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Dear Readers,

We all know there are countless, delightful blessings set about us every day, cheering our hearts. Of course, there are many disheartening things that strike at our beings to bring distress. It pains our soul to hear of the tornado destruction in various southern locals.

The unsaved cannot understand how God can be still praised by some survivors who lost every ounce of wealth in a split second. Of course, Christians rest in the fact that owning Christ is far better than possessing silver or gold.

It is a sobering thing when God’s name is uplifted in the secular media. Who knows how many seeds are planted when this occurs? Our God is omnipotent, moving to save souls in many unlikely places.

Have you contemplated Christ’s love for you? Please link: Paradise


Distressing Promiscuity and Homosexuality

Every American is presently required to pay for health care that has no illegal limits. Under newly enacted legislation, the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), now rewards illegal immigrants “with everything from government-sponsored abortions to transgender hormone treatments.”

“A pregnant detainee in custody shall have access to pregnancy services … including abortion services.” ICE now commits our federal dollars to drugs that are designed to help men look and sound like women and visa versa. ICE mandate: “Transgender detainees who were already receiving hormone therapy when taken into Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody should have continued access.”

Grandiose healthcare that fits a criminal immigrant’s every need is now granted to him or her. They are daily monitored to ensure their expectations are met in the way of comprehensive medical care.

Chris Crane, President of the National ICE Council, responded to The Daily Caller, explaining that most of these pampered detainees are convicted criminals. “They came out of jails and prisons where we treated them based on the charges that they were either convicted of or arrested for. The second they come to ICE, we have to treat them with a completely different standard. We throw law enforcement and security protocol … out the window.”

This administration has made criminals the new health heroes of America:

Recently, a friend of mine informed me of her unbelievable experience in downtown Boise, where she found herself standing within a group of homeless people who had just arrived in town. Their clothes were filthy dirty. They informed the people around them that they had come to participate in Occupy Boise, Idaho; also letting it be known that they expected people to take them in and care for all their needs. Not long after, a person representing the Democratic Party met them and told them they had tents arranged with everything to satisfy their needs.


This day,

250 El Paso, Texas citizens are being threatened with arrest for not siding with homosexuals who want the government to flip the bill for health care benefits for their live-in partners. These Texans are quite concerned by the fact they may be serving prison time.

Governor Cook is the one who is threatening, due to the fact, these 250 signed a petition that stands on traditional marriage. What is very strange indeed is the fact that Texas laws only protect traditional marriage. El Paso City has taken a bold, wicked step in resistance to the state.

The people of El Paso voted in opposition to homosexual rights to health care benefits for partners. It should have ended there; unfortunately, the governor and council members overturned the vote with cruel threats, and they continue to infringe on free speech regarding this issue. They literally stifle it!

One pastor has led the fight for Biblical marriage and he has paid a high price in every way.


Christian Intolerance:

With the escalation of criminal rights in recent years, it should not surprise us that Christianity is becoming less and less respected in the government and in the media. Our rights are suffering!

The homosexual minority has made great strides, being able to release significant power of persuasion.

Due to the rise of homo-power, more Christians are being arrested for presenting the Gospel in public. This has been progressing over recent years. Homosexuals have played key parts in having several arrested. Complying judges have thrust legal threats upon street ministers, stating, they may have to serve many years in prison. Fortunately, thus far, the threats have never been played out, as our free speech laws are still intact. However, frightful arrests continue:


We do not know what is to come with judges even citing Sharia Law in a couple of court cases. Liberal judges on the Supreme Court are declaring the right to implement laws from other nations, including communist. They believe it to be archaic to stand on the Constitution only.

Police will rudely harass preachers and lay people on public sidewalks, at times in great force, trying to harm them and even destroying their property. They do not care if they even possess legal papers of permit.

They will grab cameras so no evidence can be filmed. One pastor was arrested for simply reading his Bible in public to reach people for Christ in California in April 2011. Two ministers who were with him, who were not presenting Scripture, were arrested later. The national, liberal media remains silent when this occurs.

I find this so ironic when Occupy Wall Street protesters are often violent. They mock and throw small fire bombs (molotovs) at police, yell obscenities to those around, push at city barricades, and will even pursue young school children; yet, nothing is done. Now some Occupiers, at times, are arrested; however, most run free to terrorize.

Pastors have also been arrested in other countries that believe in the freedom of speech.

(Of course, I do not believe it is right for Christians to yell at the police, as we are to obey the laws of the land and those who represent the law. Unfortunately, disrespect for the law has occurred in some instances.

We do know we must obey God over men when it comes to presenting the Gospel to everyone; however, we must not ever approach police in disrespectful hatred. We are to act opposite of those of this sinful world.)

When my husband and I, with a group of believers, were presenting the Gospel outside the World’s Fair, in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1982,  police appeared and began to harass us. They wanted to apprehend us, but could find no grounds.

The officers appeared to be calling headquarters, off and on, to find a legal way to apprehend us. The police, not being sure what to do, finally told us, we had to back up so many feet on the wide sidewalk, which we did. It made no difference for presentation.

During these presentations, the men of our group would set up an easel and explain the Gospel by illustrating how mankind is separated from holy God until he repents. Salvation was offered to all who listened. The Gospel explanations were always executed in loving and gentle ways. Of course, no matter how kind you can be, you are prone to have one heckler or more. They manipulate in a loud manner in attempt to silence your message. We had some businessmen in flashy suits heckle us in one city.

It is a common practice with the police, who want to cease the Gospel message in public, to first make the messengers back up so many feet on the sidewalk. If they want to definitely end the preaching, even though the Christians comply to their requests, they will take the next steps. They will grab a person or persons in rough ways, make anyone who might be filming stop, and then they arrest.

The Gospel is to go everywhere. Most people in our world will not step foot in a Bible preaching church and that is why Christians are commanded to go everywhere with the Gospel. Everyone is to be warned of the wrath to come that they might be rescued unto eternal life; Hebrews 10:29-31, John 3:36, Thessalonians 1:10, Jude 22-23, etc.


We know there is much partiality in our legal system when it comes to criminal activities. When a homosexual commits a crime, the secular, liberal media will not even address the fact that the person is a homosexual. To divulge this transgresses their code of ethics.

Often, without any proof, the media will boldly state a terrorist is a Christian; such as the man who murdered 76 youth in Norway. He was proven to be one who practiced new age demonism. Immediately, upon the Oklahoma City bombing, Christians, pro-lifers, and home-schoolers were blamed, and the state of Idaho. This wrong assumption also made its appearance in the Arizona political shooting spree. When the media is proven wrong, they still hold to their lies and never apologize.

Extremely vile and violent acts, over recent years, have occurred with churches with no media coverage, involving homosexual terrorism. The secular media closes its eyes and ears to homosexual violence of any kind, done to anyone. Fortunately, Fox News has exposed a few cases, including a recent one, where a homosexual took a young gal’s Bible, and hit her in the head with it and then kicked her. She was with a group of people who were kindly witnessing in the area. They had been singing Amazing Grace when it occurred. The police came and escorted them from the area with hundreds of homosexuals surrounding them, yelling, screaming, swearing, threatening, etc; even with the protected presence of the law officers.

We do know through the witness of Christ, that many homosexuals have been saved. God does transform the lives of repentant homosexuals to purity. Countless sexually deviant people have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. All have sinned and fallen short of His glory; yet, His outstretched love calls all to repentance. He is abundant in mercy and grace.


(Internet photo of some of the militant homosexuals who invaded a church dressed in Code Pink attire)

Homosexuals terrorized a Michigan church, wearing pink and black. They came in, disrupted a service by throwing pro-gay leaflets, glitter and pink fabric at people and acting forceful. They hung up a vile worded pink banner. They threw out condoms and pulled the fire alarm. They blasphemed Christ by stating he was gay. Two lesbians came to the front of the church, and engaged in a sensual kiss. Two homosexuals went into the restroom and engaged in homosexual sex.

Code Pink is a powerful pro-homosexual group. They appear in various political arenas for various causes. Their symbol is the color pink, which they wear. They, at times, engage in pink glitter tossing as explained in this pro “Pink” article with video:

Code Pink is also behind Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street. Code Pink website:

George Soros is also.

Code Pink travels in Arab Spring arenas, conquering powers in the Middle East. They are on the move in most nations through Occupy and Arab Spring endeavors. (I have addressed Code Pink previously)

President Obama’s terrorist friends, Jodi Evans and Bill Ayres, are behind the power of Code Pink.

Members of Code Pink trust that radical Muslims will eventually dislodge Israel from her land. They stand with all Palestinian aggression.

Arab Spring Timeline: 

(On bottom of this post, there is current information regarding Obama’s stands with Israel)


Another church incident involved homosexuals yelling outside a church, using a bullhorn, and banging on windows; revealing hatred for its Biblical stances on family. The police made no arrests.

Large bricks were thrown at another church.

Frontline News:

(Condensed and Edited)

ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) founder, Eric Pollard, threatened Pro-Family leaders: “I shall torture you during the day time, and will keep you from a peaceful sleep at night.”

In Madison, Wisconsin, 400 homosexual activists stormed Trinity Evangelical Fellowship Church shouting obscenities inside the church for nearly an hour, while some of the protesters urinated and defecated on the church floor. Hundreds of others banged on the walls and windows with rocks and trash can lids, shouting: “Crush the Christians!” and “Bring back the lions!”

… While there were 13,500 stories on the murder of Matthew Shepard, who was a homosexual, there were only 632 stories on the brutal murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising by homosexual assailants. Jesse was bound, gagged and brutally sodomised, then smothered to death, by homosexual assailants. The secular media shed no tears for him.

Matthew Shepard assailants chose to rob and kill him to buy their drugs. All reliable sources confirmed it had nothing to do with his homosexuality; greed was the motive. Yet, there was massive newspaper and TV coverage of this case: Two major Hollywood specials, three TV movies and a play, all depicting Shepard as a victim of an anti-homosexual hate crime.

A pastor and wife reported of their trials after their San Francisco church dismissed a homosexual organist. Rocks, beer bottles, beer cans were thrown through the church windows on many occasions. Swastikas were carved in the church doors and drawn on the pastor’s house. A window in his car was smashed out. Graffiti was spray painted all over the church, parsonage and sidewalk. Anti-Christian, pro-homosexual leaflets were scattered around the neighborhood, calling church members Nazis, bigots, etc. Demonstrators would come to the Sunday services and disrupt the worship …

One man came pounding and spitting on the front door of the pastor’s home in the middle of the night, screaming: ‘We’re going to get you – we’re going to kill you politically!’

He and his family were threatened outside their home, as they made their way to their car. There were daily – 24 hours per day – telephone calls. It began with screaming and obscenities. Later, the phone calls began describing their children … and what sexually deviant behaviour was to be practiced on the children before killing them … Then … someone actually attempted to follow through with their threats to kill the pastor’s family by fire bombing the house while the children were asleep inside.


Praise God, places in Africa understand that homosexuality needs to be cut out like a cancer from nations. We need to pray for the passage of the Uganda political bill, as stated below, so families continue to be protected from this filthy lifestyle of death.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, carrying a 14 year prison sentence for offenders. The new legislation to be voted on, would even place greater fear in those who would dare to break God’s law in this area of promiscuity. It is no surprise that President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, want homosexuals to exercise all rights in Africa.


Tuesday, Mar 06, 2012

Uganda Bill Calling for Life Sentence, Death Penalty for Gays Goes too Far?

Uganda is once again considering a bill that was defeated three years that calls for those who commit homosexual acts to face life imprisonment and for witnesses and sympathizers of homosexuals to be locked up for up to 14 years. Some argue, however, that lawmakers are overreaching in their aim to protect the country’s culture and Christian values.

The bill was introduced Tuesday by lawmaker David Bahati. A similar bill that called for the death penalty for homosexuals was defeated three years ago after international pressure. The revised bill is likely to garner more support in the deeply religious African country, although a reading of the bill has not yet been made public to determine if the death penalty clause has been dropped.

“This is a piece of legislation that is needed in this country to protect the traditional family here in Africa, and also protect the future of our children,” Bahati said of the anti-homosexual bills to CNN. “Every single day of my life now I am still pushing that it passes.”

Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda and punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment …

In addition to codifying a life imprisonment for couples that engage in same-sex marriage, strict punishment is in line for any group that promotes gay rights (including Amnesty International), as well as any person who witnesses homosexual activity and does not report it to authorities within 24 hours …

Uganda is not the only country to enact strict anti-gay legislation on the continent. Nearly every African nation prohibits same-sex marriage, and countries like Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya and others have harsh penalties for those who commit homosexual acts.

Nigeria voted in November to criminalize gay marriage with one lawmaker going as far as to say that “such elements in society should be killed.”

Speaking at an October 31 hearing, Nigerian Senate President David Mark called his Christian faith into his defense of the bill.

“My faith as a Christian abhors it. It is incomprehensible to contemplate on same-sex marriage. I cannot understand it. I cannot be a party to it,” Mark said.

Like in many African nations, lawmakers in the Nigerian government see homosexual behavior as a foreign import – a bane on the nation’s pure culture and a remnant of imperialism.

“There are enough men and women to marry each other. The whole idea is the importation of foreign culture, but this one would be a freedom too many. We cannot allow our tradition and value system [to be] eroded,” Mark said.

In southern and middle Africa, Christians comprise a significant majority of the population. About 84 percent of Ugandans are Christian.

Regarding the previous bill to criminalize homosexuality, the Church of Uganda issued a statement in support of the measure but called for “proportionality in sentencing” although the church did not outright condemn the death penalty for homosexuals.

The Church of Uganda also said it would like to work with homosexuals to reverse their orientation and asked that the bill be amended to prohibit punishment of religious figures who work with homosexuals.

The church has not yet issued a statement on the new bill.

U.S. President Barack Obama joined a chorus of international voices and called the 2012 bill “odious.” U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton urged the Ugandan parliament to reject the bill immediately.


Ancient Rome was a very vile society full of homosexuality.  Nero was a transsexual, full of murder, and held wicked sexual desires toward boys, men and women. One of the reasons Rome fell was due to its homosexual lusts. In Romans chapter 1, of the Bible, God explains that homosexuality destroys civilizations. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, in His wrath, that was full of homosexual deviancy.  People hated the sin of these cities and cried out to God for justice.  He heard and destroyed.

God did not allow homosexuality to have any say in Israel that she might not be polluted from within. The penalty was death. God declares that these acts and other sexual vile acts pollute the land in Leviticus chapter 18. Leviticus 20:13 states death was the penalty for homosexual actions.


Israeli News

Several news sources have stated that our President has put Palestinian aggression against Israel on hold until after the election.

By Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM — The Obama administration asked the Palestinian Authority not to make any major demands until after the presidential election in November, a senior PA official told Klein Online.

The PA official, speaking on condition his name be withheld, said that Obama promised to renew stalled Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on the basis of the 1967 borders, meaning an Israeli withdrawal from eastern sections of Jerusalem as well as from Judea and Samaria, also referred to as the West Bank.

“We were asked by the (U.S.) administration not to make special demands or scandals during the elections,” said the official.

“After elections, the negotiations will be renewed on basis of the Clinton plan, and Obama’s speech in Cairo of the 1967 borders,” the official said.

The Clinton plan is a reference to the formula used during the Camp David negotiations in the summer of 2000 that saw sections of Jerusalem in which Jews predominantly live go to Israel, while areas inhabited by Arabs would become a Palestinian state.  The negotiations also called for a near complete Israeli evacuation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

KleinOnline previously reported that several major purported Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem are actually built illegally on Jewish-owned land, resulting in an Arab majority in those sections.

Obama to ‘take on’ Netanyahu during 2nd term?

This is not the first time the PA claimed the Obama administration asked them to hold off until after this year’s election.

Last September, KleinOnline quoted a top PA official saying the Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority it cannot significantly help advance a Palestinian state until after the election.

The official, however, said the U.S. will press for a Palestinian state quickly if President Obama is reelected.

“The main message we received from the U.S. is that nothing will happen in a serious way before the 2012 elections,” said the official.

Earlier this month, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius said he expects Obama to “take on” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a second presidential term.

Appearing as a panel member on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Ignatius stated: “What I hear from the White House is looking towards a second term on foreign policy, which I cover, as an opportunity to do the broad things that would establish an Obama agenda. He came into office passionate about the Middle East, about the Palestinian issue. I’d see him taking another really strong crack at that.”

“Go head to head with Netanyahu again?” Matthews then asked, according to a transcript provided by Newsbusters.

“Yeah, and I think, this White House thinks… -that he’s had success, that that’s an area – who would have said that an anti-war President, candidate, four years ago, could run on a strong foreign policy record?”


President Obama and Israel video:


Jerusalem Post

Obama no longer Israeli ally (Condensed)

Egyptian voters in the far more Islamist Nile Delta and Sinai will undoubtedly provide the forces of jihadist Islam with an even greater margin of victory.

Until the US-supported overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt served as the anchor of the US alliance system in the Arab world. The Egyptian military is US-armed, US-trained and US-financed.

The Suez Canal is among the most vital waterways in the world for the US Navy and the global economy.

Due to Mubarak’s commitment to stemming the tide of jihadist forces that threatened his regime, under his rule Egypt served as a major counter-terror hub in the US-led war against international jihad.

GIVEN EGYPT’S singular importance to US strategic interests in the Arab world, the Obama administration’s response to the calamitous election results has been shocking. Rather than sound the alarm bells, US President Barack Obama has celebrated the results as a victory for “democracy.”

Rather than warn Egypt that it will face severe consequences if it completes its Islamist transformation, the Obama administration has turned its guns on the first country that will pay a price for Egypt’s Islamic revolution: Israel.

Speaking at the annual policy conclave in Washington sponsored by the leftist Brookings Institute’s Saban Center for Middle East Policy, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hammered Israel, the only real ally the US has left in the Middle East after Mubarak’s fall. Clinton felt it necessary – in the name of democracy – to embrace the positions of Israel’s radical Left against the majority of Israelis.

The same Secretary of State that has heralded negotiations with the violent, fanatical misogynists of the Taliban; who has extolled Saudi Arabia where women are given ten lashes for driving, and whose State Department trained female-hating Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the lead-up to the current elections in Egypt accused Israel of repressing women’s rights. The only state in the region where women are given full rights and legal protections became the focus of Clinton’s righteous feminist wrath.

Israel is a criminal state for affording Jewish soldiers freedom of religion. Whereas the Taliban, who enslave women and girls in the most unspeakable fashion are worthy interlocutors, and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which supports universal female genital mutilation is moderate, Israel is an enemy of democracy for seeking to preserve the government’s ability to adopt policies that advance the country’s interests.

And as far as she is concerned, if Israel is not perfect, then it is unworthy of support. And since Israel, as a nation of mere mortals can never be perfect, it is necessarily always guilty.

CLINTON’S ASSAULT on Israeli democracy and society came a day after US Secretary of Defense, Panetta, attacked Israel’s handling of its strategic challenges. Whereas Clinton attacked Israel’s moral fiber, Panetta judged Israel responsible for every negative development in the regional landscape.

Panetta excoriated Israel for not being involved in negotiations with the Palestinians. Israel, he said must make new concessions to the Palestinians in order to convince them of its good faith. If Israel makes such gestures, and the Palestinians and the larger Islamic world spurn them, then Panetta and his friends will side with Israel, he said.

Panetta failed to notice that Israel has already made repeated, unprecedented concessions to the Palestinians and that the Palestinians have pocketed those concessions and refused to negotiate. And he failed to notice that in response to the repeated spurning of its concessions by the Palestinians and the Arab world writ large, rather than stand with Israel, the US and Europe expanded their demands for further Israeli concessions.

Panetta demanded that Israel make renewed gestures as well to appease the Egyptians, Turks and Jordanians. He failed to notice that it was Turkey’s Islamist government, not Israel, that took a knife to the Turkish-Israeli strategic alliance.

As for Egypt, rather than recognize the strategic implications for the US and Israel alike of Egypt’s transformation into an Islamic state, the US Defense Secretary demanded that Israel ingratiate itself with Egypt’s military junta. Thanks in large part to the Obama administration, that junta is now completely beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood.

As for Jordan, again thanks to the US’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its aligned groups in Libya and Tunisia, the Hashemite regime is seeking to cut a deal with the Jordanian branch of the movement in a bid to save itself from Mubarak’s fate. Under these circumstances, there is no gesture that Israel can make to its neighbor to the east that would empower King Abdullah to extol the virtues of peace with the Jewish state.

Then there is Iran, and its nuclear weapons program.

Panetta argued that an Israeli military strike against Iran would lead to regional war. But he failed to mention that a nuclear-armed Iran will lead to nuclear proliferation in the Arab world and exponentially increase the prospect of a global nuclear war.

Rather than face the dangers head on, Panetta’s message was that the Obama administration would rather accept a nuclear-armed Iran than support an Israeli military strike on Iran to prevent the mullahcracy from becoming a nuclear-armed state.

Clinton’s and Panetta’s virulently anti-Israeli messages resonated in an address about European anti-Semitism given last week by the US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman. Speaking to a Jewish audience, Gutman effectively denied the existence of anti-Semitism in Europe. While attacks against European Jews and Jewish institutions have become a daily occurrence continent-wide, Gutman claimed that non-Muslim anti- Semites are essentially just all-purpose bigots who hate everyone, not just Jews.

As for the Muslims who carry out the vast majority of anti-Jewish attacks in Europe, Gutman claimed they don’t have a problem with good Jews like him. They are simply angry because Israel isn’t handing over land to the Palestinians quickly enough. If the Jewish state would simply get with Obama’s program, according to the US ambassador, Muslim attacks on Jews in Europe would simply disappear.

Gutman of course is not a policymaker. His job is simply to implement Obama’s policies and voice the president’s beliefs.

But when taken together with Clinton’s and Panetta’s speeches, Gutman’s remarks expose a distressing intellectual and moral trend that clearly dominates the Obama administration’s foreign policy discourse. All three speeches share a common rejection of objective reality in favor of a fantasy.

In the administration’s fantasy universe, Israel is the only actor on the world stage. Its detractors, whether in the Islamic world or Europe, are mere objects. They are bereft of judgment or responsibility for their actions.

Restrained by ideological thought police that outlaw critical thought about the dominant forces in the Islamic world today, US officials have little choice but to place all the blame for everything that goes wrong on the one society they are free to criticize – Israel.

The second possible explanation for the administration’s treatment of Israel is that it is permeated by anti-Semitism. The outsized responsibility and culpability placed on Israel by the likes of Obama, Clinton, Panetta and Gutman is certainly of a piece with classical anti-Semitic behavior.

The end result is the same in either case: Under President Obama, the US government has become hostile to Israel’s national rights and strategic imperatives. Under Obama, the US is no longer Israel’s ally.


Church Pedophilia

It is most distressing to read of pastors molesting children. The long list of incidents is sickening! Here is one of many sources: – Please watch the links to 20/20 reports.

Notice, the Southern Baptist Spokesman lies to 20/20, making excuses for not having a sex offender registry!!!!

Cover-ups in conservative churches may exceed the idolatrous Catholic congregations, according to an internal investigative report on cases.

Previously, I addressed Calvary Chapel regarding this issue. This is added information concerning the two Calvary Chapel pastors who molested children. One pastor was apprehended in California and the second in Idaho. Calvary Chapel leadership shielded the vile criminal activities of the Idaho pastor, who they knew had a record in regard to pedophilia while pastoring in California. He had sexually abused a boy as a youth pastor. Some incidents of sex abuse, by this pastor, occurred when he supervised a mission trip. Yet, he was still allowed to pastor.

There are “two separate lawsuits filed against Calvary Chapel accusing them of harboring the Idaho child molester.” (Of course, child molesters deserve the death penalty and harborers deserve incarceration for life. This includes Chuck Smith if he assisted in the cover-up; and I have a hard time believing he did not, peering at the open facts!)

Now, why in the world was this man not serving life in prison; and why in the world would Calvary Chapel allow a child molester in its doors, yet alone to pastor in this chapel? I assume some Calvary Chapel pastors never read 1 Corinthians chapters 5 and 6, the books of Timothy and Titus, and John 7:24! Pastors must be above reproach in every way, faithfully obedient to Word of God! It appears some of Calvary Chapels pastors are simply corrupt, vile men who have no morals!

Another disturbing story regarding Chuck Smith:

At one Calvary Chapel exposure site, regarding child molestation, many had blogged that it was wrong to expose the child molesters of Calvary Chapel. (The apostasy is grave beyond belief.)

As stated before, I know of a church in Washington State which preaches the Bible; yet allows child molesters to attend. Some children left the church as a result. They now have no church to attend. The pastor does not care!

Of course, this is part of the backlash of allowing people who view pornography in the church doors, and those who dress immodestly in church doors. Vile church attendees think it is such a fun, silly game to play church, and then go home and engage in unspeakable activities. They truly believe church attendance exonerates them.

Child molestations in Bible churches have become a conspiracy of the most monstrous and demonic kind. Praise God, for the truth that is beginning to be released.

May God bring forth His righteous judgment speedily for all compromising sins in the church!

Val Lee

*Info gratefully gathered from many web sources.

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