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Edith’s Little Schoolhouse

Dear Readers,

I thought you might take pleasure in the pastoral photos and captions below concerning the memorable school days surrounding “Edith’s Little Schoolhouse.” Edith Lee Schwartz is my husband’s aunt, and her first teaching task was at a small country school in Reynolds, Idaho. Reynolds is named after Reynolds Creek that lazily flows beside this area; a twig off the Snake River.

Snake River overlook:

 © Val J. Lee

 When coming upon this secluded valley, I immediately recognized I had been blessed with a unique and quaint, pristine setting. This farm valley is so plush and lush! It is a hidden treasure known by few!

I loved photographing here and observing this area of God’s creation hidden from common view.

Edith’s first days of teaching occurred in Reynolds, Idaho (1939-1940).

Edith’s Little Schoolhouse:

 © Val J. Lee

She had to be at the school very early, preparing the classroom
and placing wood in the stove so the sweet young’ins wouldn’t freeze.

Edith tells of the cows that would massage themselves on the
corners of this schoolhouse; trembling the whole thing as she taught.

She was paid $75.00 a month from which she paid
room and board at a nearby residence.

I noticed as I examined the building’s structure
that chicken wire was added to the plaster to lath.

Reynolds historical necropolis:

Old Western Cemetery above and below, Reynolds, Idaho, © Val J. Lee

 © Val J. Lee

Most stones date back to the 1800s and early 1900s.
A couple fallen markers have been replaced with new.

Several mailboxes are aligned beside the cemetery revealing Reynolds is still in business.

    Old homestead nearby the schoolhouse:

Reynolds, Idaho © Val J. Lee

This is all that is left of Reynolds now,
outside of its present residents, that live farther down the road.

Edith relayed everyone recognized the sound of everyone’s vehicle and they knew the sound of the fancy car that came once a year for a visit.


❖❖  🐮  ❖❖

PS Here is the interior of the school building:

What is left inside the building—not much.
I was frightened when the pigeons mysteriously cooed
and flew about when I explored.

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