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President Obama—”Jail Time” in Health Care Bill

Dear Readers, This is an informative MSN video regarding health care concerns. I am thankful many people are standing up against threats and violence. We must implement the political process for change.

People have been concerned about our president wanting people to serve jail time for not paying government health care insurance. We must hope if people cannot afford it, they will not be threatened, harassed or jailed. These are the projected costs:

“According to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) analysis, the insurance plans the Senate bill would require families to purchase would cost an average of $15,200 per year in 2016. Average premiums among all types of plans in 2016 would be about $5,800 for single policies and about $15,200 for family policies,” CBO Director Douglas W. Elmendorf wrote in a letter to Sen. Olympa Snowe (R-Maine). Minimum coverage required by the individual mandate in the bill–known as the “Bronze” level insurance plans–would cost families an estimated $12,000 to $12,500 a year, Elmendorf told Snowe. Bronze level of insurance only covers 60% of medical services.” President Obama regarding jail time for not paying health care insurance—ABC News: “Under the House bill those who can afford to buy insurance and don’t’ pay a fine. If they refuse to pay that fine there’s a threat – as with a lot of tax fines – of jail time.”

Congressman Lamborn On Health Care Bill Passage

Posted: March 21, 2010 11:28 PM MDT
Updated: March 22, 2010 10:01 AM MDT

“The Democrats passed this massive and oppressive bill against the will of the American people. Never in the history of this great country have so few threatened the freedoms of so many. This bill will burden the job-creating sector with a staggering $500 billion dollars in new taxes over the next 10 years, sapping the private sector of needed capital. Americans will be forced to purchase government-approved health care insurance – or face IRS fines and jail time. And generations yet to come will be stuck with a crushing debt. You cannot subsidize or give away health insurance to more than 30 million Americans and pretend that will reduce the deficit.”

Gathered Facts from Health Insurance Reconciliation Bill:

“Imposes new marriage penalties because if two people make $32,000 per year, they would pay between $6,000 and $10,000 more for health insurance than before they said “I do.”

Current law provides important tax relief to Americans who suffer catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenses, permitting a deduction for costs above 7.5% of income. The Democrats’ bill would raise that threshold to 10% of income in 2012 (2016 for seniors and the disabled). This is a particularly hard hit on those with the highest medical costs who can least afford to pay more taxes. And, according to the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation, more than 95% of the revenue generated from this tax increase would come from taxpayers earning less than $200,000.

Punishes investment in our economy. Under the Democrats’ bill, the Medicare tax would, for the very first time, apply to capital gains, dividends, interest, rents, royalties, and other investment income of singles earning over $200,000 and couples earning over $250,000. Currently, capital gains and dividends are taxed at a top rate of 15%, but those rates are already scheduled to rise in 2011 to 20% and 39.6%, respectively. When the expansion of the Medicare tax is coupled with the already scheduled rate increase, capital gains rates on these types of investment income, long-term capital gains rates would rise by almost 60% next year – from 15% to 23.8% – and the top tax rate on dividends would nearly triple – from 15% to 43.4%.”

Info gathered from various web sources

(1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)  paradise

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