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The Monkey Business of Religion


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Monkey Business

Dear Readers,

The secular video (not produced by Christians), link below, exposes how easy it is to defraud Christians; whereby, they will follow fraudulent, charismatic, faith healers. Of course, this is why we all must study the Word of God, cover to cover, to reveal ourselves approved unto God.

Any pastor who is about money—getting rich, justifying sin, is a false prophet. Many of these people in the charismatic movement have affairs, various marriages, and even partake in homosexuality; yet, they are still treated as gods. They tell falsehoods to deny their adulterous ways; yet, are still embraced and uplifted as good pastors when proven to be lying adulterers; their sins finding them out.

Few believers expose concern when televangelists and various famed church leaders steal money from the poor with swindling, monetary promises. Though, the deceived, desire to be deceived, lusting after quick money without having to earn it.

I know a family who has been waiting over 25 years for their pot of gold promised by their Baptist pastor for their faithful tithing. Is it any wonder, they display significant regression, not progression, in their walk and in Bible knowledge? However, in the book of James, God condemns those who desire to be rich, while uplifting the godly poor Christians who are rich in faith.

James 5:1-3: Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments have become moth-eaten. Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. It is in the last days that you have stored up your treasure!

James 2:5-6a  Listen, my beloved brethren: did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him? But you have dishonored the poor man …


No rich Christian is superior to a poor Christian. There is no partiality with God and the poor are blessed of God.

Those who suffer persecution and are impoverished will receive heavenly rewards, as presented with the church of Smyrna. (Revelation chapter 2)

Many leaders of this get-rich-fast movement proclaim one false doctrine after another and they get away with it because Christians do not study the Bible verse by verse, completely through. They too are ungrateful for what the LORD God has already provided.

The video (link below) though secular, exposes how tares can seem so Christian … godless men and women who lead in churches, and before their televised audiences, simply for fame and prestige, educated in all the right words to spout to deceive, owning no idea of what it is to be washed clean in the blood of Jesus Christ and made into a new creature of righteousness through the Holy Spirit’s power.

These phonies practice before a mirror to sound born again, using born again terminologies, saying a verse here and there out of context. All this trickery enables them to rack in millions through the gullible who do not know their Bibles.

I watched a recording of a man, no way born again, who sounded totally like a godly, spirit-filled preacher through dedicated practice. One con-pastor spoke how he started practicing as a teenager to get to the place of pretending to be a preacher, all in the name of deception, and racked in bags of cash from the unsuspecting.

These charismatic charlatans know how to pretend to heal, even inserting a listening device in the ear to learn from his fellow deceivers (ushers) who thoroughly question the physically hurting people brought forward. The ushers then relay to the healer’s ear device, the name of the person, where they live and the abnormality without the person knowing. This leaves the physically-plagued one in amazement of the healers all-knowing powers, thus putting their faith in the healer to heal. Not till the adrenaline and excitement are dissipated, hours later, do they realize they were not cured. When they question, they are told they did not have enough faith. It is their fault they were not permanently healed.

This is why we must test the spirits to see if they stand on Scripture, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 with no additions or subtractions.

(One thing, I will add in comment to the video, how sad this young girl had to suffer rejection in a Bible-Believing church until she could prove she owned musical, entertaining skills. I certainly would not want to be in such an arrogant-filled fellowship, where people feel they are better than others because they are not handicapped or limited in some way. We are to consider each person as being more important than ourselves.)

Not one healing,  by a so-called healer, has been verified in all the years of the Charismatic movement. Not one legitimate physician has come forward with the medical evidence. Of course, we know God heals; what I write is in reference to charismatic healers who work the stage, claiming apostolic gifts.

When I was young, living at home in the 60s, our family knew a another Christian family who had a home a couple blocks from us, and they sought a healer who was on television every Sunday morning, Oral Roberts. They wrote and requested him to heal a family member. He wanted to know how much they would pay to cure. They corresponded back, not being rich, what they could afford. He responded and told them they did not possess enough money to pay for the cure, which left them upset, bewildered and questioning his legitimacy.

“Oral Roberts dressed in Brioni suits, costing $500 to $1000; walked in $100 shoes; lived in a $250,000 house in Tulsa and had a million dollar home in Palm Springs; wore diamond rings and solid gold bracelets, which his employees would `airbrush’ out of his publicity photos so as not to appear too lavish. He drove $25,000 automobiles (a lot of money, many years ago), which were replaced every 6 months; flew around the country in a $2 million Fanjet Falcon; had membership in the most prestigious and elite country club in Tulsa, the Southern Hills and in the ultra-posh Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California, and played games of financial hanky-panky, which made him and his family members independently wealthy, millionaires for life.”

“A group of Arizona ministers offered to pay $1,000 to anyone who had been healed by Mr. Roberts and could provide medical proof. They received no response.”

Many years ago, a radio, Bible teacher offered to pay, I believe, a hundred dollars to anyone who could prove they were healed by a faith-healer through medical documentation. Till the day he died, not one stepped forward.

However, many lawsuits have been filed by those who were deceived into believing they were restored and were not. Some died shortly after being told they were healed.

Oral Roberts did claim to raise a boy from the dead. However, there were no family or friends of the boy who could testify to the fact, nor the boy himself. Roberts could not even offer the boy’s name, nor the name of his parents.

Mary Ida Buddington Vondersher, who had appeared the year before on Oral’s television program in the healing line, returned to testify of her healing of cancer, but she died in her California home only twelve hours after her testimony was aired.

Oral Roberts opened a huge hospital and medical school, which he had no funds to keep open after some years, though he demanded people send him money, being God’s will. Now why would a healer need to open a hospital?

Roberts misinterpreted the Bible and made false prophecies. In the Old Testament, if a person prophesied falsely, only once, they were to receive capital punishment (judgement of death), because it revealed their prophecy came from satan not God. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22)

“In January 1987, Roberts told his television audience, God had appeared to him in March of 1986 and had informed him, he must raise $8 million within the next 12 months or he would die.”

“…It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves” (Matthew 21:13).

No one has been raised from the dead; no one has had missing limbs appear, no blind person made to see, etc; through a claiming healer. The severely handicapped are not the ones brought forward and always depart in disappointment. No supposed healer has gone through a hospital and healed every person, nor 30, nor 10 in the name of kindness. They want to be before the crowds making their fast money, with no loving concern nor genuine healing.

Charismatic, charlatan healers never state to an audience, many of you are sick and dying because you take communion unworthily. Many a person has received communion with sin in the heart; whereby, illness overtakes and they perish. (1 Corinthians chapter 11) I knew a man and this certainly appeared to be the case with him. He died swiftly from cancer from living a double life. I know of one instance where he tried to entice a married woman.

One Christian lady believed her husband was allowed to perish in a car accident because of this very fact. Many Christians viewed his death as a wrongful act, because she did not reveal what was going on behind the scenes to many people.

I knew a man who would not attend communion Sundays, being too fearful to partake.


I have attached a link below to a video exposing demonism in the church through the charismatic movement. Many things in this movement can be traced back to satan’s paganism. The church is to be about verse by verse teaching of the Word of God, evangelism, discipleship, service, and all things done decently and in order as the Bible commands, with nothing resembling madness—1 Corinthians chapter 14.

Not one thing is be added or subtracted from what is commanded for the New Testament church. Pastors have to be pure, husbands of one wife, having their households in order, owning a good reputation in the church and in the community, knowing their Bibles thoroughly, etc. (The books of Timothy, Titus, etcetera)

Church attendees must be those who are abiding in the teachings of Christ and not leading lives of sin. (1 Corinthians chapter 5 and 6, 2 John, Revelation chapters 1-3, etcetera)

We, as believers, must always: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to us. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” (James 4:8)

False, demonic teachers, being void of the Holy Spirit, are in churches and this movement is growing. All things must be tested with the Scriptures of truth.

(If you are sensitive to demonic wickedness, I do not recommend the YouTube video with link below. This video does expose satan’s active service in churches today.)

Added examples of deceptions:


Miracle Story of God’s Grace

Robert, in an article, shared his remarkable story about a young boy who lived in a housing project named Marcus, whom he offered a New Testament and it was accepted. What stood out about Marcus was a birthmark on the hairline of his head, surrounded in gray hairs.

Unfortunately, when Robert returned to the housing project, some time later, to locate Marcus, he could not be found. One of the kids said he moved away.

25 years passed, and Robert was driving to church and he noted a man walking down the street and he felt a need to talk to him, so he turned on the next street and when the man walked by, he offered him a New Testament. The man replied he already had one, but would keep it to offer to another. Then he asked if Robert knew of a good church. Robert kindly offered to take him to his church where he was headed.

The man began to recall his childhood and a man handing him a New Testament, many years ago, and because of it he had become a Christian.

Robert looked at the man closely and asked, “Is your name Marcus?” Robert then noticed the birthmark. Robert informed him, he was the one who held out the Bible 25 years ago.

Robert learned Marcus and his family had moved shortly after the Testament was received. Robert also learned Marcus’ brother had become a believer; unfortunately, he was later murdered.

Robert felt as if he was walking on clouds … being all so grateful to God for allowing Him to meet with Marcus after all these years!

Val Lee

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