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This little guy ran up to me and I was thrilled. However, his parents were not and they quickly derailed his trail. I love this time of the year when I can see these golden babies running amuck in our favorite park. Once or twice, I have had to pick up a lost gosling and place it with parents who adhere to “the more the better.” Some parents will try to kill a lonely gosling who does not own their scent that attempts to join their clan. I have exercised caution with placement. 

Good News Clip:


Wednesday night we heard a Canadian Christian speak, relaying God’s handiwork in Canada. People are coming to Christ via having Bibles placed in their hands. His stories were miraculous and we were all deeply blessed. It is amazing how many people serve the LORD as pastors and missionaries after coming to Christ through the best evangelistic tool—the Bible. 


This speaker also addressed Canada‘s very liberal government; however, God has been good, as He has set in place a new Prime Minister, Stephen Harperwho is a Christian and totally supports Israel. Praise the LORD! 


I heard on the news today that people are in an uproar with our American administration calling our military personnel and conservatives— terrorists. Hopefully, legal changes will ensue with Homeland Security directives.   


Please watch this poignant video:


News Article:



Not So Good News Clips:


Parental Rights Removed—More Government Control Over Parents:


An official with the U.S. Food and Drug ordered FDA officials to make Plan B (morning after pill) available over-the-counter to minors as young as 17. The Department of Justice should be called in to defend the FDA guidelines on Plan B. However, the Obama administration has decided to roll over and accept the court decision without a single appeal. Essentially, the President is allowing a lone federal district judge to make a scientific decision that affects the health and safety of women across America.  



Hillary Traveling the Road of Murder:


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that her department would work to overturn pro-life legislation in other countries. Very distressing indeed! May God intervene. Clinton was asked pointedly by Reps. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) and Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebr.) whether “reproductive health” (as defined by this administration) would include abortion and she replied “yes.”


Hate Crime Prejudice: 


Under the new “Hate Crime” bill, people who commit certain crimes would face stiffer punishment for any prejudice they might have toward homosexuals and transgenders. In essence, it singles out some Americans for “extra protection” under the law based upon their sexual behavior. Thanks to the stack of amendments by some republicans things were delayed. They highlighted the absurdity of the bill by asking Democrats to extend the same unique status to the elderly, the military, pregnant women, and the unborn. Every Democrat who was present at the hearing voted against adding these groups as a “protected class.” Their prejudice is notably evident.

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