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Five Year Old Boy Murdered In Mexico

America’s soul ached when it gripped the realities of the kidnapping of a 5-year-old boy, Javier. He was snatched from a Mexico City street market where his impoverished parents operated a fruit stand. The fate of this boy was fatal. His executing vicious captors injected acid into his little heart. Fortunately, suspects are under arrest.


I was very grateful to hear of the outpouring of concern from our country over this plaguing Mexican incident. However, I could not help but envision the countless infants who are murdered through acid saline solution injections. Babies can suffer up to 11/2 hours before their burnt bodies perish. All this is performed with the consent of the mother, abortionist and our nation. Where is our outpouring sympathy for these precious young victims of infanticide crime?

Hope found in the Bible:  1 John 4:-13

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