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Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Lie

Dear Readers,

Please consider the fact that only the godly fearless will stand against the foe and they are few. Few are the wise. Few are those who stand opposed to the satanic apostasy.

A pastor can preach against folly repeatedly, but only the few who are wise will hear and heed his words. Only one in many thousands own a discerning ear in this day, or so it seems.

Cowardliness is simply easy. To jump in the water is fine. To go with the flow of the river is fine. Drowning in the chosen folly of this world is fine.

Simpletons of the church look like idiots imitating the world’s methodologies and philosophies.

I say, catch the latest cliché and run with it, and you will be hurrahed. Bring to the ears all people want to hear and you will be vaunted.

Hollywood has produced a herded brand of church going, mindless, sex-driven hombres who call themselves contemporary. They know nothing of reality, only storybook illustrations of the wicked ridiculous.

Satan’s deadly plot is to make Christians look as stupid as the world. He wants godly salt eliminated. He wants all holiness and purity extinguished.

This is why a three-year-old’s tainted tale, Heaven is for Real, is seducing the masses. It tells people all they want to hear regarding heaven.

Someone recommended this child’s book to me, and I decided to research before placing my stamp of approval upon it.

I will address a few of the lies:

Colton Burpo stated that the picture Akiane Kramarik painted of Jesus is the same Jesus he saw in heaven. Akiane testified that she used a model for this painting; a man who is a family friend and a carpenter. You can confirm her words in this video interview:

The Bible states we are to make no likeness of God, and we no longer know Christ after the flesh. Christ does appear in heaven as a slain Lamb. He is the slain Lamb of God who died for everyone’s sins, shedding His precious blood, so anyone can be saved by asking God to be their Savior.

Christ also appears as Glorified God in heaven, no longer as a fleshly man. His holy, righteous and omnipotent appearance would cause any person to fall as a dead man before him, as we note from Revelation 1:13-18. We observe from these verses that Christ in heaven, has a double-edged sword extending from His mouth. (also revealed in Revelation 19:15) His countenance is as the sun shinning in its strength. His hair is as white as wool, like snow, and eyes like a flame of fire.

You should consider the fact this painting does not depict Christ with many crowns, as Revelation 19:12 reports, not even one. Many crowns are cast at His feet in Revelation 4:10 and this might explain His many crowns worn in 19:12. Though, of course, Christ is the only one truly worthy of a crown and is worthy of all diadems.

Akiane’s artwork exposes a man, just a man, who has extending brown hair. Her depiction does not resemble, in any form, the heavenly Christ of the inerrant Bible.

Akiane once claimed to be a Christian; though now she vividly displays her New Age colors in more ways than one.

She stated in a 2010 interview

that her family has traveled the Christian, Catholic and Buddhist routes in religion. She believes people can pursue their own spiritual roads whatever they may be.

Many of her artworks are New Age and she stated that she listens to soft voices, and they have always inspired her painting. She is a mystic—she is demonically influenced. These are the words she used to describe her spiritual beliefs—spiritual connection, higher power and spiritual enlightenment. She explains, her relationship with God, at age 15, is the same as when she was 4. True Christians will acknowledge they are growing in their faith and in the knowledge of the Bible. The walk of the Christian should always be uphill.

New Agers always state they are simply “spiritual” and that is what she is currently stating.

In this interview, Akiane never acknowledges Christ Jesus as her personal LORD and Savior. She never states, it is through Christ’s shed blood that man is saved. Even if she did, she would be a Christian heretic. True Christians would never listen to invisible voices, knowing they would be the voices of demons.

I do not believe she ever was saved; she simply used Christianity as an inroad to fame at a young age. She has painted in a New Age fashion since age 9.

There is a false New Age Jesus and this is the Jesus she has acknowledged. There are many false Christs, as the Bible states; however, only the true Christ of the entire Bible (no additions or deletions) will allow a person into heaven.

What is also quite distressing, is Colton’s family advertises her artwork at their family website.

Colton’s family has certainly encountered great wealth through this book.

Colton (now 12 years old) and his family have sold the movie rights to join with vile Hollywood, that dwells with satan, to produce a film of these concocted experiences. This is another blasphemous thing involved in this scheme of heavenly themes.

No son or father, who is truly of the LORD, would consent to such wickedness. God Almighty commands that Christians come out from amongst them and be separated.

True believers have to ask, “Why would they want to collaborate with the enemies of God, including receiving immorally earned money, to make a Hollywood movie?” Of course, this family will stoop to many questionable things, since they are forthright liars. The Scripture states liars are kept out of heaven; Revelation 22:15 and 21:8.

To increase the level of their pot of gold, they sell T-shirts and wristbands bearing the name of their book, Heaven is for Real.

(I must add that I am simply made of dust and I must cling to Christ continually, or I too will fall. Each believer must be kept on guard while treading on this earth that takes its toll.)

Zechariah 10:12 and other Scriptures, disclose that wicked people see lying visions and tell false dreams. This verse points right to Colton and this artist.

2 Timothy 4:3-4 commands that we do not follow fables. It also declares, that in the last days, people will not desire to hear sound doctrine.

Philippians 4:8 commands that we dwell on that which is true. The only theological truth we have in this world, is the inerrant Word of God.

The official hospital records from Great Plains Regional Medical Center in North Platte, Nebraska, never confirmed any type of loss of life in this child.

Colton claims he saw halos in heaven, including one over Mary. This is projected from the imagination of Catholics. You can locate no halos in the Word of God.

Readers are told in this book to believe Colton over Scripture. This is blasphemy!

Catholicism is an idolatrous, false religion of satan. To uplift its man-made creeds is wicked.

Matthew 13:42-43 addresses the last days and states, “The righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.” No halos are mentioned in this passage nor in any Scripture. The entire being of every true Christian will shine forth in heaven.

Another item I feel must be addressed is the idolatry of Colton’s experiences. Idolatry (praying before statues and to anyone or anything outside of Almighty God) is one of the main sins exposed and condemned throughout the Bible; so why would Colton present a different gospel, an accepting gospel of idolatry?

We see this lived out in his lying imagination, through his account of Mary, and her maintaining a special place in heaven beside Christ, which is totally contrary to how the Bible describes heaven.

Colton tells readers that Mary appears like any typical woman of the earth who has brown hair and dark eyes, who is in her twenties or thirties. She is presented as a mother who still cares for her son, as if Jesus is still an earthly man.

Colton states all adults appear to be in their twenties or thirties in heaven.

The Bible verifies Mary is not different from any other believer who has lived, in the eyes of God. We know Mary came to trust in Christ, as her God and Savior and her soul is present in heaven. However, Christ made it abundantly clear that she was not to be uplifted above those who did His will on the earth. So why would this change in heaven? (Please read Matthew 12:46-49 and Luke 11:27-28)

When true Christians die, their souls go immediately to heaven. Mary’s soul is in heaven, not her body. The Resurrection of the body takes place after the tribulation. This is disclosed in Revelation and 1 Corinthians chapter 15, which also explains our bodies will not bear an earthly appearance. Christians will be created new, with nothing earthly to resemble us. Believers bodies will be changed! Nothing corruptible of this earth will follow Christians to heaven. We will set aside the image of corruptible men.

Christians will be dressed with a new, incorruptible, holy, and immortal appearance.

Colton stated there are many children in heaven. The Bible does not say children who go to heaven maintain children’s bodies. Why would they? Their souls reach heaven not their bodies when they die. When they receive their new bodies, in a future to come, they will be everlasting, non-aging and brilliant like the sun. (Matthew 13:43)


Another obvious heresy of this book is that fact Colton asked the angels to sing, “We Will, We will Rock You.” He stated, the Angels did not, however. Obviously, this is a ridiculous statement.

Any mature Christian of the Word, knows believers are transformed when they reach heaven; they are not earthly minded in paradise. Their spirit is of God and only of God!

It is wrong for the readers of Heaven is for Real to believe someone would act earthly, who has arrived in heaven! No person, present in heaven, would ask angels to sing, “We Will, We Will Rock You.”

Where is this type of mental desire exampled by John, regarding his heavenly experience? It certainly was not exampled by Isaiah, in Isaiah chapter 6, when he came face to face with the heavenly realities of God in the Jerusalem temple. Isaiah was completely humbled by his sinful self, and recognized how mankind appears completely sinful before holy God. It made him confess his unclean mouth, and the impure mouths of the Jews in Israel.

Someday we will all give an account of every worthless word we have ever uttered; Matthew 12:36. This should cause us to safeguard our speech.

True, obedient Christians who live on this earth, do not desire the sensual earthly. They desire what is holy, innocent, separated, pure, undefiled, etc. Christians who claim maturity and Biblical discernment, would never accept this book as true. They would find one error after another.

Concerning heaven’s melody, those who know of heaven through Scripture, recognize harps are the only instrument played for worship song; and they are played to pure, innocent, lovely, undefiled and separated lyrics, sung to God alone.

The souls of Christians who die and go to heaven have new minds, new desires, and this all spells holy chastity, innocence, modesty, decency, etc. Christians who are in heaven will not desire the beat of this lustful world nor anything else of this sinful world. They will be changed in holy perfection.

Christ also made it clear there is no marriage in heaven. Christians will be like the chaste angels, undefiled and pure in every way; Luke 24:34. However, we will not be angels. The Bible differentiates angels from believers in heaven.

There is no indication of male and female in paradise, just the opposite; Matt 22:30. No marriage, no need for earthly bodies of the male and female. Angels were created countless ages before Eve ever stepped on the earth. It only makes sense that Scripture only addresses male angels.

God hates all the world’s sinful entertaining ways that are orchestrated by satan! This is why Christians are told to hate their life on this earth.

To be kept from deception in this day and age of evil doctrines, we must be spiritually dressed in heavenly armor; right and ready, at all times, for battle. (Ephesians chapter 6) We must be in the Word of God (our sword of the Spirit) to maintain our close walk with Christ so we withdraw ourselves from all teachings that tickle the flesh.

We are simply made of dust, and weak in our earthly being. We must faithfully work to learn our Bibles. (2 Timothy 2:14-16)

If we do not remain steadfast in the Word of God, we fall in the battle and most Christians have already fallen on the battlefield!

We must don eyes of discernment when we read books, knowing false teachers will deceive by placing verses here and there throughout publications, to make them appear as if God has set His approval on these books.

Readers must take the time to thoroughly read the verses before and following the stated verse and verses, and cross-reference for verification. Having proper study tools is essential. Praying for discernment is essential.


Regarding Colton’s revelations that he feels he must pass on to us, we need to take note of the fact that Paul the apostle was summoned to heaven; yet, he was not allowed to disclose what he witnessed. (2 Corinthians 12:1-4) He was not earthly minded like this deceptive child; yet, he was not allowed to speak of heaven’s glories.

John was permitted to disclose heaven, being he was commanded to address seven churches, through his recorded letters. He was to warn the disobedient five churches of their wickedness that they might repent. His letters were to warn all seven churches of the fact God was bringing judgment on the earth and they needed to take heed. Two churches did walk righteously, and their godliness was exalted by the LORD.

Every church held positive attributes; however, the disobedience of the five churches in certain areas (the things God had against them) was going to produce judgment if they did not repent of every wrong way.

Exposing heaven through Revelation purposed to produce greater holiness in the church, definitely not greater, cultural imitation.

Every church today needs to be aware of these warnings, knowing God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever; Hebrews 13:8.


It is a blundering error to believe a three-year-old’s experience should be the basis on which earth’s inhabitants view heaven.

No one is allowed to add new revelation to the Bible. There are strict warnings in Scripture regarding this. Please see Revelation 22:18-19, Matthew 5:18-19 and Deuteronomy 4:2.

Galatians chapter 1 declares:

I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ to another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other gospel to you than that you have received, let him be accursed.

According to the Bible, Colton, his father, Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter and everyone else who partook in the publication of this book is to be accursed of God for presenting a different Gospel.

They need to be warned that they might repent, as God warned the churches in Revelation.


Another distressing conveyance, is the depiction of this boy flying overhead, viewing his doctor and his parents. You find these types of incidents within demonic séance accounts. This type of downward, out of the body, surveillance is only related to the demonic realm. Nothing of this type of viewing is found in Scripture. This type of body and soul separation, to spy others, is totally satanic. When a Christian dies their soul immediately goes to heaven. To be absent from the body, is to be present with the LORD; 2 Corinthians 5:8.

Colton explains, “I went up out of my body and I was looking down and I could see the doctor working on my body. And I saw you and Mommy. You were in a little room praying; and Mommy was in a different room, and she was praying and talking on the phone.”

Though, of course, Colton did not die.


Colton also lied about the gates of pearl and the fact he viewed them. He stated they were “made of gold and there were pearls on them.”

Revelation chapter 21 makes it clear the New Jerusalem will have 12 gates, with each gate being one pearl (not as Colton described with many pearls inlaid with gold). The New Jerusalem does not appear until after the millennial rule of Christ.  This holy city appears after the new heaven and new earth is created.


Colton also relayed, animals that appear on the earth are in heaven.

Animals have no eternal soul and that is why we eat them. Earthly animals do not go to heaven. Christ did not die for these cursed creatures who have not been provided an eternal soul that can cry out to God to receive salvation from the curse. Psalm 104:25-29 explains that animals return to the dust. Our omnipotent God removes their breath and they die. Nothing everlasting is ever stated concerning earthly beasts in the precious Word of God.

Flying horses are in paradise, but they are not of this sinful graveyard, the earth. They are heavenly creatures, servants of  the heavenly realm. (The lion will lie with the lamb during Christ’s millennial rule on the earth. All animals will be blessed with peace at this dispensational interval. However, nowhere does God teach in His inerrant Word that the animals that dwell on the earth, when Christ rules as global King from Jerusalem, will possess an eternal soul.)

We must also note that Christ is seen on a white horse on which He flies to conquer His enemies before His millennial rule in Jerusalem. Colton stated that he saw Christ on a rainbow-hued horse. (Revelation chapter 19)

I find it quite hero-ish that Colton viewed his dad, Todd, fighting in the final battle of heaven, in a grandiose, Hollywood type scene. Colton certainly wants to make his dad a brave hero, and his dad does not object.

This epic tale of Colton‘s father is impossible. In Revelation 12:9f, we read that satan and his demons will be permanently cast down from heaven to the earth during the tribulation. Due to this fact, satan will never again be able to accuse believers before God in heaven. Remember, the last battle before the millennial rule of Christ, does not occur until the end of the tribulation. We are still in the tribulation in chapter 12 and this battle does not occur until we reach chapter 19 in Revelation.

Now let the Word of God set the record straight concerning the battle that is disclosed in Revelation chapter 19. Christ comes to earth to destroy all His enemies. He will fight men with their armies, and satan and his demons who are earthbound.

2 Thessalonians chapter 1 and Mark 8:38 inform readers that Christ is coming with His mighty angels in flaming fire to bring judgment on the earth. It states, He comes to be glorified in His saints. It does not state, Christians will engage in this earthly battle. The book of Jude also testifies of Christ coming with His thousands of angels to bring judgment on the earth.

The nation of Israel will be involved in the battle as well, and they will arise victorious, as we read in Zechariah chapters 12 and 14. Christ will ensure that He, His angels and His chosen people of Israel are victorious. He is God the Son.

Colton’s deceptive book allows him to take on the unbelievable role of a modern-day John the apostle. Colton wants us know how that he was the one God chose to observe heaven and last day happenings, though presented falsely.

What makes this little boy deserving? He never suffered as John the apostle. John never compromised with the world in any way. He suffered imprisonment and continual persecution, sacrificing everything for Jesus Christ. He never desired to make mega bucks off Christians and the unsaved deceived.

John traveled extensively, with no modern conveniences, with the untainted Gospel of God. He brought many souls onto the Savior through his preaching; whereby, he never tickled the ears of his listeners.

Colton never suffered for the Gospel sake at age 3, sacrificing everything for Jesus Christ.

If you view footage of this boy at this age, as I did on the web, you will perceive, he was a very silly, typical three-year-old.

This book is simply a foolhardy tale. Do not allow your faith in heaven to be affirmed through any means, except the Biblical accounts of heaven, penned in Scripture, by the work of the Holy Spirit. No Bible scriber wrote their own words, they wrote the prescribed words of God. All Scripture is an inspired work from above, simply implementing the personalities of its scribes. These personalities God formed in the womb, and He created every womb.

An insightful, condensed Amazon review of this book:

So, if you have read the book, and have found your “faith” bolstered by it or your soul encouraged by it, my question to you is – Why? Why not the Bible? Why this story – and not the authoritative one? What does this say about your own attitude toward Scripture? What does it say about your understanding of Scripture? What does it say about your approach to truth – and how it is found, discerned and processed? Why does this strike a chord with you God’s own Word to you does not?

*Info gathered from various web sources.

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Postscript: I received a long condescending letter concerning this post from Vonnie Lutz, who stated, “Burpos are long-time friends and fellow pastors (Colton’s family).”

Amidst her dissertation in condemnation of me, she stated: “Is the book perfect? No. It’s a little boy’s interpretation of his experience, his testimony.”

Well, in response, allow me to state, Christians know they must station themselves on that which is true, not the imagined. Philippians 4:8 commands that we dwell on truth. Every lie is of satan. The Bible is all truth and that is where we are to plant ourselves. John the apostle and all the Bible writers wrote complete truth.

Following the teachings and ways of lying men or children will always place us on the road of confusion. And God is not the author of confusion—1 Corinthians 14:33.

I do hope someday Vonnie will desire truth.

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