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Jeremiah—The Message and Messenger—Chapter 25


Idol of Mary in Catholic chapel in Spain
The Mary dolly in displayed in a white and pink dress with red trim 
The dolly’s outfit is changed at times
and the doll is marched through the streets in idolatrous worship

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Repetition is the unending, sequential admonishment of the book of Jeremiah. This admonishment continually involves God’s hatred for the sins of Judah, the southern kingdom of Israel. Condemnation with admonishment will not end till this book’s last stroke. It is a long, prophetical book of warning for all. It has spoken to man’s heart since the time of its penning, though its application did not bear fruit till the miserable Jews awoke to the reality of it all in a detestable land of grotesque paganism. 

Jeremiah has been preaching to the Jews for 23 years and there has not been one convert. No Jew is seen in a prostrating position of humble repentance. Unending grief held in the heart of Jeremiah “the weeping prophet,” is the result. And his soul continued to faint after the destruction of Jerusalem and the captivity.

The book of Lamentations is a continuance of Jeremiah’s poured out torment following the captivity:

“My eyes fail with tears, 

My inner parts are troubled; 

My liver is poured on the ground 

Because of the destruction of the daughter of my people, Because the children and the infants 

Faint in the streets of the city.” (Lamentations 2:11)

We plunge into chapter 25 of Jeremiah with the LORD’S words arriving again to Jeremiah. He must continue to preach even if no one listens. This is how relentless the love of God is toward His wayward people. And we know from previous chapters, 99% or more of the Jews did not listen and did not care. They viewed themselves as secure in their emergent or ecumenical (all religions are fine or are one) religiosity. 

It remained Jeremiah’s desire and God’s to see remorseful minds. However, God, who knows the future as well as the past, understood it was an impossibility. These Hebrews were beyond revival. Though this was all true, Jeremiah still preached with his entire heart in loving concern for their fate. His messages were never offered in a proud attitude of I know it all and you are stupid.

We note in this Jeremiah episode and previous ones, God is never impressed with the work of man’s hands including in the area of idol or dolly images of worship. 

I have noticed how many idols here and abroad resemble dollies. Of course, this is what they are. It is no different from bowing down to a child’s baby doll in worship.

The person of common sense knows no idol crafting by the hands of men is going to protect from harm or get anyone to heaven or cause a barren woman to become fertile.

In verse 1, we read King Jehoiakim is the sovereign on the throne. We have studied this evil, emergent/ecumenical king previously. Jehoiakim or Eliakim was righteous King Josiah’s second son, and reigned as king over Judah for 11 years. 2 Kings chapter 23, verses 34 and 36— “Pharaoh Necoh (or Neco) made Jehoiakim king in the place of Josiah his father . . . Jehoiakim was twenty-five years old when he began to reign, and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem.”

These were the four sons of righteous King Josiah in review—Johanan the firstborn who never reigned as king; possibly perished before Josiah’s passing. The second was Jehoiakim (reigned after his youngest brother, King Jehoahaz, died in Egypt). The third son of Josiah was Zedekiah who was the fourth to reign after Josiah. The fourth son was Jehoahaz (or Shallum) who reigned three months as the first king to succeed Josiah. (1 Chronicles 3:15) I understand this is confusing as I have stated in other chapter commentaries.

We observe in this first verse, this is Jehoiakim’s fourth year of reign and it was King Nebuchadnezzar’s first year as king of Babylon.

Verse 4 and following brings us into more condemnation of sin. These Hebrews continually rejected the wise words of the true prophets, doing what was right in their own eyes. They enjoyed people tickling their ears through false teaching. The pastors basically told them they do not have to be concerned with their sins; all is well.

It is akin to much of today’s heretical teachings found in assemblies. All are welcome and it is all about relationships. Attendees do not have to worry about being convicted of sin to any significant degree. Simply come, make friends and enjoy the free, live entertainment.

One of the lies true believers need to be on the outlook for is, “It is just a matter of interpretation.” No, it is not! It is deliberately teaching falsehoods, using man’s teachings over God’s. I have been told this regarding demonic Calvinism—the religion of John Calvin (1509 -1564 AD) and other false teachings. There is much trickery injected into our churches by the present tares or weeds, and it often arises through phraseology to try to confuse the righteous believer who only stands on the Bible. Satan does appear as an angel of light and this must be kept in our minds at all times as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. 

Turning to God and turning from sin is the message of verse 5. Under today’s dispensation of grace, it is akin to telling people they must be born again because they are sinners and need to be washed clean in the precious blood of Christ. Though being washed clean from sin was also taught in the Old Testament—Psalm 51, Proverbs 30, and Isaiah 4. The Old Testament paved the way for New Testament revelations including the need of a sacrificial Lamb to die for all.  

God promises, through Jeremiah, if the people repent, they can remain in their land, the land given to them by God, “forever and ever.” It is an easy choice, but these rebellious ones reply with no way.

Many New Testament believers reply with a “no way” to God even though He promises blessings from Biblical obedience. Their ears yearn for the words which are impressive to them, they can live a life of sinful compromise and it is no big deal. They love preachers who tell jokes on Sunday, reference movies, rocks them out and keeps them off the hot seat of conviction.

They seem oblivious to Christ’s true words of Matthew 11:30: ”For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Yoke defined by the dictionary: “A wooden crosspiece that is fastened over the necks of two animals and attached to the plow or cart that they are to pull.” You can see photos if you do a web search.

True, obedient Christians desire that the LORD direct them through His inerrant Word of no compromise. This allows a lightweight burden which is abundant in spiritual blessings and perfect peace.

Verse 6, returns us to the subject of not adoring the things made by man’s hands which is a sinful tendency of the flesh and brings the anger of the LORD upon those who take part in making idols and who take part in their worship. People adore worshipping man’s creativity, conveniently forgetting all artistry arises from God—simply glance outside at His blue sky, His clouds, His foliage, His flora and His fauna and on and on. (Psalm 19) 

Part of man’s creativity involves his inner desire to craft things with his hands for worshipful adoration. And my, how Christians can place an unbelievable amount of elevation on anything which feeds the flesh that arises from talents displayed. Lowliness of heart and mind are absent from the arts and its emphasis since it arrived on the church scene a few decades ago. It is all about the arts of entertaining hands or so it seems. And artists are lifted to great heights of admiration to the sickening of true believers who know only Christ should receive the praise. Not that believers are not to be grateful for those who preach and teach the Bible in its truest form and those who minister in other ways.

Books too are a source of man’s creativity, using the hands. Some years ago, my husband taught a Sunday school class on the book of James, verse by verse. People would pipe up with references to so-called Christian books which water down the truths of Scripture to keep the powerful truths of the book of James from being taught. It was all about sidetracking. It was obvious they were making a statement of don’t you dare convict me with the words of the Bible. It was about trying to manipulate and control my husband into submission and silence. It made me wonder why in the world they even wanted to attend. I guess to feel somewhat spiritual in a hugely rebellious way.

The Scriptures are sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing the division of joints and marrow, and soul and spirit. And it exposes the thoughts and intentions of the heart as Hebrews 4:12 teaches. If a teacher is presenting the Word of God rightly, you can certainly see this and feel it.  And we all require the conviction of the Word to grow and change “from glory to glory.” 

The discouraging way of our day is the lack of obedience to God’s Word. So true in Jeremiah’s time as well. The Jews always wanted to sidetrack away from the convicting truths Jeremiah preached. I will add, when my husband was teaching the book of Jeremiah in relationship to our day and age, many wanted his class to end. This was at the same church where he taught the book of James, though James was a class which followed the teaching of the book of Jeremiah.

We discern from verse 7, the idols, the works of men’s hands, brought great displeasure to our LORD and Savior. God announced, “That you might provoke Me to anger with the works of your hands to your own hurt.” Because God loves us, He wants us reaping dutiful rewards. It grieves His heart when those who have a knowledge of Him forfeit the very best when they cast hate at Him in direct disobedience. It reveals the wicked foulness in man’s heart which deliberately sets out to sin to cause the God of all holiness to grieve. This provoking to anger does not bring God pleasure nor does the reaping of the consequences. 

I recently heard a testimony from a man who was once employed by Radio Shack. He devised ways to swipe from the business undetected. He had a drug habit which needed feeding and a heart of greed which demanded to be fed. As time went on, he became terribly convicted and turned his life over to Jesus Christ. He later reaped what he stole when someone assumed his identity and charged everything to him. He then recognized sin held terrible repercussions. It was laid on his heart, he needed to make things right. He took pen to paper, writing down all the victims he could remember to prepare the way to request forgiveness. Of course, ultimately it is sin against God as David teaches in Psalm 51:3-4. Though it is proper to go to those we offend in humility and brokenness. Because our heart has a tendency toward huge pride, we have to pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit to gain humility to always perform the upright task. We all fail at times and asking for forgiveness is something we will have to do the rest of our lives.

This man was a witness to the fact God can drastically change a life. The truth lies irrefutable before the unsaved who views the new man and cannot explain it outside of saying, “Oh, he just got religion.” There are countless testimonies of people who have come to Christ due to the changed life of another. Praise God!

The apostle Paul is a perfect example of reaping what you plant. Simply observe him in the book of Acts—he watched Stephen stoned in all approval and later, Paul himself was stoned. He reaped the same type of peril for presenting the Gospel. God did restore Paul’s life as he still had much to accomplish in the modus of evangelism. (Acts chapter 7 and Acts chapter 14)

God, through Jeremiah, once again explains judgment is coming upon this people for their ecumenical ways of accepting all religions, that of joining hands with the false teachers in an emergent way, holding to the Deconstructionism movement (destroying the truth) which is also prevalent in our day in most of society. 

Captivity and death are coming via the Babylonians who will stampede into Jerusalem so all reap what they have sinfully sown. It is always about planting with harvest when it comes to God’s judgment of mankind; whether the life lived bears tasty fruits of the Spirit or weeds of self-destruction as explained in verse 9 regarding the judgment on the Hebrews: “Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, My servant, will bring them against this land and against its inhabitants and against all these nations round about; and I will utterly destroy them and make them a horror and a hissing, and an everlasting desolation.”

Reading on, we note normal life will be disposed of, all those things which make for a thriving, happy society.

We see this stated relating to Mystery Babylon as well. Mystery Babylon will be the wicked twin sister of the Babylon of Jeremiah’s time. However, it will be even horrifically more brutal and vile. This is explained in my book Revelation the Explanation:

God’s prophecy which ultimately transpired, is penned in verses 11-13. The Jews were held in captivity in Babylon for 70 years. They lived under the tyrannical hand of King Nebuchadnezzar before they were allowed to travel home, back to the Promised Land. God never lies nor does His holy Word. All was accomplished as Jeremiah forecasted.

Even though the nation of Babylon was assigned the task of destroying the known earth of that day by God’s design, they had to be judged for all their sins. This included the fact, they harmed the apple of God’s eye—Israel. No nation was permitted to do this. Though Babylon executed the mission, being predestined to do so, it had to pay. Babylon held no care in the world performing this nor bore a concern pertaining to any rising curse. 

We have set before us predestination and free choice all wrapped into one. Many cannot comprehend this concept. This is where prayer comes into play. Whenever questions or doubts arise in our minds we can plea for the wisdom of Almighty God who can increase our faith in all things taught in the Word no matter how intangible.

The New Testament affirms God died for all and anyone who calls upon the name of the LORD can be saved—whosoever believes. John 1:29 tells us “Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” No, not a small portion of the world. Predestination and chosen are also taught. Believers were chosen and predestined before the foundation of the world (Ephesians chapter 1 and other passages) and we know Jeremiah was set aside for God’s service while in his mother’s womb; as was John the prophet/baptizer—Luke chapter 1, and Paul—Galatians 1:15. God called Israel from the womb—Isaiah 49:1f. David wrote God helped him from his mother’s womb—Psalm 139.

Yet, we know a man can still say no to God. David said no to God the times he chose to sin. He still had a free will. We are not made to obey like a robot, believing we had no choice in believing. And believers can say no to God and dive into sin and they do. Most believers have fallen at one time or another due to owning the right to sin. We know from 1 Corinthians chapter 11, some believers sin right up to their death and the death or sleep may be the judgment of God upon their chosen, sinful wills of choosing to say no to the LORD of the universe. 

King Nebuchadnezzar was predestined to destroy God’s chosen people, as His servant, a man of little or no conscience. 

“The LORD has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil;” Proverbs 16:4.

A proud King Nebuchadnezzar was chosen for the day of evil; yet, later his pride was extinguished and he chose God, offering good fruit by exalting God in all His omnipotence: “How great are His signs, And how mighty His wonders! His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And His dominion is from generation to generation . . . Those who walk in pride He is able to put down.” (From Daniel chapter 4)

This pagan king’s salvation was enacted through the witness of godly men and through the convicting of the Holy Spirit with the LORD’S hand of discipline. This king was predestined for two purposes; yet, he chose God because he wanted to. Any Christian knows they choose God because they want to be saved. They are enlightened to the truth and desire it. I wanted to be saved! God did not push me down and beat me so I would have no choice. It was 100% the love of God coming to me from the salvation invitation.

King Nebuchadnezzar was chosen as a dishonorable vessel and a valuable vessel. He did accomplish God’s will through both. Obviously, the honorable vessel status is the chosen, spectacular best. (Romans chapter 9) Pharaoh was a wholly dishonorable vessel, being one who never repented. 

God ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts far above anything we can contrive, and all performed through His holy and perfect ways. One day we will no longer peer through a dim mirror (1 Corinthians 13:12) and will understand it all, including the fact we are chosen and all who call upon the name of the LORD will be saved. 

God desires none perish but all come to repentance and this is why God gave His Son for all. God saved Nineveh, employing Jonah, because He knew the Ninevites simply had to hear the Gospel and they would repent. How can they hear without a preacher who must be sent? The harvest is plentiful always, but the laborers few so we must keep interceding for abundant laborers everywhere. We must seize opportunities to witness as well. 2 Corinthians 4:15 teaches, “For all things are for your sakes, that grace, having spread through the many, may cause thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God.” The many who come to Christ causes us to partake in thanksgiving and it glorifies the LORD.

The subject of slavery appears in verse 14. Mankind has been placed into slavery throughout history. Since we all sprouted from Adam and Eve, there is most likely not a one of us who has not owned ancestors who experienced slavery, though this could be in numerous centuries past. The Jews have experienced much in the way of slavery, arrest and captivity. “For many nations and great kings will make slaves of them (the Jews), even them; and I will recompense them according to their deeds and according to the work of their hands.”

Verse 15-27 are totally amazing verses, expressing the concerning love of God in warning, this in hopes all the nations might repent. Obviously, none of the kings took this seriously as there was not one nation which was left unharmed. 

Jeremiah was sent to all the nations to make them drink their judgment, understanding they had been warned. God was bringing justice for disobedience through the sword. (Verse 16) 

We do not own the exact details concerning Jeremiah traveling to every kingdom and presenting the cup of horrific consequences for all the sins surrounding image worship. It appears the same cup of illustration had to be drunk by every sovereign of every nation and every nation did partake according to verse 17. Though we note in verse 28, if they did not drink, it would not prevent the kings and subjects from drinking the deadly results of their idolatrous sins. For God says in verse 27—”Drink, be drunk, vomit, fall and rise no more because of the sword which I will send among you.” 

God could have transported Jeremiah through supernatural intervention to each local in His omnipotency as He flew Philip away after he witnessed to the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts chapter 8. Supernatural happenings may have accomplished this, though we do not know. Jeremiah could have traveled to each far-reaching city with God swinging open the doors for the partaking of the analogical cup by the sovereigns of each nation.

We simply assert Jeremiah obeyed God in all things and “made” them to drink, which would say they understood God’s coming wrath completely if they did not repent. If they did not drink, God made it clear they were to know, judgement was still arriving. 

God lists Israel as well amongst all the nations to be judged in verse 18. It additionally states Israel will be a curse, a horror and a hissing which includes its political elite.

These nations were told they would not rise again from the ashes of this judgment and they did not. Only the nation of Israel was rebuilt from the embers of her death.

Please note God’s harsh, penned words spoken via the prophet Jeremiah in the power of the LORD: “And it will be, if they refuse to take the cup from your hand to drink, then you will say to them, ‘Thus says the LORD of hosts: “You shall surely drink! “For behold, I am beginning to work calamity in this city which is called by My name, and shall you be completely free from punishment? You will not be free from punishment; for I am summoning a sword against all the inhabitants of the earth,” declares the LORD of hosts.” (Verses 27-29)

Turning the corner to walk on another block, we pivot our feet to travel to end times, revelational happenings; often stated by the LORD through this phrase “in that day” or “on that day.” This is where we enter tribulation truths of the arriving apocalypse through our mind’s eye.

First, it must be understood everything Jeremiah prophesied did come to pass. The book of Revelation explains God’s judgment falling on the entire earth including destroying 1/3 of the globe and its inhabitants. When this occurs, it will be far more devastating than what transpired in Jeremiah’s day. And the plaques will be insurmountably more terrifying. These apocalyptic plagues which resemble the plagues of Egypt will be incomprehensible in comparison.

And do not doubt, “Those slain by the LORD on that day will be from one end of the earth to the other. They will not be lamented, gathered or buried; they will be like dung on the face of the ground.” (Verse 33) The rivers and sea will be turned to blood as God states—Revelation 8:8, 16:3-4, and 11:6. The rivers turned to blood in Egypt, including the Nile River, when God cast His judgment. (Exodus chapter 7) And the world’s waters will be turned to blood on that day; the days of Armageddon.

Verses 34-38 deal with the pastors or shepherds in Jeremiah’s day who were all false teachers, who shook hands with all religions. They will cry and wail over the deadly mess of their sins. The prevalent demonic belief of our day is God accepts all people and belief systems and it was no different in the Old Testament days of old. And as I say, time and time again, this is apostasy and today it is the apostasy of the church. No one gets away with representing the LORD falsely which is by adding to or by subtracting from the Word of God.

All the false pastors or shepherds were removed from teaching their flocks all the false ecumenical doctrines which brought tremendous judgment on the land of the southern kingdom of Israel. In past lessons, we learned 1/3 were killed by disease, another third by the sword and the remaining third were removed into captivity. The Bible states be sure your sins will find you out and they were found out. The false teachers stated no judgment was arriving and all was well. Jeremiah chapter 39 is the chapter in which reality strikes and Jerusalem becomes a captive state. No one gets away with lying about God and His holy Word. God’s fierce anger, that of a lion, brought horror to all the Jews. God, like a lion, left His hiding place or lair to bring deadly judgments beyond comprehension. 

We must not forget His vicious anger opposes the false teachers of our day and plagues are promised to reach those who dare change a dot or tittle. These teachers need to take heed to the book of Jeremiah. Though it is obvious, they own no fear of God and the prophecies regarding last days’ apostasy. These spoken words of arriving acts of terrorism are scoffed at. The apostates of our day are no different from the apostates of Jeremiah’s day who run amok in our fellowships and wash away much of Scripture including last days’ judgments. 

Some Christians have traced the apostasy to a relevant form of Hegelian dialectics—a system whereby a religion for all is fabricated. Hegelian dialectics is present in most churches as well as being engraved deeply in culture.  

You doubtlessly have noted all the gigantic churches with elaborate staging which have emerged in recent decades. Placed on the marquees of these entertaining theaters are words which reflect the attitude, all are welcome, no matter what. Yes, no restrictions whatsoever!

It is believed all of society now has a place in Christian worship. This worship almost always includes a wild rock band which is flashy and notably camera-oriented. And to no surprise, I have heard it stated you will be able to hear all your favorite rock bands in heaven, Christian and unchristian entertainers. Some seem to think Elvis will even be there, though he was a diabolical, sensual character till the end, being exposed on video and by testimonies. 

So-called Christian rock groups adore the satanic groups as exposed in interviews in magazines and videos. They also unashamedly display satanic symbols on their albums. I can shudder to think of the insanity of it all in today’s apostate setting.

John Calvin (1509-1564) believed in general society owning worth. He believed society would conquer satan. Calvin: “Wherefore, the sense will be (in my judgment) that the human race, which satan was endeavoring to oppress, would at length be victorious.” “To mean the posterity of the woman generally.” He attached Christians to this equation further into his commentary on Genesis 3:15. Calvin did deny Jesus Christ by penning these words which teach it was not Christ who bruised satan on the head at the time of His crucifixion. This alone makes Calvin a false prophet, blasphemer and heretic. He presents a different, false Christ and we are not to welcome anyone who comes to us with a different Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Believers have to be holding forth the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, at all times so we never fall prey to any doctrine of man! Calvinists and others who follow blasphemers are welcome into fellowships; therefore, we must ensure our sword is held outward at all times to test the spirits. 

Some Calvinists wear their Calvin badges boldly for all to see, though others are sneaky about coming to you with this false gospel. It often starts with, “Are you a Calvinist or an Armenian (follower of Jacobus Arminius, 1560-1609 AD, who is considered a liberal reformist)?” These cultists begin with this to convince you, you have to be one or the other which is a lie of satan. We simply want to be Bible-believing believers from cover to cover with no added men and their doctrines. No one needs John Calvin or any man. The Bible commands we not label ourselves with a man in 1 Corinthians chapters 1 and 3!

Christ did bruise satan on the head at the time of His crucifixion and satan bruised Him on the foot only! Christ defeated the curse of death, being victorious over the grave, which enables men to be saved from the lake of fire through salvation by His finished work. Satan did not succeed in his plot to bring an end to God the Son. 

We might be also mindful of the fact, Satan attempted to murder Christ at the exact time of His birth (Revelation chapter 12) and sometime after (Matthew chapter 2).

In Revelation chapter 20, we observe the scene where satan is cast into the lake of fire by an angel through the agency of Christ following the tribulation. Satan’s influence on the earth will end at this time, though he is released following a thousand years, after the millennial period. Calvin did not believe in any of these truths of God; he basically threw away God’s holy Word when it came to prophesy even as far back as Genesis in allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church under Augustine. Owning Catholic influences caused Calvin to believe in infant baptism writing all who objected were “seducers” and “those who overthrow the truth of God.” Calvin believed anyone who disbelieved his religion was worthy of incarceration and even death. I believe Calvinists have angrily come after me because they see no error in using Calvin’s persecuting tactics. 

Calvin believed satan would be bound some generations past the time of Adam and Eve. True Calvinists believe satan is bound in the abyss today and society is relevant to Christianity. Calvin in allegiance to Augustine believed satan was already bound. Augustine died in 430 AD. Much of Calvin’s writings were stolen from Augustine—a worshipper of a false Mary and other false deities. He was simply full of satanic doctrines and this is confirmed in Roman Catholic Church history. 

The God of the Bible, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, is not a god of confusion, but Calvin’s god is a god of total confusion. This is why many of his followers would rather not spend much time in the Bible. This is quite odd as true believers should hunger and thirst to know the Scriptures.

As Calvin held to society’s worth so does Rick Warren’s religion which teaches society’s worth within his “paradigm shift” or model shift. Warren is pro-homosexuality and every evil thing under the sun. He stands with homosexuals assisting him in escorting peace to the earth—a false “Kingdom Now” phenomenon of ecumenical people who reject much in the way of Biblical truths. He has stated before the camera, the Catholic pope is our pope. He unites himself with all false faiths and the vilest of entertainers. Undoubtedly, Warren is a type of the antichrist of the one world union and religion. 

Many so-called famed believers walk hand in hand with Warren. Franklin Graham (Info about him: ) who is also an emergent or ecumenical heretic stands behind Warren or so it appears from what he has penned. Warren stood with Obama as president who is also a type of the antichrist. The apostasy is grave, and even though this is so, you will not find any popular preacher exposing the false doctrines of self-styled Christianity. Contrariwise, pastors will refer to the apostates and their writings in a positive way to sound styling before their congregants. I am not aware of any local pastor who would dare to expose from the pulpit. Though I would hope there are pastors somewhere. Christ Jesus has to be the only one we stand upon. 

Some believers see a connection with Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1831) and our styling, unseparated fellowships. He was much about replacing something old with something new. Today in its secular sense, it is equated to overthrowing a voting republic with communism or Marxism to create a new way of thinking. Karl Marx adopted Hegelian dialectics though tweaking it to make it Marxist dialectics. Liberals state the Constitution is outdated and must be replaced, though they do not mention Marxism and communism are ancient as well. 

Hegelian dialectics removes old age wisdom with a new age anything goes dialectics or reasoning. It is a paradigm shift. When it comes to Christianity, traditional Bible doctrine succumbs to theological post-modernism; whereby, most Scripture is no longer held sacred.

Hegelian dialectics is present in most churches as well as being engraved deeply in culture. This is why liberal fellowships want to bring culture into the church structure and remove the idea we simply need to believe in the Bible as separated and peculiar believers in the Savior. 

Many strive to locate something new and believe Hegelian dialectics is a new course to follow even though Hegel is a product of history. Hegel’s ideas are not new and we read in Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 how silly society was in Solomon’s day—always seeking something new, people saying come here to see the latest new thing. 

Worldly, styling churches claim God first, me second, or “I am second” as being the new trendy way to think and talk religiously. I must ask, what happened to consider each person as being more important than yourself? (Philippians 2:3)

Nonconforming true believers who are not in search of all things new or new modes of reasoning (dialectics) are often pushed out of the church. They might be offered warnings previous to the forceful act though not always. God commands Christians to not conform to any aspect of any satanic heresy, which is mainly produced by pastors who want their churches on the map for fame-sake and lucre-sake.

Please view this video of exposure: 

And please women only watch this video as there is an immodest photo:

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