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Muslins, Lebanon and America

The above link takes you to a history lesson on Islamic Lebanon, which formerly held to Christianity. Due to fair policy injunctions, Mohammedanism slowly gained control of this strategic area.

I do find it interesting that Bin Laden’s family (140 persons) was flown out of America right after 9/11—the only two jets allowed to depart.  President Bush partook in this ludicrous undertaking and it wasn’t revealed until exposed. Both the republicans and demonstrates oversaw this most strange occurrence.  Http://

These were the only jets allowed to depart according to news reports. I viewed one news video where our government attempted to justify it.

Muslims own much power in our country due to their invested monies.  I believe the Laden family was allowed to depart due to their financial investments.  It is astounding to recognize the Islamic control in our market place.  Many things are hidden from the American public by our government—democrats and republications are involved. They have to scramble their brains when such things are brought to the public forefront.

Val Lee  

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