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The True William Wilberforce of Amazing Grace


William Wilberforce of Britain stood with strict Christian morality. He stood verbally strong against lewdness, sexually impurity, immodesty, drunkenness, foul language, indecent literature—everything contrary to our most innocent and undefiled Savior; Hebrews 7:26. 


Concerning the epitaph of William Wilberforce, I have admired all he sought in the name of his Savior. When he became a believer in 1785, he fought to end slavery, but suffered continually under the hand of liberal persecution.  Finally, England ceased its slavery trade in 1833, three days before his death and about 30 years before America followed suit, due mainly to his voice of influence.   


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 William Wilberforce: His Impact on Nineteenth-Century Society Condensed

Churchman 108/2 1994

Jonathan Bayes

William Wilberforce is remembered today mainly for his long Parliamentary campaign for the abolition of the slave-trade. He look up the cause of Africa and the West Indian slaves in 1786, and the Act of Parliament for Abolition finally received the Royal Assent and became law on 25 March 1807.


Not that that was the end of the struggle. Wilberforce had always seen the abolition of trading in human beings as but the first step towards the ultimate goal of the outlawing of slavery itself. This objective was not attained until 1833. By then Wilberforce had been retired from the politics of Westminster for eight years, and had handed on to others the baton of the antislavery campaign. It was his joy to live just long enough to hear of the final success in the House of Commons of the Bill for the Abolition of Slavery. He died two days later.


His notoriety on nineteenth-century British society came not through his work on behalf of the slaves, but through the other great task to which he believed himself to be called of God. On Sunday, 28 October 1787 Wilberforce wrote in his diary: ‘God Almighty has set before me two great objects, the suppression of the Slave Trade and the Reformation of Manners’, by which he meant the reform of the morals of Britain. The question of slavery, that he first voiced his personal concern to reform the morals of England.


Around the time when he was preparing his Bill concerning capital punishment, in 1786,Wilberforce read a book by Dr Joseph Woodward, entitled The History of the Society for the Reformation of Manners in 1692.


It was traditional for a new monarch to mark his accession to the throne by issuing a Proclamation for the Encouragement of Piety and Virtue, and for the Preventing of Vice, Profaneness, and Immorality.


At that time, corruption was rife at every rank of society. The well-to-do were notorious for their gambling, while, amongst the poorer classes, prostitution abounded. Drunkenness and foul talk were common lo all social strata.

In devising his plan to form a new Society for the Reformation of Manners, Wilberforce believed, as we have already noted, that the way to begin was by making the strict combatting of crime an effective deterrent. The Society was designed to raise the moral tone of the nation by clamping down on offences such as the publication of indecent or blasphemous literature, and the desecration of the Lord’s Day. In targeting such offences in particular, Wilberforce was giving expression to his conviction that the looseness of the nation’s morals arose from the religious apathy and skepticism

which prevailed amongst all classes. His plan was that his Society for the Reformation of Manners should serve to restore England to its Protestant faith, by standing against those moral offences which militated against Christianity. As a by-product, Wilberforce believed, there would follow a general moral improvement.


1787 the Preamble the King George III articulated his ‘inexpressible concern’ at ‘the rapid progress of impiety and licentiousness’, and at the deluge of ‘profaneness, immorality, and every kind of vice’, which had broken in upon this nation. He declared his royal purpose ‘to discountenance and punish all manner of vice, profaneness and immorality, in all persons, of whatsoever degree or quality, within this our realm.’


Wilberforce: Our dependence on our blessed Saviour, as alone the meritorious cause of our acceptance with God, . . . must be not merely formal and nominal, but real and substantial. . . . It is not an occasional invocation of His name, or a transient recognition of the authority, of Christ, that fills up the measure of the terms ‘believing in Jesus’. . . . We must be deeply conscious of our guilt and misery, heartily repenting of our sins, and firmly resolving to forsake them: and thus penitently flying for refuge to the hope set before us, we must found altogether on the merits of our crucified Redeemer our hopes of escape from their deserved punishment, and of deliverance from their enslaving power. This must be our first, our last, our only plea. The corollary of this view of salvation, Wilberforce goes on, is the recognition that real Christianity is a commitment which demands the totality of a person’s life, doing everything to the glory of God.


Wilberforce proclaims explicitly that nominal Christianity is not

Christianity, that the difference is not a trifling one, but that nominal Christianity lacks altogether the radical principle of Christianity, namely the remembrance that we are fallen creatures, born in sin and naturally depraved, and that we need to be born again to become Christians in a genuine sense. His final challenge is to realize that nominal Christianity in one generation will lead to absolute unbelief in the next.


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One of the Best Days of My Life

I had my socks blessed off me when I experienced one of the best days of my life.  I went with three other ladies to pass out Bibles to medical facilities. The Lord worked beyond what we could ask or think!  He opened doors to place His Word in needy hands.  Yes, we had some refusals, but over all, most were very happy to have Bibles placed in their offices.  In the back of these New Testaments (which include Psalms & Proverbs) is the salvation message and helpful ministry tools are in the front.

One lovely lady, who I offered a New Testament to, reached out and received it as one receiving a precious and costly jewel. May her beaming face stay implanted in my mind. Another lady in a waiting room gratefully took a Testament from me and immediately started reading.  May these two ladies and all who received Bibles be saved!

One sweet physical therapist graciously thanked us for what we were doing. She powerfully gleamed with the love of the Holy Spirit.  Another man in an office accounted to us how he was most thankful for our ministry as he received a Testament when he was in the military. 

One of our ladies blessed me by her boldness at one office.  I had asked a receptionist if we could leave a Bible for their patrons and she strongly replied that the doctor wouldn’t allow it.  She was very firm, unfriendly and held a spiteful countenance.  I did not dare offer her a New Testament gift, but the lady who was with me was not intimidated and offered one to her.  The lady appeared offended at first—as if she was not going to refuse it, but then her countenance changed and she received it with a half-smile and a thank you. I was so grateful for my bold accomplice!

All our ladies were blessed beyond belief. One placed a Testament in the hands of a woman that was extremely thrilled to receive one. She joyfully revealed she had not received one since grade school.  The lady who placed it in her hand loves passing out Testaments as she received one as a child and it meant so much to her.  My husband, Alan, received one when men came into his grade school and presented Testaments to all the children.  A few decades ago, Bibles were freely dispersed in America’s schoolrooms. Looking at our country’s history it is interesting to note that the Bible was read in public school classrooms, holding an essential part in education.  Teachers would state they were now going to read God’s Word when opening to a text. 

We know a bold high school public school teacher who at one time relayed to Alan and others that he keeps Testaments in his lower desk drawer to have available for secular students. He gives out approximately 100 a year.  He also keeps a Bible on his desk. Last year a student stated to him that he could not have a Bible on his desk and he knew as his father was a member of the ACLU.  A large Russian exchange student approached the instructor’s desk and boldly stated, “Don’t ever say anything against the Bible as my father’s life was saved through a Bible.” One had been given to his father when he was drunk. His father was an alcoholic with failing health.  His father went home and read the Bible and was saved.  His wife and three children (this boy included) also received Christ.  

 I was also touched by a story in a newsletter, which told of Maria and Anna. They are cousins and were traveling to Uruguay. They overheard a meeting were testimonies were being shared in a restaurant. This night, by ordained appointment, they learned who had placed the precious Word in their hotel that had changed and saved their lives.

Seven years previous, these cousins were vacationing in Buenos Aires when they discovered a Gideon New Testament in their hotel room.  Both of them wanted to read it so they took turns.  Anna stated “It was like one of us would have the little book for breakfast, the other for lunch and the other for dinner.”  Maria shared further “It was the presence of God in my life coming as a little book … God put this treasure in my way, and He has changed my life in ways I could not begin to explain.”  The cousins received the Word together and salvation together.
As a side note, I would like to ask Christians to inquire at medical facilities if they have a Bible on hand to read. This will encourage them to have Bibles available in waiting areas. 

Val Lee  

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The Shack

Dear Readers,

We live in the day and age of the apostasy and Christians need to be alert to their surroundings.  I would implore you to watch the above video link concerning the new best selling book, The Shack.  My sister phoned me to warn me of this false publication that holds to heretical doctrine concerning God.  She started reading the book and stopped when God the Father was portrayed in female form.  She was wise to spot the heresy that she knew was a calculated lie and told others. This resulting in her defense of the faith, despite criticism.

Throughout Scripture, people are warned not to worship false deities, including those of feminine impressions.  Mary, the false goddess of the Catholic Church, is called the “queen of heaven” as she is worshipped as deity.  She is viewed as God Almighty.  In Jeremiah, God forbids the worship of the “queen of heaven” who is Satan, portrayed in female gender. Everywhere in Scripture God is masculine in both the Old and New Testament. The Greek and Hebrew, which are the original languages of the Bible, verify this.  Angels are always text in the masculine as well.  Woman did not appear on the scene until the creation of the earth—countless eons following the creation of angels.  She was cast in the image of man. Nothing has been created in her image in the spiritual realm.  Sinful man likes to worship and adore the feminine figure, which is why people enjoy imagining gods and angels in such likeness.

We cannot add or subtract from the Bible.  We cannot add or subtract God’s words, as there are grievous consequences.  When Christ was on the earth, He did not turn into every form to please every personality and He performed the Father’s will. God never changes—His agendas and statements never change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

You need to ask, where in the inerrant Word did God make the statements and perform the actions that are credited to Him in The Shack?   If a person cannot accept the Biblical Trinity, then something is very wrong with their heart.

Dr. Harry Ironside, pastor of Chicago’s MoodyMemorialChurch from 1930-1948, emphasized the fact that truth mixed with error results in “all error.”  “A little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump.”

In God who never lies nor His Word,

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