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“Problem with our schools is heterosexuality”—Mr. Jennings–tEY8gwrlQ&feature=player_embedded

Please view the video at the link above. It’s unbelievable but the President’s safe school czar, Kevin Jennings stated the problem with our schools is heterosexuality. In a speech that Mr. Jennings presented to Iowa citizens, he proclaimed, “Every time kids read Romeo & Juliet or they’re urged to go to the prom or whatever it is, kids are aggressively recruited to be heterosexual in this country.”

Mr. Jennings believes there is a heterosexual conspiracy in our public schools. He is the one who approved of the illegal act of a teacher engaging a student in Sodomy. He also is encouraging public schools be built specifically for homosexual students.

Apparently he wants to extinguish our world through eliminating the natural reproduction of mankind as designed by God. Will animals be next?

In Jesus Christ who will reign in all chaste holiness one day,

Val Lee (from gathered info.)

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