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Starbucks Roasting Pews Community Congregation

What’s their new name? People do sit up and notice when a church exchanges names as display tags say a lot to passing folks these days. I recently read a short piece that stated people want their church names to make people feel good when they enter the doors. I notice they also want them thought-provoking.

In recent years, some churches that are Baptist have removed Baptist from their name though they are still Baptist affiliated. Of course, any worldly-minded person recognizes “Baptist” does not sound trendy at all and it does not fit into a new age generation mentality. Most people probably have no inkling what Baptist means.

I read one article that suggested churches implement corporate names, as this would certainly add to the contemporary look many fellowships want to achieve. Everyone else is doing it! Why not? Attendees today certainly don’t want their churches looking peculiar or separate. Oh no, that would be too Biblical!

With energizing mega churches springing up everywhere with hefty mortgages, some fellowships may find corporate aid perfectly appropriate for paying for roadside signs and advertisements. Enterprises simply ask for their name to be placed in neon spectacle.

Let’s look at things from the fleshy appeal to take this one step further. OK, now what name would appeal to the eyes and taste buds? Um um…how about the name of this article? Some churches sell Starbucks coffee (sadly, it gives a certain percentage of the  money you spend to homosexual groups.) This might be a fit. Some churches also sell food. How about “McDonald’s Happy Meal Chapel?” Too far-fetched? Absolutely not! A Houston Baptist church has a McDonald’s on their grounds:

For the Spanish world, how about “Tostitos Latino Temple?” Would “Coke for the Real Thing Fellowship” work for some?

Please consider our sad church apostate days where people cannot endure the sound doctrine of the inerrant Word, but do covet fast food, specialty drinks and entertainment even in the church.

I am not truly being serious about corporate names, however, I am serious about making a point.

True Christians are to put aside their worldly desires when coming to worship God. Nehemiah did all he could to stop buying and selling on the Sabbath in the Old Testament—chapter 13. The Jews wanted to be either buying or making money every day of the week and did not even want to set themselves apart from worldly endeavors in their worship of God. Because the people were so materialistically minded, Nehemiah had to take drastic measures to correct for godly change.

Jesus Christ did not want merchandise carried through a “house of prayer.” He did not desire any buying and selling near a place of worship; Mark 11:15-17. Christians today try to justify this in various forms as they say they are not robbers. However, this activity is simply stupid in appearance and there is no example of buying and selling found in the Scriptures regarding the church. Anyone in their right mind knows this looks unseemly and has nothing to do with worship, ministry and prayer.

It also appears, few heed 3 John 6 that states we know the true ministers of God by the fact they refuse to take money from the Gentiles (unsaved). We can know true ministers of Jesus Christ through various godly attributes including the fact they refuse to be supported by any unsaved person or organization.

Years ago, I was in a church where the leaders had no problem taking money from a secular grocery chain and church attendees were using an awards card, which gave a portion of the money spent to the church. Of course, this chain got its kick back as well, as it gained a greater clientele. This church also displayed furnishings for a local business for a period. It makes a true believer sick to their stomach to think about such things.

In this day and age one does have to be wary of church names and affiliations. A name never tells all. I knew a couple that attended a church that preached a strong Gospel message and it appeared to be most godly. However, when they decided to look more into the denomination, they found they supported Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, etc. They sadly departed in despairing shock.

Some people believe if they are in a church that is tagged Baptist or another denominational name, they are safe. It is very wrong to assume this. For instance, you may be in a Baptist church, but it may be affiliated with The American Baptists. They are liberal in many respects, such as they “believe in articulating their own doctrine.” They allow women pastors and are entirely ecumenical—accepting all faiths including New Age. They also encourage the agenda of tolerance. They are members of the World Council of Churches:

Many churches are members of this most wicked and vile organization. At the WCC website, you can see what churches support them. You may possibly be surprised:

WCC uplifts a new age demonic false jesus. Their jesus does not hate sin and he doesn’t care if you worship idols, which God calls partaking of the cup of demons. Every religion has a fit in their ecumenical scheme as long as it doesn’t take the Bible too literally.

WCC advocates tolerance and diversity, uplifting promiscuous sex:

WCC donates thousands of dollars to Marxists guerrilla forces, terrorists groups and other communist organizations:

United Methodists and USA Presbyterian are active in this association. Both support radical abortion organizations, the ACLU, the NEA, etc.

When it comes to church names today, one must Biblically investigate and examine, implementing the entire scope of the Scriptures. A changing nor never-changing nametag never divulges all.

It is never too late for us to learn.

Val Lee (Revelation 3:1-6)

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