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G20—New World Order

Evening in London
I shot this when on the Thames River
G20 Summit is meeting by this famed runnel 
President Barack Obama – London G20 Summit:

This costly tight security is costing a massive £7.5 million to keep the streets of London safe. Political Demonstrators are expected en masse, but London Mayor, Boris Johnson, said: “The police are ready for the challenge”.

The massive security operation is called ‘Operation Glencoe’ and the City of London is expecting trouble. There is political unrest and a huge demonstration is expected to form.

The main Summit takes part in the Dockland area of the city and there are extensive searches of empty buildings taking place and a dredging of the Thames River.

Please click on the link above and listen to the video. The G20 is meeting in secrecy in London and it is being declared that globalization is on its way. The New World Order is “emerging” and “Green” is a unifying factor. Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, speaks as if it is present in conclusion of his speech. Of course, this will not occur until God allows. Some nations are balking at the idea.

G20 Center Stage for Publicity

(Another of my photos)

(Bible: 1 John 5:9-13)

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Secrecy News Clip…America Certainly is Changing

…Heading More and More Toward Marxism.

April 2, 2009

Senate Democrats rushed President Obama’s first judicial nominee, David Hamilton, (He struck Jesus’s name from public prayers in the Indiana legislature and later abolished abortion waiting periods, his decisions were immediately overturned. In the case of Indiana’s sectarian prayers, Hamilton wrote that it was unconstitutional to pray in Jesus’s name but entirely acceptable to pray in Allah’s.) to his hearing yesterday over the objections of most Republicans.

At the last possible minute the hearing was moved away from the Senate office building (where they are traditionally held) to a tiny room off the Senate floor where they knew the proceedings couldn’t be webcast. The location–in addition to being video–prohibitive,  was too small to accommodate members of the public.

Democrats scheduled a “drive-by hearing” just two weeks after the official nomination. By comparison, senators had an average of 166 days to prepare under President Bush. Considering that Hamilton was responsible for more than 1,200 opinions, it would be virtually impossible to comb through these rulings in the 15 days Leahy provided. Republicans were so outraged by the Democrats’ haste that they boycotted the hearing entirely. If they had attended the meeting, they might not have known where it was.

 (Bible: 1 John 5:9-13)

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