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Health Coverage for Sex Offenders—Sorry, but Yes! And More …

Dear Readers,

Please watch this alarming congressional video concerning fraud in health coverage including providing prescriptions for child molesters such as Viagra. Convicted sex offenders receive money from our government for sex drugs. Men who rape two-year old children receive money from our government for sex prescriptions. There is no limit!

It has been a congressional battle to get most Democrats to protect children from pedophilia. Only the Republicans have demanded their safeguard.


Our media walks in censorship, as you can see by the fact the media would not disclose that the man who made a death threat against Representative Eric Cantor was a homosexual. This planned assailant has a murder plan on his mind. Not only did he plot to kill Cantor but his threats soared to those in the armed forces who are not homosexual. Needless to say, Cantor opposes sexual deviancy.

It is also welcoming to know Cantor stands with Israel!  He opposes the fact that that the United States provides $75 million in aid annually to the Palestinian Authority, which is administered by the U.S. Agency for International Development. He has also introduced legislation to end aid to Palestinians. Palestinian Authority made the only Palestinian Christian network discontinue its broadcasting this month—April 2010.

Israel National

The Palestinian Authority’s Office for Religious Affairs claims that the Western Wall, revered by Jews for generations as the last structural remnant of the Second Temple, is Muslim property.

The PA office claims Muslim ownership of the Western Wall by referring to the wall on its website as the Al-Boraq Wall. According to Muslim legend, the wall is the place where Mohammed parked his horse, Boraq, before ascending to heaven. Muslim tradition holds that Mohammed rose to heaven from the TempleMount

Homosexual Activist Arrested for Death Threats Against Rep. Cantor & Family

Sen. Ben Nelson

March 30, 2010 March 30, 2010

The Other Side of Tolerance

In the final hours of the health care debate, much was made over insults which were hurled at those members of Congress responsible for the massive government takeover. There was a clear effort to make the Democratic members, who supported the President’s health care takeover, seem like “victims” who were taking principled stances for the people. The media was also quick to report word from Democratic leaders that 10 of their members had been victims of threats and acts of vandalism, which are inappropriate and have no place in civil discourse.

Meanwhile, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and his family were the targets of a death threat for which a Philadelphia man was arrested on Monday. While the media reported the threat against Rep. Cantor, they didn’t point out that the suspect, Norman Leboon, claimed on his YouTube website that he is the “Messiah” of “gays and lesbians” and asks his homosexual “children” to leave the armed forces so that he might “smite” those remaining. This was not an insignificant omission. There is a clear pattern of intimidation that comes from many homosexual activists.


 (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)  paradise

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Global Cooling

Global Cooling
Downtown Boise Overlooking Boise State University Campus
God has provided us with abundant snow the last two winters
I shot this photo yesterday
President elect Obama plans to bankrupt coal companies, which would drive our nation further into an economic crises as so many depend on this blessed resource.  He states our electric bills will increase to compensate. God has fully equipped America with every valuable needful resource for our enjoyment and enhancement, but because men now worship the creation rather than the Creator, our nation is spiraling down a road that may lead to no return.   
My dear husband located the below interesting info regarding Global warming/cooling. We must recognize locations on our globe still record their lowest temperatures.  Remember scientists were telling us twenty years ago we were returning to the ice age. Global warm enthusiasts make excuses, stating all this is connected to global warming.  Of course, they would be singing far more loudly their agendas, if nations were recording their highest winter temperatures and the sun was warmly shinning everyday. Why does mankind depend on the knowledge of others? God says men are simply grasshoppers in His eyes; yet, man pompously removes the controller and sustainer of life smoothly out of the picture. Jesus Christ controls all weather as we see in Scripture; every slight breeze is orchestrated by Him. Every artistically designed flake of dazzling snow is masterfully designed by Him.  He directs Global cooling and warming—every season, every moment.
Val Lee 
 Pasted info.
Why do we continue to hear the scare stories about Antarctic ice when its breaking records for ice growth? Not only is the interior growing but so is the sea ice. Sea ice levels are higher now than when satellite records began.
Over 650 dissenting scientists from around the globe challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore. This new 231-page U.S. Senate Minority Report report — updated from 2007’s groundbreaking report of over 400 scientists who voiced skepticism about the so-called global warming “consensus” — features the skeptical voices of over 650 prominent international scientists, including many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN IPCC. (This entry is a summary of the U. S. Senate Minority Report)
The earth is giving the New Orleans Police Department a workout.  First it was Hurricane Katrina and now its record snow. And its all due to the Global Warming Hoax. The New Orleans Police are some what use to Hurricanes but snow storms is something else entirely.
It must be a difficult job to convince people in Houston, Baton Rouge and New Orleans that we have global warming when they’re getting snowed on! There are people in those areas that have never even seen snow.
Obama has said (in his own words) that he is going to bankrupt coal companies.  Watch his videos:


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Muslins, Lebanon and America

The above link takes you to a history lesson on Islamic Lebanon, which formerly held to Christianity. Due to fair policy injunctions, Mohammedanism slowly gained control of this strategic area.

I do find it interesting that Bin Laden’s family (140 persons) was flown out of America right after 9/11—the only two jets allowed to depart.  President Bush partook in this ludicrous undertaking and it wasn’t revealed until exposed. Both the republicans and demonstrates oversaw this most strange occurrence.  Http://

These were the only jets allowed to depart according to news reports. I viewed one news video where our government attempted to justify it.

Muslims own much power in our country due to their invested monies.  I believe the Laden family was allowed to depart due to their financial investments.  It is astounding to recognize the Islamic control in our market place.  Many things are hidden from the American public by our government—democrats and republications are involved. They have to scramble their brains when such things are brought to the public forefront.

Val Lee  

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