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Jay Leno—Murderer at Heart

News Clips:
Hollywood is not interesting in saving human lives:
The Jay Lenos are hosting a Hollywood fundraiser April 29 for the pro-abortion organization “Feminist Majority Foundation.”  They are raising funds in an effort to close all pro-life clinics.

Jay Leno’s wife Mavis is a long-time board member of the pro-abortion Feminist Majority Foundation, and actively involved in “recruiting and training” pro-abortion feminists.


Truth Unveiled in Recorded Conversations in Abortion Clinics:

Please note in the first 911 video that the aborted baby that is born alive, is called “a baby.”  The abortion clinic wants to murder the baby that was born alive!  Profit murder is the name of the game. Proverbs 1:16 refers to those who run to evil and are swift to shed innocent blood.

In this second 911 video, the abortion clinic is telling the dispatcher they do not want the ambulance to come with lights and siren. They don’t want to appear negligent. 
Abortion Facts:
It is no wonder that many abortion clinics have had to close their doors. Praise God!  (The Bible: 1 John 5:10-13)

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