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President Obama and New Black Panthers a Vivid Alliance

Our president and the New Black Panthers appear to move as one:  News from World Net Daily: A new lawsuit has been filed by Judicial Watch, the Washington watchdog organization, seeking documents that may reveal possible White House political influence over the decision to abandon large portions of the 2008 New Black Panther voter intimidation case. The move comes on the heels of revelations that a longtime Democrat operative was involved in a series of e-mail exchanges with the Department of Justice at the time the decision to drop most of the case was being made …
A federal judge ordered default judgments against the New Black Panthers after party members refused to appear in court. The DOJ trial team had won its case. Even though DOJ lawyers had won, the Obama administration suddenly ordered it dropped – against advice of prosecutors who brought the case.
In April, the New Black Panther Party released a statement blaming Republicans “tea-party racists” and “right-wing circles” for complaining and harassing the organization. “Our only connection to President Obama is the common color of our skin,” it states. “The same dog that bites President Obama bites us too. So I say, if you were wise, you would leave Obama alone as well because he is your last chance to save your country. You are mad because a black man has been elected to the presidency, and that affronts your oversized ego.”


Malik Shabazz is President of New Black Panthers. He would relish watching every white person in America murdered. Ben Laden and Muhammad are his heroes.

Our President has solidly stood with the New Black Panthers including a positive page for his White House website at one time. It gained some negative publicity and it can no longer be located.  However, I was researching New Black Panthers and the president’s dismissal of their case and the site stated it was advertised by President Obama and the sponsored right link took me to his website:



News: “A second career civil rights lawyer ripped a hole in the Obama administration’s lies about the Black Panther voter intimidation case this morning. Christopher Coates, who headed the Voting Rights division of the Justice Department, said the administration’s decision to throw out the case was ‘a travesty of justice’ that reflected the ‘anger’ of the president’s appointees and their ‘deep-seated opposition to the equal enforcement of the’ law ‘for the protection of white voters.’ This second witness contradicts the testimony of administration officials and calls into question whether the president has ordered the Department of Justice to deny equal justice to a whole segment of American citizens, an impeachable offense.”  Johnson


No Voter Restrictions—Illegal Aliens Vote Here

Please watch Julie Fernandez—Deputy Assistant Attorney General:

You see, this is a maneuver to allow vote ballot casting, minus any restrictions. We recognize all the implications with our president wanting our borders unguarded.  We understand history proves dead people have voted for the democratic party.  Democrats obtained the records of dead people to rally votes for Al Gore.

Al Gore and friends attempted to stop our military members, serving on foreign fields, from voting.

The democrats are getting ready for November to open the floodgates for illegal immigrants to vote. It is most obvious, akin to a lady arriving to a formal dinner in a bright orange dress and expecting not to be noticed.


Remember our president refused to mark he was part Caucasian on his census. He only stated he was black.  It is easy to conclude that he does not love the white man. He walked hand in hand with Jeremiah Wright on every agenda.

(1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)   paradise

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