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He Was Dismayed …




When my husband, Alan, came home from work and walked in the door, he was dismayed …



Blood ran on the floor and walls. Was this a bloody crime scene? This was worse than what he had ever experienced at work—the prison. Alan immediately called my name. I had arrived shortly before him and walked through, viewing the blood spread throughout much of our home.

Our loving cat, Alfredo, had a bump on his forehead, which we assumed would go away. We were totally mistaken. It was a hematoma and it gave way the evening no one was home. He no doubt ran through our home shaking a large amount of blood from his head.

Alan and I got on our knees and spent a great deal of time cleaning the carpet, furniture, walls, and vinyl flooring. Alfredo eventually recovered after we drove him to a nearby vet who performed a slight surgery.

Our next ordeal with Alfredo arrived about a week ago. He had been in some kind of encounter with another animal and he was having a hard time walking, but still could get around. We felt he had broken or split a bone, but it would mend. Cats usually do. (Alfredo had healed previously from a broken leg—another encounter. His leg had been cast, but he wiggled out of it. The vet assured us, he should heal just fine without it. It set perfectly.)

Saturday, I was in the den with Alan, and I looked down on Alfredo and noticed a small pool of blood. I picked him up and we took him to a new clinic that never closes. He had a very bad abscess (not an injured leg), the worst the vet had ever seen. Alfredo had to go through extensive surgery. The vet told us Alfredo amazed them. He experienced tremendous pain, endured surgery, bandaging and having a cone placed around his head, but he still purred.

We took him home that night around 7:00. He was so happy to be home! He joyously hummed continuously even though he had endured this extreme medical procedure and was hurting. Because he was still bleeding a bit, we placed him in the utility room with a blanket. In the middle of the night, he made lots of racket and yelled in pain. Yes, our poor Alfredo.

Alfredo hated his head cone and bandages. He wanted them off!! He was determined and he succeeded in removing the bandages. His bloody tail and hindquarters were completely exposed. We didn’t know what to do that Sunday—Easter. He is a very strong cat and we believed a re-bandage job would also be removed. We went to church and enjoyed a great service surrounding Christ’s resurrection and let it be for the day, as Alfredo appeared to be doing somewhat well.

When Monday arrived, Alan asked me to phone the vet. I did, right after Alfredo attempted to remove his exposed stitches. They setup a time in the afternoon, but stated I could come earlier, which I did. They could not believe he was able to remove his bandages while wearing the E–collar (cone). What was also remarkable was the fact he was loudly purring even though I returned him to this building and to the people who had caused him significant pain. The assistant was surprised he hummed loudly even as she examined him, putting him through more discomfort.

The vet eventually joined us and decided he would sedate Alfredo a bit and cauterised his wounds. He also bandaged him in such a way that Alfredo could not remove it. He also placed a larger cone around Alfredo’s sweet head.

Alfredo with E colar

Alfredo with E-collar

Though Alfredo suffered, he did not desire to harm those who inflicted him with pain. Sunday, many people celebrated Easter. This is when Christians contemplate upon the fact that their great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, was pierced through for everyone’s transgressions. He, like a lamb, was taken to the slaughter. The holy Savior was marred and crushed beyond any other man on humanity’s behalf. He never cried out in anger, but lovingly bore our every wrongdoing. He interceded for those who hated Him; forgiving those who placed him on that cruel, painful tree of crucifixion. He poured out Himself through death, being numbered with the transgressors and forsaken by all men.

Following His death, he was placed in a tomb. After three days, He powerfully arose from death, revealing victory over the grave (1 Corinthians 15:3-4, John chapters 19-21, Isaiah chapter 53, etc.—the Bible).

God suffered and died for us because the human race follows it own path … producing its own drumbeat.

Anyone who calls upon God in total sincerity and asks forgiveness of their wrongs, He forgives and renews. He places in those who believe, the Holy Spirit, who enables them to live godly. He provides eternal life in paradise when believers die.

Christians still sin, but God always is willing to forgive those who sincerely ask the Father to forgive them in the name of Jesus Christ (1 John 1:9). It is hard for a believer to go through a day without asking forgiveness for something.

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President Obama—Conservative Americans are the True Terrorists


According to Homeland Security, real terrorists are no longer called “terrorists”–conservative Americans are the culprits. Conservative America is the vial threat. See for yourself, click on this: here.

The agency’s report on “Rightwing Extremism,” surfaced this week in police departments all across the U.S., advising law enforcers to be on the lookout for conservatives—being defined as anyone who agrees that the power of the federal government should yield to state and local control. In other words, even the Founding Fathers would qualify; along with everyone who believes in the Tenth Amendment. This is President Obama’s new America.

The underlying purpose of Secretary Janet Napolitano’s watch list is quite obvious. It aims to silence conservatives who state a voice for goodness and life, especially those who don’t see the federal government as the answer to every problem. It marginalizes those who believe all life should be protected (born and unborn) and those who define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. This new policy also condemns those who believe people should have the right to bear arms.

This advisory singles out conservatives for scrutiny, even going so far as to question the loyalty of military vets who have served our nation sacrificially. The alert is an attempt to extinguish any critique of the current administration.

It seems James Madison was prophetic when he said, “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”

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Jay Leno—Murderer at Heart

News Clips:
Hollywood is not interesting in saving human lives:
The Jay Lenos are hosting a Hollywood fundraiser April 29 for the pro-abortion organization “Feminist Majority Foundation.”  They are raising funds in an effort to close all pro-life clinics.

Jay Leno’s wife Mavis is a long-time board member of the pro-abortion Feminist Majority Foundation, and actively involved in “recruiting and training” pro-abortion feminists.


Truth Unveiled in Recorded Conversations in Abortion Clinics:

Please note in the first 911 video that the aborted baby that is born alive, is called “a baby.”  The abortion clinic wants to murder the baby that was born alive!  Profit murder is the name of the game. Proverbs 1:16 refers to those who run to evil and are swift to shed innocent blood.

In this second 911 video, the abortion clinic is telling the dispatcher they do not want the ambulance to come with lights and siren. They don’t want to appear negligent. 
Abortion Facts:
It is no wonder that many abortion clinics have had to close their doors. Praise God!  (The Bible: 1 John 5:10-13)

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