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Arizona Shooter—The Facts on Jerod Loughner, etc.

Dear Readers,

It is so difficult to understand various media sources who are still making Jared Loughner out to be a wonderful person who simply listened to republicans, even after his corrupt life had been disclosed. The truth is, he was not a republican; and a classmate, Caita Parker, referred to him as “left wing.” He did not vote in the November elections. According to CBS News, he is registered as an independent voter:

He hates the police and wrote “Die, Cops.” He was never their friend and had experienced various arrests. He was charged with drug possession more than once. He was into LSD and marijuana. In the past, he burned the American flag. He was also into heavy metal music. He stated he was an atheist and delved into tai chi meditation. He was sexually deviant and made vile comments in college classes. Students who attended classes with him, and his instructors, feared for their lives.

He claimed to be a terrorist as one MSNBC headline read. Karl Marx and Hitler are listed among his favorite authors on his webpage.

I viewed a clip of an investigating Arizona sheriff who blamed the republicans for the shootings. When he was asked key questions regarding the facts, including the disclosure that Loughner had been in contact with Gabrielle Giffords in 2007, he admitted he knew this and other facts that pointed away from his hasty accusatory remarks. He began to appear a bit humble when his statements proved to be lies. He did admit he was a democrat. He certainly did not want people knowing the proven facts so anger could burn for republications without justification.

It was in 2007 that Loughner and Giffords exchanged kind notes with one another after he attended one of her rallies as her supporter. It appears she thought he was great at the time. He may have planned to kill her around or before this instance.

Things are hateful and wild—many are blaming Sarah Palin for the Arizona deaths. Some liberals want her murdered now!! Some want her in prison for the Arizona killings. CBS News: Http:// “There is no evidence that alleged shooter Jared Loughner was inspired by Palin … It appears he is a young man with a loose grip on reality and muddled politics far outside the mainstream.” Palin never requested anyone die, nor even implied such a horrendous thing. She stated liberal democrats needed to be defeated in the polls and that included Gabrielle Giffords.

We are shocked and saddened by what occurred with Mrs. Giffords and the other victims. Representative Giffords does need Christ to save her from her godless agendas that include murder. She is responsible for countless murders—baby murders through her legislative actions. We need a baby coffin and a mournful funeral for every unborn child murdered in this nation. Giffords approves of every aspect of unborn child murder.

Many democrats believe people are not to own guns, but abortionists can own knives to cut babies into pieces; any instrument that snuffs out their lives in a holocaustic manner. Within the abortion industry, people love taking human lives! This is a way they can accomplish murder legally. This is the way they can shed innocent human blood and no police officer can arrest them for taking human lives. Someday abortionists will be judged by God for murder and their supporters. Murderers are kept out of heaven as the Bible states. This is why repentance is required of all men—Paradise

Someone posted a video on YouTube of many people citing their death threats and torture desires for Sarah Palin on twitter. YouTube removed it, as people had their twitter ID’s with photos alongside their death wish statements that even commanded that people kill her. The threats were outrageously shocking. Apparently, YouTube did not want to incriminate anyone or expose the truth.

Satan is the one who insights murder and lies; John 8:44. He is the father of lies. However, men choose to follow and obey Lucifer in the ways of murder, lies, rebellion, indecency, impurity, etc. In the last days, his might will increase. It certainly appears that the closing days are on the horizon. Fortunately, we can rest in the fact that only God knows when the rapture and tribulation will hit the world scene.

I do not agree with Sarah Palin on her unbiblical agendas, also her worldly desires, methodologies and philosophies. I am grateful she stands for unborn children and their right to live, including imperfect babies. God stated, “with child” not with embryo. They are children and photos from the womb confirm this.

August 2010
Death threat placed upon Sarah Palin by Representative Timothy Horrigan:

New Hampshire State Representative Timothy Horrigan has resigned from the General Court, the Granite State’s legislature, over a posting on his Facebook page in which he mused that the Tea Party’s uncrowned queen Sarah Palin might be a more potent political figure if she were dead. He is the second Democrat running for election to the New Hampshire House of Representatives to make the same gaffe.

Keith Halloran posted on Facebook his wish that Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol’s ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston — the father of her grandson — had died in the Alaska plane crash that claimed the life of former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens.

“Just wish Sarah and Levy [SIC] were on board,” he posted. Halloran took down his posting as news of his musing went viral. He also apologized to Palin…

CNN News:


This Arizona killer deserves the death penalty and his wickedness cannot be blamed on republicans, guns, drugs, insanity, influences, parents, etc. He is fully responsible for senseless murder even if he claims insanity. In Idaho no one can claim insanity in self-defense. Praise God!

Our prayers go up for the living victims and the hurting families and friends. May they turn to Christ through it all and find His peace, grace and mercy. He is the One who saves from sin and He is not a god of confusion. (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible) 

Our unsaved legislators need the LORD. It is a distressing fact that 49 death threats reached legislators in the last year. About twice as many as in the previous year. Salvation and repentance are the answers. God blesses those nations whose God is the LORD of righteousness.

I must add, I could never state republicans are perfect and have not been unjustly cruel at times. It does appear our nation is reaching the point of exercising little or no wisdom. God and His holy Word, the Bible, are the only answers to our nation’s woes.

Love in Jesus Christ who declared there is no peace for the wicked (Isaiah 48:22),

Val Lee

Additional News From Past—Death Threat:
The Columbus Dispatch
Man arrested in death threat against Republican congressman
Monday, March 29, 2010 3:19 PM


Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va.
PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia man has been arrested and charged with threatening to kill the Republican party whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, officials announced today. The FBI says Norman Leboon, 38, told investigators he was the “son of the god of Enoch” and that he had posted a video on the Internet threatening the lives of Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia and his family…

More News:

A statue of Joseph Stalin was displayed at the D Day Memorial in the state of Virginia in positive memory of this terrorist who murdered millions of innocent people.


Government gangsters:

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