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Blackhawk helicopter machine guns shooting blanks over American cities, Noah movie, etc

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Here are items of interest:

Military Blackhawk helicopters flying over cities firing blanks:

City residents across America have been frightened and even sent to the ground, not being forewarned the military would be shooting blanks in neighborhoods.

The most recent occurred March 24, 2014, in the Ft. Lauderdale area. The Sun Sentinel of Florida reported Blackhawk military maneuvers being performed over the city.

“Military maneuvers in Houston, TX, frightens residents; this happening in various cities in US.”

Please watch local ABC news video:

It has been stated the Department of Homeland Security, under President Obama, is shifting the balance of power away from local and state municipalities toward a centralized federal military authority.

Please watch a local TV 3 news video of Phoenix:

Why a nationwide effort with military? America is not a military policing state! Why not choose abandoned areas? This has been the procedure of the past. And why not warn the residents? Why shooting that sounds authentic and frightens residents?

There is another local Miami news video I desired to attach; unfortunately, they allowed a couple of swear words in the reporting from non-Christian citizens, being frightened to death when military helicopters are shooting gunfire, they believed was aimed at them. No one informed citizens they were blanks and not true rounds. The machine-gunning sounds athletic and people were falling to the ground in fear. This was reported from ABC Channel 7, in Miami.

I find it incredulous that cars were not swerving and colliding when machine guns are firing over freeways.

Blog comment: “I will say this much … I was in the army for 8 years and my job was being a Blackhawk helicopter gunner. Never in my career did we EVER go into a populated city for any type of gun related training. I was stationed in Savannah, GA, so u can guess that it was nothing but city. We’d have to fly out a good ways to an aerial gunnery range to get qualified. If they are using blank fire over the city, it’s because they are preparing to fire on city dwellers. The army trains how it fights … “

“At the time of this writing, Black Hawk helicopters are whizzing around my city of St. Louis firing blanks. Military tanks are rolling through neighborhoods in St. Louis.”

Another comment: Speaking as a veteran of ten years, though, I cannot help but be concerned. Never in my entire decade of service did we ever run drills like this in such a highly populated metropolitan area. What were they practicing and why? I’m also no conspiracy theorist, but I cannot help but find this a bit, well, disturbing.

What is being broadcast about the helicopters not being used in the US is not reliable. Here is a New York news video that states they are going to fly military Blackhawk helicopters over the 2014 Superbowl. Why did they not implement police helicopters? This is not an overseas’ maneuver; yet, they are prepared to shoot. Of course, we want everyone protected with all honesty, and minus scare tactics.


My husband and I received this email to alert. We heard the Noah movie was blasphemous in its entirety. Of course, it was produced by satan’s children who control Hollywood and have no conception of a holy lifestyle. This person tells it like it is:

Warning: The movie “Noah” is the worst movie I have ever seen!!!
It perverts God, and the Bible, in every way! God help us!

This movie portrays Noah as ungodly, it shows fallen angels (demons)
as “rock creatures” that assist Noah in the building of the ark, Ham
conspires with an heir of Cain to kill his father, Noah while they
are on the ark.

Once we go, we have already financially supported this
abomination. It made me sick (physically ill) and chose to leave
before it finished. My curiosity caused me to go, my conviction
caused me to leave.

In His Grip, Skip


Please watch video toward the bottom of this page. You will hear the testimony of a teacher who was harassed due to Common Core.


Loving Down Syndrome commercial:


Heil Hitler from Democrat board member:



News story by B. Agee and Spokane News KXLY

This woman knows criminals with guns will never register them, so she has wisely armed her coffee shop staff, knowing enough is enough!

The owner of a coffee shop in Spokane, Wash. has been dealing with a recent surge in robberies over the past month. Sara Chapel explained that Jitterz Java has been hit three separate times by criminal thugs during that time, telling local media that she intends to fight back against the crime wave.

She has already encouraged licensed staffers to bring a firearm with them to work – a policy that has already paid off. Going forward, however, that initiative will only be expanded.

The latest attempt to rob the shop came less than a week ago, Chapel said, noting the apparently armed man quickly retreated when the barista on duty locked the store and showed him her own gun. The prospective robber was long gone by the time police arrived; and everyone at the store, along with cash in the till, was safe.

From now on, the owner confirmed, someone working at the store will have a gun on them at all times. While she would obviously prefer the criminal element in Spokane bypass her business, Chapel is determined to be prepared for further targeting.

As far as the legality of it is concerned, Spokane Police said it is completely legal as long as the employees who are armed are 18 and older and do not have any prior convictions that restrict them from using firearms.


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