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Hate Crime Legislative Facts—the Protection of Pedophiles

Please watch this disturbing legislative video exposure:

Joseph Duncan a homosexual/pedophile strove to obtain such rights as delivered in the Hate Crime Bill.  He believed he held the liberty to murder members of the Groene family in the name of sexual deviancy rights. He kidnapped the two young children, Dylan and Shasta. He rapped and murdered Dylan; fortunately, Shasta was rescued. He also kidnapped, sodomized and murdered a ten year old boy in California. He must be elated with the Hate Crime Bill.  

Due to this bill, Washington can intervene in just about any local or state crime. Because the bill doesn’t define the term “sexual orientation,” it appears pedophiles and practitioners of other bizarre sexual sins can claim protection. Democrats refused to amend the bill to explicitly exclude such “orientations.” If convicted, any American found guilty of a hate crime would face punishment above and beyond the original offense.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) tried to point out the ridiculousness of this caste system on the House floor yesterday. To the disgust of the homosexual crowd, she even took on the bill’s “martyr,” Matthew Shepard, whom the Left holds up as an example of why federal hate crimes must receive severer prosecution. The hate crimes bill that’s called the Matthew Shepard Bill is named after him though it has been proven his murder was not a result of a hate crime.  “It wasn’t because he was gay…” Rep. Foxx was referring to statements made to ABC’s 20/20 by the local authorities, who investigated the crime and stated that Shepard’s death was actually the result of drug abuse–not his homosexuality. The prosecutor who prosecuted these crimes stated that he never believed it was a hate crime. He believes it was a drug crime. Aaron McKinney, according to Aaron McKinney himself and to several other witnesses, was coming down from a five-day methamphetamine binge. He freely admits he not only used methamphetamine but also sold it. Five days up with no sleep, strung out on drugs, desperate to buy more, desperate to rob somebody to get money to buy more drugs. This was the motive, according to Aaron McKinney and the other witnesses. McKinney’s girlfriend and another friend of McKinney’s even claimed that McKinney himself has bisexual tendencies.

This resembles the lies that were presented to get baby murder legalized—through Rowe versus Wade.  Satan’s children will stop at nothing to get every vile thing legalized. They want God’s righteousness eliminated from American life. They do not fear the God who says liars are kept out of heaven.

Sexually wicked people have no morals and care only about self-fulfillment.  Harming others, including children, is not relevant on Capital Hill.  President Obama is having his heyday.    

God says a man and woman are to come together as virgins for a lifetime marriage commitment, forsaking all others.  All other activity is deviant. Yes, Jesus Christ forgives if true repentance is made, but sin can never be justified. (1 John 5:10-13—the Bible)

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