illegally solely because our hemispheric neighbors want our borders open to them (although they want their borders closed to us).”

The government of Mexico, President Obama and Attorney General Holder have filed in opposition to Arizona through the United Nations. Illegal aliens encompass 1/3 of Arizona’s prison population. These criminals are being incarcerated with taxpayer dollars.

Our president, UN and Libya:


Obama launched 118 missiles and dropped 40 bombs on Libya without a thought about Congress or the Constitution. He was quite concerned, however, about the United Nations. He hardly noticed the attacks on protesters until the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution authorizing the use of force against the Libyan government. Within hours after U.N. approval, the U.S. military was engaged – without the knowledge or approval of Congress.

Our own resources have to be on lock down or referred to as locked away resources. Preserve the earth at all costs is the goal. It would appear, mankind falls short on the scale of significance. The rights of the earth rise above all.

We cannot drill for our own oil, but other countries can off of Florida:

Cuba is drilling off our shore:

Everyone can drill off our coast but us:

American government to own all oil companies?

Why is Brazilian Oil Giant Petrobras Pumping Oil Off America’s Gulf Coast?

Posted on March 22, 2011 by Mark Schumacher

The war in Libya is more about oil than anything else and it’s beyond belief that America is not producing more oil to protect ourselves. The Japan disaster is going to put big time pressure on the world’s oil supply and prices in America such as $4.00 to $5.00 dollars per gallon will be the norm come 2012.

America uses more oil than any other country, some 20 million barrels per day, and common sense tell us the powers at be are trying to protect their share. Unless we start to produce more than the 3 million barrels that we produce now, middle class Americans are going to fall off into the abyss. The Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama administration is putting the brakes on American Companies to drill, and it must be stopped. It is said that America could start pumping million gallons more a day if had too. Why aren’t we?

Brazil has some of the largest oil fields on the planet located off the Brazilian coast. Petrobras is the Brazilian firm doing all of the exploration and development, majority owned by George Soros, an enemy of American Manufacturing. A globalist who would love nothing more than to ruin America. One Brazilian oil field alone has enough oil to run the entire world for an entire year.

This Brazilian oil giant Petrobras, has been allowed to come to the American gulf coast area to develop and operate in deep water fields. A ship the will be used as storage rig or (FSPO) Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel, used to facilitate the operation in storing the oil as it’s pumped up from oil fields they have developed sometime earlier.

The ships name is the B.W Pioneer and has an oil production capacity of 80,000 barrels of oil and 500,000 cubic feet of gas a day, while storing 16 million cubic feet of gas. And is expected to be working soon in the gulf. It stores the oil and gas until other ships can ferry it ashore.

This ship will actually have the oil pumped up to it from the ocean from deep water fields located on the gulfs floor called the “Walker Ridge”, Two huge areas located at 8300 feet called the Cascade and Chinook fields developed and partially owned by Petrobras at 50 and 66.7 percent ownership. The other owners are Devron Energy Corporation (USA) 50% Cascade field and the Total E&P Corporation (Canada) 33.33% Chinook field. Petrobras has the right to buy the Devron share if wanted later, and might already have. It is unclear exactly how large this field is, but it must be huge.

Funny how America is allowed to be involved in deep water exploration as long as other countries are involved also, why?

These fields are extremely complicated in they start from the bottom of the ocean floor at 8300 ft. From there, the wells will be drilled down to 27,000 ft. to get to the oil. There are going to be pumping stations actually sitting on the sea floor pumping the oil up to the ships or FSPO’s. It is an operation that won’t have the big familiar platforms on the ocean surface, only a ship with everything located at the bottom of the sea floor.

The $125 million dollar infrastructure contract (equipment sitting on the ocean floor 8300 ft. down) has been awarded to FMC Technologies, inc. of Houston, Texas for the first phase. Another multimillion dollar contract has been awarded to BW Offshore, a leading Norwegian developer of deep water oil recovery systems, has designed the ships or FSPO’s that will sit on the surface as the oil platform. These ships will be leased to Petrobraus. There are other numerous contractors from all over the world that will be building other types of equipment that will be sitting on the bottom furnishing other various important supports for the operation. This will be a huge undertaking.

Phase two of the operation will include another 14 wells.

So hopefully you can start to see what is going on here. Everybody has their hands in the Gulf oil interest in one way or another. It’s unbelievable that Americans can’t be involved with all aspects of these oil fields off of our own shores. We have the Canadians and the Brazilians involved in American interests and it is criminal. So I guess this means that oil off of the American Coast will be supplying the rest of the world with oil. How much of this oil will America be getting? And how will this oil contribute to a lower cost at the pump for Americans?

God only knows how much money we are throwing away by letting a Brazilian and Canadian corporations have a huge stake in pumping oil and gas from waters just off the American shores. The back room deals in Washington must have been legendary, and this just goes to show you the kind of backroom dealing traitors we have in office.

Why weren’t plans made to use American rigs and ships to do this pumping from these fields? We as Americans deserve to know the facts of what the hell is going on here. This affects all of us deeply. America has plenty of ships and rigs that could have accommodated this, why aren’t they being used? And if not available, then why weren’t they built?

Our Illustrious leader Barack Obama has some explaining to do to the American people. George Soros is a majority stock holder in Petrobras and was a major donor to our illustrious leader presidential campaign back while Barack Obama was running for president.


*Info gathered from various web sources


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News Clips: Wisconsin Kindergarteners Getting Condoms

Wicked News Today:

FITSNews || Kindergarten and elementary schools students at Veterans Memorial Elementary in Provincetown, Massachusetts will be able to receive free condoms from the school nurse this year – without their parents’ knowledge.

ABC New report:
Boston Globe news report:


Wisconsin Teachers and the Facts

Governor Scott Walker is 100% pro-life republican governor of Wisconsin.

He wants a balanced budget. God declares, we are not to owe any man. A balanced budge is necessary. These teachers still maintain a well-paying job. Many in the state are unemployed; yet, they are not screaming.

View video of some of the death threats cast upon Governor Walker. Has this been released by the secular media? Do they care?


Richard Trumka, president of the national AFL-CIO, the largest labor federation in America, talks to the president everyday and visits the White House.

Wisconsin Uproar and Richard Trumka:

Edited News from:

This all comes down to entitlement. After years of getting stuff for free, and being told by the union heads that they deserve it…and government employees now believe it.

…Union head Richard Trumka accusing Walker of “assaulting” the middle class…(talk about your violent political rhetoric) is that under Walker’s plan does not take everything away from teachers and other government employees and kick them to the curb. Not by a long shot.

Under Walker’s plan, government employees (policemen and firefighters excluded) would have to pay half—half!—of their pension costs. This truly is outraging, since most people pay 0 percent of their nonexistent pension costs.

They have nothing to complain about. Their uproar is crazy! “average teacher salary (in the upper $40,000s). Further, over the last ten years or so, the average teacher’s salary has increased by over 20 percent. Teachers in Wisconsin simply are not oppressed.

…Much of the uproar boils down to Walker’s proposal to require a pay-in for pension and health benefits. He would also look to remove collective bargaining power (but not for salary) from many of the public-sector professions.

Walker says these step would go a long way toward balancing the budget; the unions and public employees say it’s an assault on their rights.

When did a free pension become a right? Pensions have pretty much gone the way of the dodo in nearly every other industry and profession, except for government employees. And, not to be overlooked, government employees would still retain their pensions, but they would have to contribute towards the funds…which, sounds pretty reasonable, not to mention what everybody else has to do in anticipation of retirement.

But teachers and other government employees have been lapping up the scraps of the government’s lavish feast for years, and they’ve acquired a taste for it. For the past two days, hundreds of teachers have skipped school to protest, resulting in the closing of many schools across the state. Great news for the kids, but terrible news for those who, you know, value education.

This all comes down to entitlement. After years of getting stuff for free, and being told by the union heads that they deserve it…and government employees now believe it.

What’s being somewhat lost among the tumult (including President Obama accusing Gov. Walker of “assaulting” unions), and AFL-CIO union head Richard Trumka accusing Walker of “assaulting” the middle class…talk about your violent political rhetoric.

Further, they would have to pay 12 percent of their health care costs. Welcome to the real world, guys. Besides, it’s still less than what most privately employed people pay.

Finally, government employees would retain their collective bargaining power for matters of salary. Now teachers wouldn’t get to gripe and sniffle and go on strike over how many free periods they get, but they could still go on strike over their salary.

It’s clear that years of outlandish benefits due to ridiculously free government spending combined with union power has instilled a sense of entitlement. The threat of reducing (not even eliminating) these outlandish perks has caused an uproar and a government standstill.

It’s a small picture of what’s to come if our government continues along this course (and judging from Wisconsin Democrats actually leaving the state and the president’s support of the unions, there’s a real good chance it will continue).

It sounds nice to give everybody all sorts of things, but after a time it becomes financially impossible (we’re well past that by the way), and people don’t like it when their stuff gets taken away from them (even if that stuff was outlandish and undeserved and free).

It’s a reversal of the American dream. Instead of getting on top through hard work and determination, we’re becoming a nation that values whining for entitlements and handouts, and calling them “rights.”


My Views on Education:

I have to ask, why should every taxpayer support government schools? There are those of us who do not want them. I wish, not one dollar went to government schools from what I have personally experienced. If parents want their children in public schools then those parents should pay the teachers personally. You can well bet if parents were to pay teachers by personal checks (be the bosses they should be allowed to be), the majority are going to make sure their children are being taught the basics and morals. We also know, parental fees would be far lower without government middlemen.

Regarding the lack of moral teaching, the sad current truth is, any student can get condoms from public school nurses in senior high schools without parent consent. The student age of acquiring is continually lowering, thanks to Planned Parenthood. The NEA, Planned Parenthood and many educators do not promote chaperone dating. They have no interest in ensuring youth are dating under the supervision of upright moral people who do not believe in premarital sex. If this were the case, Planned Parenthood would dwindle in fame.


12 year olds can have condoms in public school:


Jesus Christ will come someday. He will rule in all holiness with an iron rod!

God’s love for you, dear reader:  (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible) Please click here: Paradise

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Columbine, 10 Year Reflection and Good News Clips

Spring has sprung here in Idaho as you can see by my photo
Alan and I love strolling in the sunshine provided by Christ
And seeing things coming to bloom
Columbine took place ten years ago today (time flies). No reflector has the answers, but I will tell you school shootings were nonexistent when the Bible held center stage in our classrooms—a time when most unsaved feared the Word of God, not just Christians. May many in our great country come to the light of Christ. He unashamedly speaks the answers.
Good News Clips:

Putting the Bible in Schools

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 4/7/2009 8:20:00 AM

The campaign has been launched by Dr. Charles Seldon of Our Godly American Heritage. “It’s already in 40 states across the nation. If you ask ten people on the street, they’ll say, ‘Well, you can’t put the Bible in public schools,'” he notes. “[But] it’s happening.”

Seldon says the classroom Bible teachers are specially trained and are not permitted to preach. “It’s taught as history, literature, or art or comparative religions, and it’s an elective,” he adds. “And it is legal, according to the Supreme Court.”

Where counterfeit marriage is making a mess of the legislative calendar, one small state is making a big statement on traditional unions. Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri, whose state is smack dab in the middle of this controversy, says unequivocally that he will fight to keep same-sex “marriage” out of the OceanState. Leaving no doubt where he stands, Carcieri said, “What I don’t want to see happen with this issue is what’s happening in courts [that are] deciding things or legislatures deciding things. This is such an important issue I think it should be put to voters,” he told reporters. Knowing that Rhode Island is on the homosexual “hit list,” the Governor went on to say that he would throw his weight squarely behind pro-family efforts in his state. 


This week, four pro-life demonstrators who were arrested for peacefully protesting at a local Nebraska abortion clinic were vindicated in federal court. Although the police jailed them several times, Judge Richard Kopf ruled that the plaintiffs had never broken the law. Instead, he ordered BellevueCity to pay $125,000 in attorneys’ fees for these “wrongful arrests” and warned local officials to stop filing criminal charges under an obscure picketing ordinance. 

Oklahoma state leaders passed legislation banning research that destroys human embryos. The bill would make it illegal for any business to experiment on these tiny human lives. What’s more, the vote was overwhelmingly positive in both chambers, passing 38-9 in the Senate and 82-6 in the House.


In Washington State, parents who homeschool their children may finally get the privacy they deserve to educate their kids as they see fit. H.B. 1228 would make the 20,000 homeschooled students exempt from public disclosure laws, which would keep any sensitive information about these children from being shared. Another bill, H.B. 1110, would bar public school districts from bombarding homeschooling parents with mail and marketing campaigns. Both proposals sailed unanimously through the Senate. 

(See 1 John 5:10-13 in Bible)

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Global Cooling

Global Cooling
Downtown Boise Overlooking Boise State University Campus
God has provided us with abundant snow the last two winters
I shot this photo yesterday
President elect Obama plans to bankrupt coal companies, which would drive our nation further into an economic crises as so many depend on this blessed resource.  He states our electric bills will increase to compensate. God has fully equipped America with every valuable needful resource for our enjoyment and enhancement, but because men now worship the creation rather than the Creator, our nation is spiraling down a road that may lead to no return.   
My dear husband located the below interesting info regarding Global warming/cooling. We must recognize locations on our globe still record their lowest temperatures.  Remember scientists were telling us twenty years ago we were returning to the ice age. Global warm enthusiasts make excuses, stating all this is connected to global warming.  Of course, they would be singing far more loudly their agendas, if nations were recording their highest winter temperatures and the sun was warmly shinning everyday. Why does mankind depend on the knowledge of others? God says men are simply grasshoppers in His eyes; yet, man pompously removes the controller and sustainer of life smoothly out of the picture. Jesus Christ controls all weather as we see in Scripture; every slight breeze is orchestrated by Him. Every artistically designed flake of dazzling snow is masterfully designed by Him.  He directs Global cooling and warming—every season, every moment.
Val Lee 
 Pasted info.
Why do we continue to hear the scare stories about Antarctic ice when its breaking records for ice growth? Not only is the interior growing but so is the sea ice. Sea ice levels are higher now than when satellite records began.
Over 650 dissenting scientists from around the globe challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore. This new 231-page U.S. Senate Minority Report report — updated from 2007’s groundbreaking report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming “consensus” — features the skeptical voices of over 650 prominent international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC. (This entry is a summary of the U. S. Senate Minority Report)
The earth is giving the New Orleans Police Department a workout.  First it was Hurricane Katrina and now its record snow. And its all due to the Global Warming Hoax. The New Orleans Police are some what use to Hurricanes but snow storms is something else entirely.
It must be a difficult job to convince people in Houston, Baton Rouge and New Orleans that we have global warming when they’re getting snowed on! There are people in those areas that have never even seen snow.
Obama has said (in his own words) that he is going to bankrupt coal companies.  Watch his videos:


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