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True Christmas Cat Story



Cassidy’s Christmas Present

Last night while I was doing my Christmas cooking, playing in the dough to present gifts to neighbors, I heard a rustling around the tree. When I realized it was inquisitive Cassidy, I said, “Get away from that tree”—I’m sure you can picture it.

My cat wasn’t swift to obey so I went and sought her out amongst the gifts and there she was … in her gift! She had pushed the tissue paper back and had a very good peak.

A dear friend had brought over a Christmas sack of kitty gifts the other night. Yes, there was a name tag and all. I never dreamt Cassidy could read though she is a prodigy! My husband, Alan, even testifies to this fact and it is hard for him to say anything good about Cassidy.

I let her know she could not open it further and placed it in the closet.

Now you may ask, how did she know it was for her? Well, the pushed back tissue revealed a couple of toys, and one had catnip enclosed.

Christ Jesus creates critters wise and wonderful.

Val Lee

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