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Jeremiah—Message and Messenger—Chapter 27

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My photo of the wagon ruts left in the ground from the Oregon or Overland Trail passage in Southern Idaho. Oxen with yokes attached to wagons (Prairie Schooners) were used to traverse most of the overlanders to the Oregon Territory. 

Yokes for Jeremiah

In this chapter, we are cast forward regarding the timeline of the book of Jeremiah. Once again, we read of the reign of Judah’s last king—King Zedekiah. Visual pictures are a continuance through this remarkable book. In verse 2, Jeremiah is instructed by God to put himself in yokes. Just as yokes would go around the necks of oxen so were these to be placed on Jeremiah’s neck. No . . . not too comfortable, but neither was the arriving judgment of God. 

It was yoked oxen which pulled the wheels that brought the immigrants over the Overland Trail or Oregon Trail; whereby they passed through southern Idaho. Pioneers had to walk beside their oxen cracking a whip. 

We can still view the ruts of the wagon wheels to this day around this area. Boise’s Overland Road is named such as this is where a portion of the Oregon Trail traversed. At times, the wagons crossing the wilderness were a mile wide.

In verse 3, we see several kings mentioned, including Zedekiah. The kings mentioned here are far fewer than those recorded in chapter 25; seven or more years earlier. King Nebuchadnezzar had already taken many captives from Judah—10,000. And he probably demolished several of the nations listed in chapter 25 in accordance with God’s prophecy of doom illustrated through the “cup of the wine of wrath.”   

Remember, King Zedekiah was a puppet king to King Nebuchadnezzar till he decided to rebel. We observe some of this rebellion in these verses. All these kings are conspiring to make an alliance against King Nebuchadnezzar. They all desire the defeat of this king who demands world allegiance.

Jeremiah was to converse with all these nations’ representatives when they arrived in Jerusalem to meet with King Zedekiah. Of course, he would be wearing this yoke about his neck. Yes, he would look a bit odd, but he did not care if he was different as his life was not his own and he was not called to impress anyone or to blend in with the styling ways of the day. If he cared what people thought, he would have never yielded to God’s calling. We too are called to be strange and different as Christ’s children, never blending in with the vile culture of our day. We are God’s peculiar people!

Yes, Jeremiah certainly appeared peculiar to these men who were worldly-impressive as they would not have appeared in rags nor lacked social protocol when they stood before the king of Judah.  

In verse 5, God reveals His omnipotence once again. We read in 23:24 that He fills the heavens and the earth and what is penned here certainly walks hand and hand with this truth. Christ has made all things; all things were made by Him and for Him as recorded in Colossians chapter 1 and in other passages. 

How spectacular to contemplate as we read verse 5, that God made all things by His “great power” and “outstretched arm.” Also, no one rules in power apart from His say. This is another truth we can personally soak-in to further understand our supreme LORD God. He only allows those to reign who are part of His plan which may mean to discipline His people. Of course, they may not be righteous, but they are the ones who ultimately fulfill His predestined plan. King Nebuchadnezzar was not righteous in any way, shape or form at this time. He was an idol or image worshipper and one who did not fear God. He was all about worshipping the arts made by man’s hands, never considering who made the heavens or the earth or so it appears. Later, we know this all changed to God’s glory.

Verse 6 states, God has given King Nebuchadnezzar all the lands these ambassadors cohesively represent down to the wild animals. He will possess all these nations, including Judah, and all the roaming, untamed beasts! I believe the “wild animals” are mentioned as these will devour all the bodies left after King Nebuchadnezzar’s wild horsemen plow through the land.   

 In this verse, God again calls King Nebuchadnezzar His servant as he is fulfilling His plan though he does not know it. God emphasizes every nation will serve this king as the first world ruler. (Mystery Babylon of Revelation is named after King Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon. The antichrist will be a world ruler as a type of King Nebuchadnezzar who was entirely ruthless in obtaining power and lands. We can understand much of Revelation by studying Babylon in the Scriptures with its idolatrous culture.) They will also serve his son and grandson, Nabonidus and Belshazzar as they co-ruled subsequently. Here also is the prediction of the fall of Babylon which occurred under Cyrus II of Persia in 539 BC. It was Cyrus II, also called Cyrus the Great, who allowed the Jews to return with all the articles that were removed from the temple; Ezra 1:6 and following. 

God asserts in verse 8 that every nation is to put its neck under the yoke of Babylon in order to live and be preserved as illustrated by Jeremiah’s prop. 

Visual aids certainly assist with one’s memory. Seeing, reading and hearing can leave lasting impressions in our mind’s eye. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. Many people have nightmares resulting from a shocking, tragic memory that left visual slides revolving through their minds. As a young girl, I had nightmares for months after I walked through my friend’s fire-devoured home. The scenes of charred black kept replaying themselves, and also knowing of her charred cats. And after a home fire, who can forget that deadly, scorching scent.  

Who in the world truly wants to experience hell’s fire?

When these prophesied, future events of murderous rampage overtook these nations, this visual of forewarning must have replayed through the minds of those who experienced this reality.

Verse 9 is entirely interesting, exposing the fact satan is working in the same manner in all these nations. Judah’s prophets and the foreign soothsayers were all prophesying the same positive message. The prediction was, all will be well; the lie of health, wealth and prosperity. However, God says we do not know what a day may bring!

In this verse, we read the satanic ways of witchcraft through diviners, soothsayers, and dreamers. These are things God commands we not partake in through any form. We are always to learn the ways of God, never the ways of the evil one. God’s Word is all we need to gain an understanding of the spiritual battle. We never want to enter this realm through any door!  The future belongs only to our righteous and holy God. 

Harry Potter books and movies and other sorcery resources allure people into this satanic dominion of frightening bondage. Also, the ever-present new spirituality in our churches which covet the mystic ways of Catholicism in this day and age of the apostasy. It is the way of ecumenicalism that will one day take the stage entirely after the rapture of the church. And later, in the tribulation, all will worship satan’s talking idol, that of the antichrist, that we read regarding in Revelation chapter 13.

Some years ago, my husband and I listened to a missionary from Haiti where witchcraft abounds. This is a very wicked and unblessed nation. He revealed a witchdoctor lived next door and another down the street. Most every person was in bondage to satan. He and his wife never found anything positive in this all-dark nation. Fortunately, they were blessed to see some Haitians saved; whereby, they created a small church. This was the only uplifting thing they witnessed on this bizarre island that experienced continuous catastrophes. 

If America keeps holding tightly to witchcraft books, movies and music, our nation is headed for a dark future. All these things spell unremitting tragic destruction for any country.    

Satan is the father of lies and we see this in verse 11. Satan always desires that evil fall upon all; and here, he is using false teachers and occultists to bring this to pass. God reveals they are lying. The people who teach falsely know they are following satan through feeding people lies as they desire malevolence. Anyone who teaches contrary to God’s Word is filled with all vileness.

God continuously offers His message of hope and a way of escape even to these vile, heathen nations. He commands, submit to Babylon and you can remain in your land where you can “till it.”

God offers a simple way out, but does Judah or the other nations listen? NO! Today God offers a way out of hell, but only a few follow as the road is narrow.

Jeremiah relays in verse 12, he obeyed God and spoke all the words of hope; if they would just put on the yoke of King Nebuchadnezzar, they would live. Here, prophecy is exclusively directed to the Jewry.

Verse 13 is a question; Jeremiah is pleading for the Jews to listen to his pleas and tell him if they will obey God. He wants them to say, “Yes” to his query. Jeremiah doesn’t want his people to perish.

Jeremiah commands in verse 14 that they not listen to their false teachers—God never sent them; verse 15. And God never sent many of the pastors who stand in our church pulpits today, those who have their own agendas and beliefs.

More lies from the false prophets are put forth in verse 16. They are saying the vessels of the temple are going to be returned shortly.  Remember, Daniel 1:2 tells us, when Daniel and the others were taken captive, King

Nebuchadnezzar took with him “the vessels of the LORD’S house.” 

What we have here is positive thinking. The prophets are attempting to instill positive thinking into these people’s minds. Satan knows what people want . . . positive prosperity messages with a few verses thrown in. Today’s believers desire this approach and it is given more prominence than exhortations on holy, pure and separated living.

God and Jeremiah want these people to live and the city of Jerusalem to survive, verse 17, so they continue their pleas, requesting the Jews surrender to Babylon. It is God’s conditions only that will bless.

God additionally desires the remaining vessels of His house not go to Babylon. He exhorts the false prophets to pray for the vessels to remain. This would be a sign they were true prophets not false, as they would desire the ways of God; verse 18. Of course, they aren’t God’s servants and they are not going to reach out to a holy LORD and request this. 

God doesn’t listen to the prayers of the ungodly anyway. If they did pray such a prayer, they would be admitting Jeremiah’s prophecy is from God. 

The remaining vessels of the LORD’S house are listed in verse 19 such as the pillars which were richly crafted in bronze work and the brass sea (large washbasin for the priests for ceremonial cleansing). Please read 1 Kings 7:13-26 for their descriptions. 

Regarding the “sea,” the priests had to cleanse themselves, their hands and their feet before performing service for the LORD. This ritual was certainly a symbol of the importance of inward purity. Of course, water could never cleanse the priests inwardly. We know today this can only come through Christ’s atonement; not through the blood of bulls and goats the priests sacrificed nor ceremonial washings. It is disheartening the Jews of today cannot see how the Old Testament temple ceremonies pointed to Christ and His blood sacrifice.  

Verse 20 reminds us that during the time King Jeconiah AKA Jehoiachin, the main captivity took place. This occurred exactly according to Jeremiah’s predictions though he was still mocked and ignored. 

It states here, the remaining temple vessels were not removed at this time by King Nebuchadnezzar. Of course, we know they were not removed as it was not God’s will as He oversees all.

We know it was God’s desire and timing for them to be deported when the King of Babylon exiled the remaining Jews.    

God’s protection over these vessels is disclosed in verse 22; He would not allow them to be destroyed in order to return them to the new temple when the Jews returned to the land. God ensured they were completely unscathed for their homecoming as we read above in Ezra 1. We also read how they were protected in Daniel chapter 5.

In Him who fills the heavens and the earth; 23:24.

Val Lee

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