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Haiti—What Nations Give?

Dear Readers,  Please watch this encouraging child rescue video.  Be patient, don’t touch anything and it will appear after a period of time.  
We were informed in our church bulletin regarding God’s protection of missionaries in Haiti. Many miracles incite rejoicing. We also note the fact, God’s name is being uplifted even in secular media reporting. Yes, there are countless sad stories as well.  Massive grief is everywhere in this nation rated as one of the most corrupt in the world.  
It is also drenched in witchcraft and has suffered greatly over the years enduring many disasters especially hurricanes. Haitians need Jesus Christ and may this be a cause for many to turn to Him. 
Our Sunday School teacher pointed out today that Saudi Arabia is offering no aid to Haiti. He stated something to the effect that Islamic beliefs allow little regard for human life. Within the list of those providing aid, I did not note one single Muslim controlled nation.
It is clear, America still owns a heart of compassion for human life, believing it to be sacred, it is sacrificing the most in aid.  Yes, America is falling fast from its Christian heritage, but we still have much to give thanks for in this great country. Through our government causes us sadness through godless agendas, it still allows every American to give to disasters through taxation.   
Val Lee   (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)  



International Aid to Haiti: Who’s Giving

Jan. 14. 2010

A Glance at Amounts of Money, Manpower and Other Assistance Pledged by Nations Worldwide

(AP)  Here’s a look at some of the international aid pledges for victims of the earthquake in Haiti:
•The U.S. Government is making an initial $100 million relief effort and is sending ships, helicopters, transport planes and 2,000 Marines.

 • Canada is sending $5 million Canadian (US$4.8 million) and matching contributions by individual Canadians to eligible charitable organizations up to a total of $50 million Canadian (US$47 million). Ottawa also is sending two navy ships, helicopters, transport planes and a disaster response team.  

 • The World Bank is providing a $100 million grant, and the U.N. Is sending $10 million.
• Britain is sending $10 million. A four-person government assessment team and 71 rescue specialists along with search dogs and heavy equipment arrived Thursday.
• Australia has pledged $9.3 million; Norway, about 30 million kroner ($5.3 million); Japan, up to $5 million; Italy, euro1 million ($1.46 million); and the European Commission, euro3 million ($4.37 million). 
• The Netherlands and the Italian bishops’ conference have each donated euro2 million. Denmark has donated 10 million kroner ($1.9 million) and Finland is giving euro1.25 million ($1.8 million). South Korea has pledged aid worth $1 million. 
• Irish telecommunications company Digicel said it would donate $5 million and help repair the phone network. 
• Spain has pledged euro3 million ($4.37 million), and sent rescue teams and 100 tons of equipment. Germany gave euro1.5 million ($2.17 million) and sent an immediate response team. 
• India and China will each donate $1 million and China is sending a 60-member relief team with sniffer dogs. 
• Sweden has offered 6 million kronor ($850,000), along with tents, water purification equipment and medical aid. It is also sending a team to build a new base to replace the U.N.’s destroyed headquarters. 
• Venezuela has sent doctors, firefighters and rescue workers. Mexico will send doctors, search-and-rescue dogs and infrastructure experts. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said 400 staff from the public security authority are being sent, as well a ship with two surgical operating units, 50 beds for injured and earth-moving equipment. 
• Iceland and Portugal are each sending more than 30 rescue workers. Taiwan has sent 23 rescue workers and two tons of aid and equipment. 
• Israel plans to open a field hospital and is sending 220 rescue workers. 

for Friday. is planned• A Swiss rescue team is arriving overland from the Dominican Republic. A flight carrying 40-50 tons of aid goods






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