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The Monkey Business of Religion


Rock Ape at the Rock of Gibraltar

Monkey Business

Dear Readers,

The secular video (not produced by Christians), link below, exposes how easy it is to defraud Christians; whereby, they will follow fraudulent, charismatic, faith healers. Of course, this is why we all must study the Word of God, cover to cover, to reveal ourselves approved unto God.

Any pastor who is about money—getting rich, justifying sin, is a false prophet. Many of these people in the charismatic movement have affairs, various marriages, and even partake in homosexuality; yet, they are still treated as gods. They tell falsehoods to deny their adulterous ways; yet, are still embraced and uplifted as good pastors when proven to be lying adulterers; their sins finding them out.

Few believers expose concern when televangelists and various famed church leaders steal money from the poor with swindling, monetary promises. Though, the deceived, desire to be deceived, lusting after quick money without having to earn it.

I know a family who has been waiting over 25 years for their pot of gold promised by their Baptist pastor for their faithful tithing. Is it any wonder, they display significant regression, not progression, in their walk and in Bible knowledge? However, in the book of James, God condemns those who desire to be rich, while uplifting the godly poor Christians who are rich in faith.

James 5:1-3: Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted and your garments have become moth-eaten. Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. It is in the last days that you have stored up your treasure!

James 2:5-6a  Listen, my beloved brethren: did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him? But you have dishonored the poor man …


No rich Christian is superior to a poor Christian. There is no partiality with God and the poor are blessed of God.

Those who suffer persecution and are impoverished will receive heavenly rewards, as presented with the church of Smyrna. (Revelation chapter 2)

Many leaders of this get-rich-fast movement proclaim one false doctrine after another and they get away with it because Christians do not study the Bible verse by verse, completely through. They too are ungrateful for what the LORD God has already provided.

The video (link below) though secular, exposes how tares can seem so Christian … godless men and women who lead in churches, and before their televised audiences, simply for fame and prestige, educated in all the right words to spout to deceive, owning no idea of what it is to be washed clean in the blood of Jesus Christ and made into a new creature of righteousness through the Holy Spirit’s power.

These phonies practice before a mirror to sound born again, using born again terminologies, saying a verse here and there out of context. All this trickery enables them to rack in millions through the gullible who do not know their Bibles.

I watched a recording of a man, no way born again, who sounded totally like a godly, spirit-filled preacher through dedicated practice. One con-pastor spoke how he started practicing as a teenager to get to the place of pretending to be a preacher, all in the name of deception, and racked in bags of cash from the unsuspecting.

These charismatic charlatans know how to pretend to heal, even inserting a listening device in the ear to learn from his fellow deceivers (ushers) who thoroughly question the physically hurting people brought forward. The ushers then relay to the healer’s ear device, the name of the person, where they live and the abnormality without the person knowing. This leaves the physically-plagued one in amazement of the healers all-knowing powers, thus putting their faith in the healer to heal. Not till the adrenaline and excitement are dissipated, hours later, do they realize they were not cured. When they question, they are told they did not have enough faith. It is their fault they were not permanently healed.

This is why we must test the spirits to see if they stand on Scripture, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 with no additions or subtractions.

(One thing, I will add in comment to the video, how sad this young girl had to suffer rejection in a Bible-Believing church until she could prove she owned musical, entertaining skills. I certainly would not want to be in such an arrogant-filled fellowship, where people feel they are better than others because they are not handicapped or limited in some way. We are to consider each person as being more important than ourselves.)

Not one healing,  by a so-called healer, has been verified in all the years of the Charismatic movement. Not one legitimate physician has come forward with the medical evidence. Of course, we know God heals; what I write is in reference to charismatic healers who work the stage, claiming apostolic gifts.

When I was young, living at home in the 60s, our family knew a another Christian family who had a home a couple blocks from us, and they sought a healer who was on television every Sunday morning, Oral Roberts. They wrote and requested him to heal a family member. He wanted to know how much they would pay to cure. They corresponded back, not being rich, what they could afford. He responded and told them they did not possess enough money to pay for the cure, which left them upset, bewildered and questioning his legitimacy.

“Oral Roberts dressed in Brioni suits, costing $500 to $1000; walked in $100 shoes; lived in a $250,000 house in Tulsa and had a million dollar home in Palm Springs; wore diamond rings and solid gold bracelets, which his employees would `airbrush’ out of his publicity photos so as not to appear too lavish. He drove $25,000 automobiles (a lot of money, many years ago), which were replaced every 6 months; flew around the country in a $2 million Fanjet Falcon; had membership in the most prestigious and elite country club in Tulsa, the Southern Hills and in the ultra-posh Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California, and played games of financial hanky-panky, which made him and his family members independently wealthy, millionaires for life.”

“A group of Arizona ministers offered to pay $1,000 to anyone who had been healed by Mr. Roberts and could provide medical proof. They received no response.”

Many years ago, a radio, Bible teacher offered to pay, I believe, a hundred dollars to anyone who could prove they were healed by a faith-healer through medical documentation. Till the day he died, not one stepped forward.

However, many lawsuits have been filed by those who were deceived into believing they were restored and were not. Some died shortly after being told they were healed.

Oral Roberts did claim to raise a boy from the dead. However, there were no family or friends of the boy who could testify to the fact, nor the boy himself. Roberts could not even offer the boy’s name, nor the name of his parents.

Mary Ida Buddington Vondersher, who had appeared the year before on Oral’s television program in the healing line, returned to testify of her healing of cancer, but she died in her California home only twelve hours after her testimony was aired.

Oral Roberts opened a huge hospital and medical school, which he had no funds to keep open after some years, though he demanded people send him money, being God’s will. Now why would a healer need to open a hospital?

Roberts misinterpreted the Bible and made false prophecies. In the Old Testament, if a person prophesied falsely, only once, they were to receive capital punishment (judgement of death), because it revealed their prophecy came from satan not God. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22)

“In January 1987, Roberts told his television audience, God had appeared to him in March of 1986 and had informed him, he must raise $8 million within the next 12 months or he would die.”

“…It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves” (Matthew 21:13).

No one has been raised from the dead; no one has had missing limbs appear, no blind person made to see, etc; through a claiming healer. The severely handicapped are not the ones brought forward and always depart in disappointment. No supposed healer has gone through a hospital and healed every person, nor 30, nor 10 in the name of kindness. They want to be before the crowds making their fast money, with no loving concern nor genuine healing.

Charismatic, charlatan healers never state to an audience, many of you are sick and dying because you take communion unworthily. Many a person has received communion with sin in the heart; whereby, illness overtakes and they perish. (1 Corinthians chapter 11) I knew a man and this certainly appeared to be the case with him. He died swiftly from cancer from living a double life. I know of one instance where he tried to entice a married woman.

One Christian lady believed her husband was allowed to perish in a car accident because of this very fact. Many Christians viewed his death as a wrongful act, because she did not reveal what was going on behind the scenes to many people.

I knew a man who would not attend communion Sundays, being too fearful to partake.


I have attached a link below to a video exposing demonism in the church through the charismatic movement. Many things in this movement can be traced back to satan’s paganism. The church is to be about verse by verse teaching of the Word of God, evangelism, discipleship, service, and all things done decently and in order as the Bible commands, with nothing resembling madness—1 Corinthians chapter 14.

Not one thing is be added or subtracted from what is commanded for the New Testament church. Pastors have to be pure, husbands of one wife, having their households in order, owning a good reputation in the church and in the community, knowing their Bibles thoroughly, etc. (The books of Timothy, Titus, etcetera)

Church attendees must be those who are abiding in the teachings of Christ and not leading lives of sin. (1 Corinthians chapter 5 and 6, 2 John, Revelation chapters 1-3, etcetera)

We, as believers, must always: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to us. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” (James 4:8)

False, demonic teachers, being void of the Holy Spirit, are in churches and this movement is growing. All things must be tested with the Scriptures of truth.

(If you are sensitive to demonic wickedness, I do not recommend the YouTube video with link below. This video does expose satan’s active service in churches today.)

Added examples of deceptions:


Miracle Story of God’s Grace

Robert, in an article, shared his remarkable story about a young boy who lived in a housing project named Marcus, whom he offered a New Testament and it was accepted. What stood out about Marcus was a birthmark on the hairline of his head, surrounded in gray hairs.

Unfortunately, when Robert returned to the housing project, some time later, to locate Marcus, he could not be found. One of the kids said he moved away.

25 years passed, and Robert was driving to church and he noted a man walking down the street and he felt a need to talk to him, so he turned on the next street and when the man walked by, he offered him a New Testament. The man replied he already had one, but would keep it to offer to another. Then he asked if Robert knew of a good church. Robert kindly offered to take him to his church where he was headed.

The man began to recall his childhood and a man handing him a New Testament, many years ago, and because of it he had become a Christian.

Robert looked at the man closely and asked, “Is your name Marcus?” Robert then noticed the birthmark. Robert informed him, he was the one who held out the Bible 25 years ago.

Robert learned Marcus and his family had moved shortly after the Testament was received. Robert also learned Marcus’ brother had become a believer; unfortunately, he was later murdered.

Robert felt as if he was walking on clouds … being all so grateful to God for allowing Him to meet with Marcus after all these years!

Val Lee

To learn of God’s personal love for you, please check here:

(My Rock Monkey photo atop. Shot at the Rock of Gibraltar)


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No More Marriage Ceremonies in Churches


White church with bell

With the advent of the homosexual marriage Supreme Court decision, it is heartbreaking to witness pastors cower to the unethical demands of our vile government. Many appear to be withdrawing from the marriage covenant ceremony … no longer pronouncing “man and wife.” They will no longer perform marriages in fear of lawsuits, jail time, persecution, etc.

Now, how can born again believers allow some vile homosexual threats to dismantle them? How can overseers cause the crumbling of the church to a degree?

This is all non-Christ-like! Christ suffered and died for every person in the name of righteousness unto salvation! As Paul stated to the Jewry, “You have not resisted to the point of death.” (Hebrews 12:4) He is obviously criticizing Jewish-Christian cowardliness. It is distressing to hear the words, “We have to be careful, we might be sued by the government.”

Christians are losing their lives in certain parts of the world for their faith. They are suffering barbaric deaths, while homegrown Americans complain of their churches being sued and losing tax exemptions. My, my, we are weaklings!

The perverse LGBT movement is satanic to the core, so why submit?

It should not surprise what a queer spokeswoman stated before the camera: “The push for gay marriage has less to do with the right to marry – it is about diminishing and eventually destroying the institution of marriage and redefining the traditional family.” Other liberals have spoken similar statements, and not necessary from the gay standpoint.

Gays and lesbians are simply acting the part within the “marriage equality” agenda to establish their overall hidden plot. Their unspoken desire is to eliminate marriage altogether. And pastors are paving the way for these activists to execute their goal.

The homosexual movement hates everything about Biblical Christianity. Nasty activists will perform all necessary to abolish sacred unions, punishing those who adhere to them. And why? Because the marriage covenant is established before God who hates all sexual promiscuity. Gays despise the LORD because He condemns their vile behavior, which stands outside of Biblical marriage.

The compliance of pastors, they extinguishing marriage ceremonies, are caving into the lawless society of sexual deviancy … conforming to the ultimate goal of the LGBT concealed agenda.

Pastors, unfortunately, are now telling couples to be married by the state. A pastor will tell a couple to be married by the lawless government; and then, he will consecrate the marriage or bless it or both. Now, why would any believing couple desire to be married by a judge, representing every evil thing as a government enactor, simply to obtain a marriage license? I cannot imagine a true Christian being married by a person who performs homosexual marriages.

I will add, my husband and I have been married 36 years and no one has ever requested we show our license, and I doubt if anyone has requested proof of our license through the Bureau of Vital Records. Plus, what if Christian couples and pastors are fined? Well, I say so be it. Our God can take care of our every need. He owns the earth and all in it. He is the omnipotent LORD of all who pre-orchestrated our lives before the earth was formed.

There are bold pastors who through personal convictions, have not signed a marriage license in years, and there has been no repercussions. I do know one personally.

I appreciate what one man wrote: “Most pastors end a wedding ceremony saying, ‘By the power vested in me by the state, I now pronounce you man and wife.’ Wait a minute, how can that be justified from Scripture? Does a preacher teach a class, preach a sermon, or counsel a family or anything else by powers vested by the state?”

We are to obey the laws of the land, but not when they conflict with the holy laws of God and His Word. Scripture teaches, we obey God over man. (Acts 5:29) And this includes in all circumstances whereby one is told to disobey God. The apostles and countless others were imprisoned and killed for refusing to be silent, continually preaching the Gospel when it was considered illegal by others to do so. They are our example of not walking in any compromise.

We must be encouraged by the fact satan was defeated through Christ, when He died on the tree of crucifixion and then arose. Yes, satan is active everyday in every evil way, but we are commanded not to fear him. And one day he will be cast into the fiery pit of hell.

The facts should incite us to inquire of ourselves, are we not willing to take up our stake and follow Christ unto a tortuous death? Christ commanded us to count the cost of following Him.

How many believers through the years actually counted the cost with the contemplation it might be unto execution?


The marriage covenant was formerly written in a Bible with witnesses, which made it legal, and no one can say such a marriage would not be legal today. Many of our great-grandparents were married this way.

Of course, it is good to have copies of the written, formal document in case the Bible is burned in a fire, or a home flooded, or whatever.

My maiden name is sometimes requested; therefore, it must still be one of my legal names to prove who I am.

From Wikipedia regarding marriages licenses:

“Today, they (marriage licenses) are a legal requirement in some jurisdictions and may also serve as the record of the marriage itself, if signed by the couple and witnessed. In other jurisdictions, a license is not required. In some jurisdictions, a “pardon” can be obtained for marrying without a license, and in some jurisdictions, common-law marriages … and representation are also recognized. These do not require a marriage license. There are also some jurisdictions where marriage licenses do not exist at all and a marriage certificate is given to the couple after the marriage ceremony had taken place.

Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that “Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.”


I did notice, on the Internet, some Christians questioning if they should obtain a marriage license. Some have already decided they will not.

For me personally, I would rather not see believers obtain marriage licenses due to the fact, the government has made marriage completely corrupt, including the fact, it places no merit on the marriage covenant before God; plus divorce is easily accessible. In their eyes, our children are owned by them, because we gave our marriages over to the state when we licensed ourselves with the government:

We know, authorities own no concept of marriages executed between Christian believers, with the commitment, “Till death do part.” This covenant is consecrated unto God and to please God, who calls marriage good. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” (Proverbs 18:22)

“Let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.” (1 Corinthians chapter 7—the chapter on marriage and singleness)

We must seek the Scriptures and request spiritual discernment from the LORD respecting every area of our lives.

In love and discernment, Val Lee

To learn of God’s personal love for you, please check here:

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Murder in Roseburg, Oregon


Hells Canyon

On Friday, my husband and I took a day trip to Hells Canyon … so many spectacular views.

The canyon, walls the Snake River on the Idaho/Oregon border.

I snapped the photo near the Hells Canyon Dam.

Jesus Christ is the master designer of our globe

Information regarding the deadly affair in Roseburg, Oregon

Thursday, October 1, 2015, was a grievous day for America! How our hearts break for the loved ones of those heartlessly shot! However, grateful for the ones who are in heaven, where there is no evil … no sin of any kind. And mourning remembered no more.

For true born again believers, “It is better to be absent from the body and present with the LORD.”

Victim of Roseburg killer

Christopher Harper Mercer, the gunman, left a note stating, he would be “welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil.”

CNN News: “The man (Christopher Mercer) who gunned down nine people at an Oregon community college (Umpqua) was enrolled in the class where the fatal shootings occurred, Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said Friday.”

Daily News: “The gunman was enrolled in Assistant Prof. Lawrence Levine’s Introduction to Expository Writing class. The 67-year-old instructor was the oldest of the nine people slaughtered by the shooter.”

Washington Post excerpts:

Witnesses stated he seemed to seek specific revenge against Christians …

Clad in a dark shirt and jeans, driven by a motive that is still unknown, he methodically sprayed bullets into classrooms full of students, who hid behind desks and desperately tried to block doors that didn’t lock.

In one classroom, he appeared to single out Christian students for killing, according to witness Anastasia Boylan.

“He said, ‘Good, because you’re a Christian, you’re going to see God in just about one second,’” Boylan’s father, Stacy, told CNN, relaying his daughter’s account while she underwent surgery to treat a gunshot to her spine.

Another account came from Autumn Vicari, who described to NBC News what her brother J.J. witnessed in the room where the shootings occurred. According to NBC: “Vicari said at one point the shooter told people to stand up before asking whether they were Christian or not. Vicari’s brother told her that anyone who responded ‘yes’ was shot in the head. If they said ‘other’ or didn’t answer, they were shot elsewhere in the body, usually the leg.”


Chris Mintz, a 30-year-old Army veteran, shielded his classmates from the gunman, miraculously surviving after being shot more than five times. 

“He could have very easily died,” his aunt, Wanda Mintz, told Q13 Fox. “I really think that if he wasn’t such a strong, young guy, he may have died.”

As Mintz blocked a classroom door, he was shot three times. “It’s my son’s birthday today,” he told the shooter. The gunman shot him two more times.

Mintz has served in the Army for 10 years, and is awake and alert at a hospital.”


Christopher Harper Mercer chose to walk the way of satan as a Wiccan … being “into the occult.”

And we recognize the similarity to the Columbine, Colorado, school shootings. These male students who dressed in black and were aligned with satan, also asked students if they were Christians and killed them if they were. A total of 15 deaths. (Eight shooting sprees sadly lie in Colorado’s history.)

Mercer lived with his mother (of african race decent) who is a nurse, in a small apartment. Apparently they did everything together.

He had a jihadist friend—Mahmoud Ali Ehsani, “an open sympathizer with jihad killers.”


UK News:

Ian Mercer, father of Oregon college shooter (who was absent from his son’s life, living in California), was sued for sexually harassing a male co-worker at his LA bagel shop and creating a ‘hostile’ work environment.

Ian Mercer, 55, was sued for making sexual comments about customers and staff while manager of Noah’s Bagels in Thousand Oaks, California

Brett McDonald filed the lawsuit in 2008 charging the mass killer’s father harassed, inappropriately touched and embarrassed him.

Mercer was also accused of making inappropriate comments about a customer’s daughter and her mother, wanting to be sexual with both of them.

McDonald says when he filed complaints with senior management he was unjustly fired

In May 2009, Judge Ernest Hiroshige dismissed the case against Mercer

It was also claimed that Mercer allowed his staff to produce bagels in the shape of male genitalia while making them and overseeing an environment where workers were insulted with the Spanish swear words.


CNN News attempted to make Christopher Mercer’s distant father, a hero. He blamed the guns not his son for the terrorism. He stated, “That’s what guns are, the killers.”

Ian Mercer, appeared to parrot everything the media desires to hear, in an interview with him—stating, he is opposed to guns, and the fact his son owned several guns, went against his no-gun beliefs. Or so he says.

It appeared, Ian Mercer was programed on what to say, including the fact America has more killings than other nations, which is not the case.

(World homicide statistics and how America compares:

Other nations can own a greater rate of homicides despite what the media declares, though America does not display the lowest rate.)

Ian Mercer supposedly requested the CNN interview.

Ian Mercer lives in California, originally from Britain. It appears he desires media attention. This is what his son desired, believing he would soon be world-famous after killing so many.  Of course, I am not insinuating his father owns a heart that would mass murder.


Though news’ sources have portrayed Chris Mercer to be a white supremacist who opposed “black lives matter.” He is mulatto—his mother is black and his father is white. The family moved to America from Britain. His parents divorced in 2006.

The LA Times labeled Mercer as owning “white supremacist leanings,” even though the shooter was mixed race of black and Caucasian.

The secular news media has not displayed photos of his black mother, from all I have observed, though one or two are available if you do a search under images of “Laurel Margaret Harper.” Here is a photo from the Internet of his parents.  (The photo is a younger shot of his mother)

Internet photo

Internet photo

The “black lives matter accusation” is insane, knowing the movement is not productive and shouts for murder of whites and police. It certainly is not anti-terrorism.

Remember, the news media stated originally, George Zimmerman was white, though he is hispanic and caucasian.  One news’ source turned this brown eyes blue, in a photo. Zimmerman’s mother resembles a typical black woman though she is hispanic; and Zimmerman invited many black youth into his home.


Christopher Mercer tried to join the military, but flunked basic training.

News media states he is a loner, though he had no problems assisting on the drama team at the community college.

Chris Mercer was a “production assistant” and promoted a performance of a Noel Coward play by the school’s drama group.

He does not sound completely withdrawn to me.

Police found Mercer “with a receipt from the campus bookstore showing he had purchased textbooks.” (Canadian source)


The Roseburg community is numb with grief. Umpqua Community College is near Roseburg, Oregon aside the Umpqua River (named after local natives).  The Roseburg hub is dubbed a God-fearing, Republican hamlet. A large sign is now displayed on the main road, “Pray for Roseburg.”

Unfortunately, like many areas, which have been targeted by terrorists, the college was a “gun free zone.” Guns are not even allowed to be carried by security enforcement.

Mercer most likely knew it was a completely safe place to shoot to kill, being a student of the college.

It must also be noted the Chattanooga, Tennessee, recruitment center was gun free, as required by law.


It appears, certain people have been changing Mercer’s profile, and removed his Facebook info page. Also other information from the social media. Fortunately, people took photos of some of his blogs before deleted.

This blog of Chris Harper Mercer (below) exposes the lies that he was anti-black lives matter and white supremacist. Of course, his mother is black, and she is the one who cared for him over the years. (Sorry for the bad language in his post.)



United Kingdom news source:

He left behind a complex web of online identities which offer a possible insight into his personality – or at least a glimpse of the way he wanted to present himself to the world.

He maintained a myspace page, on which he posted a photograph of himself holding what appears to be a rifle, alongside images of masked IRA gunmen.

His username on the dating site Spiritual Passions was ironcross45 – a handle often used by sympathisers in reference to the German military symbol reintroduced by the Nazis.


British News source: British relatives described their shock as it emerged about Chris Harper-Mercer, who had been born in the UK …


He was reared in the US, and attended a school for children with special needs in California.


Believers identify with the fact, petitions for our nation are vital for revival! The survival of all Biblical ethics within our nation is teetering.  The God of the entire Bible must be called upon. Only holy truth can save.

Historical correctness exposes the fact, when the Bible was respected and honored within our nation, mass murders were most rare. Now mass homicides occur every two weeks in our nation.

In the early 1900s, they occurred once every ten years or near to. After the Bible was removed from our public school system, mass killings in the 1970s occurred approximately once every two years. In the 80s, there were 10 mass murder episodes. The 90s produced 24 mass murdering reports. From 2000 to 2010, about 40 mass killing sprees were recorded.

The increase continues with the decades of expanding disrespect toward God and His mortal creation. Man is deemed as holding little value amidst an attitude of human disposal of the innocent, who deserve to die under the agendas of comply or else.

USA Today: The FBI counted 172 cases of mass killings between 2006 and 2011. That does not include some large states such as Florida, for example. Poor reporting by police agencies to the FBI also means some mass killings were left out, while others that don’t meet the standard were included.


WND News:

Checking into the facts regarding “The shooter reportedly had a clean record.”

But none of the president’s gun restrictions would have prevented Thursday’s mass shooting at the community college, said Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president and founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.

According to the ATF, he purchased several of those guns,” Workman said. “All the firearms were legally purchased from a firearms dealer, so background checks would have been involved.”


NY Times: All 14 guns have been traced to a federal firearms dealer.


I, like many Americans, believe in background checks for all who desire to purchase a gun. And I would add, only allowed to those who value human life, owning a caring and sensitive heart, and respecting the laws of the land, excepting any immoral laws.

Unfortunately, we know if people want to murder, they find a way, such as building bombs or taking a knife or machete, to kill people. O J Simpson did not need a gun to kill, and how are governments going to remove all knives from the face of the planet?

In Muslim areas of our globe, chopping off heads with a machete is too common. Many Christians have died as martyrs, with a blade applied to the throat.

The first thing we need to do is reenact the death penalty for all murderers with swift justice—as is the law of our nation, though entirely ignored. We need to outlaw the democrats. They uphold the ACLU, which is in the business of getting criminals off, and argues for least possible sentencing. And, we all know, this has led to many murdering criminals serving short sentences … being released to kill again. This is a common denominator in our news.

Our president applauds killing rampages amid protests of the world. He was behind the gun running of Mexican drug cartels—”Fast and Furious.”  The Obama administration provided the weapons.

He applauds the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic organization with the blood of thousands on its hands. He has deep ties to them and worked behind the scenes in their coup of Egypt, they being his weapon of terrorism and “change” in this nation. He wanted Morsi in presidential power, he too, a hater of Israel and America. Though he received what he conspired, his delight did not last more than a year, when Morsi was forced from office and imprisoned.

CNN News:

National Review: Consider the way Secretary of State Hillary Clinton provided Morsi with verbal support in the critical days leading up to the June 24, 2012, presidential election. In a discussion hosted at the State Department three days before the election, Clinton said it was “imperative that the military fulfill its promise to the Egyptian people to turn power over to the legitimate winner.” She also warned about the danger of “backtracking,” to a military regime.

“The Muslim NYPD cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley worked for a Muslim Brotherhood front group, according to his Facebook page.”


Consider: “According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs, outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.

A total of 625 murders were committed with rifles and shotguns in 2012.

The total number of deaths committed with fists, hammers, and other blunt objects was 1,196. That breaks down to 518 murders related to hammers and blunt objects and 678 related to fists.

Obviously, the rate of homicide by fists and hammers ‘is nearly 100 percent higher than the rate of murder by rifles or shotguns.’ ”

Handguns, are by far, the weapon of choice in assaults … outnumbering all other methods. Yet, it is the assault weapons (types of riffles) which democrats are promoting to be banned.

And, not forgetting, the medical instruments used to tear apart defenseless children in the womb.

Love in the Savior who brings joy in the morning,

Val Lee

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President Obama Endorses Child Rape and Other News Stories

Valparaiso, Chile, South America

Valparaiso, Chile, major port city, recently suffered from the Chile earthquake of September 17, 2015.

My photo shot of Valparaiso in 2013.

Dear Readers,

Happy Ending Story from CBS:


Conservative news bit on illegals:

“Ninety-nine percent” of those arrested for bringing drugs into Maricopa County, Arizona are illegal aliens,” according to Sheriff Arpaio. “Everybody talks about the border related to illegal immigration. Can’t they throw in another little issue just for kicks? And say, oh by the way, tons of drugs are coming across the border too.”

Stated Arpaio: “Everyone talks about immigration. What about the drugs destroying our young people? Heroin is increasing.

Eliseo Medina, a former immigration adviser to President Obama, boasted in 2009 that granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens would expand the “progressive” electorate and help ensure a “progressive” governing coalition for the long-term.


On Fox News Channel’s “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” Pinal Co., AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu said drug cartels armed with AK-47’s “control many areas on American soil” noting that they are only 30 miles from Phoenix.

Babeu detailed touring the border yesterday with Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and said, “We flew him in our helicopter, showed him the drug smuggling routes, the actual caves—these cartel scouts live on top of mountains, 30 days at a time. And how on mountain top to mountain top, over a 50-mile swath of land, and this is only 30 miles from Phoenix.”

He continued, “This is literally an unsecured border. We have cartels that think they own the place. They control many areas on American soil and this how they freely move billions of dollars of drugs and hundreds of thousands of illegals into our country.”


Breitbart News: Tucked inside a report about President Obama’s new amnesty is the estimation from this liberal think tank there are 820,000 illegal aliens in the United States with criminal convictions, including 690,000 illegal aliens currently residing on U.S. soil who have been convicted of a felony or “serious” misdemeanor.

The 820,000 figure is not an estimation of total crimes committed by illegal immigrants—which would be a much higher number—but only those illegal aliens successfully identified, arrested, tried, and convicted.


Mother murdered 18 unborn daughters in the womb, so she could give her husband a son. This here in America. You have all these women yelling women’s rights, while not caring when girls are savagely murdered in the protective hideaway of their mother’s womb. Of course, the agenda is all lies. It is all about murder and having murder in your heart. It is the only way men and women can continually murder human beings legally.

I once heard a woman on a radio talk show. She was so pleased with standing for abortion because it made the demons happy. Abortion rights groups have also loudly proclaimed their allegiance to satan when protesting.

And this is certainly the case, acknowledging satan wants to destroy every human-being, because every human is crafted in the image of God.


If you do not stand with child rape, Obama will assure you are dismissed from the military:

Conservative News:

Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland is a member of the elite Green Berets. Winner of two Bronze Stars, including one for valor, this exceptional soldier has been told he will be dismissed from the military in November.

His crime? He confronted an Afghan military leader who had chained a 12 year-old boy to his bed in order to rape him — repeatedly. When the boy’s mother, herself brutalized by the same Afghan commander, pled with Sgt. Martland and Captain Daniel Quinn to intervene, “the soldiers summoned the Afghan commander and confronted him.”

It is also terrifying for our soldiers to hear these young boys being sodomized by these homosexual Muslims, hearing the screams! Yet, it is illegal to save these children from Muslim pedophiles who serve with our soldiers. This is the stand of our president and government at this time. No one will speak up, not one will reverse Martland’s dismissal. This is where we are as a nation, a country of no morals of the heart.


The New York Times has reported “U.S. military personnel have been instructed not to intervene in the ‘rampant sexual abuse of children’ even when it is perpetrated by our Afghan allies on U.S. installations. This order arises from the Obama administration.”

It appears the liberal progressives do not love children anymore, born or unborn. They own no worth when it comes to protection and innocence. They espouse, sexual abuse of young boys is a “cultural” thing.

It is ok to allow this even from a country to which we sacrifice billions of our taxpayer dollars and also the lives of your young men and women.

Within the Islam culture, sexual abuse of children is common, since they are, like women, simply viewed as property.


Mosques on the front lines in the war against America

By Carol Brown (edited and condensed)

Lebanon, Afghanistan, and areas where the Palestinian Authority has control; Hamas and Hezb’allah routinely use mosques for military operations.

In Iraq, US military forces frequently discovered munitions stored in mosques and had intense battles against terrorists using mosques for military purposes.

Mosques are also routinely used for military operations in places where Islamic terror organizations wield political and/or military might against the government. This occurs in many Arab countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria) and has also been seen in Pakistan.

In addition, mosques have been used for military purposes in Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

At least 1,700 mosques that promote jihad, the vast majority of Muslims attending such mosques, and millions upon millions of dollars flowing in from Saudi Arabia building this dangerous empire. Put it all together and one realizes that mosques serve as jihadist recruitment and training centers.


Immigrant Muslim crime video:

In Bridgewater, New Jersey, a mega mosque was rejected by the city council due to a local ordinance that limits houses of worship to major roads. Obama’s Department of Justice and CAIR (American Muslim terrorist group with federal convictions) teamed up and forced the town to pay nearly eight million dollars to the mosque, which chose another site.

“Since 9/11, the number of mosques in America has grown by 75%.” Rewarding our enemy soon became the goal of duped Americans.

Now, “no go zones” are common signs in our civilized world. Basically, no non-Muslim areas. Muslims will even fight the police if they come near as seen in Sweden. Though, they display a form of religion, crime in rampant in these ghettoes. Women can be kidnapped and forced to marry men they do not know, men who are completely brutal. Children too can be raped and terrorized, seeing women and children as merely property. Crimes in Muslim “no goes” can be nine times as high as typical neighborhoods.

Muslims attack police who try to enter the no-go zone of Muslim occupiers. Europeans respond, this is common in Europe in the Muslim only ghettoes.

Muslims win power over police in UK:

In France:

Turning a blind eye:

Moscow, Muslim ceasing the streets:

Muslim front group and small town:

This, and when Muslim terrorists camp operate in America’s borders with no oversight. It naturally raises concerns for Americans.

In this video you can tell this ABC affiliate, has been bought out by radical Muslims. This is obvious by the fact CAIR (The Council on American–Islamic Relations) is a front group for terrorists, including Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is addressed as the experts behind this situation. Obviously, the man who wants the camp is a member of CAIR.

Progressives or democrats like to call those who are anti-islam terrorists, Islamophobics, thinking they can make everyone submit by calling them names. When one is on the wrong side and cannot justify evil, they resort to name calling, not having any solid ground to stand on. 

“At least seven board members or staff at CAIR have been arrested, denied entry to the U.S., or were indicted on or pled guilty to (or were convicted of) terrorist charges: Siraj Wahhaj, Bassem Khafagi, Randall (“Ismail”) Royer, Ghassan Elashi, Rabih Haddad, Muthanna Al-Hanooti, and Nabil Sadoun.”

CAIR is also listed as a terrorist group by Saudi Arabia.

From Wikipedia: The Investigative Project on Terrorism reported that on August 7, 2007, a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent testified at the Holy Land Foundation trial that CAIR was “listed as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee”, that it had received money from the Foundation (conflicting with Nihad Awad’s Congressional testimony), and that co-founders Awad and Omar Ahmad were “listed as individual members [of] the Brotherhood Palestine Committee in America.”–Islamic_Relations


Muslims confront school board, promising they will soon dominate:


New York mosque imam addresses fellow Muslims on Islam network speaking out of both sides of his deceptive mouth:


Since 9/11, there have been over 19,000 Muslim terrorist attacks in our world.

Please watch informative video on Islam:

“Qur’anic verse 3:28 “Let believers [Muslims] not take infidels [non-Muslims] for friends and allies instead of believers. Whoever does this shall have no relationship left with God—unless you but guard yourselves against them, taking precautions.”


Distressing Poll Results:

(Breitbart News)

The Center for Security Policy released a poll Tuesday that should give all Americans pause. The results show that a startling number of American Muslims, our fellow citizens, agree that violence is a legitimate response to those who insult Islam. A full majority of 51% “agreed that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.”

Nearly a quarter of the Muslims polled believed that, “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.”

Of course, with all we see with liberals demanding Islam compliance, this should not surprise.

“Many non-Muslims console themselves with the assumption that ‘most Muslims’ don’t support extremism or terrorism. But nearly every time a poll is taken, this notion that Muslims stand four square against extremism is shot down.”

Seattle and Sharia Law:

Christians are to “owe no man nothing” so “no interest” should also be allowed for them as well.

Questioning Muslims hold fears of turning from Islam to Christianity, knowing family members will attempt to harm them in various ways, including murder. Some former Muslim women have been raped through Islam-family plotting. One teenager who turned to Christ was threatened by her parents, here in America, and had to run away to save her life after her father repeatedly beat her.

Even though her life was in danger, a judge demanded she return to her family; but she refused.

Great persecution of Christians by Muslims occurs in many parts of our world. They require our prayers.


News bit:

“A Ugandan mother of 11 was, reportedly, killed by her in-laws; being poisoned for converting from Islam to Christianity.”

Their Hadith teaches:

“If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.”-Hadith of Bukhari, 4:52:260

“Hadith are the collections of the teachings, deeds and sayings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and is the guide in Sharia Law.”



Our government has appeased the Palestinian Authority and our president, by forbidding American Jews born in Jerusalem to list Israel as being their birthplace on their passports. They can only declare Jerusalem. This has incited the praise of Jihadists.

Our president, along with fellow liberals and Islamists do not want the Jewish state of Israel recognized as a nation. It is all about annihilating the fact, God gave the land of Israel to the Jews.

The short-term goal is to turn half of Jerusalem over to the Muslims and, of course, eventually besiege all of Jerusalem and all of Israel, thus eliminating any Jewish state.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The US Supreme Court struck down a disputed law Monday that would have allowed Americans born in Jerusalem to list their birthplace as Israel on their US passports in an important ruling that underscores the president’s authority in foreign affairs.


Other nations have also declared the same.

Recently, “The Brazilian government passed a law that all Brazilian Jews born in Jerusalem will no longer have the word “Israel” on their passport. While the number of affected people is minimal in Brazil, the politically correct statement is clear: Jerusalem can no longer simply remain the Jewish capital! Unbeknownst to most, this is also the standard procedure for the Canada and France … Just a couple of weeks ago, on some Air France in-flight maps of the Middle East, Israel, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv were omitted and replaced with the words “Gaza” and “West Bank.” It took no time for passengers to notice and start flooding the social networks with photos of the erroneous maps. Within days, Air France issued an apology and fixed what they called a “technical problem.” (National Vanguard News)


Evil desires, however, will not obliterate the fact, Christ will one day rule the world from Jewish Jerusalem, Israel; and the Jewry will all be saved and elevated in that day.

Though this be true, satan is doing all he can to rewrite the penned, established future.


Forward News:

Jeremy Corbyn — a crumpled, bearded 66-year-old socialist became the leader of British Labour party on September 12, 2015. Corbyn’s associations include anti-Semitic individuals: Paul Eisen, the Holocaust denier whose foundation Deir Yassin Remembered Corbyn has supported; Raed Salah, a Palestinian leader convicted of funding Hamas, whom Corbyn invited to Parliament and called a “very honored citizen”; and Arab activist Dyab Abou Jahjah, with whom Corbyn shared a platform at a Stop The War Coalition meeting in 2009, but who was later banned from the UK on grounds of extremism.


Conservative News:

Imagine wiping every person in the United States off the map? That’s how many people the Chinese government has aborted under its barbaric “one-child” policy. Based on estimates from the Chinese health ministry (which are almost certainly low), more than 336 million abortions have taken place since 1971. At a rate of 1,500 babies an hour, the Chinese government is literally erasing the next generation — and greatly endangering its existing ones with China’s disproportionate attack against baby girls.

Unfortunately for taxpayers, the U.S. government is playing a role in this tragedy with its taxpayer support of the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA), which condones the policy. Although President Bush was quick to zero out American support, the U.S. endorsement came back with a vengeance under President Obama, who has funneled more than $200 million to UNFPA over his two terms.


News bit:

United Nations recognizes some 200 million women and girls are “demographically missing” worldwide.

“In China, there are whole villages of ‘bare branches,’” said Reggie Littlejohn, describing the problem of men who will never will marry and have a family because of the gender imbalance.

“What worries me is that there are 37 million frustrated, marriage age, military age men in China,” she said.

Coincidentally, she said the number of men in India who will never marry is about the same, 37 million.

Already the problem is manifesting itself with human trafficking and sexual slavery, she said.


This is due to the fact mothers murder future women in the womb and spare the sons, knowing they can financially support their parents in later years.

Everyone, at one time or another, bears the consequences of sinful behavior all orchestrated by Planned Parenthood and other murder-prone organizations.


China’s new show of powder on display, even in Alaskan waters, CNN News:


Way of Life Ministries addressed modesty and many wise comments ensued. Here are several:

“I have been saved for about eight years and the lust issue is huge for me and for all men. … I need God every day to help me stay away from lust. Short Skirts, tight blouses, slit dresses are all over. You can’t look at billboards, grocery store waiting line magazine racks, Internet advertisements, walking in the park, or any store. You get my point; it’s everywhere. … I have to pray everyday for God to keep lust out of my way. I wish I was born into a good Bible believing church and was brought up to stay away from lustful sin. To answer your question it would have to be anything short or tight on a woman. I look forward to the cold winters up north when women cover everything up.”


“From what I see in the way many woman and teens dress, Christians included, many act like they are ‘for sale’ or are very ignorant of what they are doing to their image. That’s the way I see things on this issue.”

“The more skin I see, the more I have to force myself to look away from that individual. It brings back the past [before I was saved]. It seems like some women flaunt their bodies. What they are saying by their clothes, ‘Don’t look at my face, look at my body!’ … I am all for modesty and I wish all churches had a dress code. Not just in church but also out of church. Skin is a distraction! More skin; more sin.”

“Thanks so much for addressing this issue. I am a Christian who has been doing street ministry for many years, and full time now for 20 years. I am also a single dad (wife died of cancer almost 9 years ago) of four sons, three under 18. I have concentrated on work in the public housing areas. To say I have seen it all would be an under statement. ONE OF THE SADDEST THINGS AND HARDEST TO FIGHT AGAINST HAS BEEN THE FACT THAT THE ‘STREET’ AND THE CHURCH NOW SEEM TO BE EQUAL IN THEIR APPROACH TO FEMALE SEXUALITY AND ITS EXPRESSION. THERE SEEMS TO BE NO BOTTOM TO THE LEVEL THAT MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH ARE WILLING TO ALLOW IN THE WAY OF WHAT CAN BE WORN TO CHURCH AND CHURCH FUNCTIONS …”

“My wife was taught as a little girl that all attention should be drawn to her face, and that rule has been a great guideline.”

“It is the duty of every husband to make sure his wife is properly dressed, not only for Church but all the time. … I have been blessed with a modest wife …”


“The stark difference between Biblical modesty and femininity was illustrated one night as another preacher and I, along with our wives and families, were on the street in a large city near our home preaching and passing out gospel tracts during a festival. Two young women, who were dressed very provocatively, walked by and received the cat-calls and lewd remarks of a couple of young guys. The boys then turned and saw my wife standing there (she is 32), dressed in a modest skirt and top and said, ‘Oh, sorry ma’am!’ Ladies need to understand, that how they are dressed says a lot about who they are, and determines to some extent how they will be treated. Scripture backs this up (Proverbs 7, Genesis 38:15-16).”


Zephaniah 1:8 addresses one of the reasons God brought judgment on Judah—the southern kingdom of Israel. This being, when the Jews came to worship, they wore “strange apparel:” No one in leadership took action to force the people to obey the Scriptures on separation from the world; just like today, pastors are silent and do not insist on modesty. They have no problems with God’s people dressing with the “strange” dress of this sensual world. This strange apparel can be translated the “apparel of a harlot” from the Hebrew text. And we all know women do come to church dressed like harlots with short and low attire. One person told me of the church they recently left where sexy dressed women were dancing on the stage of the church—and so-called, Bible believing assembly.

Ladies, who are decent Christians, who do not desire sexual attention, are the women who should be in our churches. Only those who dress modestly should be allowed in the church, and those who come and do not dress modestly, should be offered a lengthy shawl to cover. Of course, leadership in the church should teach shamefacedness—dressing in bashfulness toward men and in the fear of God. Many do come from secular circumstances and have not been shown Biblically this is wrong. It would be proper, in this day in age, to have a modesty statement on the bulletin.


Blog comment from another website: A wife: “Had an unpleasant surprise waiting for her when she returned home one evening. After a weekend of traveling, she asked her husband how Church had been that Sunday, probably expecting to hear about the day’s lesson. What she got instead was completely different. Her husband confessed that a woman had come to visit their congregation, and her outfit had left the men feeling…agitated.”

My husband and I always appreciate it when a modest woman sits next to us on Sunday mornings; which fortunately, is most of the time. It is bothersome when a woman sits next to us with her skirt up to her bottom or wearing something low. I do have flyers on modesty that I will pass out of women at church, knowing some have never considered the subject, being it is rarely taught today in churches.


Brave and caring boys rescue children from fire:


Parents beware: Homosexuals males, in general, lust after boys, teenage male youth, and men. An undercover video shot in a gay bar reveals the truth of homosexual boy rape. Of course, this is why homosexuals support the gay men/boy love movement.

Warning, this video is quite disturbing and vile.

Wikipedia: In their 2002 survey, the AAUW reported that, of students who had been (sexually) harassed, 38% were harassed by teachers or other school employees. One survey, conducted with psychology students, reports that 10% had sexual interactions with their educators; in turn, 13% of educators reported sexual interaction with their students.


By Mary Niederberger and Liz Navratil / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A high school culture that condones inappropriate relationships between teachers and students, threats to arrest students who talk about it and poor communication with parents over recent controversies were among the frustrations expressed by parents and students to the Plum Borough school board Tuesday.

Nearly 200 residents attended the meeting in the district that has seen two teachers criminally charged with having sex with students and a third teacher removed from the classroom, charged with attempting to intimidate a victim.

Teachers Jason Cooper, 38, and Joseph Ruggieri, 40, have been accused of having sexual relationships with students. Teacher Drew Zoldak, 40, was arrested after police said he pointed out the victim in one of the cases during class and attempted to intimidate her.

Adding fuel to the fire over the staff arrests were assemblies held Friday by high school principal Ryan Kociela and Plum police Chief Jeff Armstrong, during which high school students were told they could be arrested for commenting on the controversies on social media


Yes, too often, freedom of speech is threatened when it comes to exposing evil and deceptions.

Conservative news story condensed:

Dr. Paul Church, a veteran urologist who has been on the staff of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for nearly 30 years, is appealing a board decision against him, and is planning for a hearing in July on his fight over his right to warn people that the facts prove “gay” sex is a dangerous lifestyle.

Church, who also is a member of the Harvard Medical School Facility and has conducted life-saving research on diagnosing bladder and prostate cancer, stated, “It is incredible to think they would be able to silence me and revoke my ability to be on the staff as a result of my raising valid health concerns over a risky lifestyle.”

He continued, “This is almost a fascist effort at mind control.”

More of Dr. Paul Church’s statements:

“Two-thirds of all new HIV/AIDS infections in the U.S. are the result of men having sex with men. Fifty percent of ‘gay’ men will be infected with HIV by age 50.” (This is the truth and immoral behavior with consequences is verified in Romans Chapter 1.)

“We don’t have a smokers celebration so why do we have a ‘gay’ pride celebration. The political agenda is superseding common sense.”

“I was told that my comments about the dangers of homosexual behavior constituted ‘discrimination and harassment’ and were considered to be ‘offensive to BIDMC staff’ and would not be tolerated. Yet, what was amazing is no one has ever disputed the accuracy of my statements regarding the health risks of ‘gay’ sex.”

“I was told I was prohibited from discussing my views about homosexuality to members of the staff, visitors, and patients. It was essentially an all-encompassing gag order.”

… “I feel like I cannot counsel them on risky behaviors that are unique to them because that would be viewed as advocacy for traditional marriage.”


Is it not heart-wrenching to know natural marriage is becoming so hated, no one can speak of it in pro-homosexual circles of business?


Homosexual marriage ruling:

Justice Scalia said that the Supreme Court has become a threat to democracy, explaining: “Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court. This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves.”

Scalia warned that “the majority’s decision threatens the religious liberty our Nation has long sought to protect.”


More conservative news:

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to redefine marriage in all 50 states, the Pentagon is now being urged to “cleanse itself” of chaplains who refuse to support same-sex marriage.

Activist Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is demanding the U.S. military conduct a purge of chaplains who holds to the traditional teaching of homosexuality and marriage—espoused by the first commander-in-chief, George Washington.

Remember, in 2013, our soldiers were given a training brief stating evangelical Christians were the No. 1 extremist threat to America, ahead of groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Ku Klux Klan, Nation of Islam, al-Qaida and Hamas.


Conservative news bit:

This week, the Kentucky County Clerks Association says it’s been swamped with cries for help from local officials after Governor Steve Beshear (D) ordered government workers to abide by the ruling. Resistance comes with a heavy price: a year in prison for “first-degree official misconduct.”


Please note within these debaucherous seminars, you find the diabolical “Queer & Sexy Parenting.” Innocence never is allowed in this lifestyle. Also seminars on church infiltration.

Southwest Airlines, Comcast, Office Depot Sponsor Homosexual…Conference Featuring ‘Gay Jesus’
Americans for Truth ^ | 2-6-15 | Peter LaBarbera

Southwest Airlines is among the major corporate sponsors of the 2015 “Creating Change” conference, an annual event drawing thousands of homosexual, bisexual, transgender, “queer” and “kink” (sadomasochistic) activists from across the country. The massive gathering of LGBTQueer activists opens today in Denver and includes a screening of a documentary film celebrating a “gay”-authored play casting “Jesus” as a homosexual.

The documentary, “Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption,” celebrates the 1998 play “Corpus Christi,” by homosexual playwright Terrence McNally, in which “Joshua,” representing Jesus Christ, is cast as a homosexual who as a teenager had homosexual sex with Judas (who later becomes his traitorous “disciple”).

In the play, Jesus (Joshua) [blasphemously] also conducts a homosexual “marriage” between two of his other “disciples,” James and Bartholomew, and he rebukes religious leaders who say homosexual behavior is sinful. Those who oppose homosexuality and the proudly “queer” Joshua are cast as pharisaical haters, and Jesus (Joshua) is crucified as “King of the Queers” rather than the “King of the Jews,” as in Scripture.

Creating Change: as extreme as it gets

Creating Change (CC) is the annual organizing project sponsored by the National LGBTQ Task Force (Q is for “Queer”)–formerly the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force. The leftist Task Force is easily the most radical major “gay” organization: CC includes sessions and caucuses on Polyamory, pansexuality, transgenderism, and sadomasochism.

Every year Creating Change organizers give out a “Leather Leadership” award to their favorite “leatherman” – this year Mark Frazier, former president of the National Leather Association and co-owner of a homosexual “leather bar” called the Dallas Eagle. There are also sessions for pro-abortion activists.

The following are a few of the radical workshop sessions and caucuses at Creating Change:

The Biblical Case for Same-Sex Marriage
Being a Queer Teacher 101
Queering Education: Struggles & Support
Porn This Way: Queering Porn
Queer & Sexy Parenting
Alternative Relationship Structures 101
Kink/BDSM/Leather Caucus
Practicing Kink: Let’s Get Visual
Empowering Trans Youth in Transition
LGBT Advocacy in the Evangelical Church
Queering Immigration
Bias in Statistics: Debunking Hate “Research” (we’re the “haters,” of course)
Beyond Choice: Reproductive Justice Organizing & Advocacy [abortion]
A Queer Church Beyond Inclusion
Battling Bigotry in the Black Church
Bi and Trans Adventures in Judaism
Turning Christian Opponents into Allies

The sad published facts:

Those that lit up their buildings in rainbow lights following the gay marriage decision, included Niagara Falls, the Cinderella Castle in Disney World, Terminal Tower in Cleveland, the Empire State Building, Penn Station, the Seattle Great Wheel, the U.S. Great Hotel in San Diego, the Alamo in San Antonio, San Francisco City Hall, Grace Cathedral, Playhouse Square in Cleveland, the Davis Building in Dallas and of course the White House.

Everyday products like the Snickers candy bar and a box of Tide detergent got wrapped in special rainbow packaging to celebrate the big win at the court.

Homosexual activists are preying on children, using the Sleeping Beauty Castle of Disneyland and Disney World, Cheerios, candy bars, etc. Everything to recruit children to create more lovers for the sexually deviant who want to violate children legally, as do Man/Boy love activists and the ACLU.

Internet photo: Frito Lay Doritos IMG_0101

Internet photo

Disheartening to see Frito-Lay stand on the side of sexual evil, promoting the deadly and vile gay lifestyle, even on their packaging.

I did write to Frito-Lay and received a kind and concerned letter from a lady who promised to forward to the appropriate department.


Do taxpayers and parents have a voice to object to same-sex marriage being taught in schools? The answer is nay. Everything is controlled by Obama now and school boards no longer care about parents:

At this meeting, about 200 parents were not allowed in, the doors were locked and police officers were brought in.

The facts from conservative news source:

Fairfax County Virginia public schools are going to start teaching kindergarten children about transgender and homosexuality.

4th grade children will be taught about incest.

8th grade children will be taught about Bill Clinton’s ‘activity’ and will be taught about different sexual activities.

Children will also be taught that there are 100 different genders.

The school is also allowing mixed gender bathrooms and locker rooms, and is hiring transgender teachers. The parents are not allowed to opt their children out of being taught by a transgender teacher.

In addition, parents cannot opt their children out of some parts of this education, because it is being put under ‘Health education’.

Furthermore, the federal government is threatening to remove funding from the school system if these things are not taught, even though these things are not required by State law.


All states are being told if they do not conform to all the pornographic materials of all sorts, President Obama will pull federal money from programs which feed poor students.

Remember, it was our president who legalized bestiality and homosexuality in the military. And many respected high-ranking commanders and chaplains have been ousted from our armed forces for not complying!

The PTA (Parent/Teacher Association) respected the voice and concerns to a degree of parents and tax payers, but no longer.

Most parents do not want their children encouraged to engage in promiscuous sex and same-sex marriage relationships; yet, even though this is the case, parents were lied to and now have no rights to protect their children from the propaganda of the lifestyles of diseases and death. Curriculum allows no opt-out policies for parents who desire to keep their children pure, wholesome and protected! They were lied to and told they could have this option; unfortunately, parents found this to be a sham. They were lied to a great deal!

These sexually deviant school boards must be impeached along with our lawless president who wants all children to be the play toys of the preyers.

Our schools are now official institutions of gay indoctrination and recruitment, and parents have no say.

And yes, they are doing all they can to tell kids to be gay in classrooms and in assemblies. I have seen video footage. It is all about high pressure sales!


Hemorrhaging is the main consequence of a baby murder surgery:

Here is another abortion complication. The abortion clinic does not want sirens and always, the ambulance is to be brought to a door where vision is limited.

You see in this video, the staff did change their minds; obviously, they are concerned, to the degree they would allow sirens.

Excerpts from conservative news source:

Two Transportation Security Administration workers at Denver’s international airport who were fired for implementing a scheme for a man to identify and grope “attractive” male airline passengers won’t be charged.

“We have declined to file any criminal charges in connection with the investigation,” said Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for the Denver district attorney’s office, according to the Denver CBS affiliate.

Shafi explained to investigators that Spicha would spot an attractive male passengers and give a signal, and she then would enter erroneous information into the security screening system “triggering an alarm so that Spicha (a man) could conduct a physical, hands-on pat-down on male travelers.”

The KCNC report said the TSA was alerted to the recent Denver allegations through an anonymous tip from one of its own employees on Nov. 18, 2014, but it did nothing for some three months.

… The controversy over the TSA’s “enhanced” screening, included judges throwing out cases against the agency based on a “secret order” issued by the TSA.

Other TSA complaints include, 95 year-old woman humiliated; children molested; disabled people abused; men and women subjected to unwarranted groping and touching of their most private areas …

We will probably see more and more cases dropped when it comes to gay rape and molestation with the recent court ruling regarding homosexual marriage, which means more gay power over the court system. And we know, our president will not intervene in these cases nor will he make grandiose speeches of condemnation.


Same sex marriage—no compromise!

“In Tennessee, an entire office of clerks is calling it quits just a week and a half after the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling. Concerned the government won’t acknowledge their right to decline, the group has decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and find work elsewhere.”

We do need many Shadrachs, Meshachs and Abednegos who are willing to be placed in the fire rather than bow down to idols or any evil practice of this world, including same-sex marriage. Today’s true Christians need to study the book of Daniel to learn to be non-compromisers or non-conformists with this world. It appears, these four men were the only ones within the entire population of Babylon who took a stand against those who violated God’s laws. Only a few are wise and courageous. 

In the day of judgment, people will say, did we not perform this or that in your name? And Christ will respond with, “I knew you not,” and why? Because they were compromisers. They never took seriously God’s holy teachings. Of course, to know God’s teachings you must be studying the Bible in all diligence.

Judicial Watch’s president Tom Fitton underlined the serious implications of newly discovered Obama conspiracy evidence:

“These new documents show that the Obama IRS scandal is also an Obama DOJ and FBI scandal,”The FBI and Justice Department worked with Lois Lerner and the IRS to concoct some reason to put President Obama’s opponents in jail before his reelection. And this abuse resulted in the FBI illegally obtaining confidential taxpayer information. How can the Justice Department and FBI investigate the very scandal in which they are implicated?”

San Francisco sanctuary city and murder of Kate Steinle:

LUIS MEGID, CORRESPONDENT: Although Sanchez had five previous deportations and numerous drug convictions, the sheriff says the city could not legally retain him. And not because it is a sanctuary city. Legal experts say the federal courts have made it clear.


We have a pro-criminal government that will offer anyone on the altar of death to bring in more democrat votes.

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently released a report revealing “illegal aliens have been involved in thousands of crimes in that one state, including nearly 3,000 murders.”

Sanctuary cities do not allow any sanctuary for American citizens.

Washington Post:

JERUSALEM — Israeli leaders across the political spectrum condemned in stark apocalyptic language the Iranian nuclear pact announced by the United States and world powers Tuesday, calling it a historic mistake that frees Iran to sponsor global terrorism while assembling the expertise to build a nuclear bomb.

“Iran is going to receive a sure path to nuclear weapons,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. “Many of the restrictions that were supposed to prevent it from getting there will be lifted.”

With the removal of economic sanctions, Netanyahu warned, “Iran will get a jackpot, a cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars, which will enable it to continue to pursue its aggression and terror.”

News by Bob Unruh:

Iranian’s War Threats:

The office of Iranian Supreme leader Ali Khamenei has released a video that promises if there is war with the United States, the “invading and criminal America” will “leave the war arena defeated.”

The new video was noticed by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors the region’s media. MEMRI said the video was posted on Khamenei’s Twitter account.

Under two minutes in length, it has English subtitles and prominently ridicules President Obama’s statement that the U.S. would not have a problem “knocking out [Iran’s] military with speed and dispatch if we choose it.”

Khamenei calls the statement by Obama “nonsense stemming from ignorance.”


Iranian negotiations continually reveal the insanity of our world.

MEMRI News (A Middle East News Source)

Israeli Arab Officials Call For Launching Intifada In Sukkot And Blocking Roads In East Jerusalem:

Several Israeli Arab officials spoke of launching a third intifada, and some even suggested it would break out during the upcoming Jewish holiday of Sukkot (September 27– October 4). The head of the Islamic Movement – Northern Wing, Raed Salah, told the Turkish news agency

Conservative News:

Abdulazeez—Chattanooga killer news info:

We know four Marines and a Navy petty officer were shot dead in cold blood and one police officer was wounded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in July 2015. The murderer, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, was not on any watch lists or any terror suspect lists.

He was born in Kuwait, which brings us back to our disastrous immigration policies. Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from jihad nations, as well as from “moderate” Muslim countries like Kuwait. Without recognition of the ideology behind these attacks, we are sitting ducks.

The New York Times reported Thursday that “in the last two or three months,” Abdulazeez “had begun showing up rather regularly at Friday Prayer at the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, a large mosque and cultural center, said Dr. Azhar S. Sheikh, a founding member of the center’s board. Dr. Sheikh said that he showed no signs of extremism. He said the family regularly worshiped at the mosque.”

Abdulazeez’s father, Youssuf Abdulazeez, to be appointed as a “special policeman” for Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works in March 2005, according to the Times Free Press. And yet the New York Times is reporting that his father was under investigation years ago as part of a foreign terrorist organization.

This speaks once again to how confused and clueless law enforcement is concerning the jihad threat. On one hand, Abdulazeez’s father is appointed a “special policeman,” and on the other hand, he was under investigation for ties to a jihad terror organization.

Obama’s gag rule prohibition on jihad and Islam, that is the elimination of warnings in counter-terror programs and training materials, is ridiculous and incoherent.

New York Post:

Property records show the mosque attended by the terrorist who killed US soldiers at a base in Chattanooga, Tenn., is affiliated with the same Islamic group as the mosques patronized by the Boston marathon bombers and the 9/11 hijackers who attacked the Pentagon.

Yet federal investigators have dismissed any possibility that the Tennessee mosque was a source of radicalization or support for the terrorist, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

The trustee of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, like the Boston and Virginia mosques attended by other terrorists, is the North American Islamic Trust.

In 2007, the Justice Department designated NAIT as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist financing case in America history, US v. Holy Land Foundation, which resulted in convictions and imprisonment of several US-based Hamas terrorist leaders. Current NAIT chairman Gaddoor Saidi also appears on the government’s co-conspirator list.
Court records detail money flowing through NAIT financial accounts to Hamas. In the same exhibits from the trial, the Justice Department lists NAIT and Saidi among “members of the US Muslim Brotherhood,” alongside NAIT’s parent the Islamic Society of North America — from which the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga derives its name …

The Muslim Brotherhood is a worldwide jihadist movement whose credo is “Jihad is our way, and death for the glory of Allah is our greatest ambition.”

The ethnic-Palestinian Abdulazeez expressed similar ambitions in his Internet writings, in which he dreamed of fighting and dying in “jihad for the sake of Allah.”

In 2009, when Islamic Society leaders were raising money from Chattanooga Muslims for construction of their new mosque, they invoked the names of major Muslim Brotherhood figures — including the group’s spiritual leader, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who once issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to kill US soldiers in Iraq …

Friends say Abdulazeez regularly prayed at the Islamic Society in the months leading up to his attack on two US military sites …

This is a familiar refrain. Americans have heard the same line from leaders of other mosques controlled by NAIT after their members, too, carried out acts of terrorism. Among them:

• Islamic Society of Boston, where a dozen terrorists have worshipped, including the marathon bombers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and most recently the ISIS-inspired terrorist who plotted to behead Boston cops.
• Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, where worshippers included two ISIS terrorists who attacked a Dallas-area event and planned to shoot up the Super Bowl.
• Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, where some of the 9/11 hijackers worshipped and got help obtaining IDs and housing, following on the heels of the Fort Hood shooter and several other terrorists who have attended the mosque just outside Washington.

More interested in outreach, authorities overlooked these disturbing patterns.

After 9/11, the Pentagon even invited the Dar al-Hijrah cleric, who ministered to the very hijackers who torpedoed the military headquarters, to an interfaith luncheon. That same cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, would go on to head al Qaeda’s operations in Yemen before a drone-fired missile finally caught up to him …

Paul Sperry, Hoover Institution media fellow, is author of “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington.”


Conservative news snippet:

President Obama, facing widespread criticism, finally ordered Tuesday (four days after the Tennessee shooting), the U.S. flag flying atop the White House to half-mast, along with those at military bases around the country, in recognition of the four Marines and one sailor who were shot and killed during a Chattanooga, Tennessee, attack.

The action put to rest a massive outcry about the president’s failure to lower the flag in the days that followed the assault …

One more presidential lies:

Never, have we been able, as a nation, to believe this administration’s narratives.

This administration has grievously achieved much of what it has conspired, though God is still in control. Our president will perform his own will even if a minority agrees. The will of the people is void. Iran curses Israel and us, to our face; and we are to all play dead.


Conservative News:

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: Officials admitted Monday in a court hearing that their marriage ordinance would criminalize a wedding chapel’s restriction of ceremonies to one man and one woman, and could subject the ministers to jail time.

If you stand on historical and Biblical correctness, you may someday face jail time, even in conservative Idaho.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards: Does it Matter if We’re Killing Living Humans?

She believes life begins when the child leaves the hospital, as is the democrat mantra these days.

Baby parts sold by Planned Parenthood:

Second video of Planned Parenthood’s willingness to sell baby body parts including brain tissue:

3rd video:

4th video:

Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, “receives $528 million of our hard-earned tax dollars each year. They perform 327,000 abortions every single year – almost 1,000 abortions per day. Planned Parenthood has devalued human life, owning to their business of harvesting body parts for alleged profit.”

They are a billion dollar profit-gaining organization, ceasing filthy lucre from the poor to line their pockets with vile blood money.

The White House, Planned Parenthood’s largest voice of defense, spouts lies, declaring the videos are fake. Lie after lie continually.

It is diabolical, exposed by the fact, since our country has been importing illegal immigrants, the reasoning of population control for baby murder is no longer mentioned, though this was the justifying lie continually spouted by PP founder, Margaret Sanger, and all liberals. She is their modeled goddess of baby murder:

Please watch this video of Margaret Sanger who states she wanted to wipe out the birth of all babies for 10 years.

Another informative video:


Planned Parenthood has claimed it doesn’t profit from the organs and tissue, because that would be against federal law.

“Planned Parenthood Received $1.5 Billion in Taxpayer Funds Over Three Years, Gov’t Report Finds. It owns one billion in assets.”

Despite all of the exposure of Planned Parenthood killing babies and selling their organs and other parts, Planned Parenthood actually awarded 16 news agencies the “Maggie Award” for media excellence. Of course, this includes their X-rated promotions for teens and even the youngest of children.


Praise God, This Christian US congressman from Oklahoma speaks it like it is. He graduated from a Bible college and attends a Baptist church:


Recruiting centers volunteer protection:

This administration does not want these centers protected and has called for the arrest of those who do.


According to a new survey, 99% of mass murderers are liberal democrats.


Crutcher’s report documented through Planned Parenthood’s own paperwork, one agent sold – during February 1996 alone – 47 livers, 11 liver fragments, seven brains, 21 eyes, eight thymuses, 23 legs, 14 pancreases, 14 lungs, six arms and one kidney-adrenal gland.

It is equivalent to Nazi death camps, where gold was pried from the teeth of Jews based on the attitude, “Why bury that gold in the ground?”

“How is it different to say that these babies are already dead, so we might as well see if we can profit from them?” he asked.

“This comes from someone who has had an abortion,” she said, recalling her two abortions while younger. “When I go in there, they are shoving a bunch of papers in my hands, so in my mind I just want to get out of there. And they say, ‘Oh, you’re doing something good here by donating for science so don’t feel bad about it. So we’re going to kill your baby, and we’re going to tell you you’re doing something good because we can donate your baby’s body parts so we can be reimbursed for harvesting the organs.’ It’s a crock of lies.”

She continued, “They’re trying to say this was trickery and they doctored the videotape. I didn’t make that lady say she wanted a Lamborghini, or that the other lady wanted to extract whole livers. That was not trickery. That came out of their mouths. You’re here harming these women and their babies and trying to make them feel good about it.”

A federal judge late Friday blocked the release of any recordings made at meetings of the National Abortion Federation by the Center for Medical Progress, the anti-abortion group that has exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of organs harvested from aborted babies.

News bit from Conservative news source:

Judge William H. Orrick quickly granted the injunction just hours after it was requested by the abortion providers’ association, saying the group would be “likely to suffer irreparable injury, absent an ex parte temporary restraining order, in the form of harassment, intimidation, violence, invasion of privacy, and injury to reputation, and the requested relief is in the public interest,” reported the Federalist.

Judge Orrick, nominated to his position by President Obama, was both a major donor and bundler for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, raising at least $200,000 in that effort and donating $30,800 to committees supporting him, according to Public Citizen, the Federalist reported.

“The National Abortion Federation’s request for a court order is just the latest attempt of the abortion lobby to cover up the truth of its embarrassing, inhuman actions,” said ADF Senior Counsel Casey Mattox.

“There’s a reason they don’t want their activity discussed in the light of day. Instead of openly telling America what they’ve been doing, they instead seek to suppress those who will reveal the truth. That’s just one reason among many why Americans should demand that Congress defund Planned Parenthood and any organization that engages in the trafficking of baby parts.

Derek Foran, a lawyer for the NAF, claimed the “extremists” have “placed [abortion providers] in personal jeopardy, simply for ensuring the constitutional right of women in this country to make their own reproductive choices.”


Progressives don’t care about human lives as long as sexually immoral lifestyles continues.

Please consider, the liberal German Party was the party of the progressives.

To be called a progressive is cool, despite the fact that this mentality murdered millions of innocent people under Hitler, and millions are still murdered under the mentality of being progressive. Solomon rightly declared there is nothing new under the sun. Fancy new gadgets do not remove the faulty mentality of justifying wrongdoing—reaching back to the beginning of time.

You can see from Wikipedia communist/socialist Germans called themselves progressives as early as 1910. Other quotes from this time period verify this. Hitler led progressive education and all his devices were considered progressive tactics.

It is satan’s fools who follow the progressive crowd in performing wicked deeds and who approve.

Conservative news:

Cruz said congressional support for the Export-Import Bank was a perfect example of Washington cronyism at work.

He explained how huge corporations like Boeing and Walmart obtain taxpayer money to expand business overseas, and politicians get campaign contributions as a reward.

Cruz deadpanned to Limbaugh, “Anytime someone tells you it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.”

The senator said the CEO of Boeing had even recently admitted his company did not need the money, but it was easier and cheaper to raid the taxpayers than to get private loans.

Cruz said career politicians are just interested in campaign contributions.

“At the end of the day it is about power and money and the people are getting left behind.”

He used token opposition to Obamacare as a prime example of GOP leaders ignoring the will of their constituents.



Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has published a 416 page book about his strategy to annihilate Israel.

“Israel has no right to exist” is the central theme of the book.

In his book, Khamenei denies the Holocaust and writes that he regards it as “a propaganda ploy” or a disputed claim. “If there was such a thing we don’t know why it happened and how,” he claimed.

Israel, which in terms of territory, accounts for one per cent of Saudi Arabia.


Netanyahu’s wise speech with the facts:


Rock music killed plants, while classical made them grow better and stronger in an experiment.

Rock music kills Christ’s holy churches with its sexy beat, removing the chastity, innocence, shamefacedness, holiness, purity, un-defilement of the church … killing it. But few desire to be removed from its bondage. 

Rock music can literally kill.

The view that music is amoral or neutral with no inherent power to effect is completely proven false by extensive research performed on plant life. Rock music, with it’s hard driving beat, played to plants will kill the plants – while soothing classical music causes the plants to grow twice as fast.

“Paradoxical as it may seem, music’s effect upon the more primitive vegetable kingdom is one of the most convincing methods of all for proving that music does affect life, including human life. For experiments conducted with humans, and even, to some extent, with animals, have the extra factor of the mind to contend with. This means that while men or animals may be demonstrated to have been affected by tones, the effect may not have been a direct or objective one. Rather, the effect upon the body may have been caused by the mind’s subjective reaction to the music heard. In the case of plant-music research, however, psychological factors cannot really be said to be present. If music can be shown to affect plants, then such effects have to be due to the objective influence of the tones directly upon the cells and processes of the life-form.”

“An intensive series of studies carried out by Dorothy Retallack of Denver, Colorado, demonstrated the effects of different kinds of music on a variety of household plants. The experiments were controlled under strict scientific conditions, and the plants were kept within large closed cabinets on wheels in which light, temperature and air were automatically regulated. Three hours a day of acid rock, played through a loudspeaker at the side of the cabinet, was found to stunt and damage squash plants, philodendrons and corn in under four weeks. Mrs Retallack played the music of the two different Denver radio stations to two groups of petunias. The radio stations were KIMN (a rock station) and KLIR (a semiclassical station). The Denver Post reported:

`The petunias listening to KIMN refused to bloom. Those on KLIR developed six beautiful blooms. By the end of the second week, the KIMN petunias were LEANING AWAY from the radio and showing very erratic growth. The petunia blooms hearing KLIR were all leaning TOWARD THE SOUND. Within a month all plants exposed to rock music DIED.

In another experiment, conducted over three weeks, Dorothy Retallack played the music of Led Zeppelin and Vanilla Fudge to one group of beans, squash (marrow), corn, morning glory and coleus; she also played contemporary avant-garde atonal music to a second group; and, as a control, played nothing to a third group. Within ten days, the plants exposed to Led Zeppelin and Vanilla Fudge were all LEANING AWAY FROM THE SPEAKER. After three weeks they were stunted and DYING. The beans exposed to the ‘new music’ leaned 15 degrees from the speaker and were found to have middle-sized roots. The plants left in silence had the longest roots and grew the highest. Further, it was discovered that plants to which placid, devotional music was played not only grew two inches taller than plants left in silence, but also leaned TOWARDS THE SPEAKER. (Tame, David The Secret Power of Music, p. 142 – 144)

All the plants that were next to the rock music – LEANED AWAY FROM THE SPEAKERS – trying to get away from the music! And to show that it was not just the noise itself – the plants next to the classical music – LEANED TOWARD THE SPEAKERS – actually trying to get closer to the music.

In the end – ALL the plants next to the rock music – DIED!


Gays stand for man/boy love and one of our President’s dear gay friends, Terry Bean, raped a boy, and police have stated other boys in Oregon. He was released by being merely fined.

Original, 2014 CNN report regarding Terry Bean’s arrest.

With the threats of imprisonment being cast on those who do not agree with gay marriage, one must ask how long before our president rounds up all citizens who believe in natural marriage for prosecution. No doubt, he desires to shut up those who believe in two virgins, a man and woman, coming together in marriage for a lifetime commitment by which, no sexual diseases and death by them exist—God’s way.

All this, while another issue is pounding the streets with democrats, supporting, the “black lives” matter movement. President Obama stands 100% with the “black lives matter” movement—a campaign in which the protestors call for the murder of police and whites. POTUS commends … refusing to condemn. Democrats state the killing of law officers is not associated with the black lives matter movement.


Washington Times: “The Democratic National Committee passed a resolution Friday expressing solidarity with Black Lives Matter.”


Common sense video:


Conservative news source regarding Islam leader Louis Farrakhan calling for the death of whites:

At Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Miami on July 30 of this year, Farrakhan called for “ten thousand fearless black men to rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them.”

“If the federal government won’t intercede in our affairs, then we MUST rise up and kill those who kill us; stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling”

His sermon:

In light of this, it should be no surprise, on the anniversary of the Ferguson Brown shooting, blacks were angrily saying they were ready for war.

Less than a month later, on Aug. 26, a white female reporter and her cameraman from a Virginia TV station were murdered on live TV – stalked and killed – by a disgruntled former employee – a black racist motivated by revenge for the Charleston church shooting, where a young white man killed nine black congregants.

Two days later, on Aug. 28, Harris County, Texas Sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth was murdered while pumping gas – stalked and shot in the back of the head, and then multiple times at close range. An unstable black man with a police record, Shannon Miles, has been arrested for the crime.

Miles had attended Prairie View A&M University in Texas. This is the same school Sandra Bland attended. Bland was arrested following a traffic stop and alleged assault on a police officer in July. Three days later, she apparently hanged herself with a trash bag in the Waller County Jail and became a martyr in the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Following Bland’s suicide, daily protests have been held at the jail. In one of these protests, according to Breitbart, a militant black woman said that all white people should be killed. A few days later, armed members of the New Black Panther Party marched on the jail chanting, “The revolution has begun, off the pigs.”

Just hours after Sheriff’s Deputy Goforth was murdered on Aug. 29, activists with the St. Paul, Minnesota, branch of “Black Lives Matter” marched on the Minnesota state fair, spewing anti-cop rhetoric: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.”

And this past Tuesday, Sept. 1, a black man calling himself “King Noble” posted a YouTube video, saying, “The Black Lives Matter movement wasn’t enough.” “Noble” found the execution of Deputy Goforth “funny,” and said, “It’s open season on killing whites and police officers and probably killing cops period. … Today we live in a time when the white man will be picked off.”

With his public threats, Louis Farrakhan has fueled the existing hatred many blacks (who typically have been raised without a father in the home) have long-harbored against whites.

Last year, on Nov. 22, Farrakhan had threatened retaliation for the death of Michael Brown. He told an audience at Morgan State University, a black college in Baltimore: “When we die and they [whites] die, then soon we’re going to sit at a table and talk about it! We’re tired! We want some of this earth or we’ll tear this (using God’s name in vain) country up!”


I had a video link of man calling for the killing of all whites and police, actually there were several videos calling for death to whites and cops. It appears YouTube suspended those accounts. 


Excerpt from article by Joseph Farah

(Posted when Kim Davis was still jailed. We are grateful or her release.)

What crime did she commit?

Actually, no crime. The Rowan County Kentucky clerk is in jail for contempt of court because she refused, on the basis of her First Amendment rights, to issue a same-sex marriage certificate.

Some people suggest she broke the law in doing so.

I disagree. In this case, Kim Davis seems to be one of the few parties involved in this controversy actually obeying the law.

The scofflaws in this case are the majority of the U.S. Supreme Court who violated the Constitution by legislating, a power explicitly denied to any branch of government except Congress. Congress had overwhelmingly approved a law that defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Likewise, if we turn to the Constitution of Kentucky, we find this plain English provision: “Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Kentucky. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has no authority to overturn the Constitution of any state. There are provisions in the law to amend state constitutions, just as there are provisions in the U.S. Constitution to amend it.

So which law did Kim Davis break or defy by refusing to issue a same-sex marriage certificate?


The sexually perverse, including the transsexuals who change their sexual desires at whim, now can use whatever bathrooms and showers they desire according to the sex they prefer at the moment. It is all insane; it is all about, lusting, using others sexually and trying to recruit others to this insanity of vileness.


Breitbart News: The Maury County, Tennessee, school district has kicked up a firestorm with a Five Pillars of Islam project that included asking students to write or recite the shahada, the Islamic declaration that there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. Parents weren’t necessarily upset about learning about Islam, but they were angry that the kids were reciting Muslim religious language. As one parent said, “I didn’t have a problem with the history of Islam being taught, but to go so far as to make my child write the shahada, is unacceptable.” Other parents objected to the excessive emphasis on Islam over Judaism and Christianity. In fact, as the Daily Caller reported, the teaching about Christianity seems rather, umm, skewed: It appears that Tennessee students don’t study Christianity per se. There is not, for example, one class day dedicated to the basic Jesus story.

A smart student, rightly added to the assignment—It is a “lie” before they had to write the lie.

Muslim assignment photo

Internet photo

Islam forced on public school children:

Daily Herald:

In the Maury County of Tennessee, school district, the paper reported parent Brandee Porterfield said her daughter “brought home school materials containing the Five Pillars of Islam.”

One of the translations of the creed reads, “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” – But the school skipped the textbook’s section on Christianity.

School officials explained, she told the Herald, that Christianity was not part of the state’s standards, so it wasn’t covered.


Conservative news source:

Public school students in Madison, Wisconsin, were given an assignment to “pretend you are Muslim” while students in Florida were instructed to “recite the Five Pillars of Islam as a prayer, make Islamic prayer rugs and perform other Muslim rituals,” ACLJ said Monday.


Apostasy of the church ever-growing in power, fraud, Marxism, and insanity:

Conservative news source:

Chicago Theological Seminary Distributes Condoms, Compares Christ’s Second Coming To Gay Sex

A few weeks ago, condom packages designed with a colored image of a rainbow flame, a LGBT variation of the UCC’s logo were passed out.

Printed above the flame are instructions: “Chicago Theological Seminary, Take Two (For the second coming!).” The text blatantly suggests Jesus Christ’s Second Coming relates to one needing two condoms for multiple partners, etc.

Internet photo

The “Christian” seminary is likening the Second Coming of Christ to gay sex.

Who would have thought the apostasy of the church would reach this place in unspeakable deviancy and vileness. The Bible is obviously hated by this seminary and God’s holy, innocent, pure and undefiled nature to be mocked and ridiculed.

They do not fear the fact, the sexual immoral are destined for the lake of fire.

By Heather Clark

Christian News Network

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Liberty University’s weekly convocation with Bernie Sanders—which students are required to attend—began by admitting that he had differences with the university.

“I believe in a woman’s rights, and the right of a woman to control her own body. I believe gay rights and gay marriage,” he stated within seconds of opening of his speech. “Those are my views, and it is no secret. But I came here today because I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is vitally important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse.”

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. had stated in his introduction that he hoped the university could find “common ground” with Sanders. The Democratic presidential candidate made similar statements during his speech.

“[I]t is harder, but not less important, for us to try and communicate with those who do not agree with us on every issue,” Sanders said. “And it is important to see where if possible, and I do believe it is possible, we can find common ground.” (Lighthouse Trails)


Sad to see Liberty students applaud and stand up for this vile man. And female students screaming in adoration when Sanders mentioned reproductive rights. It certainly reveals this university has gone the way of Balaam as has most of the formerly strong Christian colleges.

Christendom is overrun with tares!! Some day the good fish will be separated from the bad fish: Matthew chapter 13. We witness no fear of the God’s righteous judgment to arrive.

Jerry Falwell Jr. is definitely an antichrist brining in Bernie Sanders to speak, who is all about baby slaughter, sodomy, and every godless way under the sun? The Bible commands Christians not to place themselves under the teaching of the ungodly. Christians are to come out from amongst the lawless pagans and be separate, this continually commanded by the LORD God Almighty throughout the Scriptures.

Ephesians 5:11: “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

Psalm 1: Blessed is the man Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, Nor stands in the path of sinners, Nor sits in the seat of the scornful; But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither And whatever he does shall prosper. The ungodly are not so, But are like the chaff which the wind drives away. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment, Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, But the way of the ungodly shall perish.

Muslims still raping girls in Swedish schools, even the very young!

School authorities and police side with the Muslims. Due to Muslim infiltration in all areas of life, Sweden is now called the rape capital of Europe.


More Islamic rape as their power grows in Europe:

Pete Parker: Islamic supremacy is the convoluted mindset that all non-Muslims are refuse deserving of torture, rape and various other forms of violent subjugation. It is the core tenet of a barbaric ideology that propounds the dangerous and feckless notion that if you’re not Muslim–you’re not human …

And it is this very mindset that has led to the disquieting epidemic that currently grips Europe. Of course I’m referring to the Muslim “rape gangs” that have battered and raped thousands of young white girls throughout the UK and Europe.

(Islamic supremacy dictates that white women, in particular–are “bigger whores” and “dirtier sluts” than most other non-Muslim females.)

In a recent report issued by British authorities–at least 13,000 adolescent white girls had been sexually assaulted in the city of Manchester by rape gangs over the past 6 years. And if you include the number of assaults committed in Rotherham and Rochdale–the total chillingly approaches 20,000.

Complaints from German Muslim refugee camps:

German news translated to English: Women tell of multiple incidents where they, and children as well, boys and girls, are sexually harassed, molested, attacked, and raped. Many women refuse to take off their daily street clothes when they go to bed. They are afraid to use bathrooms at night because they have to walk through camp and they get attacked and beaten and raped not just on their way to the bathroom, but men wait in bathroom stalls for women. Even during the day life has become treacherous and dangerous for the women and children.

Many women that have fled their countries didn’t just flee because of war or civil war. They fled because they were facing forced marriage or female genital mutilation. These women are exposed to extreme danger when they flee their home countries, especially when they travel alone or with children. Even the company of male relatives or acquaintances will not keep the women safe from violence. On the contrary, it often leads to extreme dependence and sexual exploitation.


Sexual assault upon women when employed by Muslim men is also quite common. Maids in Dubai are continually fleeing from Muslim men who rape and physically beat them, sometimes starving and killing them. They are viewed as property only and therefore they enter slavery when employed. Some maids have been able to flee. Some are caught and placed in prison in Dubai.

One News report from The National News:


A woman has been jailed for 15 years for torturing and starving two maids, causing one of them to die.

Emirati R M, 45, a customer service officer, was also sentenced to another month for refusing to get medical help for Ethiopian maid, Khadija Kamel, who had pneumonia.

Her husband, Emirati A F, was jailed for three years for aiding and abetting his wife.

Prosecutors said the wife kept the maids locked up for two months in a room at her villa in Al Rashidiya, where they were tortured and refused food.

The other maid, Filipina E K, 29, testified that the wife beat them with sticks and banged their heads against the wall until they bled.

The Independent News of Uganda:

Nanteza’s fate is not the exception. There are many cases, mostly of domestic workers, who have returned to their countries if not deceased then mutilated and heavily bruised.

In the remote Ugandan village of Mawogolla, Masaka, a 10 year-old girl, collapses in grief as the coffin of her mother Flora Ritah Zawedde Nanteza, 33, is lowered into a grave. Nanteza, who moved to Dubai in 2013 in search of a better life, died in prison.

However, Nanteza was not a criminal. She had worked as a maid for a year but when she found life at her sponsor’s Dubai home had become unsustainably difficult, she decided to go out on her own and look for a job elsewhere. The sponsor lodged a complaint and she was registered as a runway, thus becoming wanted by authorities.

She was found and arrested on July 17, 2015, and two weeks later she suffered a heart attack arising from high blood pressure. She was hospitalized and put on life support. Three days later, on August 2, she was dead.


There are even reports of this in America. One Saudi Prince was arrested for slavery and rape in California. In another case, authority dropped the charges, even though the woman escaped, doing all she could to gain assistance.


What Muslim children are taught on children’s TV programs:


Alan and I were recently engaged in conversation with a man named Jim and he was telling us how horrific it is in California as farmers no longer own the water on their land. The state is placing meters on wells and he knows one productive farmer in the area who cannot afford the new extravagant water fees and is no longer farming for the community.

Seventy percent of California’s water returns to the ocean due to environmentalists’ requirements. California has not built one reservoir in the last 35 years, though its population has soared. So what do they do instead? They go after local farmers to put them out of business.

“With the stroke of his pen, the Governor changed over 100 years of water laws – without the people’s input. This is not the democracy Californians deserve.” – State Senator Jim Nielsen

“In the midst of deadly drought, Governor Brown passed legislation allowing the state to control, regulate and abundantly charge for the use of groundwater on privately owned land to the detriment of the state’s survival.”

California hypocrisy:

At least 9% of farmland is unworkable due to conservation mandates.

“20,000 acres of orange and lemon trees are expected to get bulldozed this year. Sacramento Valley’s rice crop likely will shrivel by at least 25 percent, and growers fear they’re losing access to critical export markets because they can’t meet obligations to customers.” (Sacramento Bee Newspaper)

“If you drive around here, I could show you thousands of acres of abandoned avocado groves,” said Eric Larson, executive director of the San Diego County Farm Bureau.


Yet, California has received “historical amounts of rainfall” as reported by the weather news:

Because of the huge amounts of rain, even flood-like torrents, as recorded on YouTube by residents, all must still conserve. Californians are very skeptical, since more and more of their personal water rights are being abolished.


In order to murder babies after they are born, and to stop a bill to protect unwanted babies who are born alive, Hillary, Obama and other liberal progressives stand with, “It is not a baby until it leaves the hospital.” The majority of democrats want the right to murder, sweet innocent babies, even after they are born. They also stand with pedophilia on our military bases, as stated previously, in name of culture.

In the US House, all democrats voted to murder babies after they are born if unwanted, excepting five.

“Congressman Chris Smith explains, this has Obama on record once again opposing care for babies born alive who survive abortions. Obama clearly either believes that killing babies after they are born is a reasonable part of an abortion or he fears that abortion companies like Planned Parenthood would stop doing abortions before they would be willing to comply with a requirement to save the babies that survive them.”

I will add, if there are never any complications to abortion, as Planned Parenthood proclaims, then why all the concern for this bill. Of course, there are many blotched abortions and women have died from abortions, and ambulances are summoned to baby murder clinics as many videos testify to.


Another bold congressman, Franks, tells it like it is with child murder in America:


Ultrasound of baby playing in the womb, jumping up and down, 12 1/2 weeks:


Praise God for intervention:

British News:

The SAS (British Special Air-force) soldiers could see through their binoculars approximately 1000 meters away the bodies of other decapitated victims and the people of the village gathered together and clearly in fear, as they were about to witness another execution – this time of an 8-year-old boy and his father by ISIS murderers.

The two were labeled “infidels” because they refused to renounce their Christian faith.

From over a half-mile away, the sharpshooter, using a .50 calibre sniper rifle fitted with a silencer, killed the executioner just in time.

“The ISIS thug who was about to decapitate the father was shot in the head and collapsed,” the source said. “Everyone just stared in confusion. The sniper then dispatched the two henchmen with single shots – three kills with three bullets. Someone from the crowd then ran over and untied the father and son’s hands and took their blindfolds off. They just stared at the bodies and then ran. They were last seen heading towards the Turkish border in a pick-up truck. It was a good day’s work.”


News snippet:

In September, Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, commander of U.S. Central Command, told the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee only “four or five” anti-ISIS Syrian troops remain from a $500 million U.S. program …”

This tells us further there is no true concern for ISIS amongst liberal policy-crafters who only desire to pour money into Islamic countries.

Quran on emigration:

“And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Quran. “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful” (Quran 4:100).

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 trained ISIS gunmen have already been smuggled into Europe – hidden among innocent refugees, reported the Express, a British newspaper.

“The ISIS fighters use local smugglers to blend in and travel within the ranks of a tidal wave of illegal migrants flooding into Europe, both by boat from North Africa and on land through Hungary and Austria into Germany, Belgium and Sweden.”

Most refugees associated with churches, have been hiding in churches and homes in the Middle East, afraid to venture to the United Nations refugee camps, which tend to be managed by Muslims, according to WND news.


According to information supplied recently by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., at least 72 cases have been documented in just the past year of Muslim immigrants becoming involved in terrorist activity.

And no progressive liberal mentions the carbon footprints of illegal immigrants. Though this is another excuse for human elimination.

However, God crafted carbon to be a necessary additive to our world:

By F. Swemson

“The truth is that CO2 is a beneficial trace gas that exists in such small quantities in our atmosphere, that the idea of it playing any significant role in determining our climate is simply silly.  CO2 comprises less than half of 0.1% of our atmosphere, and only 4% of it comes from human activity.  That’s 16ppm, or 1 part in every 62,500 parts of our atmosphere.  CO2 is plant food, and a key component in all life on earth.  Plants need CO2 to grow and produce oxygen.  They feed animals (including ourselves).  Animals in turn consume oxygen and plant-based foods, and exhale CO2.  Without CO2, nothing could be green!  This brief video showing the effect on plants of increasing atmospheric CO2 is quite striking.

Ironically, the audacity of their lies about CO2 are overshadowed by the most obvious part of the Hoax.”


Creation answers: “Are there any benefits to CO2? Carbon dioxide is naturally occurring and, rather than endangering life, it is necessary for life. Plants cannot live without CO2 and man cannot live without plants. In addition to this indispensable benefit, there are other major benefits. Without an atmosphere containing GHGs the earth could not support life. Carbon dioxide is one of the atmospheric gases that help moderate earth’s temperature. Furthermore, for over 100 years the agricultural industry has known that CO2 is a plant fertilizer (Northen 1968, p. 74). Some growers intentionally increase CO2 up to ten times its normal concentration to encourage plant growth in greenhouses. This is termed “carbon dioxide enrichment.” Elevated levels of CO2 encourage faster growth, larger and more productive fruit bearing, and increased tolerance to both heat and cold. As a result of increasing levels of CO2, plants can extend both their growing season and the extent of their habitat. Plants need CO2 to exist. If CO2 levels drop to about 220 ppm plants grow very slowly, and if the concentration falls to 150 ppm growth stops entirely. There is far greater danger in lowering the CO2 level, than in increasing the level.”


God’s warming, cooling and in between have always been segments of our world. Nothing can be performed outside of His divine moving hand within creation. And God does bring droughts upon nations who are in sin as punishment.

God also has annihilated large populations due to sin, exampled in Zephaniah 1:18 in the Bible. This is God’s population control and why men need to fear God’s devouring wrath. Nations reap what they sow in God’s timing; yet, He offers time to repent through His mercy and kindness, graciously offered to all.

To learn of God’s personal love for you, please check here:


In the hope of Jesus Christ, Val Lee

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Billy Graham—Inside Look at His Dynasty


No photographer info available

No photographer info available

Dear Readers,

Many of us have witnessed many coming to Christ through the Billy Graham ministry; however, if you are like me, you have questioned some of his stances in his interviews and wonder how can this can be the same man who preaches the Gospel so powerfully.

Often Billy Graham’s interview appearances spoke to me as being more of a publicity stunt for the popularity of the man Graham.

“Billy Graham has preached Christianity to live audiences of nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories through various meetings, including Mission World and Global Mission. Graham has also reached hundreds of millions more through television, video, film, and webcasts.”

I remember as a young girl opening the front door of our family home and turning up the television so neighbors could hear Billy Graham preach during his televised crusades. He was a preacher who convicted hearts unto salvation like no other in recent history.

President Truman stated of Billy Graham: “But now we’ve got just this one evangelist, this Billy Graham, and he’s gone off the beam. He’s…well, I hadn’t ought to say this, but he’s one of those counterfeits I was telling you about. He claims he’s a friend of all the Presidents, but he was never a friend of mine when I was President. I just don’t go for people like that. All he’s interested in is getting his name in the paper.”

“This led Truman to referring to Graham as a ‘counterfeit’ publicity seeker, and Truman did not speak to Graham for years afterward.”

Today we would associate this with an obsession with self, such as seen often on Facebook. “It is all about me”—the cult of self or narcism. We all need to continually pray for humility and to consider each person as being more important than ourselves.

One of the things I appreciated about Billy Graham in his young years, when he pastored, was the occasion, when he took it upon himself to harshly chastise women for coming to his church in low neck tops. How many pastors today would tell women strongly from the pulpit, they must dress modestly? He made it clear it was wrong for them to tempt him or others!

I also remember my mother faithfully turning on the radio, each Sunday, to hear Graham’s messages. She loved solid Bible teaching. Fortunately, she often warned me of the ecumenical movement. (Christianity joining hands with false churches) I do not know if she ever recognized Billy Graham having part.

My cousin, Maxine Bates, knew Billy Graham well. He sent her to Nigeria to be a missionary and she reached many children for Christ in her lifelong ministry. Billy Graham visited her on the mission field and even had her sit behind him at one of his crusades. Maxine told me many stories, sent me photos, and I visited her in Florida. She truly loves the LORD and like Billy Graham, is most elderly today.

Maxine Bates history information:

“A missionary program was launched and two of its members Maxine Bates in Nigeria, Africa and Helen Prestidge Howard in Ecuador, South America receive their full support from The Village Church. Partial support is provided for several other missionaries in other fields throughout the world.”,6459544&hl=en

Quite a few years ago, I am across some of the heresies of Franklin and Billy, I contacted Samaritan’s Purse, Franklin’s organization, to hear this side. We went back and forth. I knowing the facts could not be denied, would not go along with the justification of falsehoods in their attempt to deceive me. I have posted these interesting letters and additional information below this article.

Another good thing about Billy Graham is he truly cares for the black race, refusing to hold to race prejudice, and assuring blacks felt welcome at his crusades.

Years ago, I emailed information on Billy Graham to those on my email contact list, and one lady wrote to him to see how these things could be and asked if they were. The response email was sent to me. Billy Graham basically told her, I am what I am. He did not dispute anything, and much of what I disclosed is in this information, though the info is not a duplicate.

What I find entirely evil and unbelievable, occurred in a 1999, when “Graham discussed his relationship with the late North Korean dictator Kim Il-sung, praising him as a ‘different kind of communist’ and ‘one of the great fighters for freedom in his country against the Japanese.’ Graham went on to note that although he had never met Kim’s son and current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, he had ‘exchanged gifts with him.’ Graham has given a globe surmounted with doves to the North Korean Friendship Museum.”

This appears to be something our president would do, but hearing Graham performed this for these dictators who have murdered around 3 million innocent Koreans, including Christians, often through starvation, is incomprehensible to me and no doubt, countless others. It is unbelievable that the Graham family would uplift the leaders of North Korea who are terrorists, as bad as ISIS/Islamic State, if not worse:

These Dictators forbid Christianity to be spoken and no one is allowed to own a Bible. It means execution if you are caught with the holy Scriptures. For the Grahams to believe this is better than living in the freedom Japan enjoys is communistic heresy.

“The North Korean people are oppressed through limitations and denials of basic human rights, including the right to food, bodily integrity, free movement, freedom from violence, privacy, and free thought … In an attempt to deter dissent and paralyze community empowerment among the North Korean people, Kim Il Sung – and later Kim Jong Il – propagated ideas of an all-powerful, ever-present, all-knowing government. Pictures of Kim Jong Il, alongside pictures of his father, Kim Il Sung, appear in households, schools, and public arenas. The images present the dictators as gods to be worshiped. Many commodities and internally published materials also bare Kim Jong Il’s image, reminding North Koreans that their leader is supreme and always watching.

Kim Jong Il’s regime, beginning in 1994 with the death of Kim Jong Il’s father, Kim Il Sung, made critical decisions that killed 20 percent of North Korea’s population and contributed to the death of nearly 3 million North Koreans in the late 1990s. While Russia and China began to change their economic and political models in the 1980’s, Kim Jong Il failed to identify North Korea’s governmental shortcomings and to respond to the burgeoning needs of his people. Though Kim Jong Il’s father set the stage for North Korea’s current crisis, Kim Jong Il is responsible for the mass-starvations of the 1990s that constitute crimes against humanity, for North Korea’s refusal to receive food and economic development aid, and for the North Korean government’s far more brutal, terrifying, and inhumane violence against the North Korean people.”


This video link below exposes Billy Graham’s heresy statements; it is footage of his words which cannot be disputed.

God teaches us, This is love that we keep His commandments; 1 John 5:3. Love is holding to the teachings of the entire Bible—God’s commandments. Hatred for God is not loving every Word of God down to every jot and tittle. Hatred for God maintains, having no problem with people who teach contrary to the Bible.

Jesus Christ is the Word become flesh (John 1) and displays He is the Word of God in Revelation 19:11-16.

Philip Yancey, is most liberal and endorses homosexuality as confirmed in his interview “Amazed by Grace.” 

And it is no wonder that Billy Graham has endorsed Yancey stating, “There is no writer in the evangelical world that I endorse and appreciate more.”  Billy Graham, not a Bible literalist, is open to theistic evolution: 

He also believes those who follow false religions might be in heaven—Newsweek August 14, 2006: “When asked whether he believes heaven will be closed to good Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus or secular people, though, Graham says: ‘Those are decisions only the Lord will make. It would be foolish for me to speculate on who will be there and who won’t … I don’t want to speculate about all that. I believe the love of God is absolute. He said he gave his son for the whole world, and I think he loves everybody regardless of what label they have.’”  

(Side note: The Hindu religion consists of 330 million false idol gods, though not all Hindus worship this many deities:

It is very disheartening indeed that this respected man speaks out of both sides of his mouth when addressing the Gospel. The Bible never lies as God never lies. You will not locate wishy-washy doctrine within. God hates every contrary way and one has to be born again to be saved. Upon salvation, accepting Jesus Christ as Savior, by asking forgiveness for every sin, one is washed of every unbiblical belief. (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)

Wikipedia: In a 1997 interview with Robert Schuller, Graham said “I think that everybody that loves or knows Christ, whether they are conscious of it or not, they are members of the body of Christ… [God] is calling people out of the world for his name, whether they come from the Muslim world, or the Buddhist world or the non-believing world, they are members of the Body of Christ because they have been called by God. They may not know the name of Jesus but they know in their hearts that they need something they do not have, and they turn to the only light they have, and I think that they are saved and they are going to be with us in heaven.”

This is outright satanic apostasy. Graham is following the spirits of demons to issue such a statement. He has given away the fact he is an antichrist.

To be a pastor, evangelist or teacher one must be above reproach and follow all the ways of godliness for these positions, and must know the Bible from cover to cover and believe it from cover to cover.

Everyone should read the books of Timothy, Titus and Acts which explains qualifications for church leadership and other passages. We must study God’s Word so we are never made ashamed as commanded.


Women cannot preach or teach men and they must be silent in the churches, not teaching men or acting in authority over them. Yet, Billy Graham has no problem with his daughter teaching men in church settings. (1 Corinthians 14:33-34 and 1 Timothy 2:12 and following)


The Graham family stands with Catholicism, this is idolatry (worship of statues or images), and idolatry is the mainstay of Catholicism. The Graham family was represented at Pope John’s funeral and uplifted him as the greatest man, brother, etc:

When Catholics were born again at Billy Graham crusades, he would turn them back over to Catholic idolatrous churches, instead of to solid Bible believing, teaching churches. How apostate can you be and devilish?

This pope and all popes represent idol worshippers of false deities, and dead popes are in a fiery place today. God declares idolators go to the Lake of Fire; Revelation 21:8, 20:14, etc.

Catholic truths:

Video of Catholics praying to dead bones—an abomination to God and eternally deadly:

The Bible also forbids the worship of the “queen of heaven.” This is the Catholic Mary’s most outstanding titles, and this name has been held by many female goddesses throughout history under the command of satan. (Jeremiah 7:18 and 44:15-18)

Queen of Heaven sign

(photo I shot at a Catholic church in Washington state)

Catholics have a sky-reaching obelisk in the middle of St Peter’s Square which is an Egyptian idol and condemned in Scripture.

Leviticus 26:1: “You shall not make for yourselves idols, nor shall you set up for yourselves an image or a sacred pillar (obelisk), nor shall you place a figured stone in your land to bow down to it; for I am the LORD your God.”

Many of the saints Catholics pray to:

“In a BBC interview, Pope Francis took the highly unusual step of actually admitting that there are thousands and thousands of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church worldwide. By their estimates about 8,000. This mind-numbing admission has sent shock-waves through the highest levels of the Vatican system.”

Unfortunately, there has been no death by hanging or stoning for these vile pedophiles, and the Vatican simply moved them to a different diocese when children’s voices were heard. I honestly believe there are more who have stolen the innocence away from boys through sodomy.

More Catholic pedophilia:

Below is a Documentary link of Ireland sex abuse by priests; this concealed by the highest of the highest, meaning the Vatican too. This religion involves child abuse as does most idolatrous cults of satanism.

Priests have also supplied little boys for men outside their church upon request.

In 2 Corinthians chapter 6, God commands we do not associate with those of idolatry and why we expose it and the fact, satan is behind it all. In the Old Testament children were burned to death in the name of idols.

I do apologize for the video, owning there are a few impure words, it being secular. I do want to warn you! It does not adhere to born again Christianity in any form. It does expose you to the fact, men are destroyed for life due to pederasty.

The Grahams have devilishly led believers to accept this satanic cult. This leads me to ask, how many innocent children have been raped due to this?

The Grahams require church discipline, and should not be in the church for unrepentance.

The true church is be humble, no pomp, circumstance, no glitter and showiness, only lowliness as Christ displayed lowliness. He never even had a place to lay His head; Luke 9:58.


Cathedral in Sevilla Spain, © Val J. Lee

Cathedral in Sevilla Spain © Val J. Lee

The Catholic Church, full of endless sin, hides behind multi-million dollar and billion dollar ornate cathedrals, vestments inlaid with gold including the large head ornamentations and the pope sits on a gold throne. He is viewed as infallible (papal infallibility) and must be obeyed in all things.

This apostate church spends around 170 billion a year.

“The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others.

“The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc.”

“The Catholic church is believed to be the biggest corporation in the United States. They have a branch office in every neighborhood. Its assets and real estate holdings must exceed those of Standard Oil, A.T.&T., and U.S. Steel combined. And their roster of dues-paying members must be second only to the tax rolls of the United States Government.’”

The Wall Street Journal revealed the “Vatican’s financial deals in the U.S. alone were so big that very often it sold or bought gold in lots of a million or more dollars at one time.”

This is also proof that the Graham family can be rightfully called antichrists, and one with fellow antichrists. Yes, they do preach against sin and appear all godly, but to be a true Christian, you cannot waver from any of God’s commands and teachings. This includes me!!!! We are to have nothing to do with false teachers, including idolaters.

Billy Graham is also a registered democrat because he is a liberal; see Wikipedia. He also met with President Obama. Why would Graham welcome such a vile and wicked man who approves of every evil thing, including removing Christian rights of purity, into his home? I believe it is because Graham loves to be in the limelight. He has always wanted to be with the most famous not the unknowns in society. Graham begged to meet with President Obama. He certainly enjoyed having a photo of them together!

This is the president who made sodomy and bestiality legal in the military. Jesus Christ would have no fellowship with the false religious leaders and wicked political leaders in His day. He exposed their sins continually and they wanted Him dead.

Billy Graham was also close friends with former President Johnson who was a most corrupt and dishonest. He was a most vile man and a woman chaser. Billy Graham slept in the White House the last night of his presidency. Johnson is infamous for stuffing the ballot box to win the senatorial election in Texas in 1948. “Johnson received the votes of the dead, the halt, the missing and those who were unaware that an election was going on.”,_Texas

God commands association with the lowly and Billy Graham has never had a desire for this.

During the time Mitt Romney was running for president, Billy Graham became best friends with this man. Romney is a false prophet and an evil man who stands for abortion and even during the last election, stated, he stood with Mormons who are pro-baby murder, he being of the Mormon cult too.

Romney’s lies:

When Billy Graham chose to get close to this man, he no longer called the satanic religion of mormonism a cult, which he had done previously.

Now, Graham never mentions Romney as being a friend, his current political friend is the sexual immoral Donald Trump, a Las Vegas and Hollywood man, who chases pornographic women, who just happens to be running for president.

Graham invited Trump to his 95th birthday celebration and he came. Graham also invited the sexually vile man, Bill Clinton, who like Obama, stands for every satanic thing under the sun.

Billy Graham and the Clintons became close friends when Clinton was president and they still are. Even though they are evil, he has had them sit behind him when speaking, and stated Hillary should run the country and Bill be an evangelist; being verified in Time Magazine and I also saw this in a video.,8599,1650798,00.html

The whole situation is an abomination to all-righteous Jesus Christ who is undefiled, innocent, blameless and separated from sinners; Hebrews 7:26.

Franklin Graham also stands with all those who are his dad’s vile friends.

Graham always associated with the most debaucherous people of America, and he is supposedly a man of God. A man of God is to be above reproach in every way. Graham in no way resembles the godly men of Scripture who hated every licentious way and withdrew from any man who proved to be of satan’s mechanism such as Simon the magician; Acts 8:9-24. The apostles never fellowshipped with the wicked of the world, though they did offer the Gospel to everyone. They would have never walked as one with a sensual immoral person.

The book of Jude exposes Billy Graham in every verse.

Verses 3-16: Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints. For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ. Now I desire to remind you, though you know all things once for all, that the Lord, after saving a people out of the land of Egypt, subsequently destroyed those who did not believe. And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day, just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them, since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire. Yet in the same way these men, also by dreaming, defile the flesh, and reject authority, and revile angelic majesties. But Michael the archangel, when he disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, did not dare pronounce against him a railing judgment, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” But these men revile the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed. Woe to them! For they have gone the way of Cain, and for pay they have rushed headlong into the error of Balaam, and perished in the rebellion of Korah. These are the men who are hidden reefs in your love feasts when they feast with you without fear, caring for themselves; clouds without water, carried along by winds; autumn trees without fruit, doubly dead, uprooted; wild waves of the sea, casting up their own shame like foam; wandering stars, for whom the black darkness has been reserved forever. It was also about these men that Enoch, in the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied, saying, “Behold, the Lord came with many thousands of His holy ones, to execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have done in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.” These are grumblers, finding fault, following after their own lusts; they speak arrogantly, flattering people for the sake of gaining an advantage.

When, as a young person living at my parents’ home, I heard Graham address the abortion issue. His words left me in shock. He was not solid against baby murder in the womb. He was most compromising and arrogant regarding his stance.

This is why it is important to always check to see if the man in the pulpit is the same in actual life, and true to his words outside the pulpit.

The Grahams can be confusing when you hear all they say and contemplate all their viewpoints. I am grateful I serve a God who is not a God of confusion and He never changes with the times or to please the audience he is before.

Neither Billy Graham or his children rightly divide the Word of Truth at all times (which is required of pastors and this is why they must study to be approved; 2 Timothy 2:15-17). Only those who can, are allowed to a pastor, evangelist or teacher. Teachers must know their Bibles from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 and teach accordingly.

During the China Olympics, Franklin Graham told Christians not to witness because this would be contrary to the Chinese government.

This reveals he is a liar and willing to lie about God’s Holy Word, the Bible, which commands the preaching of God’s Word everywhere and at all times. He is an antichrist. The most godly people were imprisoned for doing this against governing authorities in both the Old and New Testament. There is no way he could know his Bible and spout this. The book of Acts is all about the Apostles preaching everywhere including where it is forbidden and at times, being imprisoned and murdered. John the Apostle was placed in prison in Patmos for preaching when it was illegal in the Roman Empire. I could go on and on. Satan does not want the Bible preached by godly men and he uses the excuse, through his false prophets, stating, “You must obey the government” to stop Biblical obedience. God says, preach the Word of God in season and out and be willing to die doing so, taking up the tree of Calvary. Yes, we obey the government, but never when the government contradicts the commands of Scripture. The Bible is always our final authority when it comes to obedience.

1 John chapter 4 commands me and all believers to test the spirits because many false prophets have gone into the world. 2 Peter affirms I am to have nothing to do with false prophets.

Tares do not desire all that represents moral chastity. They do not do everything to protect themselves from every unbiblical teaching. They love the world’s sensual philosophies, methodologies and spout any new saying of the day, though cool lingo changes from year to year. It is God and His Holy Word which never change.

Ecclesiastes, in the Old Testament, explains silly man runs around saying this is new or that is new, instead of holding to God’s ancient tried and true undefiled paths.

There are many Judas’ in the church whom no one suspects. Judas most likely preached and took part in miracles, but he is suffering in a very hot place today as a son of satan or perdition.

Obviously, he came across as a charismatic, spiritual man, though he held a murdering heart for the Savior—the Creator of the universe.

Billy Graham is reported as saying in December 1994, on the Larry King television show in the U.S.A., that sodomites are born sodomites, since, as he put it, it is in their genes (Calvary Contender, vol. XII, No. 3).

Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13: Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination, and if a man also lie with mankind, as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death: their blood shall be upon them.

Romans chapter 1 proves Graham lied in his statement. God proclaims in this passage, they abandon the natural, seeing they burned or greatly hungered for the unnatural and all pay the consequences—“receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.”

“On NBC television during the Clinton scandal, Billy Graham flippantly excused President Bill Clinton’s lewd and lascivious sexual sins by declaring ‘that, well, the man just can’t help himself.’ Clinton is handsome and virile, said Graham, and the girls are just ‘wild’ over him.’”

I remember hearing Graham’s words, and I was angered that Graham would not call Clinton to repentance and expose this as vile sin.

Graham chastised anyone who would judge Clinton who claimed to be a believer. He made justification because he was such a handsome man as stated above. This told me immediately that Graham was not the same man who preached against sin in the pulpit. We are commanded to judge sin and this is made clear in 1 Corinthians chapters 5 and 6, John 7:24, etc.

God says men are to look upon women as sisters in all purity, and women are to dress in shamefaced apparel (in all modesty, obviously to protect men’s minds).

This also reveals Graham should not be allowed in any church because he justifies sinful behavior. The apostles would never had made such fleshly and evil statements, and we are to abide in their teachings and commandments found in Scripture.

Men are to stay faithful to their wives in thought and deed and confess any sin that is contrary, knowing all are tempted, but all must flee all temptation and pray for the Holy Spirit’s filling at all times to maintain holy thought and behavior.

“Pray without ceasing” the Bible commands and every true Christian knows the necessity of this. We must take every thought captive and throw away the evil and untrue thoughts which enter. It is being alert and confessing when any thought, not of Scripture, enters so it does not brew to intoxication; James chapter 1.

Billy Graham satanic heresy stated on Larry King:

I will keep repeating Billy Graham is a heretic, also revealed by the fact he does not endorse the creation story of six days, as stated in the Bible. He has no problem with those who do not believe this in faith. He, himself, is open to theistic evolution:

Graham has a free spirit and not the Holy Spirit guiding him. Only the Word of God guides us into all truth.


 as the year 1988 closed, Graham told U.S. News & World Report that theology no longer meant anything to him: “World travel and getting to know clergy of all denominations has helped mold me into an ecumenical being. We’re separated by theology and, in some instances, culture and race, but all that means nothing to me any more” (U.S. News & World Report, Dec. 19, 1988).

Billy Graham freely states, he does not take the Bible literally, though he formerly did. This shows the man is sinking in the mire of faithlessness. True men of God are full of faith in God and His inerrant Word.

Though, I might add, Graham did not take hell literally in his younger years so I wonder if this is not a lie.

His stances explain why he accepts all religions as leading to heaven. This is what Mother Teresa taught too and Billy Graham was a follower of this idolatrous woman who worshipped Mary, the queen of heaven, and the other false saints. He has spoke endlessly of her praises.

Graham published his own edition of Halley’s Bible Handbook, now owning the publications rights, which has involved him removing all the facts regarding the Catholic church murdering Christians in previous ages. He went to great lengths to remove all the information and redo pages numbers, etc. Halley’s wife is shocked knowing her husband spent years gathering the facts on this information.

Though, up till a few decades ago, Catholics were still murdering Christians in South America. The Catholic church was teaching its members to use machetes on Christians and missionaries have verified this. Catholics are still performing evil deeds to keep the true Gospel out of South America.

Billy Graham is viewed often as the pope of Christendom and can do no wrong. This is very wicked indeed. God admonishes in Jeremiah chapter 17, saying cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes man his strength.

Christ did not put his trust in any man knowing what was in man; John 2:22.

Quote from TIME Magazine:

From 11-15-93 “Billy Graham said, I think that HELL essentially is the separation of God forever. And that is the worst HELL I can think of. When it comes to a literal fire, I don’t preach it because I am not sure about it.”

The video below, at point .42 and following, reveals Graham has not believed in literal hell for years or maybe never:

Yes, this is an abomination. Graham is lying, he knows there are many verses in the Bible which teach hell is fire. Here are two verses:

Rev. 21:8 “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

Matthew 13:50 “and throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

And I also will add Revelation chapter 20:11-15:

“Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat upon it, from whose presence earth and heaven fled away, and no place was found for them. And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead which were in them; and they were judged, every one of them according to their deeds. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire. And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”

Please remember Christ’s words regarding His warning to the compromisers:

Matthew 7:21-23: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’“

Yes, many will think because they believed there is a Jesus and did good works in His name they will be accepted.

True Christians are born again by the Holy Spirit through redemption. Coming to Christ as sinners and wanting His cleansing through His shed blood.

My husband was raised Lutheran and believed there was a Jesus Christ, but it was years later he understood he had to be born again to enter the kingdom of God.

1 Thessalonians 2:12: In order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. (This would mean approving of evil too.)

The Bible warns us to make sure we are in the faith and this is Biblical faith in Jesus Christ of the Bible and of no other books for teachings.

Video with good info, though I would not say, all the men in this video, who are quoted, were always true to Scripture. I do personally verify Jack Wyrtzen’s words, as my husband and I knew him and he established this with his own words on more than one occasion before us:


Also I referenced:

and other web info, including from my website.


To learn of God’s personal love for you, please check here:


In God’s love and truth, Val Lee


My Correspondence with Franklin’s organization, Samaritan’s Purse, exposing their lies:

My husband and I supplied money to Samaritan’s Purse many years ago. After doing so, we received information from SP, which was worrisome to both of us. This prompted me to do some further investigation.

I wrote a few letters to this organization with our concerns and they did graciously respond; though they ignored my last letter proving they had horrendously lied to me— to appease a supporter, to keep the money flowing in.

This speaks to me, exposing the Graham’s are fakes in most ways.

I have found to my concerned distress that there is much information to prove Franklin Graham is significantly tied to the liberal United Methodists who accept most every evil agenda under the sun including homosexuality.  He, like his father, has strong ties with the Roman Catholic Church.

If you look at the additional information below all, you will note that Billy and Ruth Graham were members of a liberal Presbyterian USA church, Montreat Presbyterian in North Carolina.  This denomination upholds every evil agenda and is a member of the ACLU.  Ruth was an elder in the church (Only a man can hold this position according to the Holy Scriptures.)

I knew a man who had attended their church on occasion.

At this webpage, on the bottom, you will see this liberal church, of all persuasions, supplied 20 million for Ruth’s internment:

The Good News Bible, which is distributed by Samaritan’s Purse, and is the Bible choice of the Graham empire, deliberately leaves out the blood of Christ in most every verse, though it is in the original Greek New Testament manuscripts. This version does not refer to Mary as being a virgin.

Here are the my letters, responses and added information: 

Dear staff,

In your catalogue, you list building churches; do these include United Methodists, other Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics, etc?
Thank you for answering,

Val Lee

(I addressed this question because a photo on the cover of Samaritan’s Purse pictured Franklin standing in front of a Methodist Church, Samaritan’s Purse was rebuilding.)


Dear Val,

On behalf of Franklin Graham, thank you for contacting Samaritan’s Purse.  We appreciate your interest in our project to rebuild Sudan’s churches lost in the civil war.

Concentrating initially on northern areas where the destruction was targeted, 87 churches have been identified to be rebuilt, and scores of others are being evaluated at this time.  The decision to rebuild is based on need, not denomination; all denominations are considered.  The new structures will be made with concrete walls and floors, wooden trusses, and metal roofs.  Due to the remoteness of the area, supplies will have to be transported in.  There are no paved roads in the areas of Sudan where we are working, and many of these places have to be reached on foot; it may take up to a week to get there.  The cost to rebuild these churches will vary from $5,000 for partial repair to $25,000 or higher for complete reconstruction of a church.  Not every church will need to be completely rebuilt; some simply need walls or roofs, while others were completely destroyed and need everything.  This project will take years to accomplish, and we ask for your patience and prayers as we seek to follow the Lord’s direction and honor Him in every aspect of our work.

Samaritan’s Purse will also train pastors to replace the many that lost their lives while proclaiming the Gospel.  We have faith that God will raise up ten pastors to replace every one that was killed during the war.  “Times are uncertain in Sudan right now, and we need to take this window of peace to go in and assist as best we can; to lend strength to the Christians against the Muslim influences,” said a Samaritan’s Purse field worker.  The cost to train a pastor for a year is $1,000-$1,500, which covers transportation, room, board, food, and books.  Our goal is to open pastor training schools in Sudan.

If you have additional questions, please contact Christy Rich at the address below.  To support our work in Sudan, please indicate Sudan Churches (013820) or Sudan-Projects (013416) on any donation.  Thank you again, and may the Lord bless you.


Barbara Schroeder
Samaritan’s Purse
PO Box 3000
Boone, NC 28607
828-262-1980 x 1430

Dear staff,

I ran across the below article and was quite disheartened to read about Samaritans Purse donating money to a Presbyterian Church.   It was sad for me to learn of your donation to this doctor and reading of their involvement of sending missionaries to assist Planned ParenthoodThe Presbyterian USA denomination is also a member of the ACLU—,

has female pastors, is pro-homosexual, etc.

Could you please explain why you would support this organization as well as build churches for them and the United Methodists?

You also build churches for the Catholic Church that worships Mary, “the queen of heaven,” which is forbidden in scripture, Jeremiah 44:17 and 25 and 7:18. Could you explain your stands on supporting churches that worship idols and false deities?

Thank you for your response,

Val Lee


Chuck Miller received the 2005 “In the footsteps of the Great Physician” award from Samaritan’s Purse World Medical Mission.  We at Westminster have thanked God for years for Chuck’s global witness to the love of Christ – it’s a blessing to learn that Samaritan’s Purse values Chuck’s gifts and generosity too!  The citation on the award reads, in part, “By putting his faith into action in medical missions around the world, Dr. Charles L. Miller has helped bring healing and hope to many who otherwise would have lived without hope and died without God.  The selfless Christian service of this man serves as an example to all who would follow in the footsteps of the Great Physician.”

Many others in our congregation participate in world missions as well: Mary Field has made several trips to Africa to help with Planned Parenthood and AIDS and she and Ann Jarrett have just returned from South Africa, as have Rolf and Jeannie Carboni. Chuck and Ann Smith and Kathy Stoner-LaSala and her husband and son have spent much time in Central American missions also, and Bob Frelick has for many years given unselfishly of his time and expertise to third world countries. Hannah Woodbury spent a year in Ireland helping in a children’s school; our youth have taken trips to Mexico with Borderlinks, go yearly to a work project for Habitat for Humanity (this year in St. John’s Island, SC in July} and a group of them are going to England, Scotland and Ireland in June with People to People. I have made 8 mission trips in the last 4 years and have another planned for this summer to Rwanda for 3 months, and I can tell you that the old adage,” You get back much more than you put in” is really true. The experiences are life-changing.)


Dear Val,

On behalf of Franklin Graham, thank you for your email.

I could not determine the source of your information, but Samaritan’s Purse has never supported the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., or the Roman Catholic Church, and no cause related to the either the American Civil Liberties Union or Planned Parenthood.   Should you have further information to the contrary, I would be interested in seeing it.

If I can assist you further please feel free to contact me.

In Christ’s service,


(This is an outright lie presented for filthy lucre sake. The Grahams are rich in the millions, though they do use portions for ministry. Their organization is within the 10 top richest ministry organizations. Billy and Ruth have themselves been members of the USA Presbyterian church for years as explained above!)


Dear Glen,

Thank you for your reply and addressing my concerns.  I have included all the information so you can reeducate me.

Here is the website concerning the article I sent:  (This was years ago, and the page has since been removed though it is quoted above)

Below is the letter I received from SP stating that all denominations are considered for church building.  My letter to SP is below where I inquire if you build churches for Catholics, United Methodists, etc.  United Methodists allow lesbian pastors, are very Catholic in their services, and preach everyone is going to heaven.  Members of our family attend a United Methodist Church.  

I appreciate the numbers of people who have come to Christ through your organization.

In His holy, inerrant, immutable Word,

Val Lee

From: Samaritan’s Purse – Project Info


Dear Val,

Thanks for the additional information.  Denominations in Sudan are very limited, but this should state Evangelical denominations –and we will clarify that in future correspondence.  The webpage link you sent features the work of Dr. Miller, and by no means endorses the other agencies listed.  We do not fund the local church for medical missions, as the short-term doctors often volunteer their services.

I must admit that there are still many devoted believers in some of the major denominations, who are making a difference for Christ.  Some have left, others have stayed.  That’s between them and the Lord.  Franklin Graham’s maternal grandfather, the late Dr. L. Nelson Bell, was a medical missionary with the Presbyterian Church, U.S.  After he returned home, following 25 years of service, he worked hard to promote renewal within the denomination–and God greatly blessed his efforts.  Having known him personally, he was one of the most Christ-like men I have ever known.

We do thank you for expressing your concern, and for your prayers –that God will always be glorified in all that we do.  May God bless your service for Him.

In Christ,


Sam McGinn
Senior Ministry Correspondent
Samaritan’s Purse
PO Box 3000 | Boone, NC 28607
828.262.1980 | Fax 828.266.1056


Hi Sam,

Thanks for allowing me to reveal more information.  I just did some research on the question of association with the Catholic situation and I found two items that disturbed me concerning Franklin Graham.  They are below. In the interview with Larry King, I emphasized some of Franklin Graham’s statements. He reveals he works together with Roman Catholics and they support him.  I know this involves crusades, but there seems to be a oneness of heart that he reveals in his statements.  Is there any possibility that they support SP as well?

I am grateful for Franklin Graham’s emphasis and boldness concerning the Gospel!

I hope you don’t mind me asking another question, but I read in your catalogue that SP provides Good News Bibles. This translation leaves out the blood of Christ. The New Testament of the Good News Bible was translated by Dr. Robert G. Bratcher in consultation with a committee appointed by the American Bible Society. The Roman Catholic Church gave official approval of this Bible in 1969.

Bratcher has stated “Only willful ignorance or intellectual dishonesty can account for the claim that the Bible is inerrant and infallible. ‘with respect to the autographs’ is a bit of sophistry, a specious attempt to justify a patent error … No truth-loving, God-respecting, Christ-honoring believer should be guilty of such heresy. To invest the Bible with the qualities of inerrancy and infallibility is to idolatrize it, to transform it into a false God … No one seriously claims that all the words of the Bible are the very words of God. If someone does so it is only because that person is not willing thoroughly to explore its implications … Even words spoken by Jesus in Aramaic in the thirties of the first century and preserved in writing in Greek 35 to 50 years later do not necessarily wield compelling or authentic authority over us today. The locus of scriptural authority is not the words themselves. It is Jesus Christ as THE Word of God who is the authority for us to be and to do.”

Could you please explain why this bloodless Bible is presented to people?

I look forward to hearing from you.

In Him who died and shed His blood for us,

Val Lee


Franklin Graham said: “In the early years, up in Boston, the Catholic church got behind my father’s crusade. That was a first. It took back many Protestants. They didn’t know how to handle it. But it set the example. ‘If Billy Graham is willing to work with everybody, then maybe we should too’” (The Indianapolis Star, June 3, 1999).


Pope John Paul II Remembered

Aired April 4, 2005 – 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, in life, Pope John Paul went to the world. In death, the world comes to him. And the body of the 84-year-old pontiff lies in state in St. Peter’s Basilica. We examine the challenges facing the church he led, and whether his lessons of reconciliation will survive. That’s next, on LARRY KING LIVE.


KING: We’ll be checking in with guests from Rome on this special edition of LARRY KING LIVE.

Our guests in the United States, in New Haven, are Sister Helen Prejean, the Roman Catholic nun, author of the acclaimed best-seller “Dead Man Walking.” Her newest book is “The Death of Innocence: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Execution.” She has an op-Ed piece today on the pope and death in the “New York Times” titled “Above All Else, Life.”

In Los Angeles, Father Michael Manning, the Roman Catholic priest, Society of the Divine Word, host of “The Word in the World,” and pastor at St. Anthony’s Church in San Bernardino.

In Boone, North Carolina is Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse, president and CEO of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. His father was with us on Saturday. And he’s the son of Billy Graham.

And also in L.A. Is Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, who has had two private audiences with the late Pope John Paul.

Franklin Graham, what did he mean to you, a Protestant?

FRANKLIN GRAHAM, SON OF REV. BILLY GRAHAM, PRES. SAMARITAN’S PURSE: Oh, Larry, he reached out, I think, in a wonderful way. There were so many things that he did. But first of all, there are things that he emphasized that we all agree on as Protestants. He emphasized the cross, and of course, the cross is a symbol of God’s love. The Bible says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in Him shouldn’t perish but have everlasting life.

And he emphasized not only the cross, but the fact that Jesus Christ was the son of a living God who came to this earth to take our sins on the cross, and gave his life and shed his blood on the cross for the sins of all of mankind, and that he was buried and that on the third day God raised him from the grave.

And he talked very clearly, that if we put our faith and trust in Him, that God would forgive us of our sins and cleanse us of our sins. So, as a Protestant, I appreciate these things that he made so clear, and he emphasized so very well, in his ministry all those years. He opened up the doors and I think brought Protestants much closer. We’ve had opportunity to work together in many cities where we’ve held crusades, where we’ve been there to preach. We’ve had the Roman Catholic Church support us in our evangelistic efforts which has been most appreciative. It has been a great cooperation for a number of years because of this man.

Additional on Billy Graham’s stands:

1995, June 2-8. “The European” reported, “DR. GRAHAM SENDS HIS ENQUIRERS INTO ROMAN CATHOLICISM, EASTERN ORTHODOXY, LIBERAL PROTESTANTISM, ETC.” This has been a consistent policy since Billy Graham’s early evangelistic days. “His name and address and a lot of information about him is taken and within 24 hours that is sent to a minister of the church of his choice regardless of denomination” (from an interview with Graham in the “U.S. News and World Report” of August 27, 1954).

The Grahams were members of the liberal supporting Presbyterian Church USA, Montreat Presbyterian Church in North Carolina, and Ruth was an elder in the church till her health prevented her from serving. I do not know if Billy Graham is still able to attend:

Numerous Presbyterians Attend Capitol Ceremony Honoring Billy and Ruth Bell Graham

by Jerry L. Van Marter

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–A number of invited Presbyterians attended the May 2 ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington honoring Billy and Ruth Bell Graham. The world’s most famous Christian evangelist and his wife received the Congressional Gold Medal — “the only thing we’ve voted on unanimously this year,” according to Senator Robert Dole (R-Kan.).

Only 114 Congressional Gold Medals have been awarded in the nation’s history. The first went to George Washington. The Grahams were the third couple so honored, and Billy Graham is only the second minister.

Ruth Bell Graham is the daughter of the late Nelson Bell, a former moderator of the Presbyterian Church in the United States and a missionary for the denomination.

1973: Graham recommended Roman Catholic literature in the ecumenical Key ’73 meetings held across North America; he especially recommended a biography of the Pope John XXIII containing hundreds of pages of devotion to Mary and the Saints, worship of the host (wafer) at the Mass, and his [the Pope’s] trust in the sacraments as the means of salvation. Graham advertised this book as “a classic in devotion” (2/86, The Gospel Standard; Key ’73: Congregational Resource Book).

Graham’s 1974 statement at the International Congress on World Evangelization in Lausanne, Switzerland: “I have nothing but the warmest of relations with the World Council of Churches”

1978, January. In an interview given to “McCall’s Magazine” Graham said, “I used to believe that pagans in far off countries were lost going to hell if they did not have the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached to them. I no longer believe that. I believe that there are other ways of recognizing God through nature for instance and plenty of other ways of saying ‘yes’ to God”.


Billy Graham wrote this in a lengthy article in the “Saturday Evening Post” of January/February 1980, referring to John Paul II as “one of the greatest moral and spiritual leaders of this century” and “an evangelist” who “sought to speak to the spiritual hunger of our age in the same way Christians throughout the centuries have spoken to the spiritual yearning of every age– by pointing people to Christ.”


There was no reply to my last correspondence.



“Ed Stetzer, of Islamic extremism, is transitioning as president of LifeWay Research (an arm of the Southern Baptist Convention) to director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton. His large writing platforms give him a megaphone with which to advance left-leaning causes. Stetzer is a major bridge-builder with Muslim extremists. From a “Pulpit & Pen” post:

Last month, Ed Stetzer spoke at an interfaith gathering with Islamic extremists, including known aiders and abetters of international terrorism. Stetzer provided Southern Baptist-owned Lifeway data to assist the Muslims in “learning how to relate” to evangelicals and how to “build bridges” with other faiths. Speaking with Stetzer at the ironically-themed “Spreading Peace Convocation” was Obama’s spiritual advisor, Joel Hunter, radical sheik Hamsa Yusef, cop-killer supporting Muslim and friend of Anwar Awlaki, Suhaib Webb. Stetzer was paid to hand over the Southern Baptist intellectual property to the Islamic extremists by Islamic globalist organization funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the International Interfaith Peace Corps and the syncretistic Chrislam organization, Glocal—headed by a baptist pastor.”  (By Jim Fletcher)

I say, if you do not think the Grahams are on satan’s side and other so-called Christian organizations, think again, please! The church is in apostasy!

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