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Hate Crime Legislative Facts—the Protection of Pedophiles

Please watch this disturbing legislative video exposure:

Joseph Duncan a homosexual/pedophile strove to obtain such rights as delivered in the Hate Crime Bill.  He believed he held the liberty to murder members of the Groene family in the name of sexual deviancy rights. He kidnapped the two young children, Dylan and Shasta. He rapped and murdered Dylan; fortunately, Shasta was rescued. He also kidnapped, sodomized and murdered a ten year old boy in California. He must be elated with the Hate Crime Bill.  

Due to this bill, Washington can intervene in just about any local or state crime. Because the bill doesn’t define the term “sexual orientation,” it appears pedophiles and practitioners of other bizarre sexual sins can claim protection. Democrats refused to amend the bill to explicitly exclude such “orientations.” If convicted, any American found guilty of a hate crime would face punishment above and beyond the original offense.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) tried to point out the ridiculousness of this caste system on the House floor yesterday. To the disgust of the homosexual crowd, she even took on the bill’s “martyr,” Matthew Shepard, whom the Left holds up as an example of why federal hate crimes must receive severer prosecution. The hate crimes bill that’s called the Matthew Shepard Bill is named after him though it has been proven his murder was not a result of a hate crime.  “It wasn’t because he was gay…” Rep. Foxx was referring to statements made to ABC’s 20/20 by the local authorities, who investigated the crime and stated that Shepard’s death was actually the result of drug abuse–not his homosexuality. The prosecutor who prosecuted these crimes stated that he never believed it was a hate crime. He believes it was a drug crime. Aaron McKinney, according to Aaron McKinney himself and to several other witnesses, was coming down from a five-day methamphetamine binge. He freely admits he not only used methamphetamine but also sold it. Five days up with no sleep, strung out on drugs, desperate to buy more, desperate to rob somebody to get money to buy more drugs. This was the motive, according to Aaron McKinney and the other witnesses. McKinney’s girlfriend and another friend of McKinney’s even claimed that McKinney himself has bisexual tendencies.

This resembles the lies that were presented to get baby murder legalized—through Rowe versus Wade.  Satan’s children will stop at nothing to get every vile thing legalized. They want God’s righteousness eliminated from American life. They do not fear the God who says liars are kept out of heaven.

Sexually wicked people have no morals and care only about self-fulfillment.  Harming others, including children, is not relevant on Capital Hill.  President Obama is having his heyday.    

God says a man and woman are to come together as virgins for a lifetime marriage commitment, forsaking all others.  All other activity is deviant. Yes, Jesus Christ forgives if true repentance is made, but sin can never be justified. (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)

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News: Obama/Pelosi One in Action

America certainly seems to be spinning out of control more and more with each passing day. Every new dawning brings upon our country more wicked forced agendas. Since President Obama walked into the White House, the philosophy of administration is, we don’t want babies stepping on anyone’s quality of life. Let’s commit infanticide to greater and greater degrees here and throughout the world using billions of tax payer dollars. This will usher in utopia. This will produce jobs. This will set the economy right.
We have a selfish and murdering administration set now before us. How can people believe killing countless unborn children is the answer to restoring a balanced economy?  How can Americans believe God is going to bless an agenda that consists of pouring billions of dollars into murdering the defenseless?  Every child is preciously made by Jesus Christ. He creates each one wonderfully in their mother’s womb; Psalm 139.

 Nancy Pelosi promotes a hate children platform. It appears if she had her way, most would be placed in holocaustic incinerators.  Of course, this is abortion—burning innocent babies with saline solution. She certainly believes human bloodshed is the answer to a dying economy.
Where is the fear of God in this land?  The Bible states that man claims to be wise in his evil wicked folly. He thinks departing from the Word of God produces wisdom, when it actuality takes him to the entrance of hell’s eternal destruction. We all reap what we sow.  How can democrat supporters sleep at night? God says murderers are shut out of heaven. May they come to the light of Christ and seek forgiveness.
Val Lee  (Author of Cliques in the Church, Apostasy in the Church, and Esther/Looming Holocaust—see These books can also be read at I also write and submit photos for Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures “Through the Looking Glass of Val Lee”)

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has every wicked way in mind to supposedly assist our nation?  She certainly is demon-driven. Details are surfacing concerning the the controversial $825 billion “economic recovery” package. $200 million for lawn care in Washington, D.C., $360 million to potentially be used to put on transsexual beauty pageants and nasty pornographic art shows. These are a few examples in the $825 BILLION (and counting!), over 1,588 page stimulus bill. Speaker Nancy Pelosi argues this bill would stimulate the economy, however only 7 percent of the legislation actually goes towards infrastructure – the rest of the bill reads like a taxpayer funded payoff to groups that have supported liberal Democrats’ interests. And what a pay off! ACORN is one. This long controversial group racked up false votes for Obama. It has no concept of integrity. It is wicked to the core. This lying, thieving organization is being rewarded by Nancy Pelosi with potentially $4.19 BILLION in taxpayer funds. And more than 10 percent of the proposal-$87 billion-would be directed to groups like Planned Parenthood! The country’s recession is crippling families, and the Democrats’ solution is spending billions of dollars on contraception?

On the latest “This Week” program on ABC, George Stephanopoulos pressed Speaker Pelosi for an explanation. She implied that making sure there are less children is a great way to stimulate the economy! Meanwhile she helped stop an amendment to the bill that would have protected parental rights!


(1 John 5:1-11)

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Obama on Abortion—Video Link


Please watch the two videos at the link above.  We must stop infanticide. Obama’s first priority is to murder more innocent babies and he has murdered millions of children through his legislation. He wants Planned Parenthood to dictate our government.  They legislate already to a fearful degree.  In other nations, PP tells women how many children they can birth and take away their say.  Obama stands for everything PP has ever decreed.

Jesus Christ hates murder. Satan is the father of all murders. Let us cling to life.  

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The True William Wilberforce of Amazing Grace


William Wilberforce of Britain stood with strict Christian morality. He stood verbally strong against lewdness, sexually impurity, immodesty, drunkenness, foul language, indecent literature—everything contrary to our most innocent and undefiled Savior; Hebrews 7:26. 


Concerning the epitaph of William Wilberforce, I have admired all he sought in the name of his Savior. When he became a believer in 1785, he fought to end slavery, but suffered continually under the hand of liberal persecution.  Finally, England ceased its slavery trade in 1833, three days before his death and about 30 years before America followed suit, due mainly to his voice of influence.   


Val Lee  (Author of Cliques in the Church, Apostasy in the Church, and Queen Esther/Looming Holocaust—see These books can also be read at I also write and submit photos for Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures “Through the Looking Glass of Val Lee”)


 William Wilberforce: His Impact on Nineteenth-Century Society Condensed

Churchman 108/2 1994

Jonathan Bayes

William Wilberforce is remembered today mainly for his long Parliamentary campaign for the abolition of the slave-trade. He look up the cause of Africa and the West Indian slaves in 1786, and the Act of Parliament for Abolition finally received the Royal Assent and became law on 25 March 1807.


Not that that was the end of the struggle. Wilberforce had always seen the abolition of trading in human beings as but the first step towards the ultimate goal of the outlawing of slavery itself. This objective was not attained until 1833. By then Wilberforce had been retired from the politics of Westminster for eight years, and had handed on to others the baton of the antislavery campaign. It was his joy to live just long enough to hear of the final success in the House of Commons of the Bill for the Abolition of Slavery. He died two days later.


His notoriety on nineteenth-century British society came not through his work on behalf of the slaves, but through the other great task to which he believed himself to be called of God. On Sunday, 28 October 1787 Wilberforce wrote in his diary: ‘God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the Slave Trade and the Reformation of Manners’, by which he meant the reform of the morals of Britain. The question of slavery, that he first voiced his personal concern to reform the morals of England.


Around the time when he was preparing his Bill concerning capital punishment, in 1786,Wilberforce read a book by Dr Joseph Woodward, entitled The History of the Society for the Reformation of Manners in 1692.


It was traditional for a new monarch to mark his accession to the throne by issuing a Proclamation for the Encouragement of Piety and Virtue, and for the Preventing of Vice, Profaneness, and Immorality.


At that time, corruption was rife at every rank of society. The well-to-do were notorious for their gambling, while, amongst the poorer classes, prostitution abounded. Drunkenness and foul talk were common lo all social strata.

In devising his plan to form a new Society for the Reformation of Manners, Wilberforce believed, as we have already noted, that the way to begin was by making the strict combatting of crime an effective deterrent. The Society was designed to raise the moral tone of the nation by clamping down on offences such as the publication of indecent or blasphemous literature, and the desecration of the Lord’s Day. In targeting such offences in particular, Wilberforce was giving expression to his conviction that the looseness of the nation’s morals arose from the religious apathy and skepticism

which prevailed amongst all classes. His plan was that his Society for the Reformation of Manners should serve to restore England to its Protestant faith, by standing against those moral offences which militated against Christianity. As a by-product, Wilberforce believed, there would follow a general moral improvement.


1787 the Preamble the King George III articulated his ‘inexpressible concern’ at ‘the rapid progress of impiety and licentiousness’, and at the deluge of ‘profaneness, immorality, and every kind of vice’, which had broken in upon this nation. He declared his royal purpose ‘to discountenance and punish all manner of vice, profaneness and immorality, in all persons, of whatsoever degree or quality, within this our realm.’


Wilberforce: Our dependence on our blessed Saviour, as alone the meritorious cause of our acceptance with God, . . . must be not merely formal and nominal, but real and substantial. . . . It is not an occasional invocation of His name, or a transient recognition of the authority, of Christ, that fills up the measure of the terms ‘believing in Jesus’. . . . We must be deeply conscious of our guilt and misery, heartily repenting of our sins, and firmly resolving to forsake them: and thus penitently flying for refuge to the hope set before us, we must found altogether on the merits of our crucified Redeemer our hopes of escape from their deserved punishment, and of deliverance from their enslaving power. This must be our first, our last, our only plea. The corollary of this view of salvation, Wilberforce goes on, is the recognition that real Christianity is a commitment which demands the totality of a person’s life, doing everything to the glory of God.


Wilberforce proclaims explicitly that nominal Christianity is not

Christianity, that the difference is not a trifling one, but that nominal Christianity lacks altogether the radical principle of Christianity, namely the remembrance that we are fallen creatures, born in sin and naturally depraved, and that we need to be born again to become Christians in a genuine sense. His final challenge is to realize that nominal Christianity in one generation will lead to absolute unbelief in the next.


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