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Columbine, 10 Year Reflection and Good News Clips

Spring has sprung here in Idaho as you can see by my photo
Alan and I love strolling in the sunshine provided by Christ
And seeing things coming to bloom
Columbine took place ten years ago today (time flies). No reflector has the answers, but I will tell you school shootings were nonexistent when the Bible held center stage in our classrooms—a time when most unsaved feared the Word of God, not just Christians. May many in our great country come to the light of Christ. He unashamedly speaks the answers.
Good News Clips:

Putting the Bible in Schools

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 4/7/2009 8:20:00 AM

The campaign has been launched by Dr. Charles Seldon of Our Godly American Heritage. “It’s already in 40 states across the nation. If you ask ten people on the street, they’ll say, ‘Well, you can’t put the Bible in public schools,'” he notes. “[But] it’s happening.”

Seldon says the classroom Bible teachers are specially trained and are not permitted to preach. “It’s taught as history, literature, or art or comparative religions, and it’s an elective,” he adds. “And it is legal, according to the Supreme Court.”

Where counterfeit marriage is making a mess of the legislative calendar, one small state is making a big statement on traditional unions. Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri, whose state is smack dab in the middle of this controversy, says unequivocally that he will fight to keep same-sex “marriage” out of the OceanState. Leaving no doubt where he stands, Carcieri said, “What I don’t want to see happen with this issue is what’s happening in courts [that are] deciding things or legislatures deciding things. This is such an important issue I think it should be put to voters,” he told reporters. Knowing that Rhode Island is on the homosexual “hit list,” the Governor went on to say that he would throw his weight squarely behind pro-family efforts in his state. 


This week, four pro-life demonstrators who were arrested for peacefully protesting at a local Nebraska abortion clinic were vindicated in federal court. Although the police jailed them several times, Judge Richard Kopf ruled that the plaintiffs had never broken the law. Instead, he ordered BellevueCity to pay $125,000 in attorneys’ fees for these “wrongful arrests” and warned local officials to stop filing criminal charges under an obscure picketing ordinance. 

Oklahoma state leaders passed legislation banning research that destroys human embryos. The bill would make it illegal for any business to experiment on these tiny human lives. What’s more, the vote was overwhelmingly positive in both chambers, passing 38-9 in the Senate and 82-6 in the House.


In Washington State, parents who homeschool their children may finally get the privacy they deserve to educate their kids as they see fit. H.B. 1228 would make the 20,000 homeschooled students exempt from public disclosure laws, which would keep any sensitive information about these children from being shared. Another bill, H.B. 1110, would bar public school districts from bombarding homeschooling parents with mail and marketing campaigns. Both proposals sailed unanimously through the Senate. 

(See 1 John 5:10-13 in Bible)

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