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McDonald’s Fast Food Cat—True Story

Cassidy @ Val Lee

Cassidy, the McDonald’s Cat

Today, Al, my husband, opened the door, and Cassidy ran past him, jumped and landed on my lap, snuggling next to me (She can be quite agile for being a rather hefty gal). As she did this, Al indignantly referred to her as “The McDonald’s Cat” which kind of stunned me until he explained.

Al told me she demands things just like the fast food restaurant that caters to fly-by-nighters, who grab their evening meal while on the move. She exhibits this tendency on occasion, when she desires to be with me when I am busy. When I refuse to let her in the room no matter how loud and much she cries for me, she will run to Al for assistance. Just like today. When she squawks at him, he impatiently gets up and follows her so the door is opened to her. He never tells her “no.”

Even though she uses Al, relishing telling him what to do, she will never turn to him for affection. She offers no rewards or thanks. Therefore, Al has implemented other terms that he feels are applicable to her personality, such as the cat from you know where.

Christians can certainly be thankful Jesus Christ’s love for them is never demanding, as He never forces His way into their lives.  Our obedience to Him must arise from our own inward desire to follow Him. What a precious God we can choose to serve; John 3:16.

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To view Cassidy video with my sons, please click here: Mad Cat Cassidy  She loves only me!

McDonald’s art-photo by Val Lee

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