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President Obama Thoughts and Video Link

Under Winter’s Illuminated Skies

I recently shot this south of Boise

Today on the MSN home page, someone wrote in response to this sad day that we must worship God not Obama. President Obama wants laws made lenient for those suspected as terrorists and have been arrested as lawbreakers. He wants to exercise more power than the average president has maintained. We must closely listen to this man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth. We must pray for our new government leader as Scripture commands and respect him, come what may. We know who rules President Obama and that he is putty in the hands of God. God has disciplined many wayward nations through ruthless dictators. I am not saying President Obama will become a ruthless dictator, but there is that slight possibility.

Crowds are immense today, possibly over 3 million, for Obama who states we need a new Declaration of Independence: “What is required is a new declaration of independence, not just in our nation, but in our own lives — from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry — an appeal not to our easy instincts but to our better angels.” “What is required,” Obama added, “is the same perseverance and idealism that our founders displayed.” Obama’s angels are not of God, as Obama believes in murdering children before and after they are born according to the desires of the mother. Satan is the father of all murders. Obama denies and mocks the Scriptures so we know that his angels are demons. God’s angels delivered the first five Books in the Bible—the Pentateuch. Thou shalt not kill is stated in the Pentateuch and in other places in the Word of God. The Word of God also states that no Bible author wrote on his own accord. Every Bible author scribed the Words of God. Many twist and turn the Word of God so they can live their lives according to what they think or have experienced. They also feed on the experiences and thoughts of others and do not simply rest in the verse by verse teaching of the Bible, which is the only inspired and true book in this world.

The patriotic video link below should be viewed in all schools…and by all Americans. Take the time to watch this video; you will see where we might be headed. Very powerful and factual. This should be required viewing in every school in America……..unfortunately, our educational system would never allow it… But most of all, every senator, congressman, governor and every other public servant should be compelled to view this video and recite the text thereof, before taking the oath of office……………….

Val Lee  


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