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Letter From Missionary Pastor and Fawn Photo

I shot this fawn at a local park

I shot this fawn at a local park

I request prayer for Christian women everywhere to dress in feminine, discreet, and modest (shamefaced) apparel that is not low, short or tight. We, as women, must dress in chaste apparel in order for men to look upon us in all purity as sisters in obedience to the Word of God (1 Tim. 2:9 and 5:1-2, 1 Cor. 11:5, 1 Peter 3:1-2).  I pray this for myself as well. I often ask my husband if my attire is modest.

Edited letter to me and other women from missionary pastor:

One of the main comments he makes: “Do you know that I as a preacher I have had to turn my eyes from seeing up a dress when I have stood up to preach or have had to look else where to not look at a sister’s back, stomach or chest?”

Dear sisters in Christ,

Thank you for taking the time to read the following. I have a burden on my heart, as one that will have to give account for you before God on the last day as Heb13:17.

On Sunday we studied the question if we are growing in holiness to be more like Christ and less like the world. In the discussion it was brought out that we have fallen from where we were and instead of being more holy we are become more like the world. This is very serious in light of 2Pet.3:17,18

In light of these scriptures, our present situation in the Church and the responsibility I have before God I would like to ask you to prayerfully answer the following questions.

My goal is not to have you please men (Gal.1:10) but God. I know that the flesh, the world and the devil are working day and night to make you sin in this area and I hope this article will help you fulfill the desire of your heart to please God daily as He looks from heaven at His godly daughters.

A true Christian is called to deny him self take up his cross and follow Christ in every area of his life. Have you done this in your way of dress?

Do you believe that the way you are dressing today in comparison with when you first confessed Christ as Lord is more godly, more modest? Does your dress reflect a growth in that meek and quite inner spirit of Christ that is of great value before God? 1Pet.3:5

Does your dress correspond with that of a holy woman that professes godliness?

Do you believe that it is godlier to dress in a way to draw more attention to you face than to your body?

Do all the clothes you use fulfill this goal?

Is it godlier to wear loose fitting clothes or tight ones to show the form of your body?

Generally speaking is it more godly to wear simple looking clothing than fancy or costly clothing?

Has your way of dress been a testimony to others giving you an opportunity to share your faith?

To unbelievers does you dress reflect more godliness, Christ likeness,__ or worldliness__?

Should a godly Christian woman dress in any way that could possible cause a brother to be tempted in any way to think of her body?

Are you aware of the fact that many brothers all over the world (according to the knowledge that I have gained working with men) have problems when they see a sister with tight clothing or clothing that doesn’t properly cover their legs and chest and some times even arms?

Do you know that many brothers who fight with all the visual temptations around them on the street do not want to have to fight with the same thing in the church, as one brother said “he had to look up at the ceiling or at the floor”?

Do you believe that God would testify that you are dressing the way he has said you should dress in 1Tim.2:9,10 and 1Pt.3:4,5.

Do you believe that for a woman to wear a bathing suit (one peace or two peaces) is dressing modestly when she is before men or brothers in the Church?

God says that whatever is not of faith is sin, Rom.14:23 Do you dress in faith, with conviction, never changing your moral standard no matter who you are with or what your circumstances are ? Never change__ Seldom __ Often__

Do we still believe that it is an abomination to God for men to dress in women’s clothes or women to dress in men’s clothes as He wants a distinction between the sexes. Deut 22:5

If you think that this principle has changed could you please give some scripture that makes you think that way. ________

Rom. 12:1,2  Have you personally sought not to be conformed to the world in the way you dress?

In sincerity who do you think has had more influence over you in the clothing you use God’s word ___ other Christians___ the world___?

Have you studied the scriptures on this subject to have you mind freed from the world’s mentality to be able to think as our Holy Father thinks concerning the godly way He wants His daughters to dress?

How often have you given way to you flesh, to the pride of life to dress immodestly and sin against God? Never__ seldom__ often__

Have you given into the temptation to be a friend of the world to dress in a way that seeks more the approval of the world? Never___ Seldom___ Often___

Have you made your self as James says an enemy of God?

As God is a jealous God do you think that you have provoked Him to jealousy more than once by dressing more to gain the worlds admiration that His. Sometimes___ Never___

If you have sinned against God in this area are you willing to take time to prayerfully remove all clothing from your house that could cause you to stumble at a weak moment in your life?

Have you seen other sisters dress immodestly or in a worldly manner? Have you prayed for them, talked to them and tried to help them? If you didn’t admonish them was it because you feared their reaction? Or was it because you haven’t always been a good example?

If a sister doesn’t want to obey what the elders teach on modesty or doesn’t agree with it what should she do? 1. For the good of the church submit with all her heart as Heb.13:17 says.___ 2. Talk with the elders about her convictions.___ 3. If she still has no peace then with the counsel and blessing of the elders go to another assembly where she is more fully in agreement.___


(1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)

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