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The Marked One


A friend of mine is considered a marked one by many who pass by her. When I say marked one, I mean one society has marked out as devalued. They do not see the sweet and sensitive heart that lies within her. They simply scrutinize through their twisted perception that here lies an unattractive and deformed face. They say “ugly” in their mind as they pass by and sometimes by a snide look. The truth is, the right side of her face is oddly paralyzed and she cannot close her right eye, which is sensitive to light. She must don sunglasses when outside.

I personally do not perceive her as ugly. I think her face reveals character, fortitude and beauty.

You may be asking at this point, how did this facial obscurity occur? Several years ago, she was in a horrendous car accident, being struck by a drunk driver, an illegal alien. It is totally by the grace of God that she is present on the earth this day. She suffered injury to the brain …deformation and amnesia resulted. She was only three feet tall when they retrieved her from the compressed wreckage. She was lifeless and they had to revive her. Upon observation, they thought she might be a child and could have placed her in a bucket. After three days, they started to pull her adult body back to size. The doctor informed her she would never walk again.

She recovered from the amnesia after a couple of months. Her husband wheel-chaired her around a lovely Park to brighten her misshapen days. You and I cannot even begin to imagine her pain, sadness and the face of present reality.

This marked only the beginning of her tragedies. While she was still recovering, her husband was killed in a car accident, though not by a drunk driver. She was devastated and it still pricks her heart to pain. They loved each other with all their hearts!

Her husband worked out of Chicago as a CEO for a large company, which maintained various branch offices. One of his stops was Boise, Idaho. He and his pretty wife partook in the upper echelon of Boise society when in the area. I might add, because of my friend’s husband’s rank and fortune, she was very pampered and lived a princess type lifestyle until her earth quaked.

The extreme, tragic happenings that tore my friend’s heart was not the end of her woes as both her parents also passed away soon after. Her affectionate memories of them had assisted in her recovery. They loved their precious and prestigious daughter. Personally, I cannot even begin to imagine her grief, however, she relates to it often.

My friend had to learn to venture out into general society, which was an arduous task—she had been secluded and protected in a type of wonder bubble. Her life had been so fairytale-like that reality was hard to swallow, especially in light of the fact her beauty had drifted away like a small pillow-like floating cloud.

She has received many blessings in all her trials including the fact she walks perfectly well by God’s grace of healing. She has become a gifted artist as you can see by one of her pieces above. She sketched this in New York City, just previous to 9/11. She also possesses other friends who see beyond her disconcerting facial mask.

I want to say in closing that tomorrow holds no guarantees for any of us; James 4:14 and Proverbs 27:1. Please remember, Jesus Christ died for your sins, and is ready for you to receive Him as your Savior that you might call Him LORD. (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)  paradise

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