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The Alfredo Cat Walk

Alfredo the Cat

Alfredo the Cat

(Alfredo Reclining)

The other night, my husband and I were on our back patio relishing the fantastic evening. Even though it was a perfect night, our cat Alfredo was not altogether content and kept crying at me. I would pick him up, hug and pat him. He would be happy for a period and then wanted to get down. It became apparent he wanted me to follow him and he guided me toward our plush-green backyard. I finally went in the house, donned my tennis shoes and began to follow my little lion cat, he being orange like a lion with a cute cub face. You must agree!

He walked me down our street, then turned us and we jaunted down the next, a little distance. At this point, he had us turn around, veering us back to our home. (I must add, he had no leash, but walked as if trained to heel. It was around 11:00 pm so it was completely quiet.)

I began to walk to our backyard and he made it clear, we had not completed our stroll. So I went with him once again. This time, he wanted to walk me to the farmer’s field nearby. (I tell you, sometimes I would like to peak inside his feline wits.)

I walked up the little hill and stopped right past the opening in the fence. He then wanted me to follow him down into the dry, large ditch and into the open field. I told him I could not follow him. He obviously wanted me to go mouse hunting with him.  🐭  No doubt, he was disappointed he lost a hunting companion when I turned around and headed home.

Cassidy, our former cat, who lived to be around 18 years of age, was determined to make Alfredo learn to mouse bringing a live rodent to him and setting it before him when he was young. He was pretty dumb about the whole thing, but eventually caught on. She thought he was utterly ignorant her entire life.

Cute and cuddly creatures … God Almighty creates them all.



To learn of God’s personal love for you, please check here:

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