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Jeremiah—The Message and Messenger—Latest Commentary—Chapter 20

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Yes, we have now reached chapter 20 of this expedient book. Every verse in every chapter of Jeremiah, God wrote to grant us discernment in every age and to protect us from the evil reintroduced in every age. God wrote everything in the Bible because He cherishes us. Yes, He loves us. May we cherish and love Him with all our hearts, minds and strength through godly obedience.

The public responding to the chapter 19 annihilation prediction is what we witness entering chapter 20. The people were not happy with the message of doom and gloom proclaimed by Jeremiah. They certainly did not like him naming their sins one by one. How dare he do such a thing! They were the world’s religious ones; faithful to the temple and the law. A few sins on the side certainly shouldn’t bother God that much, including pride of position.

Pashhur, the priest, is ready to do Jeremiah in. Pashhur (name means “freedom”) has had it to the top of his head with all the convicting rhetoric of Jeremiah; especially heard in Jeremiah’s last preaching session. He most likely was one of the senior priests asked to accompany Jeremiah in 19:1, when Jeremiah broke the vessel of clay—a visual lesson of what will occur with the land of Judah for all its sins, including infanticide.

Pashhur, the clever one, or so he thought, maintained authority as the chief officer or governor over the house of God or Jerusalem temple. He was also a son of Immer, an exceedingly prominent priest, as Ezra later recorded in his book, in chapter 2. He fathered 1,052 priestly descendants.

Pashhur handled his anger with Jeremiah with brutal force in legal authority. He had Jeremiah beaten. Jeremiah had suffered for his faith before but never beaten. He most likely did not know his future Savior would be beaten too by religious leaders for convicting preaching.

In America, we are witnessing a desire to legislate laws so hateful restraints can be placed upon Christians for holding to the Bible in moral ethics. Even threatening with imprisonment.

Following this humiliating beating, Jeremiah was placed in criminating wooden stocks or restraints; probably differing little from colonial days of public punishment. He was treated like a common criminal when he was a chosen prophet of God. This man endured much agony and disgrace for his LORD.

Jeremiah was placed in these stocks where there was much activity and traffic, being confined near the Benjamin Gate, leading to the temple. This passage sat on the north side of the temple entrance; thus, so named, being a road going and coming from the main territory of Benjamin. (If you own a study Bible, you can turn to your Bible maps, usually in the back of Bibles, to the one showing the divided territory of the land of Israel according to tribes, or you can search on the internet for this map. There are maps revealing the ancient areas in detail, accessible for every study of Scripture if you search the web. Here is one site with divided land:

You will notice Jerusalem lay in the southern border of this tribal area.

Bethlehem, where Christ was born, was just south of Jerusalem in the Judah tribal land area. Remember, the land of Israel was divided 12 ways for the 12 tribes after they entered the territory under Joshua.)

Returning to our passage, we are made elated by the fact, Jeremiah was released the following day from this humiliation of stocks; verse 3. God had promised, back in chapter 1, He would deliver Jeremiah, and thus He did. The LORD also explained, the Jews would fight against Jeremiah, but they would not prevail; 1:19. God, who freed Jeremiah, bequeathed him with a message for wicked Pashhur, informing him, Pashhur’s name would be changed to “Magor-missabib” meaning “terror on every side.” Jeremiah told Pashhur, terror will fill him when he sees his friends killed by the sword and others transported to Babylon, which was Pashhur’s destiny as well. He would also die there. He was a false prophet and God designated him as such. He did not solely hold to the Word of God. A true prophet would never allow any worldly and empty philosophy to enter his thought life to govern his actions; he would only rest on the Bible’s content.

God continued to speak through Jeremiah in a powerful way to Pashhur, the man with the French sounding name, in verses 4-6. We easily wonder why Jeremiah ended up in the depths of depression, verse 7, after being significantly used of God Almighty in bold preaching. I can assume Jeremiah was hurting and in pain from the beating. He is left to wonder why God allowed such persecution to come his way.

When I was injured in a car accident, I questioned why God allowed it, seeing I always expected Him to protect me from that kind of harm. Christ simply reassured me through His peace and comfort, it was for a reason. I definitely became more sensitive to those who were hurting. Today, I can offer thanks through understanding His sovereignty and the fact we live in a fallen world where we naturally feel the effects of circumstances of living on the earth filled with countless harmful obstacles. We can be grateful everyday we are not injured in some way. Though, we also present thanks in all things, all situations negative or positive which meet us and sometimes head-on.

Also in verse 7, Jeremiah speaks of being “a laughingstock all day long.” I am sure being in stocks made him a laughingstock. Yes, a bit of a pun. Seriously, Jeremiah being sat before the multitudes of people who passed through the Benjamin Gate was no fun. Pun and fun … perhaps I’m not being serious enough. I must get moving, remaining on task …They, no doubt, sadly hurled every verbal abuse possible. It was a relief to them to view this one in such a state who consistently convicted them of their disobedience to God’s Word.

John 15:18-19 tells New Testament believers, “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you were of this world, the world would love its own, but because you are not of this world, but I chose you out of this world, because of this the world hates you.” Jeremiah was not of this world in any way shape or form nor did he like it. He was hated by the world because he spoke the words of Christ.

Christ composed the Old Testament, being verified in John 1:1. Jesus Christ came to earth to make God and His truths come to life before men, and to present new righteous challenges. Christ being of the Godhead spoke through Jeremiah which caused these religious people to hate him. The descendants of these religious Jews possessed the same mindset of hate as Christ declared. They abhorred Christ’s earthly walk and spoke in the same manner of the Savior as their ancestors did of Jeremiah. Sinful attitudes don’t change from generation to generation, knowing all are born with a flesh that does not desire the course of God.

Jeremiah speaks his heart when he asserts, everyone mocks him. They possibly satirically imitated him, poking fun of his preaching. We all know how people mimic others to make them appear dumb and stupid. It is mainly done from a sinful, arrogant attitude. People love, making themselves out to be above others.

The Jews may have made fun of the way Jeremiah talked to others, ridiculing his voice and gestures. They certainly would have criticized him if he was unattractive in some way. They wanted him not to appear socially acceptable so no one would heed his words. They wanted people to perceive, he did not blend into cultural normalcy. His preaching in public against sin made him different from everyone else and this was to be viewed as strange.

These transgressors wanted to prove Jeremiah didn’t implement common sense and wise actions. These Jews, no doubt, stressed, men should not preach against sin. This was not proper in socially acceptable religious arenas. The people of God were not to be reprimanded.

Mankind, in general, enjoys putting down all who appear to be different from the crowd. Many believers don’t desire to evangelize, because in so doing, they will look different from general society … odd balls. They don’t want people pointing fingers at them and laughing. Most so-called Christians desire not to pay the price of being viewed as fanatics for Jesus Christ. They want to be proper in all cultural ways. They don’t want to be Jeremiahs.

May we all be socially unacceptable fanatics for our LORD as Jeremiah was!

On June 18th, 2004, Jiang Zongxiu of China was beaten to death and much of her hair torn out by those of the Public Security Bureau. She decided to be socially unacceptable in the market place and distribute Bibles and Gospel literature. She wasn’t afraid of being odd or different for her Almighty LORD! Unfortunately, others felt her efforts must permanently cease. Satan desires Christians not pass out Biblical truths of salvation’s plan. He wants them all arrested and murdered like Jiang!

Satan desires to place evangelistic negativism in the hearts of born again believers. He manipulates, implementing differing disguises to discourage the putting forth of God’s Word. He wants men and women cast into the lake of fire, never hearing of the hope found in Christ Jesus.

Such believers as Jiang were blasted in the November 2004 Christianity Today magazine, this liberal, so-called Christian publication, made it clear, it stands with the apostate Three-Self Patriotic Movement or government churches in China. The magazine printed a favorable article on the government church, stating home churches break the law and if people are arrested, imprisoned and tortured, it is because they deserve it.

Franklin Graham who is an ecumenical liberal, has made this same stand regarding Christianity in China. He stands with the atheist, Christian-hating, Three Self Movement church—self-governance, self-support and self-propagation. He does not believe in evangelism outside of communist controls. He views this as unbiblical. He certainly ignores the New Testament heroes and martyrs, including the apostles, who evangelized illegally and many sacrificed their lives for being criminals without a crime. Jeremiah also evangelized illegally.

The government churches view public evangelism as irresponsible and harmful. Preaching about the resurrection and the second coming of Jesus is forbidden. Stating atheist, communist heroes went to hell is disallowed. Christian teaching in opposition to abortion (baby murder) is illegal.

It is also important to know, no Bibles can be circulated in public. Government officials, military personnel, teachers and students cannot be Christians. They have to be atheists of the People’s Republic of China.

The Christianity Today article additionally put down those who say the “world is evil, full of sin and unrighteousness.”

Another article in this magazine was written on the Mystique Church that “rediscovers Christianity from an Eastern religion.” The heretics behind the article view the “Bible as a human product.” Such teachings are closely aligned with New Perspective, which this magazine has endorsed in the past. If Jeremiah was alive today, he would preach with all his might against such false teachings. The Mystique teachings were presented in an affirmative manner in the magazine.

This publication included a positive article on Planned Parenthood even though their agendas are divergent to Holy Scriptures. PP is all about murdering innocent children and bringing children into sexual bondage for filthy lucre sake.

Jeremiah would never fit with Christianity Today. Thank goodness! He didn’t fit into modern Judaism and he wouldn’t fit into contemporary Christianity.

Jeremiah, even though he does not enjoy the persecution which arises with standing alone in public places proclaiming truth, he cannot stop. He admits in verse 9, if he says he will no longer speak in God’s name, then his heart “becomes like a burning fire,” shut up in his bones and he becomes weary of holding it in and he cannot endure it.

Yes, this man was fully filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to preach truth where no other man dared to follow in his steps.

Jeremiah speaks of his pain in verse 10, further explaining the adversity of persecution, knowing fellow Jews whisper about his strange behavior.

Terror lies on every side; the apostate population wants to snuff out the messenger. All want his downfall.

What makes this verse ring in our ears is the sadness in Jeremiah. He exposes, his trusted friends are watching for his downfall. How it must have pained him to acknowledge, none of this friends truly loved the LORD.

William Tyndale, who translated the first English Bible, previous to the KJV, was turned over to England’s authorities by his close friend. This resulted in him being strangled and then burned.

It is grievous and dispiriting to contemplate the amount of lukewarm believers desiring to see strong, on-fire Christians come to their downfall or desire to see them compromise, to see them become as them—retched. The undedicated scoff at on-fire believers, because they won’t waver from righteousness to delight in the world’s fun. The lukewarm are so lost in compromise, it afflicts them to know these dedicated ones actually exist.

Praise God, Jeremiah renews his faith in verse 11, now referring to God as his “dread champion.” One might picture the heavy-weight champion of the world standing next to Jeremiah acting as his body-guard. Of course, no one or nothing can compare to the universal omnipotence of God who could destroy the world in less than a second and recreate it in an instant.

Jeremiah knew the LORD Almighty ruled by his side even while he was walking in dissipating faith.

Jeremiah records, his persecutors will stumble and not prevail. We observe more faith displayed in this man, even following his body being dreadfully beaten by sinful, merciless men. No doubt, he is worn and tired from this spiritual battle; fortunately, his strength comes from God Almighty—the omnipotent One. The LORD is our strength, shield and help.

It is always inspiring to read of Christian prisoners in foreign lands and how the LORD comes to them in their depressed and beaten state and lifts them heavenward.

I recently read the Gospel in Bonds. The true story of Georgi Vins, published by Lighthouse Trails. Georgi suffered in many Russian prisons for refusing to deny Christ and declining to be silent when pastoring. His father, a Russian missionary pastor, was murdered in prison by the Soviets.

Miraculous is the appropriate word to describe the ways God preserved Georgi from various plots to snuff out his life. At one point in prison life, Georgi was deliberately placed in a cell holding only murderers. The Soviet officials were sure he had now met his demise. They did not know God could maneuver beyond the plotted circumstances for His glory and He did.

The convicted murderers were quite intimidating and cruel at first, until they gained the insight to discern, this cell assignment was wholly plotted for the killing of an innocent man.

The deadly murderers had never heard the Gospel before and were hungry for forgiveness and hope; this Georgi brought to them in the form of Jesus Christ.

The interested inmates insisted Georgi show them his all-so-tiny hidden Gospel of Mark, he had mentioned … to take it out of hiding from his bag. Georgi had been able, by God’s grace, to keep it concealed from the guards during his incarceration.

After presenting the Word to the worst of the worst, Georgi knelt down and prayed in thanksgiving for sparing his life in this cell; then went fast to sleep in encompassing weariness and fatigue. He awoke to The Gospel of Mark being read by one of the prisoners the next day. The murderers had many questions awaiting him. They demanded to know if they could be forgiven by Jesus Christ for all their deadly sins. Some of the prisoners stopped smoking and cursing and started praying. The Soviet guards were amazed at the respect these prisoners held for Georgi and how he left this cell without a mark on him. He shared the cell with these inmates for about a week. When it was time for him to leave, the murderers insisted he leave the Gospel with them—they in desperate need of it. They also requested his continual prayers for them. Georgi held no doubts that some of them were saved during this tenure.

Turning our eyes back on Jeremiah, we know he believes in justice, observing this previously and again displayed in these verses 11-13. He had also referred to God’s vengeance, not his, in chapter 11, verse 20.

We come in contact with worship and praise in song in verse 13. Jeremiah praises the LORD God in melody, declaring He has delivered the soul of this needy or poor one, from the “hand of evildoers.” He rejoices in his faith in God who hates all sinfulness and injustice.

What transformation emerges in verse 14. Obviously, a few days or maybe weeks or months reside between verses 13 and 14. We read Jeremiah is downcast once again, desiring he had never been born!

He speaks of his father who was a priest, Hilkiah. Remember, we looked at Hilkiah and his assisting with revival during the time of Josiah—2 Kings chapter 22. We now read, here in Jeremiah 20:15, of a servant who brought news to Hilkiah, Jeremiah’s father, of Jeremiah’s birth, causing him to rejoice. Reliving this by going back in time, we can visualize how excited this godly father was to learn he had produced an up and coming priest to assume his place someday. Of course, God had a different calling, that of prophet. No doubt, either way, Hilkiah would have rejoiced. He was made “very happy!” Obviously the family relived this felicitous scene before Jeremiah in later years.

In verses 15-17, Jeremiah reveals a messenger brought the news to his father of his birth and wishes this servant evil for not murdering him while still in the womb. Jeremiah is obviously in the extremes of depression. Does God care? Undoubtedly! He deems the downcast in gracious concern, so disclosed in 2 Corinthians 7:6—God comforts the depressed. I can’t even begin to count how many times the LORD has lifted me off the sticky web of despair.

Jeremiah, in verse 18, wants to know why he came forth from the womb to look at trouble and sorrow. These verses remind me of Ecclesiastes 4:1-4. If you study these verses, you find King Solomon congratulates the dead more than the living, uttering it is better if one never existed at all. He also makes his most famous of statements in verse 4— “all is vanity and striving after the wind.”

We now must leave Jeremiah down in the dumps, but things will pick up again as he returns in his Savior’s strength in chapter 21.

Please learn of God’s personal love for you by clicking here:

In Him who comforts the depressed,

Val Lee

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Belly Clap—baby clapping in mother’s womb—remarkable

Dear Readers,

We have seen a young child in the womb hold the finger of the physician performing surgery, which revealed the personality, the desire to reach out to others and the love held within children in the womb.

Here also, discloses the marvels of personality created in children in the youngest of stages:

It is incredibly sad, heartless abortionists wield knives and barbarically murder millions of children like the one in the video; all in the name of money.

Psalm 139 in the Bibles explains how everyone is uniquely crafted in their mother’s womb.

Please learn of God’s personal love for you by clicking here:

(Video used with permission per request)

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News: videos of Iranians shouting death to America and Israel, Jewish persecution on American campuses, etc.

Dear Readers,

Here are various news articles, starting with good news:

Christian students passing out the Good News of the Savior:

Seventeen million copies of the Gospel of John have been distributed by students to their peers. It is estimated that 900,000 students have been involved in giving this gift to classmates.

Oklahoma high school student: Not only have I learned to share my faith more freely, but the same is also true with most of my classmates. As a word of thanks, let me say, “Keep them coming.”

Please learn of God’s personal love for you by clicking here:

Society News: A controversial bill which would allow business owners to refuse services according to their religious beliefs was passed by the Indiana House of Representatives on Monday.

The Religious Freedom Bill was passed by 63 votes for, to 31 against, and is likely to become law. Governor Mike Pence said he supports the legislation. “[It] is about respecting and reassuring Hoosiers [residents of Indiana] that their religious freedoms are intact … I look forward to signing the bill when it reaches my desk.”

The bill would stop local government from “substantially burden[ing] a person’s exercise of religion”


Please watch

these two congressional speeches on below link. Our president gave congratulations to every terrorist ruler in the world upon their steps into power; yet, he would not offer congratulations to Benjamin Netanyahu, who stands for freedom and democracy, until days following the election. This only because of negative press or so it appears.

Praise God we have leaders in congress who will tell all the facts regarding Israel. And, as I have stated many times, Jesus Christ will one day rule the world from this small nation in all holy righteousness—Zechariah 12 and 14, Psalm 2, and Revelation chapter 20, etc.


Iran chanting death go America and Israel link:


Iran’s military and the ayatollah are shouting death to American and Israel on this second link. No one in their right mind who watches this can view Iran as a peaceful, loving and caring nation.


Conservative news source bit:

On Monday, the White House dismissed Ayatollah Khamenei’s “Death to America” rhetoric, telling CNN that it was “intended for a domestic political audience.” That comment came on the heels of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explaining that such rhetoric provided even more reason for negotiating a deal with the Iranian regime to allow them to own nuclear weapons.


Christians are tortured and imprisoned by these Muslim madmen of hate. 

Muslim leaders hate charitable works and they are forbidden by Islam. Is it any wonder Muslims have no problem killing and imprisoning those who engage in kindness to others, including offering aid to Islamic people in Muslim controlled lands?

Mosques use the word “charity” to deceive westerners. All charitable mosque money received from Muslims, lands in the hands of terrorists.


Secular, giving facts about Israel:

This short documentary brings out the fact Israel was once a dead, lifeless land. The Jews resuscitated it back to life through creative technological feats. It was not until Israel blossomed agriculturally and technologically that the Muslims decided they wanted the land the Jews had prospered. Muslims had little interest in the lifeless land until it was cultivated by God’s chosen people, though most are resistant to Jesus Christ at this moment in time.

It has been stated that many Jews are coming to Christ at this point in history. I do hope this is the case.


The United Nations ignore most human violations found throughout the world. 

Their focus is placed on Israel and the gathered nations wage antisemitism against her with little or no proof of wrongdoings. They never focus on Muslim countries and their atrocities. Israel mostly stands alone in self-defense; however, Israeli spokesmen always have proof, not hearsay, of their humanitarian gestures.


Jews are now classified as the most abused and hated people in America by many! 

Continual violence comes against Jews on college campuses where more and more Muslim terrorists professors are being hired who incite death to the Jews.

Jews are testifying of moving in constant fear, knowing Muslims push, shove and physically harm them daily on college and university campuses. Some Jewish students have been admitted to hospitals due to Muslims attacks. Many now think twice about displaying any Jewish identity.

The teachings on campuses by Muslims, include Hitler and the Nazis were Jews who killed Muslims. They declare this was the true holocaust; all other versions are lies. Even though Muslims were on Hitler’s side, you will not hear the truth today from Islamic agitators. Any truth presented from Jewish students is met with angry and violent hatred.

Muslims hold one event on campuses whereby they vanish the nation of Israel for a week. They display maps with no Israel in hopes of all Jews being massacred one day.

There is a great deal of footage of Muslims attacking Jewish students physically and verbally on YouTube. I would give links, but not all footage represents modestly dressed females.

Jewish students heckled news:

“Anti-Israel activists at the University of California, Davis heckled Jewish students and shouted “Allah Akbar” at them during a vote last week on a resolution endorsing a boycott of the Jewish state, according to video of the event obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.”

News with video of antisemitism:



Jihad’s presence in Columbus, Ohio:


In prisons

Muslim recruiters, imams, maneuver to convert offenders to Islam, and a significant percentage of Muslims are former prisoners. Correctional institutions are the main recruiting centers for the growing population of Muslims in America and in the UK.

In New York, eighteen percent of the prisons are now Islamic.

Please watch:


Conservative news source proves our president lies and frees dangerous illegals into our country:

Judicial Watch obtained documents proving that, to date, the Obama administration has released 165,950 illegal aliens with criminal convictions back into the population. The organization and news outlet, released 76 pages of Homeland Security documents on Friday, retrieved through FOIA request, showing that many of the criminals were found guilty of violent crimes, including homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

According to a report published by the Center for Immigration Services in May 2014, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) freed 36,007 convicted criminal aliens who had nearly 88,000 convictions, including 193 homicide convictions, 426 sexual assault convictions, and 303 kidnapping convictions in the year 2013 alone.

Immediately following the release of the CIS report, former Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, issued a statement terming the action “the worst prison break in American history.” He added that “President Obama’s lax immigration policies have put the lives of Americans at risk.”


Non-American citizens, aliens with green cards, are now given a gun and badge:

USA Today: Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said he has no problems with green-card holders becoming police officers because they’ve made a long-term commitment to the country and have undergone extensive background checks. But he worries about the security risks associated with allowing any immigrant with a work permit to become an officer, especially considering that the Obama administration has given hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants work permits.

“We’re handing over a gun and a badge to somebody whose background we don’t really know a lot about,” Krikorian said.


In Washington state, public employees who commit a crime do not forfeit their taxpayer guaranteed retirements

“And teachers can earn the right to a lifetime retirement after working for as little as five years.”

The right includes teachers convicted of sex crimes against students. And many such pedophiles are being rewarded with sizable amounts of income. Teachers’ unions stand with the rights of sexual deviant teachers who have violated innocent children, and some are serving prison time with large amounts of cash flowing into their bank accounts. Those who adhere to sexual predators receiving taxpayer money, have stated, “It is a non-issue.”

Teacher sex offenders are growing in significant numbers across the nation. Various states stand with sexual predators being rewarded with taxpayer salaries, pensions, etc.

Legislators in Washington state are currently standing on the side of pedophiles.

What sad and wicked days we live in.


True statistics on conceal carry:


Love to you in the Savior, who is the everlasting hope of true Christians, Val

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President Obama’s Lies about Netanyahu, Jewish Holocaust Day, etc.

Holocaust Victims (public domain photo)

Holocaust Victims
(public domain photo)

Dear Readers,

Our pastor relayed a story regarding one of his mission trips. A mother of four children received Christ. Her husband had left her and she was impoverished and obtaining food by following carts, which were headed to market. She would pick up the food that fell from the carts to feed her family.

One man, of the evangelism team—which led her to Christ, felt terrible about her impoverished plight and returned to her home to offer her money. She refused saying, you have given me Jesus, I do not want anything else. I now have everything I need.

Please learn of God’s personal love for you by clicking here:



International Holocaust Memorial Day was January 28th 

In grievous remembrance of this day, a lady spoke of the more than 10,000 Jews massacred in one day where she lived. The Nazis would rob the Jews of their clothes and murder them naked. Disturbing photo news stories of the cold-blooded murders can be viewed on YouTube by doing “Nazi” and “Hitler” searches. It is quite disturbing and heartbreaking … the murdering of the people who are the apple of God’s eye. Though, of course, the LORD loves all peoples and commands, “Thou shall not kill.”

In Nazi Germany, thousands of children born of mixed Jewish-German parentage, were classified as “Jews” under Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws. They were categorized as Mischlinge (half-breeds). These young individuals were persecuted and ostracized by their neighbors, and sometimes murdered by authorities. Hitler hated anyone who owned even a hint of Jewish blood.

Some of these Mischlinges appeared European, many blond hair, fair and blue-eyed. Sometimes they would take off their yellow stars and go and buy food, knowing no one could tell. However, eventually, a percentage were murdered.

The Nazis were the socialist party of Germany:

Nazis demanded governmental control of everything and everyone. Hitler had his Nazis place a photo of himself in the pulpit area of churches and those who did not comply were marked out. Hitler viewed himself as the world’s Messiah. Two million Christians were killed by Hitler’s murder machine. Some of them were involved in the hiding of Jews.

Hitler and his officials were Darwinians, believing the Germans were the elitist race and had to murder anyone who was not of the fittest, pure, Aryan race. Hitler was also a known satanist.

By God’s grace, a number of the Jewry did become born again Christians; desiring hope in a midst of Hitler’s atrocities.

Muslims still rejoice in what took place under Hitler. I viewed one Muslim lady, on video, who was on an American street corner yelling at Jews, “To the ovens with you,” meaning Hitler’s ovens. She was yelling while standing with a group of fellow Muslims. Satan desires all Jews murdered and this lady represents a religion that is about the extinguishing of Jews, hoping to see them perish in another holocaust.

Of course, God loves the Muslims and desires their salvation, as He does all men. I heard a story today of a woman who came to Christ who was Muslim. As a result of this lady’s witness, 45 family members have come to Christ.

Here is a link to the story of a Jewish twin used in one of Hitler’s vile experiments on twins. Of course, Hitler had many deadly experiments he relished using on Jews to further their suffering, including making items, including lampshades, furniture coverings and soap, from their skin; and from their hair, woven blankets for his army.

Hitler murdered over two and half million children.

Today, the Islamic State is murdering countless children and adults, even beheading them. The Islamic State has supporting reporters in the liberal media stating, these Muslims must be protected from harm, even though their murdering atrocities resemble Hitler’s.


White House refuses to call the Taliban a terrorist group—ABC News:

Taliban murdered all the children while in their school, with adults, who were present in the terrorist attack:

On January 25th the Taliban murdered 3 American contractors—aircraft mechanics.

Wikipedia on Taliban:

Taliban killing and skinning people:


Obama is attempting to remove CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) from a Muslim terrorist list:

Here is a video of CAIR in Cleveland, where adults and children are performing a song about the destruction of the Jews by Mohammad’s army:

The words can be open below the video, under “Show More:”


President Obama is working behind the scenes to remove Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, from power.

This explains our president’s anger regarding Netanyahu’s scheduled address to congress, and why he crafted his lying excuses.

He wants a puppet leader who is anti-Jew and pro-Palestinian in power. Jewish Press:

London news and other news sites identify Jeremy Bird, (Who managed the Obama campaign) and his election group 270 Strategies. Bird is currently employed by an Israel-based group trying to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu.

Neil Munro in his DC article states: “There’s lots of evidence that Obama wants Netanyahu defeated, in part, because Obama thinks Netanyahu is making it difficult for him to strike a peace deal between Israel and the Jew-hating Islamist dictators and theocrats that surround Israel.”

Atop the anti-Netanyahu efforts of Bird, there is funding reportedly provided by Kerry’s State Department to elect a prime minister more to Obama’s liking.

The Washington Free Beacon reports — OneVoice International (a pro-Palestinian election machine), based in the U.S. — has recently received two grants from the State Department and lists State as a “partner” on its website. (This tells us Americans are paying to have Netanyahu removed from office.)

The primary mission of OneVoice, according to its website, is to promote a so-called “two-state solution” to resolve the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Israeli News blogger David Hersch of the University of Cape Town: “There is a reality in Israel that no matter how much the narcissistic Obama and his compliant … State Department may try, he and they cannot overcome. Israeli voters are far more knowledgeable, involved and aware than the vast majority of American voters that have proved how easily they are swayed by a compliant, agendised and biased media. This American group are wasting their time and money trying to achieve what they did in the US getting the hidden imam of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue re-elected twice.”

OneVoice video:


God forecasted in Hosea 3:4-5 the truths that we have witnessed and is affirmed through history and today’s news regarding Israel: The children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, without a prince (heir to the throne), and without sacrifice (temple sacrifices of clean animals), and without the ephod or without teraphim (an idol). Israel has not worshipped idols since her Babylonian captivity; one of the consequences of choosing idolatry and other sins. Of course, there is no temple, no sacrifices and no priestly service in Israel nor has there been since 70 AD.

Afterward, the children of Israel will return and seek the LORD their God, and David their king, and shall fear the LORD and His goodness in later days. (The days of the millennial reign of Christ over the world, in which David rules as a king under Christ in Jerusalem.)

Love in the Savior, who always fulfills His promises, Val Lee

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News—Sharia, terrorist-minded congressman overseeing our top secrets; UCLA turns Muslim, Norway’s anti-Semitism, etc.

Norway fjord

Norway fjord, © Val J. Lee

My husband and I were in Oslo, Norway in June. Our tour guide relayed the unpleasant Nazi occupation during WWII and pointed out where Nazis headquartered and where they roamed to control the people.

Many deadly things occurred in Norway, including Semitic persecution.

By 1942 virtually every Jew in Norway was murdered, deported or in hiding; fortunately, more were saved than lost.

Today, only two synagogues exist in Norway, and the one in Oslo requires barriers and guards.

Norway is considered the most anti-Semitic nation within Western culture.

Mosques are continually multiplying and poll findings expose the fact “Jew” is the most commonly used curse word in Oslo’s schools.

Jews are fleeing Norway and those who assist them are persecuted.

Replacement theology is also thriving in Norway, which incites increased hated for Jews.

Disturbing news:

A terrorists controller, Andre Carson, is now overseeing our country’s most guarded secrets, being placed in this office by Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

One of his goals is to place the Quran in all public schools. He desires it be taught as the guidebook.

Andre Carson is classified as a “dangerous person” due to his terrorist ties, being numerous.

Carson news bits:

“Congressman Carson received a $1,000 campaign contribution in the 2014 election cycle and $5,000 during the 2008 cycle from the political action committee for the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim civil rights group, which was named an unindicted co-conspirator of the Holy Land Foundation — a so-called charity group found guilty in federal court of providing material support to Hamas … convicted of funneling more than $12 million to this Palestinian terrorist group.

Carson has also received more than $30,000 in campaign contributions from individuals associated with CAIR and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which was also named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case.

Carson was raised by his grandmother Julia Carson. A state legislator for 18 years and a congresswoman for a decade, Ms. Carson had a friendly relationship with the hateful Louis Farrakhan throughout Andre’s childhood. In fact, Julia and Louis went ‘way back’ according to a 2008 Indianapolis Star report. Andre’s wife stated that Farrakhan was with Julia the night her grandson was born in 1974. The anti-Semitic Nation of this Islam leader who called white people ‘devils’ told mourners at her funeral in 2007 ‘I was with her in her discipleship.’”

It has also been proven, Carson has falsely accused people of being racist in promotion of President Obama.

Congressman Andre Carson’s disturbing address to the Islamic Circle:

These American Islamic foundations work diligently behind the scenes for the release of all Muslim terrorists. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) designated two Islamic groups Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) as terrorist organizations. The Obama administration has since been attempting to remove these terrorist front groups from this list of known, Islam radicals.

CAIR has no problem displaying the fact they back terrorists on their website, which also includes creating new identities for Muslim extremists.

Terrorist facts that President Obama wants kept hidden:

Please see link regarding the MAS:


Conservative news source:

GARLAND, Texas, (January 20, 2015)– Hundreds of protesters were out in force Saturday at a Muslim gathering, blacked out to the major media, called “Stand with the Prophet” whose keynote speaker, an imam from Brooklyn, has been linked as an unindicted co-conspirator with the deadly 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The imam, Siraj Wahhaj, once remarked, “It is my duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran.”

President Obama formally invited Wahhaj to give a “juma,” or invocation, at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, but his invitation was withdrawn after public criticism of the decision became widespread.

It is known, the main purpose of the Texas meeting was to incite making Sharia Law the law of the land in America.

President Obama has stated “The future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet Mohammed.” Hillary Clinton has dittoed the same. Both the president and Hillary have attacked those who stand opposed to Mohammed.

Many complaints have surfaced regarding UCLA’s Muslim call to prayer:

This is America’s second known university to engage in this activity. One Christian remarked, they would never allow a time for Christians to read the Bible over a campus speaker.


Illegals and vehicle crimes:


Ferguson, Missouri news:

The families of many police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, had to flee into hiding, including running from the town amid death and assault threats:

“One police wife told KTV, she’s received threats over the phone and she’s been paranoid for her and her young daughter’s safety ever since. ‘Did they follow me here?’ she told the station. ‘Did I do a good enough job after work today of taking different routes, on my way home?’”

President Obama’s friend commits sodomy with boy:

One of Obama’s gay friends and major contributor to the Democratic party, holding huge ties and money, was charged with molesting a boy. There are many photos of Obama with this child rapist, Terrance Patrick Bean, and one with Michelle and Bean’s former male lover. The police stated they have sufficient proof, acknowledging the acts were filmed. They expect more charges regarding the rape of other boys due to the various video recordings.

“It seems to me that in the gay community the people who should be running interference for NAM/BLA are the parents and friends of gays. Because if the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what 13-, 14-, and 15-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world.” – Harry Hay founder of the modern “gay rights” movement.

Hay was a boy molester who is painted a hero in secular school textbooks.

Israel’s truth speech of November 24th, 2014:


Conservative news:

“According to the proprietors of one New York City restaurant, the language used in one of its ‘help wanted’ ads has led to serious retaliation from the city’s Commission on Human Rights.

Giuseppe Bruno explained that one of his staffers – a female – posted the ad asking for applicants for an open ‘hostess’ position. From there, he continued, the commission began harassing him for an apparent breach of laws prohibiting gender-specific advertisements.”

Praise God, His Word is full of gender specifics, including male and female roles in church and in the home!

More conservative news:

Obama administration is now opening a new USCIS facility in Crystal City, Virginia, for the purpose of immediately implementing the president’s imperial immigration decree. They are in the process of hiring 1,000 full-time staff to quickly approve applications for the president’s illegal amnesty, which will provide work permits, photo IDs, Social Security, and Medicare to illegal immigrants – all benefits rejected by Congress.”

This will prevent many legal and law-abiding Americans from obtaining jobs.

Obama’s executive order – not yet signed – is expected to allow upwards of five million illegal aliens to avoid deportation and be able to work in the U.S. It also reportedly will provide a $3,000 incentive to employers for hiring the newly “legalized,” criminal residents.

Murdering Islam:


Wisconsin news:

ACLU wants Wisconsin’s voters to pay them nearly $1.25 million for overturning the natural marriage law in, enforcing gay marriage.

According to a Wisconsin State Journal report: The legal team headed by the American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, sued in February to overturn Wisconsin’s amendment banning same-sex marriage that had been twice passed by both houses of the State Legislature and received 59-percent voter approval in 2006.
The attorneys secured the decision of U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb against the amendment in June, and the U.S. Supreme Court let the ruling stand, effectively opening the state to gay marriages.

Now the ACLU, representing the desires of the democratic party, is seeking nearly $1.25 million in attorney fees and costs as part of its victory. Making tax payers who voted against gay marriage pay the ACLU fees. Their fees to Wisconsin taxpayers are also to be used to fight for gay marriage rights nationwide.


Love in Christ who holds a bright and righteous future for born again Christians, Val Lee

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My Norway video:


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